normal July 2010 Highlights

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25 Jul 2010 20:24 #1 by GJSchaller (GJSchaller)
July 2010 Highlights was created by GJSchaller (GJSchaller)
What a hot event... both literally, and in a manner of speaking...

* New Smithing rules.  While changing new rules so fast is never fun, the new system was worth the effort.  I was able to calculate values for almost every job I did on the fly, without the need for the guide sheet.

* Getting to bust out the full potential of a new item!

* The return of Zahir and the littlest Ranger!

* "It's quiet, I'll take my armor off."  No sooner than it's off me, something attacks the Forge, or nearby.  This happened FOUR TIMES this weekend. -_-

* Learning new Valence.  Each lesson is a treasure - each spell (and teacher) is unique.

* Brazen Mass.  Now, if we can get even more organized about it with more priests on board, we can truly rock out...

* Not a highlight, but passing out due to heat exhaustion.  I was drinking water all weekend, and I still suffered.  Meh.

* "HOLD!  OK, cleanup time..."  Five minutes later, the rain we'd been praying for begins.

* Elawyn with a picnic basket... and a pair of long swords made of bone.

* Discussions with many people about where they want to go next with their characters.  Watching other characters evolve is always enjoyable.

Lord Gideon Weaveforger of Kaladonia
Steward of Elvalion
OOG: Geoffrey Schaller

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25 Jul 2010 20:54 - 25 Jul 2010 22:56 #2 by Tyra Silverfang (Pracika Nightwing)
Replied by Tyra Silverfang (Pracika Nightwing) on topic July 2010 Highlights
i had so much fun this event! and first off i want to thank james soooo much for letting me play my alt because i didn't realize how over heated i'd get with my barbarian fur on.

-the introduction of Feladryn Al'Maaera!
- getting to meet Amalthia (i;m sorry if i butcher that spelling) and having a great talk about how it's nice to have "civilized
people to carry a conversation with
- random pc: i just thought i'd come back here to protect the healers and such.
  jake levine: no. go back up front. that's an order.
  pc again: but i just....
  me: why are you still back here?
jake just chuckled and i proceeded about how ignorant these people are of orders from someone with a title in the town.

-returning to town to sit and have a conversation about how dragoon's have a noble blood line and how wild mages are tainted demon scum mongrels. this conversation eventually included orophin and we continued to express why wild mages should all be purged with fire and such. the dragoon mentioned being friends with Emar who is a wild mage and the conversation ended in me saying quite seriously that he has misplaced his trust and that he should "deny his taint." in regards to Emar. hilarious looks followed >.<

-having a fun conversation with taravisu about the difference between elves. and watching his mind become blown.

-finally getting too tired and hot and leaving for a real bed, AC and a shower.

I don't know how i could possibly forget this! (i'm going to blame the heat exhaustion)
-but the best npc shift of my life! getting to play Amara Nasreen one final time for Tobar's back story. getting an rp point for being dead (falling over a bench) and then being drug over to a wood pile and also laying there for a long time. Everybody was amazing! the heartbreaking moments when the kin who knew amara found her body were astonishing. Honestly guys, you went above and beyond in your roleplay from the emotions to the full out gypsy funeral. There were times i had to stop myself from tearing up and crying you were so moving. Thank you for bringing a fantastic end to Amara and I hope you all enjoyed that plot!

"There is a difference between a hero and a coward. A Hero wakes willing to risk death. A coward wakes wishing for it."

OOG: Adi
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25 Jul 2010 21:03 #3 by Oren Tenderson (Tormy)
Replied by Oren Tenderson (Tormy) on topic July 2010 Highlights
+I have to say that I am impressed by how fast my bacon sold out each time i made it, I brought 13 slabs and the only reason the last one didn't get sold is because they requested that the kitchen not be used so they didn't have to clean the kitchen in the extra heat.

+saturday night going to help tobar not die weather he knew it or not, and getting encased in ice, and getting an RP point for standing in that position for fifteen minutes even if no one was looking at that particular area of darkness.

+getting quality RP time with almost everyone I had expected to, and even some that I didn't think I would have had the time to do so with.

+though I think it screwed Oren in the long run, I did have fun playing the enchanted game that we got locked into when we set something of our own on the board.

-I did not like tripping at the beginning of the event, but the scratches didn't effect me much so that is fine.

-The heat was a bit much for me to be wearing my entire costume, but I still did it, and cooked all that bacon in that armor.  I am happy everyone likes the bacon selling thing I do, but that armor is torture in that kitchen.  Here is hoping my trying to get my "BACON HUT" will work so the stove is open for more people in the mornings, and people know where to go to get bacon at all hours of the event.

+the string of nick names for Oren involving the word bacon. "bacon-man" "bacon-mancer" "bacon-smith" "bacon-titan"

+NPC shift was main mod, and I had fun bouncing around the field with no worries of dieing, and just hitting people as I stayed stealthed and hit them from behind... High Main mod was definitely fun...

Captain Oren Zero Tenderson of the Royal Baronial Guard of Travance.

OOG- William Bartlett

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25 Jul 2010 21:19 #4 by Misaki (cbodnar)
Replied by Misaki (cbodnar) on topic July 2010 Highlights
Sadly my highlights are few because of my stupid stomach deciding to act up and prevent me from staying the weekend.  Hopefully I'll be all set for august when the next event comes around.  Either way, here's my highlights.

