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Captain Oren Zero Tenderson of the Royal Baronial Guard of Travance.

OOG- William Bartlett
Be better than you were the day before.


LOST: Black shirt left in guard barracks
Weekly Stage Combat Class
Knight Realms June 2017 Errata
Donations for september event
WITL activities
LOST: Set of Antlers and a Sheathed Rusted Knife
Lost Sword
Lost (Nov 2015): Fist necklace
Questions and statements to NOT make at KR
Questions and statements to NOT make at KR
New Player! :D
Questions and statements to NOT make at KR
new player what to wear
Sign-up for Kitchen WitL
Barracks: Found items
FOUND: Left in the Barracks.
Baby LARPer on the way. 350 am water broke
FOUND: Items left in the barracks
Item Conversion
Donations for July Event
How to disguisen a half liter water bottle?
Mike Smith, Rules Officer
Land System Actions for February 1214 are open
Awards for December 2013!
Last minute Ride
Item Conversion Process
Lower List / Core Rules update for Jan. 15th
By guys! Leaving the country, don't know when I'll be back!
Short Term Changes to the Land System

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