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Renthios and Genma Satome Walking
Jag Mollywhop
Jonathan Vykor
Meeting Outside the Inn
Master Shen Training
After the Battle
Mourning Bellanear Cyeos
Outside 2
Seamus and Aleister Paying Respects
Doctor's Office

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Elsbeth, Rayne McCullogh with Severin and Brenna McVie
Togashi Heiwa and Malagar Kross
Rictor Ranthor
Deericorn Charge
After the Battle
Mid Air Slay
Rictor in Borrowed Armor
Nadia Belmont
General Don Kellard
Magnus Zero
Who's Your Witch Hunter?
Amira and Cardinal Haigan
Cardinal Haigan 2
Sir Tyros
Loez Fashion


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"Simply remember, keep a calm mind and foster benevolence. Walk in the light, and let goodness be your shield. Someday, we will all triumph over this chaos and evil and allow peace to flourish, but only if we remain steadfast now. The true test is before us every day."

~Lord Gorn Solcastin to Roland Darkstone, on life in Travance

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