-learning from Magnus
*as we are attacking true warlocks*
Misaki: "Hey magnus, does this count as a lesson?"
Magnus: "sure!"

-Ming's tea!  I can haz info on where and how you brew such delicacies?  Thank you!

-Team Hammish and the 7 demons
*after searching a demon and finding a coin*
Misaki: "who put this one down?"
Magnus: "that...would be Hammish!"
Misaki: "Oh ok...wait, what?!"

And last but not least, winning MITHRIL CHAINMAIL from the rock, paper, scissors gambler Friday night.  First time Misaki has ever played RPS and he beat a gambler that used "second chance" not once, but FOUR times.  Thanks Travis!  By far my greatest moment as Misaki yet ;D

Misaki Xianlu VonRitter, the Nemesis

Vassal of Pendarvin

"Evil Must Be Destroyed"

OOG:  Cyril Bodnar

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25 Jul 2010 21:29 #5 by Alphonium (Alphonium)
Replied by Alphonium (Alphonium) on topic July 2010 Highlights
For first event, I have my fair share of highlights and enjoyed it greatly :D

+ Observing "The Game" being played and having one of the people running the game turn into a ghoul fiend (or something similar), all right in the inn with another group three tables over from the table with "The Game" that I alerted to the threat.

+ Meeting many fellow druids as well as a teacher who helped me learn a new spell.  I felt so excited about adding more spells to my repertoire.

+ Healing a barbarian who had two brothers and accepted me as one of their own (even though I was a dryad) for healing him

+ Water, water, water (somehow made me feel like a nyad)

+ Trying to make my dryad accustomed to buildings (first night I didn't even want to step foot in the inn until I had a friend get me in there and even looked terrified of even staying in there) and trying to know the value of currency

- Messed up my makeup that I was mistaken for a goblin twice (missed brown face-paint, but managed to put branches on my ears)

- Was too dark; I'm getting my eyes used to it but I couldn't see much during the adventure to save the count or even walk at night without tripping over stuff

"I'm a Dryad....Dry.....Ad..."

IG: Alphonium, Dryad (Druid)
OOG: Alphonsus

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25 Jul 2010 21:45 - 26 Jul 2010 17:25 #6 by SerenityMoonstone (SerenityMoonstone)
Replied by SerenityMoonstone (SerenityMoonstone) on topic July 2010 Highlights
* HIGHEST POINT Hammish and Bran in Gypsy Drag.

* Hearing the name Amalteia and thinking in my mind, **** **** a fan of The Last Unicorn?!

* Operation save newbies after surrounding them with zombies....success...

* Monster Person laughing "This would be fun but I don't think I'll send you out with that" It was succubus.

* Finding out Gypsy Healer is known as the girlfriend class, thinking in my head my sister is most likely going to find someone here before me, she finds a number Sunday. :)

* Friday Night: Lightning and Thunder, Power Outage ; Saturday Night: Heat Lightning and Drizzle ; Sunday: Pours only AFTER everyone has to stand outside cleaning up.

* Barbarians preparing for plot battle: "Who's going to kill the demons?!" "WE ARE!" "Who's going to slay them?!" "WE ARE!" "Who's going to win?!" "WE ARE!" "Who has the ale?!" *slight pause* "WE DO!!"

* Unclaimed quote for Saturday Plot Battle: "I love how they stick us by a pole, then under trees."

* Someone buys 10g worth of ale and leaves it for everyone. Celts effectively takes 6 bottles and get drunk. Celts buy 7 more and effectively get smashed. Celts buy 5 more bottles and return later for them. Do I want to know what happened then?

* Friday night sitting in the tavern for a very long period of time de-tangiling my jingglies. Group of people ask questions and accepting the fae sitting at the table next to me. One looks to me, calls me a pest, everyone is effectively quiet and stares at me, meanwhile I'm fighting the urge to say don't make me never heal you again.

* Unclaimed Celt: "Go in a carriage with a potato, crash and burn and leave me a baked potato. Curse you and your 2 hours of sleep!"

* Trading jinggilies with goblins. Everyone claims I have been scamed, I cry "Poor! Don't Care!"

* Seeing elemental sunday, come right after me, didn't fight it, just rolled ym eyes, stood there, and got one shotted. At least he was soft about it.

That's all I can remember right now.

My name's Ahmetia Campbell and I am so happy to be here! ^_^
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25 Jul 2010 22:57 #7 by Bsaurfang (Bsaurfang)
Replied by Bsaurfang (Bsaurfang) on topic July 2010 Highlights
Full-time NPC perspective.

+Giving "Team  Hammish" a run for their money. I spent my friday night being a leaper demon, making "Nah nah" Noises and jumping away. Suprisingly i never knew people were so commited to killing something, even if they have 3 broken limbs and the demon is still harassing them haha.

+Getting waylayed in the back after making a speech saying i can kick anyones butt with my two daggers called "lock&shock." Then my corpse was set ablaze along with the house as the 3 badass rouges did a slow-motion walk away (LOL when they did that i had a Johnny Cash song in my head "God's gunna cut you down.")

+High lvl mod as Hunter demon. Assail. Assail. ASSAIL! while im in the middle of the "circle defense" when you leave gaps *tsk tsk*

+Hunter demon 6am in the morning. I think it was...dragonmire we harassed? All i remember is this quote " guys are dicks.

