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15 Oct 2017 23:25 #1 by Sergei Petsho
Sergei Petsho created the topic: October Donations!
Hi, guys! Donations for sweet sweet SP!

Fake blood! Edible and otherwise!

Skeletons and fake bodies! I extra like these things! They are delicious to me!

The love of a father figure!


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16 Oct 2017 01:06 - 16 Oct 2017 01:08 #2 by Finn
Finn replied the topic: October Donations!
I will pick up some fake blood and drop them off at logistics on friday in a box with your name on it and my player # inside. Im not gonna be attending this event but im coming up friday to drop stuff off. If you need anything else message me on Facebook.

Finn (Fenris Graye)

John Michael
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16 Oct 2017 13:59 #3 by Jenn Cutter
Jenn Cutter replied the topic: October Donations!
I have 2 skulls for you!

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