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20 Jan 2018 00:26 #1 by Nicoletta (tori)
Name Your Culture Contest! was created by Nicoletta (tori)
Name Your Race Contest!

As we go through the rules and lore getting things updated into the modern state of the game, we've come across a number of races/cultures in desperate need of new names. Some of these races (such as Argenti) have already been remaned, while some of them have been sitting in a state of "but what do we call them??" for several months. Our goal is to have a collection of cultures that are unique to the Knight Realms world and that genuinely feel like they could be real peoples. Part of this is having names for cultures that people of a culture would reasonably call themselves, rather than what the Kormyrians might call them; part of this is removing real-world culture names from the KR lore; part of this is just finding names that make sense.

Here's how this works: in the attached polling form, we've provided a few names that we've thought of for each race. You can either choose to vote for one of those names, or add a name that you like that isn't on the list. As more name suggestions come in, we will add some of the suggestions to the provided lists. The more people suggest or vote for one name, the more likely we are to consider it among the pool of potential names.

At the end of our polling period, which will probably last just a few weeks, James will select his favorite name for each race. The first person who suggested it will win 10 Build! (To buy your racials?? ;) ) If you have any particular questions, feel free to ask here and I will do my best to update this post with those answers.

Good luck!


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