+Got paid 15gold to deliver a pie to a guy who hurt his foot. I had to haul arse to him because a thief tried to snag it. Got paid. Came back. And spent 15g on ALE! All byyy myyyy selffff. But a druid came along and i shared my reward.

[OOG] Eddy "J.J"

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26 Jul 2010 00:02 #8 by Dr. Kamei Kunsai (Kamei Lazuli)
Replied by Dr. Kamei Kunsai (Kamei Lazuli) on topic July 2010 Highlights
This event was by far, one of my favorites. Thank you Adam for asking me to play your gypsy NPC, I had a blast. So here are my highlights.

+ Getting dressed as a gypsy, and going up to the inn before lay on and having everyone thinking I was a PC.
+Going on first lowbie mod, getting ready to use flee's at any moment.
+ Talking to the people on lowbie mod, getting some good roleplaying in, and finding another gypsy!
+Finally being able to get into the gypsy accent after about an hour of trying to force it.
+Roleplay with the gypsy!!!!!!!
+Going deep into the woods after getting all the gypsies around, and going up to an Imp that had Dire Animals as pets, and watching them fight and figure out the riddles given from the imp. Great job guys! I was the NPC and couldn't figure them out XD
+Getting stuff to decode, and taking it back to the inn. In all honesty, after getting that, I was debating going into my character, but the roleplay with Ilona and Paetros was too good to give up.
+Watching as they decoded the first part of the code
+Getting tired, and finally getting into Kamei. And no sooner walking out of the cabin, and having to reattach someones limb (with the help of waylay, yay!)

+Waking up before Adam and going up to their cabin with Wally to wake up them
+Roleplaying with the gypsies again for a good hour, trying to round up all the gypsy
+Going on the mod and watching them roleplay the hell out of it, great job guys!!
+At this point hoping I am doing a good job with the role I was given, and I heard no bad reviews
+ Kind of sad I missed feast, but I got to get life water and subway. I didn't realize how dehydrated I was until I was out of the camp.
+Final gypsy mod, which the roleplay was amazingly fun. Running over to Steve Oros, who was the boss and also the characters lover, and having him laugh at me, then kill me with the coolest wild mage explosion EVER.
+Watching them try to bring her back with no effects, then finding out that she died of a broken heart.
+Having Lina carry Julietta (the character) back, and giving her a proper funeral.
+Tearing up as i saw them crying and doing the ritual, and realizing how i was attached to playing her

+Getting into Kamei and finding everyone getting ready to get the count. Which she had no idea what was going on
+Hanging out in the Inn, eventually getting to have a nice roleplay chat with Marcus, about everything really. From Storms, to Physician things, to magic after revealing that she was thinking about becoming a mage
+*Story* Sitting there, talking to Marcus, Lethias comes over and asks me if I'm ready to learn. Marcus asks what I was learning, and he told him how to pick locks, because I was clumsy and always leaving keys inside the buildings that had locks.
+Learning second level pick locks! w00t! So happy
+Finding out that there are many things going down in Khitan, and they're not good things, and roleplaying out back of the inn with the Khitans figuring out what was going on
+Getting to use dissect in a little side mission inbetween games, even though I didn't really get to use it, it was awesome
+ Watching as grim guardians attacked the inn and watched them walk right by Victor and I without a second glance.
+Talking with Victor is always nice ^_^
+Getting asked to be Baoyu's first wife, and thinking that he was joking..

+Getting up, walking down towards the inn...and hearing jingles behind us. After turning around, and seeing gypsies my first thought was "Oh, new gypsies?" Then seeing that these gypsy women were indeed..Hamish and Bran.
+Mentally face palming as they told us WHY they were dressed like gypsy women.
+Realizing how much they looked like women as they walked down the hill infront of me
+Just basically being amused by Bran and Hamish
+Getting a nice down pour, as clean up was going

-Being sad that Cy had to leave, but hoping that he feels better!
-Setting my stuff on the porch of the statehouse in the corner, then realizing how bad of an idea that was as it started to rain.
-Two words, "THE HEAT"
-Feeling dehydrated even though I was drinking water like a fish
-Falling on a rock wall as my NPC died, and now having big bruises, and it's hard to lay on that side
-Running into a ninja stump twice that bruised both my shins. (thank you boots and socks for protecting me so i didn't end up bleeding everywhere)

Overall GREAT event, I had soooooo much fun!! Great job roleplaying! =D I hope to be able to roleplay with all the gypsy again, as a PC this time ^_^

[Kamei Kunsai, Vassal and Health Administer of Kaladonia]
[Luminista Petsho-Aeislin]

(oog: Shannon F.)

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26 Jul 2010 11:42 #9 by Winks Sharpthorn (Winks)
Replied by Winks Sharpthorn (Winks) on topic July 2010 Highlights
Very physically active event for me; and while I'm paying for it now, it was all totally worth it.

-More goblin's great RP.

-While at the forge Friday night, wondering aloud when I should get my dagger sharpened, and Geoff reminding me of the most recent rules change allowing a Superior weapon to be sharpened for the entire event. I promptly got in Gideon's line.

-The devils were adequately terrifying, especially for us low levels. Good job with that stuff guys.

-Late Friday night and the monster invasion of Drega'mire. Monsters come banging on our door and someone (forget who) yells "This is Lethias' cabin, do you really wanna do that?" They leave us alone.

