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02 Jan 2018 18:29 - 05 Jan 2018 16:18 #1 by Aleister (Aleister)
Last Minute Banquet Details 2017 was created by Aleister (Aleister)
Sign-in will be held from 5:00-7:00. Please be sure that you have arrived by then. I do realize that some of you have to be late because of special circumstances. Sign-in must go as quick as possible. There will be a table in front of the room. At the table, everyone should form a line and have their money ready. After you pay you'll shift over to the right and one person will give you your card; shift to the right again and one person will sign your card for the build and give you your auction tickets.

You get one for coming and four extra for each point of build you purchase.. If you wish you may purchase more for one dollar each. Make sure you separate all your tickets and write your name on the back of each one of them before putting them into one of the three containers.

With so many people it can be hard to hear what's going on if your talking, and that's fine as long as no one is speaking at the microphone. Please, whenever you hear someone speaking at the microphone please, immediately get quiet and listen. This is extremely important for both the flow of the ceremonies and the respect given to the speaker. I can't stress this enough. We didn't have a problem with this at all in previous years, and Id like it to remain that way. Thanks for your cooperation in this.

It starts at 7pm. You can come to the Main House to sign in as early as 5:00. Please, be there on time! Try to factor possible traffic into your travel schedule to be safe. The banquet is five hours from 7pm to Midnight, and everything is fit into a tight time schedule. If you arrive after 7:30 you will start to miss VERY important aspects of the banquet and if you come even later than that you may miss the dinner. So please make every possibly effort to be at this function on time. If you are nominated for an award and will be late please make sure I know so I can push back that particular award until after you arrive.

This is definately an event to have a blast and talk with all of your friends. And for 75% of the event it's expected and encouraged. However, please make sure that when someone steps up to the microphone and begins to speak, (especially for the awards part of it) you give that speaker your utmost respect by paying attention and listening quietly.

If you are not staying over night, we ask that you depart the campground shortly after the banquet is over. Space is first come first serve, and I will not be able to save anyone sleeping spaces. If you are staying over, please be sure to lend a hand in the morning cleaning up before you go. If in doubt on what to do, please ask me.

You might be chosen to come to the floor and read the envelope for an award. If this happens, please make sure that you do so in the following manor:
“The nominees for (name award) are… (Read each name clearly and loudly and wait for applause for each nominee),
"and the winner is…” then open envelope and read winner.

If you where nominated for an award then there is about a 20% chance you will win that award. Please be ready! If we loved you enough to nominate you AND also vote for you with a majority, then wed probably love to hear from you, something more than a nod and a fist pump. Please consider saying a few words to help add additional enjoyment to the night! You could speak about the category you just won, you could say nice words to all your friends in the room, you could thank your mom for having the good judgement to bring you into this world... Seriously, more is better in this case and if you ramble on for too long don't worry about it, we will just start playing music!

You can arrive early if you would like, however please stay out of the Bar Room and the Main Hall of the Inn. Also No one is allowed in the Kitchen unless invited there by the Cooks, MB and Goose. If you are staying over night you can set up your sleeping area, and until sign in time you can hang out in any of the other heated buildings on camp.

We will need volunteers to clean up immediately after the night has ended. Volunteers for this will be compensated well, and should speak to the Director for instructions immediately after the nights events have concluded.


#1 $100 Amazon Gift Card
This Prize is a gift card good for 100 dollars of Merchandise off Amazon!
Amazon is your one-stop shop for all your at-home shopping needs.

#2 Time Lost Scroll
Long ago when time was a force, that mortals had not the sense to leave be, Chronomancy was a lore practiced by a few bold individuals. At some point in history, Chronomancy disappeared without a trace. It was rumored that the Keepers of the Lost Lore, from the Isles of Sevenlore, was the force responsible for its disappearance. It was also rumored that few remnants of the lore remained hidden in the world, in the form of powerful scrolls referred to in tales as The tales tell that the scroll had upon it minor and major glyphs. If the minor glyphs were translated aloud, the scroll would create minor ripples in time, effecting just seconds. How many times the scroll could do this, was unknown, but it was said that the major glyphs when read aloud would do one of two things. Either it could delve deep into the casters history and allow them to choose a path in life that they felt they wasted their time in, allowing them to retrieve the time that they lost devoting to that path. alternatively the major glyph could be used to erase the history of a tragic death from the caster. It is said that unleashing this power would likely consume the scroll, and destroy it in the process.

