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Angeliana Himmlisch
Miss Demeanor

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[b]IG:[/b] [size=5][b][color=#440044]Angeliana[/color][/b][/size]~ High Priestess of Andorra ~[img][/img]~ Healer of Count Sebastien Everest of Winterdark ~
[b]IG Alt:[/b] [size=6][b][color=#440000][i]D[/i][/color][/b][/size] ~ Artist ~ Captain of The Crimson Trident ~
[b]OOG:[/b] Alice Anderson ~ Marshal ~
"Followers of Andorra believe foremost in the power of redemption, and that far better than a slain or imprisoned foe is a foe that turns from the path of evil and becomes good."


May 2018 Event Highlights
LOST: Blue Dragon eye ring
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April 2017 '#KRnival' Event Highlights
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LOST: Leather Flat large oval Hairpin with Rose carving on it
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Arrrrrrgust 2016 Highlights
Obligatory "wear your bug spray and sunscreen" post
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Obligatory "wear your bug spray and sunscreen" post
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Lost black hat
Marketplace Faire in August
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Healer and Priestess
Rudolf, Angeliana, and Billliamm
Angeliana and Leif
Angeliana and Rudolf
Moresca Outlet
Introducing the Ladies in Waiting
Galen Teaches
The first toast of Baroness Hartwoode
In the inn 7
Learning a Song
In the Forest
Tari and Amizar
Sir Sylus Toasts
Ball 5
Mairin Tarrant
Singing 1
Raffle Drawing
Talking 2
A Gift
Angeliana Himmlisch
The Dread Wedding
Mother Angeliana Himmlisch
The End of Cymoril
Empathic Healing
An Image of Gaia
Angeliana Andorran Mass
Head Table
Knighting Arden
Mingling 2
Bar Mass
Albert and Angeliana
Miss Demeanor
Red Lizardkin Blightweaver with her Chieftains Ranix and Talon
  • Red Lizardkin Blightweaver with her Chieftains Ranix and Talon
  • Category: July 2015 Event
Angeliana and Birgitta Assisting Count Winterdark
  • Angeliana and Birgitta Assisting Count Winterdark
  • Category: June 2016
Repairing Barak's Spirit
  • Repairing Barak's Spirit
  • Category: June 2016
Trapped Null
Mother Angeliana and Baron Sylus
The Jester
On the Path

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