Adelle (Gaihaku Maruhi Kotone)

Gaihaku Maruhi Kotone
[center][font=Georgia][size=9pt][i]The most honorable Gaihaku Maruhi sensei;[/i][/size]
[b]Kotone-dono himitsu no kanshu[/b]
[size=7pt]OOG - Adelle DeSimone
[size=9pt][b]yuugure nĭ kĭmĭ to mĭta,[/b][/size]
[i]orenjĭ no taĭyou[/i]
[size=9pt][b]nakĭsou na kao o shĭte,[/b][/size]
[i]eĭen no sayonara[/i][/font]
Brazil was fun. KR is better. =DNew Players07/03/2008 17:43:17

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