#3 Endekar, Branch of the Mystic Grove
Long ago, when mortals were first taught how to use the weave, a rhyen called Deeka often spent her days watching them in secret, attempting to mimic the lessons in hopes that she too could learn. All attempts were met with failure. When the time came that Fyperia led the rhyen to their ascension, Deeka remained, still hoping to learn the way the mortals did. While the rhyen became the immortal magic faeries, Deeka grew old, never successfully tapping into the magic power she coveted.

She knew her druidic power would not sustain her for much longer, so away she hid, deep into the most secluded spot within the Elmari Woods that she could find. She collected the seed of a Malorn Tree and infused it with all the power she had left and a wish; a wish that her struggle not be one others would have to follow. Shortly before her death, she planted the seed. That seed grew into a strange, twisted tree, full of magnificent amber and gold colors that intertwined. But as the tree grew taller, the branches reached out into the air, and grabbed onto strange colored strands, melding with the tree. The tree itself was hollow, save for a small wooden shaft, holding the remnants of the Malorn seed.

The Guardian of the forest came upon the tree and quickly understood its purpose and that of the staff inside. It took the mystic staff and wielded it till its death, but knowing that Arawyn would reclaim it, only presenting it to one it deemed worthy of carrying it.

In service to The Crown,
-Lord Admiral Aleister Tartaros the Phoenix
-Lord of Drega'mire
-Admiral of the Kormyrian Royal Navy

-Steve Oros
(Officer, Storyteller)
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Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic Last Minute Banquet Details 2017
The brackets this year will be:
First Bracket: 1,000Sp - 10,000Sp
Second Bracket: 10,001Sp - 30,000Sp
Third Bracket: 30,001Sp - 70,000Sp
Fourth Bracket: 70,001Sp - 150,000Sp
Fifth Bracket: 150,001+ Sp (This bracket is a Cash Out option for anyone who attends the banquet and has over 150k SP. 150k SP is taken in exchange for a unique reward agreed upon by the player and the Director. Anyone within this bracket should contact Steve Oros after the banquet to cash out their SP.)

SP Auction
For the SP auction there will be two methods. We will be doing the traditional auction. In addition to the normal SP auction we will be doing a raffle style auction for each of the three brackets. This raffle style sp auction will take place prior to the traditional one.

How It Will Work
There will be four items in the low category and two items for 2,3,4 category. Those six items will be on display and will have containers next to them, similar to the three main auction items. You can use the SP on your card to buy tickets for this raffle. You buy these tickets during the halftime break of the banquet. You may only win something that fits within your bracket and if you win one of these items you may not bid on items through the traditional sp auction. Winners will be drawn at the beginning of each SP bracket, and the winner must be present in order to win, otherwise a new winning ticket will be drawn. The ratio of SP for tickets is as follows:

1st Bracket = 200 SP for 1 Ticket
2nd Bracket = 1000 SP for 1 Ticket
3rd Bracket = 2000 SP for 1 Ticket
4th Bracket = 3000 SP for 1 Ticket

The raffle items are being posted below so that you can see them now and spend less time learning about them at the actual banquet.

All items are flagged as “Talismans” and are good for the duration of the year stated. They do not count against your use of an artifact item.

1-10,000 SP
Basic Adventurer’s Kit - Correcting Compass (Always Points toward Home)

Hyrvalic Bones (Vertebrae)
4 Uses Ever. Resonation - For the duration of the event, any time the character is struck by a break limb effect, the target suffers a Daze.

Plaguebringer’s Charm (Rat Skull)
Diseases instead restore 30 Body Points.

Guardian’s Mark (Cross Pendant)
Increases the wearer’s Threshold by +2.

Expert Adventurer’s Kit - Collapsing Ladder (Portable Ladder extends up to 50ft.)

Fellika’s Wand (Wand)
Increase the distance of any auto-hit lower or higher list ranged ability by 10ft.

Master Adventurer’s Kit - Diary of Dungeon Delving (Useful tips and tricks on how to survive a dungeon.)

Limbani’s Coil (Snake Bracelet)
When the character suffers a poison, disease, or curse, she gains a free use of that ability. If delivered successfully, the affliction is removed. Use expires at the end of the encounter.

Heroic Adventurer’s Kit - Brewster’s Brilliant Backpack (Contains one useful mundane item per encounter)

Kilia’s Self Reflection (Vanity Mirror)
Character may choose to adopt a disguise for the event or take on the traits of a different race. Both instances give the character the adopted race’s racials for the event.

In service to The Crown,
-Lord Admiral Aleister Tartaros the Phoenix
-Lord of Drega'mire
-Admiral of the Kormyrian Royal Navy

-Steve Oros
(Officer, Storyteller)

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