-Drega-brunch and the success of my new goblin dessert balls. Definitely gonna make more of them next time so more can share the deliciousness.

-Making business deals and actually getting income.

-Defending Kaladonia from a bunch of demons and starting to really feel combat effective.

-While getting ready for Main Mod, Elezar comes over to me and says he wants me to be the one grabbing the wounded and taking them to the healers. I tell him that I'm actually quite good at flanking maneuveres and inform him of all the magical buffs and defenses I had cast on me. He blinks for a moment, then goes "yeah, your our flanker. Do that"

-Main mod combat was awesome. Especially when I realized that, even with Sorel, Cinder, and Barack helping the low levels, I was one of our main fighters. Ended up going toe to toe with one of the more powerful NPCs (who was actualy built specifically to give our "babysitters" something to do) and taking him down.

-MattMagnusNPC "Sleep Blade Poison!"
ME "Resist!"
Matt "Well sh*t...Flee!"
Me *watches him run away* "That one's mine!"

-Again, this event was the first time I started feeling really combat effective, between having higher damage and a few tag skills. A bunch of my abilities were defended against in Main mod, but the way I think of it, is those are a bunch of defenses those NPCs didn't have to use against other people.

-Saturday night Meat mod! Burgers were once again a big hit.

-Learning a couple very important skills this event that will be very important for my further development.

-Sunday NPC shift was lots of fun, especially the flamboyant food seller lol

See everyone in August!

In Service to Travance
Winks Sharpthorn
Inquisitor of Drega'Mire
Drake Patrol Commander

Alt: William Sterling

OOG: Walter Soto
Cannon Marshal

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26 Jul 2010 13:30 #10 by Rane (Sammyelf)
Replied by Rane (Sammyelf) on topic July 2010 Highlights
~All Weekend NPC Person's recap~
This was my first event, not knowing what to expect, I packed a lot of things so there would never be a problem. This was the best weekend I I've ever had in my entire life!

+ excited to finally find the camp and immediately meeting everybody! ~ My sister and I thought you were all very sweet. I would of thought most of you wouldn't hurt a fly if you all weren't hitting each other with boffer weapons  ;D

+Playing as a gypsy with my sister, giving out miserable fortunes... they came out as funny ones... I told one guy not to drink the whole weekend because someone would murder him, and he stopped. Told a dwarf (I think) not to have kids... I don't care I was having fun and I believe I entertained so thought I did alright! ^_^

+After my sister and I ran out cause someone called guards, and right after we left there was a large group of demons charging the inn not two minutes later XD ha-ha good timing guys!

+ Played as skeles. And attacked the forgery

+ It was dark, dark and oh did I mention DARK!?!?! How do you people run around till 6 in the morning?  loll


+ playing as thieves! Didn’t t care that had 30 bp! Trying to hit people is fun!

+ going to feast was one of the things I'll definitely remember! Everybody who entertained at feast you all did fantastic! <3 cooks did an amazing job with the food!

+ Kitchen clean-up is like being at work with a bunch of nice people.

+using skills more effectively, I actually hit something with 12 damage

+waiting for almost an hour for the low level mod to show up... in the dark... the lighting striking... and thinking now would be a good time to dance   :)

+having 40-50 people to show up and we're all rage yelling at each other XD hahahahaa

+I really wanted to try up for the whole night... I really did... thanks to the guy working that night who insisted, insisted, I should go to sleep... I'm sorry I cannot remember your name  :-X

+on the way back realizing I haven't seen a single animal all weekend, not even a fawn! Maybe a chipmunk, birds and squirrels... but that's it o.o

+ having a discussion about recruiting my friends and npcing next event


+ waking up realizing my ankle hurt, and later it stopped… weird but good considering later that night I hit a ninja stump… ow camp ankle breaker indeed… XD

+ cleaning up… what can I say… everyone got wet and I’m glad we packed all the pillows and blankets in the car early… loll

+ dancing in the rain <3

+ The trip home we all sang bohemian rhapsody!! FTW!

+ On the way home we all stopped at taco bell and threw spell condiments… “Mild sauce 7 damage!”

Thank you soooooooo much for this weekend!!! <3  we both really enjoyed being “cannon fodder” even though we were terrible cannon fodder! I look forward to going to the next event if I can get the time off~  ^_^

IG - Rane Nightflute
OOG - Samantha Stassen

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26 Jul 2010 13:48 #11 by Odo Garaath (Odo)
Replied by Odo Garaath (Odo) on topic July 2010 Highlights
Learning Wall of Wind, and having my hand cramp for real while roleplaying

The look on Frank's face while describing his shield
The look of the ham at feast
The look of Aerin Feist, Gideon, and Janus when Slack flubbed into saying "I'll teach you sorcery" to Dorian.

Sending out Chris A as a merchant, and him not even reaching the Inn before he sold everything.
'Let me light some candles and cook a steak before I read this.'

Also. Friendly's has waffle fries. With fake cheese. And Bacon.

"Praise be to Enax, and blessing to his followers."

(Tom Senger )

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26 Jul 2010 15:28 #12 by Siegfried Aldorson (Eleventh Phoenix)
Replied by Siegfried Aldorson (Eleventh Phoenix) on topic July 2010 Highlights
Even though I couldn't stay for very long I had a great time while I could.

