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Dame Clytie Silverfang, the Pegasus
Knight of Travance
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OOG- May Leonard
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Weekly Stage Combat Class
April 2017 '#KRnival' Event Highlights
December Highlights!
Hey, I'm New Too! :)
Donations for the BBQ! (2016 Family Friendly Festival)
Knight Realms at Gencon!
Looking for ride from Dover on Wednesday of WITL
Donations for Week in the Life
Knight Realms at Gencon!
Knight Realms at Gencon!
New and Excited
Lost - at Baronial Manor - Maroon boots
Great First Game!
Fighter Pratice/Potluck Cook Out- APRIL 9, 2016
December 2015 highlights
Donations needed for November 2015 Event
Lost: White speaker box
Moresca Ball Food
Questions and statements to NOT make at KR
Lost: Comedy/Tragedy Mask Ring
Returning Character - Might as well be new
Returning Character - Might as well be new
Re:New player looking to go to the June Event
Lost: Phone Charger
Berks KR Contingent Spring Fling and Cook Out- April 11 (date change from april 4)
Lost: Red/Yellow headband
Re:Lost: The Duchess's Map
Re:Why do you play...?
2015 Alt Event Garb "Looking to Borrow.."!

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The Baroness and the Mortalis
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Clytie Corentin
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The Dread Wedding
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The Blackbird
Brigitta and Mel
In the inn2
In the Inn 3
Cult Meeting
Ira, Caritatem, Pax, Custos, and Percussor, The Cult of Peace
  • Ira, Caritatem, Pax, Custos, and Percussor, The Cult of Peace
  • Category: February 2015
At the Bar
Clytie Comforts Meander
A Discussion
Cynara's Discussion
Watching the Fights
Clytie and Eva
Clytie and Malakai
2015 Winners 1
20015 Winners 2
Rudy, Angrin, Oren, and Clytie
Rudolf and Clytie


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