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Dame Clytie Silverfang
Saedryn Elkeshk

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Dame Clytie Silverfang, the Pegasus
Knight of Travance
Master of the Mage's Guild

OOG- May Leonard
Kitchen Staff

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The Baroness and the Mortalis
Ball 3
Clytie Corentin
Winter Trek
Outside 2
Frozen in Time 2
The Dread Wedding
Batchlorette Party
Logan and Jen
Nalik, GinGinny, and Remi
The Blackbird
Brigitta and Mel
In the inn2
In the Inn 3
Cult Meeting
Ira, Caritatem, Pax, Custos, and Percussor, The Cult of Peace
  • Ira, Caritatem, Pax, Custos, and Percussor, The Cult of Peace
  • Category: February 2015
At the Bar
Clytie Comforts Meander
A Discussion
Cynara's Discussion
Watching the Fights
Clytie and Eva
Clytie and Malakai
2015 Winners 1
20015 Winners 2
Rudy, Angrin, Oren, and Clytie
Rudolf and Clytie


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"Simply remember, keep a calm mind and foster benevolence. Walk in the light, and let goodness be your shield. Someday, we will all triumph over this chaos and evil and allow peace to flourish, but only if we remain steadfast now. The true test is before us every day."

~Lord Gorn Solcastin to Roland Darkstone, on life in Travance

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