-Learning Spell Grounding from Sorel was quite an experience.  Ilona, you looked just a bit too enthusiastic throwing those flame strikes at me  :P

-Gypsy mod was a lot of fun.  I got really invested in helping Julietta find Vaulden, and I was really upset last night when I was told that she died.

-When I devote myself to protecting one person, I am surprisingly effective at keeping said person alive.

-Excellent RP with Julietta, Sorel, and Ilona.

-To Steve, Vince, Adi and anyone else involved in my backstory mod, thank you so much!  It was more epic than I could have hoped for.

-On an OOG note, thank you to everyone who was there for me this event.  The crisis that drew me away was resolved in a positive manner.  Thank you for your support and comfort.  I appreciate it more than I can say.

My only lowlight was missing main mod.  It sounds like it was fantastic, and I wish I could have been involved.

I'm already looking forward to next month.  See everyone then!

-Siegfried Aldorson

OOG: Zach Theis

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26 Jul 2010 17:40 #13 by Ming Na (Ming Na)
Replied by Ming Na (Ming Na) on topic July 2010 Highlights

What a good event despite or in-spite  the heat.

Highlights -
Having the rare chance to sit and hang out in the hookah lounge
and talk with people. Thanks !
Great Rp with everyone as always!
Being the unofficial unemployment office was / is fun.
Teaching a few people things love it.
Love all the new Players please come back!!
Having great discussions with people on how to promote
work/ employment / trades for the town.
Serving MOST Refreshing drinks to people ( also keeping people from dieing is always a highlight lol)

The heat
The heat
Not being able to sleep

Dan Gill
The guy with the tea

In service to the people

Ming Nagata

OOC: Dan Gill

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26 Jul 2010 18:32 #14 by Lina Marinescu (Ismaesumi)
Replied by Lina Marinescu (Ismaesumi) on topic July 2010 Highlights
I had so much fun this event, including staying up all night Friday into Saturday.

I'm just going to say THANK YOU ADAM! You did a great job for your first plot and I know a lot of people enjoyed it.

- Gypsies, gypsies and more gypsies. I know most of the town hates us, but we love you!
- Finding out Friday night that two of my direct relatives had come to town!
- Having to hold a funeral for one about 24 hours later.
- Two gypsy funerals, it was rough.
- Lina realizing it's time to be a big girl now ::Sings Fergie:: but she did cry, a lot.
- Staying up all night with Paetros and Markos and running around battling straight for about 6-7 hours. First time ever staying up all night, but it was so much fun.
- Great role play from almost everyone I met.
- Tari complementing the four gypsies who went on Big Boy mod (Paetros, Zafrin, Illona and Lina) on how they stuck together and covered each other's backs. And saying that the town should really learn from us on how to work together. Our answer? That's what family does.
- Did I mention gypsy plot?  :P
- Sunday morning hang out time with hookah and tin flutes.

I hope everyone got home and got hydrated. See you in about 2 months!

IG- Lina Marinescu
OOG- Katie M.- Lead Monster Marshal

The stalwart soul has the will to live and is eager for the race ~Taylor Caldwell

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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26 Jul 2010 18:57 #15 by Kelly (Kelly)
Replied by Kelly (Kelly) on topic July 2010 Highlights
Awesome weekend, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

-Gypsy funerals were sad but great RP. Adi, thanks for being such a good sport and laying in the fire pit. Shannon, thanks for being that NPC, you inspired a lot of fantastic things this weekend.

-Conversation with Magnus on Saturday was a lot of fun. Its very difficult IC to let my guard down to have serious conversations outside of the family.

-New players!!!

-High level main mod was a lot of fun, first time I ever truly fought in main mod. Even after all the buffs were gone and I was becoming more of a liability, it was enjoyable.

-Business discussions after main mod while people were shouting to their good friend Larry were hilarious.

Dame Zafrin Yhatzi
Knight of Drega'mire

OOG: Kelly Osborne

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  • geezer
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26 Jul 2010 19:39 - 26 Jul 2010 19:41 #16 by geezer (geezer)
Replied by geezer (geezer) on topic July 2010 Highlights
The only weather I hate worse than heat is more heat with high humidity.
Tons of NMewbs - most excellent.

Possibly my best RP event ever.

There is nothing in my experience to compare with Judge or Alissa (whose name, I am certain, I am misspelling).  Watching the two of them feed off one another is like seeing two world class musicians playing together, the synergy ramping up their performance levels.  Worth the 40 bucks just to watch.

Adam's game, though flawed in certain design aspects, was entertaining.  Given who played with me, the game did not have a chance.

Going to sleep 04:30 and being woken at 6 to be informed that a healer (!!) was needed at the inn.  Gave thanks that I slept in boxers under my silk sleeping T.  Excellent session, with all playing their roles completely as they should.  Steve O was wonderful as a Demon Knight with just the right mix of attitude, persuasion at the point of a knife, and self preservation.

Sewing a second limb on the same person and bemoaning the fact that there were no Physician assistants to be found.  He asked me why I begrudged 7 minutes and I told him that represented about 10% of my sleep that night.

Asking Lena (the second person I asked) to wake Fr. Paul - she has the perfect IG demeanor to do it.

After 8 months of continuous research acquiring that which I sought.  The repercussions and reverberations will continue for some months, if I am not mistaken.  FOIG  However, Kudos to all who took part.  We are going to be doing a lot of interacting.  

