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Dimetri Yhatzi
Viceroy of Ostcliff
Druid of the Conclave.
Master Merchant and Locksmith, The Purple Thistle
Mashkar le gadjende leski shib si le Romeski zor

Damian VanHart - OOG

"Destiny, chance, fate, fortune--they're all just ways of claiming your success without claiming your failures."
Si khohaimo may pachivalo sar o chachimo


Blue Fitbit Charger 2
Blue Fitbit Charger 2
Ride to Weekend of Witl
February 2018 Highlights! (Travance on Ice)
LOST - Black drawstring bag
Lost: Elvan throwing dagger
Yhatzi Clan
Lost real life hatchette July 2017 event
WitL highlights 2017
SELLING: various items
LOST: One brass ring
Need passage to KR from Bristol Pa
Green Lightbulbs
LOST: One black Underarmor glove
Purple Thistle Trading
Yhatzi Clan
2016 Ball Highlights
Need a ride from Bayville to KR! Please.
Lost. 2HE War Sword Arrrgust '16
LOST: Necklace
Found: Fitbit Flex
Lost: Two Necklaces.
ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
LOST - camping lsntern. White and red lights available
Fighter Pratice/Potluck Cook Out- APRIL 9, 2016
Lost: Costume jewelry ring, brass and large green stone.
January 2016 Highlights
Lost: Denim Bag with Handles
Lost: Denim Bag with Handles

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