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Sir Pluvious
Knight Protector of Travance, Castellan to the Baron
Protector of All Physicians & Healers
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OOG (Romeo Villanueva)

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  • Category: Awards for May, 2013
  • Romeo Villanueva, Robert Biladeau & Phillip Uhlig

    Knight Realms puts a lot of effort into molding our modern camp into a fantasy medieval town for each event we sponsor. Doing this takes help from people beyong the staff. Romeo, Robert, and Phillip came to the camp a day early to help James with everything he asked them to do and were a huge help in setting up for the weekend. Thank you for your hard work!


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Sabatheous: "Malyc, Travance needs your help, are you up for it?"

Malyc: "What is it?"

Sabatheous: "You see that girl tied the tree? She is to be a virgin sacrifice. Now, if she happend to no longer be a virgin..."

Malyc: "I'm on it."

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