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OOG: Taylor Fischer


LOST: black OBEY beanie/hat
New player
WITL activities
Religion in Larp
Religion in Larp
International visitors
Lost: dark brown leather bracers
Lost: dark brown leather bracers
May 2015 highlights
Question about in game light sources for night activites (new player, want to attend may event)
lost black gloves, suede palms
February Event highlights.
January 2015 Event Highlights
Counting Down the Days!
Oct 2014 - highlights
Lost! Levin Solar panel charger
July Event Highlights
Donations for July Event
June Event Highlights
wtb brooch/cloak pin
Character,creature,Icon: portraiture
Lost: Pewter Mug - WIT 2014
Week In the Life ~ Highlights!
Lost: Pewter Mug - WIT 2014
League of Legends
New player!

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