Ephrem (bamore62)

Father Ephrem
Primus of the Church of Light in Travance
Oracle of Valos and Zealot of the Holy Light
Et Cor Valos in Terra

OOG: Bryan Amore
Lux et lex, fiat iustitia.

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Lux Mallus
In the Inn 1
Sindarion Sinclair
Singing a Ballad
Uidhir Bards singing at Feast
Character of the Month
  • Character of the Month
  • Category: Awards for March, 2013
  • Teresa Amore as Rowan Uidhir

    The Halfling of a wonderful roleplayer, Teresa plays her race with depth and detail. Food is a must and a song or story to tell you is never far from her lips. She got Wormwood himself to back off after asking him for his muffin: what a feat indeed. A Halfling’s hunger is nothing to guff at and Teresa makes sure you know this as Rowan.

Frantic Research
Tea Shop
Myris and Nalick
Writing by Candlelight
Rudy and Sindarion
Rowan, Nalick, and Croi
Sindarion Playing the Flute
Dennis and Rowan
Rowan and Shade
Cael, Calven, and Sindarion
  • Cael, Calven, and Sindarion
  • Category: March 2016
Rowan, Sindarion, and Edward
  • Rowan, Sindarion, and Edward
  • Category: April 2016
Father Ephrem, Rowan, and Templar Aldric
  • Father Ephrem, Rowan, and Templar Aldric
  • Category: January 2017
Captain Albatross and Sindarion
Father Ephrem
Father Angrin and Father Ephrem
  • Father Angrin and Father Ephrem
  • Category: March 2017
Defend the Bread!
Father Ephrem
Albus Tesh
Maria and Sindarion
Father Ephrem's Faith vs. the False Pontiff
  • Father Ephrem's Faith vs. the False Pontiff
  • Category: February 2019


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