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01 Apr 2012 17:51 #1 by SlightlySaneBillliamm (SlightlySaneBillliamm)
2012 Alt Event Highlights was created by SlightlySaneBillliamm (SlightlySaneBillliamm)
First off I had a lot of fun attending what parts of the Alt events I could.

1. I was just a halfling bard, and when I put my costume on friday night, I added the mask and boom I became the court jester with a simple twist of my hat. It sealed my characters fate.

2. Knowing when to shutup but ignoring it everytime

3. funny acrobatics

4. Debates about the gods

5. Trying to appease our dark masters while also trying to humiliate and embarrass them

6. Constantly running in fear of everything

7. 3 breakfasts, I take my hobbit rp seriously

8. Luis constantly referring to me an urchin or some kid nick name.

9. Fighting for the Red lady's entertainment

10. Having a brilliant plan to to survive a suicide mission completely fall apart as soon as we attacked

That is all for now.

"Slightly Sane Billliamm"

ooc: gene stern

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01 Apr 2012 21:28 #2 by geezer (geezer)
Replied by geezer (geezer) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
Great Event. Usually when Judge is present, it is like when Meryl Streep is nominated for an academy award - the suspense is about who is second best. This time, everyone was completely on their game.

MB as farmer Sue flirting shamelessly with Ardin - she's a natural.

MB as Countess Bartholy (I forget her IG name) in the kitchen. 4 PCs enter and one says "Are you IG?" She answers "yes" and 7 knees hit the ground.

Elyse, Emily, and Kate Merrit - Damn - they are spookily evil.

Gene Stern as his jester.

Alissa (sp) as the whisperer.

Luis and Jeff M serving dinner.

Just a few.

Thanks all who helped in the kitchen.

For the second consecutive Event, no one attacked Edwin, even though I slept on a couch in the anteroom.

Pulled off two successful Sorcery Rituals. I was almost happy enough to do the dance.

Edwin Haroldson
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01 Apr 2012 23:57 #3 by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood)
Replied by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
-Everyone RPed very well this weekend, it was real nice watching people play different roles. James, you were a trooper, I felt bad for you. Still do a bit,

-Nigel and Feferi tag team. Being Lord Ritzzer's assistants was a ton of fun and hanging out with Chris Z. a good portion of the event as Nigel was a treat.

-Big ears make you stick out in a crowd...

-Playing the ghost for NPC shift. I got a couple of good stories out of people.

-"I think I like this Feferi" "Look, I don't have to *high pitched* talk like this! *normal* anymore. Now watch!" *heal bombs an abomination*

-Feferi heading her way straight to Coast Haven with her Dryad friend. Vampires are way evil. Lyncanthropes are just sick. They're not so bad. Will she ever come to Travance? Maybe one day.


-Apparently, in the future, Ilana, Lucas, and friends piss off a demon lord so bad, it comes back through time to try and at least kill us both. (thought at first Ilana was a demon knight in the future till I was told what the demon lord was screaming when he first came through the portal) Unfortunately, it got future Lucas and Barak.

-Everyone getting ready to step up to help out. Plans being made and pieces trying to be recovered and everyone keeping an eye out.

-Sunday night 'thrall' dinner. I think may become an every other day thing for the month in Travance. Ilana loves cooking and they want all different kinds of food.

-More Master Warrior lessons!

Marcella Torres
Land System Deputy
New Player Marshal

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02 Apr 2012 00:36 #4 by Winks Sharpthorn (Winks)
Replied by Winks Sharpthorn (Winks) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
This was definitely an awesome event in just so many ways.

NPC Friday night
-Leading a bunch of goblins, ogres, and trolls and having them chow down on a thrall PC.

-Being a beefy Witch Hunter fighting nearly all of the PCs at one point, then exploding in positive energy when I finally went down. Pat and Wally, I had loads of fun NPCing for you guys.

-"Almighty Glomm, hear me prayer..."
-"You like me cloak? It made from tents. It me vest-tents. But it not full of holes. It be stronger if it full of holes."
-Cracking people up with the above phrases throughout the event.

-Catching Pesmerga's eye at various points, and being allowed to preach about Glomm to captured resistance members.

