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Lady Kleidin du Tenkukai Weaveforger Laurent-Belmont of Kaladonia
Master Witch Hunter, and Elder Druid
[b]OOG:[/b] Diane Sodher


Rules Errata for Week in the Life 2018 Event
Rules Errata for May 2018 Event
Rules Errata for May 2018 Event
Magic Draft during the Social Weekend Friday or Saturday!
Lost/missing green fingerless gloves
2018 Schedule of Knight Realms Events
Moresca Ball Food
Heroic List Posts Updated
Life Effects and New Card Backs (09/2017)
Week in the Life - Event Coordinaton
Alt Event Costume Swap 2017!
Alt Event Costume Swap 2017!
size 8 women's uggs in purple
Moresca Ball Food
Moresca Ball Food
Building Tables
Moresca Ball Food
Local Rummage sale full of stuff in Somerset, NJ
Additional Items for Sale
Donations for the BBQ! (2016 Family Friendly Festival)
Canada is coming.
WITL activities
May feast
May feast
May feast
FIghter Practice Pot Luck is June 18th!
~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Lost - at Baronial Manor - Maroon boots
Elf Ears for sale
Archery Tag threatening to sue LARPing stores selling safe arrows

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Lord Birnum Pyre
Kleidin at Market Faire
Gideon Weaveforger 2
Gideon Weaveforger in Legendary Armor
  • Gideon Weaveforger in Legendary Armor
  • Category: July, 2007
Rayven, Kleidin, and Emar
Nym and Kleidin Outside
Ethan Archangel
Gideon Weaveforger
Carlos and Kleidin
Gideon Weaveforger
Gideon Weaveforger
Fr. Paul, Corteccia and Kleidin in a thicket
  • Fr. Paul, Corteccia and Kleidin in a thicket
  • Category: March, 2009
Seamus and Daughter
Gideon and Mixolydia
Gideon & Kleidin - Portrait
Gideon & Kleidin with Masks - Portrait
Kleidin's Steaks
Lord Brightstar
Lord Brightstar and Entourage
Kleidin and Amira
So you want to learn to dodge...
Dark Elf
Carlos Magellan
Female Arm Wrestling Championship
  • Female Arm Wrestling Championship
  • Category: July, 2012
Myrdirz Dar'hana
Brittany Kai Juenfugen
Vis Exodus Dinner Table
Pendarvin Cookout
Desert Contest
Wedding of Kleidin and Gideon
Lord Weaveforger
Amalthea Honored
In the Inn2
Gideon and Kleidin
Lord and Lady Weaveforger
In the woods
Rose McTavish and Sir Caelvan
The Outcasts Meeting the Il’umar
The Lightbringers Confront the Outcasts
House Heads Blacktree Reign, Lorelai Von Ritter, and Kleidin Laurent-Belmont
  • House Heads Blacktree Reign, Lorelai Von Ritter, and Kleidin Laurent-Belmont
  • Category: May 2016
Eden Staring Down Vera
Lady Kleidin
Lord and Lady Kaladonia
Lord and Lady Weaveforger
Barrel Bomb


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