Princess Elara,

I hope this missive finds that you are well and that Travance has been a worthy host to you.

At your behest, I have travelled to Toka oro Sol to seek audience with the Solarian Elves on behalf of the Lehuine. Much to my surprise, they have agreed to meet with you.

Certainly, if you make the journey here, you will be received with a warm welcome. After you arrive, we will be able to begin negotiations towards easing the tensions between our sovereignties. Perhaps we will even be able to forge an alliance! Though, with our histories, it may well be a few generations before anything of that sort. It brings me joy that we are able to even begin the process of ending the feud that has plagued us. Violence and hatred may finally be a thing of the past! Even still, it is sad that the only reason we are able to have this summit is due to the death of the previous Warchief; though I am confident that the new Warchief will be a powerful force in leading his people.

Surely, once we have come to good terms with the Solarians, you will be able to convince your mother that this war is a mistake. Treaties made by the Crown Princess are as valid as those made by the Queen herself. At the very least, it should quell the aggression for long enough to achieve armistice, and then we can work from there. Your efforts towards resolution thus far will not have been wasted.

it has been an honor to serve as your retainer all these years and i wish you the best of luck in reuniting the lucerian people under your banner. farewell.

Delia Nokomis


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