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04 Nov 2010 21:19 #1 by Noctra (Noctra)
The Ball - clarification was created by Noctra (Noctra)
This is mainly for any new players that may not know that the Ball is not an in-game costume party.
It is an IG party thrown by the Count in lavish soroundings and is meant to be a chance for guests to wear their finest clothes.
Now, OOG it is a costume, but that doesn't mean you should be showing up wrapped in IG bed linens claiming to be a mummy.

We realize OOG that not everyone has fancy period clothing and IG, that not all guest can afford to wear expensive clothes.

All we ask is that you do your best, and be your character.

Please have some type of mask and have a great time.

see you all there!

Sister Celestine Tellinghast
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05 Nov 2010 15:28 #2 by Andy (Andy)
Replied by Andy (Andy) on topic The Ball - clarification
What about pumpkin helmets?

-Sir Hurgar
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05 Nov 2010 15:49 #3 by THENPC (THENPC)
Replied by THENPC (THENPC) on topic The Ball - clarification
or ones shaped like bear-traps?

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