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Arradir Go-Dringol
Dr. Murdoc Kroh

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  • Logistics Marshal
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[td] Arradir Go-Dringol | Selendrian Ranger
Sergeant of the Baronial Guard
Vice Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Barony of Travance
[b]OOG:[/b] Joe Glaser | Logistics & Land Marshal[/td]

Alt: Dr. Murdoc Kroh | The Good Doctor


LOST: Unicorn Ring
Rules Errata for April 2018 Event
For Sale- Arquebus
For Sale- Arquebus
January 18 Highlights
October highlights
Rules Clarification: Rituals, Runes, and Sockets
Visigalis Clergy and how viable is taking Torturer Profession?
SELLING: various items
Donations! (for the Blackbird)
NPCS Needed Saturday 3pm-4pm
Test post on the new Forums...
Discussion on Roleplay Vs. Character Class
Winter Safety: Bundle Up, It's Chilly Out There
Laser Etching Service
Test post on the new Forums...
Alt Event Costume Swap 2017!
Order of the Lion
New Player - Celtic Ranger
Barony Vest
2016 Ball Highlights
Moresca Ball Food
October 2016 main plot donations
For Sale: Vial of Light Physreps
Family Friendly Festival – Sat August 27th!
New Druid Joining In July
List of Lores
List of Lores
List of Lores
List of Lores

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