From the above, Edwin finding out that he has friends who would risk much for him.

Sorel having nothing to say when I mentioned he has no honor with me until he recovers that of mine which was stolen while in his possession.  Ditto for Seamus.

Funny highlight of the Event (The male Gypsies being second)
New player - Where is Seamus?
Me.  DelDragon?
Newb - Not crazy Seamus, new Seamus

Taught something from three different lists to several different people.

A hot scrubbing shower, going to coll upon my return home, followed a few hours later with uninterrupted sleep in cool weather.

Thanks to all - it was real.

Edwin Haroldson
Master of the Mages' Guild

An ethical person does the right thing when no one is watching.

OOG - Charlie Spiegel - Kitchen Marshal

"War is a matter of vital importance to the State..."
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  • Lina Marinescu
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26 Jul 2010 20:09 #17 by Lina Marinescu (Ismaesumi)
Replied by Lina Marinescu (Ismaesumi) on topic July 2010 Highlights

Asking Lena (the second person I asked) to wake Fr. Paul - she has the perfect IG demeanor to do it.

It's spelled Lina, but thanks! What you didn't hear was me grumbling to myself as I carried Kwildar up the hill. I had been up all night fighting anything and everything and had already lost and held a funeral for a family member. Lina was at the end of her rope.

IG- Lina Marinescu
OOG- Katie M.- Lead Monster Marshal

The stalwart soul has the will to live and is eager for the race ~Taylor Caldwell

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  • Ashley Z
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26 Jul 2010 20:56 #18 by Ashley Z (Ashley Z)
Replied by Ashley Z (Ashley Z) on topic July 2010 Highlights
I was unsure how my reception would be, being that it was my first game and I was playing a newer race (the Sylph). However, despite getting caught in traffic and managing to show up about 5 minutes before lay-on the weekend was well worth the trip.

Pretty much everyone I interacted with both IC and OOC was friendly, willing to explain things as a million questions came up, and more than inclusive. Even if was just to let me sit and stare at you.

Just a couple very brief highlights:
-In the middle of main mod, ignoring the very real combat going on around us and starting a sparring match with Lathien.
-After standing inches from a fight watching it, "You don't understand that they can hurt you, do you?
-The entire conversation in the Inn Friday night with Jake L (sorry, your PCs name escapes me at the moment), Ardenfyre and company.
-Hanging out with the Satyr (Sage?). The viewpoints between characters are so very different. Though I'm not sure if word play is better or worse once the other person knows what you're going to say. :)
-Being called a 'bug thing'. It's still making me snicker when I think of it.

All in all it was a great way to spend a weekend and though I won't be able to make it back till Oct./Nov. I am already looking forward to and planning for it.
Thanks everyone.

Player of Nyda
OOC: Ashley Zdeb

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26 Jul 2010 21:30 #19 by Iz'tel Cloudunta (iztel)
Replied by Iz'tel Cloudunta (iztel) on topic July 2010 Highlights
A+ event, would event again.

-Goblin romance, as always, was absolutely adorable. It was only made better by the fortune Iz'tel pulled from Ming Na's can o' fortunes. "Expect a strange proposal."
-Getting hysterical after the devils passed, and some great RP with Gideon because of that. I had a hundred points of magic armor afterward. Hooray!
-The general creepiness of the plot.
-Getting questioned intensely by the demon Count's guards several times.
-Making Erim laugh: "I'm deathly afraid of your sarcasm!"
-Spamming Charm again. I may be picking up another one next event.
-Meat mod. Just...meat mod.
-Excellent roleplay with Kwildar, as usual.
-Cloud-watching with Hamish. Nothing special, nothing powerful, just a wonderful ten minutes of silliness.
-The wolves and the hookah tent.
-Asking every monster after the wolves if they had opposable thumbs.
-My NPC shift as a succubus. Possibly the single most useless demon on the higher-level mod (damn you, Mind Block!), but I had a lot of fun taunting the PCs and generally being evil.
-The lightning both nights.

-The heat.
-The humidity.
-Matt's heatstroke.

Iz'tel Zero Sharpthorn-Cloudunta
Matriarch of the Sharpthorn Clan

"I've done some things I'm not proud of, but they were very adorable."

-Jacqueline Bryk

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  • Thomas
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26 Jul 2010 22:41 #20 by Thomas (Thomas)
Replied by Thomas (Thomas) on topic July 2010 Highlights
Private Feast, need I say more.

Thank you to everyone would played a part in making that happen.  It was incredible and I was blown away by the amount of food we had.  I would highly recommend contributing to the next fund raising event to win this prize.
Thanks Again

Thomas Do’Kanen
The Court Master Builder of Alisandria
"I used to be evil, but now I'm a drunk."

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26 Jul 2010 23:11 #21 by Demitri Veisgart (Fitzpatrick McLauren of C)
Replied by Demitri Veisgart (Fitzpatrick McLauren of C) on topic July 2010 Highlights
Count Winterdark chained to a fire pit answering a call to someone's MOM! Hands down most hilarious thing I've seen at KR!

Gaining the love of most of Travance as an NPC.

Betraying the entire town.

then having people come up to me and saying" YOU!" pointing finger menacingly

having some say "Wait the painter is an NPC? And he is actually the alter ego of a Assassin? And he has betrayed the town and is doomed to died at main mod?" Me: "Yup." Him: "My heart is broken..."

