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Mantel Warrane
Mahka Ridotto Luxeuil
Guo Liang
Mantel Warrane (AWz., QMA; AM, WSS)
Grand Librarian Emeritus, Darkwood Academy of the Metaphysical Arts
Professor Emeritus of Weave Studies, Darkwood Academy
Warden of the Keep, Allied Territory of Corvancia

(OOG Jean M, they/them)

"How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole." - C.G. Jung
No matter where I go. It all traces back to the Mountain.

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Mantel Warrane
Brian and Jean
Mantel and Wren at Work
Walking the path
Sir Daharin Lucir Protecting a Dragon Egg (Immortals)
  • Sir Daharin Lucir Protecting a Dragon Egg (Immortals)
  • Category: ALT Event 2017
Mantel and Ibn

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PC of the Month
  • PC of the Month
  • Category: Awards for June, 2007
  • Evadne

    The Award for PC of the month of June goes to Jackie Means for the excellent racial role-play of her Nyad character Evadne! Besides playing the quintessential attitudes and moral tendencies of the race, Jackie also maintains a beautiful makeup job (when not under sorcery of course). Thank you Jackie for your consistent efforts!

NPC of the Month
  • NPC of the Month
  • Category: Awards for August, 2007
  • Julia Hill

    August NPC of the month goes to Julia Hill for her portrayal of Mnemosyne “Syn” Dreamchylde! Featuring wonderful costuming and makeup, Julia played a character very much counter to her quiet, shy PC. Julia managed to play a child-like, ambitious ‘daddy’s girl’ fused with a violent, strong, wild warrior. Thank you Julia for such a well-rounded, well played NPC!

PC of the Month
  • PC of the Month
  • Category: Awards for January, 2007
  • Corteccia

    The January PC Award goes to a brand new player, Charna C., for her character Corteccia. She played up her satyr heritage while confidently roaming the woods by herself, as comfortable there as she was in the Inn. On top of showing no sign she was new to the game, Charna impressed many long-time players with her immediate ability to bring those around into game, sometimes intentionally pushing herself further into character to dispel out of game activity nearby. Great job Charna!
NPC of the Month
  • NPC of the Month
  • Category: Awards for April 28th-30th, 2006
  • Ken Howey

    NPC of the month goes to Kenny as the Xorn. It was said by people that he was incredibly intimidating and adorable at the same time. He maintained RP while doing very boring things...eating gems at fifteen minutes a piece. He also 'walked' in a crouching position as the singers led him all the way across the field, then buried his face into the ground pretending to eat those damn gems. I can't imagine either was very comfortable, but both gave him the mannerisms of a creature, not a human. Great dedication to a role.

PC of the Month
  • PC of the Month
  • Category: Awards for May, 2006
  • William Montgomery

    PC of the Month goes to Kyle Steel as William Montgomery. Kyle is often unsung for his part during events, but he maintains a consistently high level of RP every event. He role-played the effect from Corsair to its fullest even to the point of amassing a mob of commoners to serve as his Markovian vassals. He is one of those players that really understands what it is to be a Kormyrian and how a normal person would react to his world. He is an excellent model of how the simplest character type, the human warrior, can have just as much depth as any other.

Player of the Month
  • Player of the Month
  • Category: Awards for May, 2006
  • The OMNI crew

    Player of the Month goes to all the men that constructed and carried the Beholder as the weekend's incredibly vicious villain. Anthony and Alex Mone, Rob and John Wilder, Joe Bondi, and Jeff Mclean all had a hand in the concept, construction, and implementation of the well-crafted prop, complete with eyes that shone shear across camp, instilling fear in every PC's heart. They walked hours in the rain on both Friday and Saturday night, never complaining. Thank you for such dedication, guys!
PC of the Month
  • PC of the Month
  • Category: Awards for September, 2006
  • Sir Cinder

    The September PC Award goes Brian Hahn as Cinder. After suffering through an incredibly brutal ritual of corruption like a real RP champ, Brian spent the rest of the weekend playing his character as pure evil, even while still maintaining the same personality traits and attitude of honor. Brian is always ready and willing to go with the punches when it comes to RP, and is always inspiring to the people that interact with him. Great job Brian!
PC of the Month
  • PC of the Month
  • Category: Awards for May, 2005
  • Rain

    PC of the Month goes to Michael Oberlander as Rain the Nyad. He was a frantic mess so much of the event over Lasarrus and everyone could see his confliction in his eyes. It was really an impressive display of RP from him and for anyone who interacted with him regarding the whole situation. Obes is really becoming an RP force to be reckoned with!

PC of the Month
  • PC of the Month
  • Category: Awards for October 15th-17th, 2004
  • Shodshamble Prink

    PC of the month goes to Ralph A.'s goblin, Shodshamble Prink! Ralph makes an impact whether he's level 1 or level 12, a total stranger or your best friend, he manages to make a character come alive, and the goblin is no different. Where Sleafus was the pirate your supposed to hate but love, his goblin is the character you're supposed to love to hate, and how amazingly that did translate. Kudos to Ralph yet again!

PC of the Month
  • PC of the Month
  • Category: Awards for August, 2004
  • Birnum Pyre

    PC of the Month also goes to Brendan as Birnum Pyre. This makes two outstanding RP events for him in a row! His excitement over Corsair made it easy to join in, and his deafness RP at the ritual site and post ritual depression were both completely real and believable.
Cat 2
Dame Dar Hanna
Klarington Everest
Red Tristo, Anoch, and Pesmerga
Boldric Ready for Battle
Graveyard 2
Kartakass Kane
Lich and Daughter
Waterfall 2
Glacius - an Ice Ogre
The Elemental Lords and their servants
  • The Elemental Lords and their servants
  • Category: August, 2002
Ethan Archangel
Sabrinta and Geoffrey
Togashi Heiwa
Armory 2
Bellanear Performing a Red Ritual
Spirit Demon
Dark Fairies 2
Dark Fairies
Fairy King and Queen
Good Fairies
Battle 2
Come to Me
Captain Virix
Abu Ever Living
Ninius, Antrim and Abu
Dwarven Ambassador
Garrun 2
Morwenne 2
Sorcerers and Fairies
Selendrian Ambassador
White Death
Elm 2
Hobgoblin's Journal
Map of the Barony of Travance
  • Map of the Barony of Travance
  • Category: May, 2003
Uelrog 2
Uelrog Shaman and Hobgoblin 2
  • Uelrog Shaman and Hobgoblin 2
  • Category: May, 2003
Dead Goblin
Togashi Heiwa's Writing Table
  • Togashi Heiwa's Writing Table
  • Category: June, 2003
Elawyn 2
Light Pieces of the Chess Game
Lord Orias Wormwood 2
Malyc Weavewarden
Nixie Durlan
Nixie Drinking
Aneith and Morwenne
Jod and Fogrom
Tough Choice
Cerius Plant
Elm with Mud
Klarington's Funeral 2
Planning the next Move
Rip Arm Socket
Altar of Andorra
Brother Aradiel Tellinghast and a Heretic
  • Brother Aradiel Tellinghast and a Heretic
  • Category: October, 2003
The Proper 2
Archbishop Starsong Examining the Feast
The Scaremortals Arkencrow and Balfeagor
  • The Scaremortals Arkencrow and Balfeagor
  • Category: January, 2004
Arkencrow and Scaremortals
Arkencrow the Scaremortal
Morwenne, Aerie, and Malyc Weavewarden
A Glance from Morwenne
Scaremortals 2


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