Valanye Kennyr'renaith (daniela franceschetti)

Valanye Kennyr'renaith
daniela franceschetti
Valanye Kennyr'renaith
- Valanye Kennyr'renaith, Scout- Network Devision.
- Wayfinder of The Asterism

(OOG: Daniela Franceschetti)
Chronicler re-taught her to read now you have to deal with this bullshit

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In the inn5
Card Trick
Valanye and Aysel
Edwin and Valanye
The Meeting Room
Kanas, Valanye, and Verril
Relaxing in the Inn
  • Relaxing in the Inn
  • Category: May 2016
Battle of the Plague Drinker
  • Battle of the Plague Drinker
  • Category: May 2016
Valanye's Reanimation
In the inn2
Kyras, Valanye, and Magistrate Robert
  • Kyras, Valanye, and Magistrate Robert
  • Category: WiTL 2017
On a barge

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