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Directors Announcements Oct 2017

Dancing Lessons
In preparation for the ball there will be dancing lessons held around 2pm, If you are interested and available.

SP Compensation Sheet
We have a new sheet for receiving compensation that exceeds two build or two thousand SP. It is now downloadable as a PDF on the Knight Realms website. Here is a link: www.knightrealms.com/resources/downloads...tion-sheet/file.html

Cabin Cleanup Reminder
Please remember that if you are staying in any of the rooms in the inn, you must have your sleeping area packed up before the cleanup hold on Sunday, no exceptions. All items must be out of the room or, at the very least, off of the floor so that the rooms may be swept immediately after the hold. If you are planning to stay for the Stage Combat class on Sunday you may not leave your belongings in your room, and you must have your cabin cleanup done before the cleanup hold so that you may do your camp cleanup immediately after the hold and go to the class.

Additionally, if you wear a costume that "sheds" any pieces like glitter, sequins, feathers, etc. you are responsible for sweeping up after yourself in your cabin. The floor must be clear of large debris and trash before the cabin is vacated. Those who are authorized to sign off on cabin cleanups should ensure that this is done before signing players off.

The Director’s Open Door
As the Director of Knight Realms the most important part of my job is to help you enjoy the game. If you are struggling with any issues you may at anytime pull me aside to let me know that you’d like to talk. Please approach me even if it looks like I am busy. Once I know you want to talk I will make plans with you to set aside some time and talk.

The Moresca Ball
The Ball is coming up and we are taking steps to make it a little bit different from previous years. An in-game post will be going up shortly and an out of game call out for assistance as your characters. The food thread is already up on the KR forums. We really hope to see you there and try to join in on those dance lessons if you can as we will be trying to have more dancing than previous years.

- James C. Kimball Director, Knight Realms
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