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01 Dec 2013 19:44 #1 by Shiver (Shiver)
Thank You was created by Shiver (Shiver)
Thanks to the staff and players of Knight Realms for the December 2013 event.

An event that some veteran & new members are calling, the best KR event they have ever attended! James C. Kimball deserves tons of credit for carrying this epic project on his back for months in hopes of creating an absolute epic PC experience. I am proud of our team and last minute volunteers that helped us during the weekend and pulled together for a fantastic and complicated main mod.

It is our pleasure as a staff to bring you the best possible Medieval Fantasy LARP experience we can. And as a group of players, I sincerely thank all of you for making the time to come to Knight Realms despite all kinds of weather and have fun with us.

We know you have a million things you could do with your weekends and we are thrilled that you choose to spend some of them with us!


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