Learning 2nd rank spells with Gideon.

the big reward for a very stressful job.

sleep when i got home.

IG: Demitri Veisgart & Fitzpatrick McLauren
OOG: Garrett Varady

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26 Jul 2010 23:12 #22 by Dame Laurent-Belmont (amalthea)
Replied by Dame Laurent-Belmont (amalthea) on topic July 2010 Highlights


-Keeping the fire going after Seamus, Bran and I were attacked at the Pendarvin hearth
-My newbie buddies epically failing to break into mine and Utgard's cabin during their NPC shift
-Not needing the loads of valence armor handed to me before main mod
-Realizing I can totally book it.  And that this is a good thing for the healer to do ;)\
-Meeting Feladryn, Bran, Seamus, Wolfgar, and some other great PC's
-Much more!!!

-The rain coming at precisely the wrong moment

Dame Amalthea Laurent-Belmont
The Heart of Kaladonia
Steward of Auralion
Master Emeritus of House Laurent-Belmont
Paladin of the White Fox

Alts: Mercy, Primrose Brambleton

Lauren F.
I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend

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27 Jul 2010 00:11 #23 by Baoyu Kunsai (Baoyu Kunsai)
Replied by Baoyu Kunsai (Baoyu Kunsai) on topic July 2010 Highlights
First off I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who help make this weekend possible. All of my big NPC's: Garrett, Shannon, Steve Oros, Vince, and Sean Kimmel (thanks for sticking it out, even in the miserable heat, make up, and armored shoulder pieces). You guys really made the weekend memorable. Thanks to Paul S, Josh the full-time NPC, Chris Goley, the Main-Mod Marshals, Kristen and Judge  ;), and Katie M. You guys all helped in your own ways, but I couldn't have pulled it off otherwise. Big thanks to James for being in on the plot. Among the many things you did for the weekend I just want to say I know very few people (outside of KR, lol) who would paint gore on their chest, trek to the top of a mountainous hill, and lay in a fire pit in an expensive costume coat.

Most importantly. Thank you Liz. I could not have done it without you.

My Entire weekend was a Highlight but a few things that stood out:

-All of the great characters I got to observe on the mods
-So many new players coming into town.
-The first time the Hellfire Bastion was activated during Main Mod, It was like visual poetry, and I was smiling ear to ear by the end of the Mod.  
-Myxolydia's role playing which eventually convinced the First Mate of Emith's Ship to betray the Nightblades
-Getting to see the last few minutes of Judge's ritual.
-Running the Gypsy Mod's. You guys made them so much fun.
-OCD Sorel
-5:30 AM Demon Knight attack on the Inn and Kaladonia

-And Lastly: 2 unrelated references to the "Benny Hill Theme" in one weekend.

OOG: -Adam C. Schaeffer

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27 Jul 2010 01:15 #24 by Liz (Liz)
Replied by Liz (Liz) on topic July 2010 Highlights
Wow so Im so tired that I can barely type but continuing what Adam said.


All the weekend npcs that jumped up whenever I came in the room to help. All the pcs who told me that they liked their roles so much that I could call on them at need all event. All the people that have run plots who have looked at me and grinned as I ran all over heck and gone getting stuff done- I grin now looking back on it too. Most of all though, all the people who have IMed or emailed or texted or told me in person (and Adam) how great their event was. It really does make everything worth it.

Also. One BIG thank you to James, Garrett, Steve, Matt, Shannon, Katie, and Vince for everything you did to help the plot along.

And Adam- best partner in crime EVAR. My favorite quote that pretty much sums up the event:

During rp with pcs:

*eyes widen* "I SO know where this is gonna go and I love it!" Both of us at the same time with the same grin. The pcs did awesome and made the plot even better than we planned. So in ending: Thank YOU!

Lieutenant of the Baronial Guard

Mae Fang Zhang
Healer of Khitan
"Go with honor and your ancestors shall guide you."

Lt. of the Baronial Guard
"Well... who likes a dull life? There's work to do."

OOG: Liz Reese

Land Staff

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27 Jul 2010 07:06 #25 by Silverbow Patriarch (Ardin)
Replied by Silverbow Patriarch (Ardin) on topic July 2010 Highlights
Once again, an event with many new players, some of whom I had the opportunity to meet.  Despite the heat, it was sure a weekend not to be missed.

Friday:  Faith-shattering event!  Return engagement of a prior enemy.

Saturday:  Reflection.  Feast was amazing.  Kudos to those who worked in the kitchen in all that heat to help prepare.  Great respect for those who labored to help with cleanup.  Not a discouraging word despite the sweat.  Main mod and glad that I didn't have to hold that portal open.  Looked...uncomfortable.  Who was that wise, young Cleric of Galladel?  Out on a late night romp with Celts, Ming and some others?

Sunday:  Watching Lathiel talk to some powerful warriors.  Back to air conditioning.

Looking forward to see what happens next month...

Norm B

Lord Ardin Silverbow
Lord of Pendarvin

"While others succumb, we overcome."
-Silverbow Motto

OOG: Norm B
Safety Deputy

"When I think of the greatness of my job and realize that I am what I am, I am amazed, but on reflection, who is as good as I am? I know of no one."
-George Patton(I wish Ardin had said this first)

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  • Erim Walker
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27 Jul 2010 10:48 - 27 Jul 2010 11:02 #26 by Erim Walker (shiva14b)
Replied by Erim Walker (shiva14b) on topic July 2010 Highlights

-Late Friday night and the monster invasion of Drega'mire. Monsters come banging on our door and someone (forget who) yells "This is Lethias' cabin, do you really wanna do that?" They leave us alone.

