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05 Feb 2018 13:19 - 05 Feb 2018 13:44 #1 by Aleister
Aleister created the topic: KR 20th Anniversary - Battle for the Throne: Rise of the Necromancer
Knight Realms 20th Anniversary: Battle for the Throne Pt. 1 - Rise of the Necromancer
April 4-8, 2018

The first half of the Anniversary event will be taking place long ago, when magic was first taught to the mortals! The purpose of this part of the event is to bridge the history of Necrophitus' rise to power with the highly anticipated fall of the Lich. Your PCs will inhabit the minds of people who existed long ago and be afforded moments of "Bleed" where you can interact with each other as your current PCs. Details of this rule will be explained further as more information comes out after the Rulebook Release.

History of the Academy
Long ago, during the days of the First Age of Man, an academy for the students of magic was opened up, shortly after the Palenor Wizards were taught by the Fey. Many from across the world travelled to the academy with the intent of learning the mystic talents from those teachers. However, something sinister is afoot in the academy and some dark powers seem to be at play. The students of the academy are left to uncover the dark secret that hides beneath the Academy.

With each god aiding in the battle against Necrophitus, Chronicler offers insight into the Eidolich’s past and rise to power. Somewhere during his tenure in the Quartz Academy, something brought about a very real change in his outlook on life, driving him toward his fall into the necromantic powers. Through Chronicler’s Prophetic Sight, the heroes of Travance relive the experience of the early days of the Academy through the eyes of its students, with a chance to find out anything about Necrophitus’ power and how to stop him. The Heroes will have time to explore this trance-induced vision while the town is transported into the Chaos Wastes.

These factions represent the schools of thought within the academy. While it is highly encouraged that mages who study under the specific spheres be part of the factions with the associated Palenor Wizards, it is not required.

Students of the Academy
The general populace of the academy don’t lean too strongly in the direction of good or evil. These are the students who just arrived, have been for a few years or who are just learning the magic artes.
Major Characters
Ellynias: Palenor Wizard of Ice
Malikar: Palenor Wizard of Air
Merlantius: Palenor Wizard of Fire
Caspian: Palenor Wizard of Earth

Students of Necrophitus
Students of Necrophitus lean more in the direction of aggressive experimentation with magic, following his belief that everything the Fey taught the mortals was only the tip of the iceberg that magic could offer. These students are often more apt to handle things without regard for the wellbeing of others or the experiments they work on.
Major Characters
Necrophitus: Palenor Wizard of Wizardry
Cennius: Understudy of Necrophitus
Ariana: Palenor Wizard of Warlockery

Students of Lucindra
Those who follow Lucindra are far more concerned with the sanctity of the art of magic, rather than bending and breaking the rules to increase their personal power. Lucindra’s students are often found focusing more on the philosophy of casting magic over the actual practice of it.
Major Characters
Lucindra: Palenor Wizard of Enchantment
Arlyndias: Palenor Wizard of Illusion

Special Rules:
Class Changes
At the academy, there are no powers save for Magic. As such, each Caster list is representative of a single sphere of magic and to be roleplayed as such:
Hexer - Warlockery Sphere
Mage/Spellsword - Wizardry Sphere
Bard - Enchantment Sphere
Psionics - Illusion Sphere
Shaman - Fire Sphere
Druid/Ranger - Earth Sphere
Priest/Cleric - Air Sphere
Healer - Water Sphere

All other Classes/Races are available for play at this event.
The only god available for worship is Visigalis

- - - - - - - -

More details will be added in the coming weeks!

In service to The Crown,
-Lord Admiral Aleister Tartaros the Phoenix
-Lord of Drega'mire
-Admiral of the Kormyrian Royal Navy

-Steve Oros
(Officer, Storyteller)
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