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David Reyes


new player & alot of questions please help
FOUND: Kaladonia Statehouse: Butterfly book
Re:Questions and statements to NOT make at KR
Re:An Experiment with Fates of Fortune
Land System Actions open for May 1214
Re:Dreamation Convention (Knight Realms)
Jan 2014 Event Highlights!
Jan 2014 Event Highlights!
Re:Greetings all!
what kind of pokemon are you?
what kind of pokemon are you?
Volunteers for November 2013
Looking forward to my first event!
Re:what kind of pokemon are you?
New Player Introduction
Re:GPS Sytems don't work through the Great Rift?
Re:Song Circle Lyrics
Looking To Borrow for Alt-Event
Cheesy Valentines & One liners: KR version
Hurricane Sandy!! everyone ok?
September 2012 Highlights
Music for you and your Character
May 2012 Highlights
Blind Taste Test
Blind Taste Test
More Avatars added!
Alt Event 2012 Looking to Borrow Thread
January 2012 Highlights!

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Typhon Scyldinga
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  • A dear friend Typhon Scyldinga and one of his dire wolves. (Typhon Scyldinga played by David Reyes)

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