Ok, so many people mentioned this, I have to make clear what actually happened:

Vince had just been ordered to bed by the rest of the NPCs, and no sooner had his head hit the pillow than the raid began. He asked me to OOG let them know that this was his cabin, as a reminder that they had JUST told him to get some sleep.

Now, me screaming at a demon on my way to the Inn to try to grab some sleep "I JUST LISTENED TO DORIAN BIRCHWOOD SNORE FOR 4 HOURS, YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO DO THAT", that totally happened :-P.

Finding out later that I'd actually been marked for death (as in "take a rez") due to "knowing too much" is actually a highlight for me. I just wish I'd known that I knew too much!

As related to the plot, I don't really know what the heck was going on at main mod or what we were trying to accomplish, but it was a good solid throwdown and that was awesome. Great job Adam!

"Pesmerga, archdevils, True Warlocks, Lycanthrops, all out on one night?! My god, how are all these things connected?!" "Ummm... they're not?"

Main Mod:
Me (to succubus): "Phft, please, mine are bigger."
*stunned silence all around*
Me (OOG): "aaaaaaaawww... I wish I had Insult!"
*hysterical laughter all around*
*Succubus charges*

"Ok we can attack... but if we miss, we'll hit the villagers."
"I'm willing to take that chance!"

Things I am no longer allowed to do in an RPG :
31. The backup trap handler is not whoever has the most HP at the time.
73. Not allowed to name my cudgel Ceremonial Whoopass Stick.
74. My thief's battle cry is not "Run And Live"

[OOG Jenna
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27 Jul 2010 11:23 #27 by Odo Garaath (Odo)
Replied by Odo Garaath (Odo) on topic July 2010 Highlights
Derrick is the USSR to my USA, our snores are nuclear weapons, and this is 1950.

I only snore when I feel safe. Take it as a compliment.

"Praise be to Enax, and blessing to his followers."

(Tom Senger )

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27 Jul 2010 12:21 #28 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic July 2010 Highlights
So,  Friday night from Lay-on till 7AM was nonstop action.  From Chronicler mod, right to the Enax temple as Shadowcaller in disguise to fighting Tobar as his "personal demon" to the late night raid.

Too often villains aren't able to last very long or really roleplay with the PCs.  Being able to instill the right amount of fear into the PCs made it much more fun to really sit and chat with them and really cause some tension.

Saturday afternoon bounty hunters.  "Invisibility?  Who does that?" "Uhh.. Cheese it?"  "CHEESE IT!"
Well done on how it was handled in the end.  This only leads to benefits for the PCs involved.

Main mod's epic Star Wars music before the PCs arrive with Skimmel and Vince.  All too excellent.

In service to The Crown,
-Lord Admiral Aleister Tartaros the Phoenix
-Lord of Drega'mire
-Admiral of the Kormyrian Royal Navy

-Steve Oros
(Officer, Storyteller)

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  • Naranbaatar Aiki
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27 Jul 2010 12:36 #29 by Naranbaatar Aiki (aikichi)
Replied by Naranbaatar Aiki (aikichi) on topic July 2010 Highlights
Despite the weather and my costume making me sweat bullets it was an enjoyable event

+ I was able to come back again after two months and had some people remember whubbles

+Blowing things up left and right at the newbie mod made whubbles very happy

+RP with gravedigger trying to kill me for his dislike of goblins was interesting and fun

+The look on people's faces when they had a goblin serving them at the bar xD

+Giving the baron a failed strength potion expeirment called goblinade and he enjoyed it which lead to me giving it out to a lot of people to test it on xP Now I has a new drink to bring every event :3

+Learning a lot of new skills and meeting a fellow alchemist who is willing to have patience and teach whubbles

+Being blamed for the explosion inside the inn when whubbles comes out with drinks for a customer and people are on the floor.

+The comment "Guy1:Look the skull on his back is laughing at you. Guy2: Great even a goblin's clothes mock me"

+Meeting new people and an awesome sidekick for whubbles who kept him genuinely sane

-Main mod terrain of busting your arse a lot

-Getting night blinded every other minute >.<

-Busting me knee and could barely get up let alone walk saturday night

-My costume making me sweat loads ruining my makeup

Naranbaatar Aiki
Legionnaire Commander Kormyrian Army
"In service to the people"

OOG Name: Robert "Ira" Torres [MARSHAL]

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27 Jul 2010 13:16 #30 by Iz'tel Cloudunta (iztel)
Replied by Iz'tel Cloudunta (iztel) on topic July 2010 Highlights

Main Mod:
Me (to succubus): "Phft, please, mine are bigger."
*stunned silence all around*
Me (OOG): "aaaaaaaawww... I wish I had Insult!"
*hysterical laughter all around*
*Succubus charges*

That was me. And I'm really not sure how I forgot to mention that; it was brilliant.

Iz'tel Zero Sharpthorn-Cloudunta
Matriarch of the Sharpthorn Clan

"I've done some things I'm not proud of, but they were very adorable."

-Jacqueline Bryk

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