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NPC of the Month
  • NPC of the Month
  • Category: Awards for October, 2006
  • Vince A.

    The NPC award goes to Vince A. this month. While not for any specific role, Vince is always willing to play whatever is needed and goes that extra mile to make it memorable, whether it be cannon fodder, a possessed-then-frantic peasant, or an ancient Ent. Having him as a weekend NPC always seems to make everything go more smoothly, as his experience and guidance it?s a wonderful asset to anyone he works with, often without getting the recognition he deserves. Thank you Vince!
PC of the Month
  • PC of the Month
  • Category: Awards for October, 2006
  • Victor Salvius

    The second PC award goes to Joe Supplee as Victor Salvius. Victor really shone through as this month's hero. What started as a decision to risk, and ultimately sacrifice himself, in an attempt to help others culminated into a real opportunity for roleplay and recognition. Joe really impressed himself upon a lot of people this event that had never had a chance to interact with him before, which resulted in what have been said to be some great scenes of roleplay. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!


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