Tim P (OrganicGolem)

Tim P
Orophin Earfalas
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  • Marketing Team
-Tim P

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Serving Drinks

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Player of the Month
  • Player of the Month
  • Category: Awards for February, 2006
  • J.P.

    Player of the month goes to J.P. DeSantis. When we needed people to help clean up after the feast, he stepped right up and worked his tail off until Jeramy insisted he go to logistics to prepare for main mod. When offered his choice of compensation, he elected to get his camp cleanup assignment signed off rather than get SP or IG money. And then on Sunday, he showed up for cleanup hold and asked us what he could do. I'm pretty sure if you wanted a clearer definition of the word selfless, you'd be out of luck.
Magnus Zero
Walking Along the Path
Body in the Brambles
Dead on the Steps
Lull in Battle
Darson and Philidin Eating Corn
Goodbye Turin 7
Suspicious Individuals
Quan Liu Taking on Two Foes
  • Quan Liu Taking on Two Foes
  • Category: May, 2007
Mother Quin
Orophin, Tari, and Morwene
Lord Oris and Angelica
In the inn 1
Outside 1
Philidin and Gideon - Blacksmiths
Avaiiden Na
Ritual Scribing
In the Inn 1
Dark Corners
Sir Magnus
Imrahil and Ava
Brom the Bartender
Brom the Bartender, Listening
Serving Drinks
Sir Philidan and Ib
Malyc's Devil
Stone-King Avalon of the Mountain
  • Stone-King Avalon of the Mountain
  • Category: May 2017
Kalen and King Avalon
Sir Philidin
Senator Palazzo
Orophin and La’akea
Orophin and Avaiiden, Devil of Malyc
Siku, Renior, Echo, Myr, Bloom, and Adrianna
  • Siku, Renior, Echo, Myr, Bloom, and Adrianna
  • Category: March 2019
Vil'il'thryax/Renior Fai, Head of the Blood Moon
  • Vil'il'thryax/Renior Fai, Head of the Blood Moon
  • Category: March 2019
Knighting Orophin to Alisandria
  • Knighting Orophin to Alisandria
  • Category: June 2019


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