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17 Oct 2017 22:45 #1 by Sergei Petsho
Hello, everyone! We're going to be doing main mod a little differently this month. Instead of just a single main mod Saturday night, we'll be having 4 throughout the day. One for each bad guy. We will be doing 1 around 11:30am Saturday, 1 at 3:30pm, then the final 2 one right after the other at the regular main mod time with a half hour break between them (let the NPCs have a break and all).

Here's where it gets a bit different. Because of the intense psychological stress created by the Harbingers, people can only go on 2 of these mods safely. Any more than that, and you begin to face SERIOUS detriments. Like, not just roleplaying detriments. Stuff that will impact your card. You can still go on more than 2 if you want, but be aware of the consequences.

To aid in this, everyone will be given 2 tokens at sign in that you will hand into the marshal on your way in to the main mod you decide to go on. 1 per mod. Simple, right? These represent a purely OOG mechanic and have no IG presence or merit at all. For IG purposes, they don't exist.

Additionally, if there is a main mod you are not particularly interested in going on as your PC, or you just want to fight some more and see what kinds of neat stuff we're doing with each mod, we are awarding double SP for volunteering to NPC the main mod. That's right! Double! Bonus swag and still participating!

I hope to see you all there!

This will be cross-posted on the Knight Realms Facebook page and will be repeated again at opening announcements.

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