Don-Clad (Door-Mat)

Donitus Cladimere
Full Name: Daan Apis Khalid Amir
Kormyrianized Nick Name: Don-Clad
Private of the Baronial Guard (Contracted for Inquisitiorial Expertise)
Profession(s): Mubesha, Speaker, Freelance Bartender and Host.
Quote: At some point you're so used to getting your hands dirty you forget when you've last washed them.

OOG: Vinnie Rogalski
ALT: Polyp (speaker of mushrooms, protector of the Kin)

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"You'll find Travance is the place of exceptions. The exceptionally powerful, but also the exceptionally stupid. Sadly, you'll find that usually these two qualities are found in the same person."

~Mythrien Dragonsong to a new townsmember

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