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~Meander Correlis, Master Alchemist
Kormyre's Ambassador to Londwyn

(OOG: Sarah Brand)


Rules Errata for April 2018 Event
Needs for June Event
WITL activities
February 2016 Donations needed
Moresca Ball Food
Props needed for August 2015!
Looking for donations for Week in the Life
Director Announcements for April 2015
October 2014 Awards Posted
Winterdark/Moresca Ball Food
Needed for October 2014
Questions about torturers
My caravan merrily wends ever closer
First PC questions
New To KR
And for a little bit of Humor....
LOST: Electric Tea Kettle and basket with food and lace tablecloth
Seeking a ride from Dover (or NYC)
NPC's needed
wtb brooch/cloak pin
June Feast
LOST: (May Event) Item cards previously in a black leather card case
Crochet headbands
Thank you!
LOST: cardboard box with teacup and assorted items
LOST: cardboard box with teacup and assorted items
New player!
March Rumors
Donations for March

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