-Giving Glomm's blessing to James' von Ritter NPC in front of everyone in the main building. Fantastic RP there and was just a great moment for the character.

-Teaching and learning. I know I always say how much I enjoy those aspects of the game, but it never gets any less true.

-The demon lord fight late Saturday night. I feel like, being involved in that fight to the degree that I was, Winks has jumped a hurdle in terms of combat competence.

-Meeting Toad the goblin, and the other refugees from Alok Malagan.

-Great RP all around from everyone I interacted with.

See everyone in a few weeks.

In Service to Travance
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Knight of Drega'Mire
Soul-Blade of Galladel

Alt: William Sterling
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02 Apr 2012 01:14 - 02 Apr 2012 09:41 #5 by Dr. Kamei Kunsai (Kamei Lazuli)
Replied by Dr. Kamei Kunsai (Kamei Lazuli) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
Oh my, where to even begin?! This event was the most fun I have had in the three years that I have been attending Knight Realms. The roleplay was fantastic and getting to see people step out of their elements yet still being able to make everything work. It was just fantastic <3 I want to thank Judge for telling us about the alt event and making me want to go~
Special shout out to James for being such a champ as we threw food at him.

Highlights (specific instead of just saying "everything")
-Getting to play a character concept I've been thinking about forever
-Getting to openly play an Agurran~ So awesome.
-Tori letting me borrow her costuming!
-Mars letting me use her blue makeup (that stuff did not come off at ALL, even in the rain)
-Getting basically forced to go into mods.
-Wally being a scary mofo as Thomas...I was actually kind of scared.
-Being useful~
-Getting rained on and enjoying it as the Nyad, and telling Shaylee what I remember freedom feeling like. (Even though I was completely miserable getting rained on).
-Getting to torture people, especially James' Von Ritter. (sorry James~ <3 )
-Roleplaying with Mary Beth as the Red Lady (that blood was TASTY)
-FINALLY getting to see Judge play Pesmerga! Been waiting forever ;)
-Feast was fantastic, and I loved the way it was served. It was intense.
-Seeing Gene pull shenanigans as his hobbit, and keeping attention off of us.
-It may be small, but the emotion of terror I felt as Pesmerga sniffed me...-shiver-
-The terror as Elysia's character stopped right by me a few times..I thought I was going to explode for sure!
-Drinking the whiskey Beetle brought us, only to have it make me a "good guy" for a minute.
-Drinking the whiskey and becoming a good guy, only to have Rittzer be there and become my enemy...(I thought I was going to die from pushing a Lord. Steve, you were terrifying).
-Helping to save peasants from the hunting game for the undead. We made sure you stayed safe #1 =)
-Walking around with Shaylee(Sam) looking for peasants, only to find the last Malvarian. And telling him we never saw him.
-My nyad licking blood off of an undead's face (you're a great sport Emerson XD om nom chocolate blood)
-Helping people try and escape. Such hard RP when you're supposed to be an evil character...I think I pulled it off!
-Getting to play a kickass Cavalier for main mod!!!
-Jersey friend rules with Wally! So awesome. Had to protect Kwildar! =D
-Being surprised as Thralls stayed behind to fight with the Army. Way to scare the crap out of the undead!! Great job guys!!

-Great roleplay with Kamei! (I think playing the Nyad enhanced Kamei)
-Great roleplaying moments with Emerson as his blood-addicted Thrall, and his crazy schizo NPC. This will be awkward to explain to Baoyu though... xD
-Laughing as I realize I'm going to have four waylays next event. (all of the knocking out!)
-Dojo speak!!!! SO EXCITED.
-Getting to see Jun again! After a year =P
-And, always great RP with Quan Lui~

If I remember anything I'll edit. But overall, this was the BEST event I have ever been too. Thank you all for making this happen!!!!

-Realizing I can't wear corsets without my ribs caving in more than they already are.
-Pain in places I didn't even know existed.
-Not taking a death as my Nyad, even though I really wanted too. (I have never taken a death as any character in any game I have ever played).

[Kamei Kunsai, Vassal and Health Administer of Kaladonia]
[Luminista Petsho-Aeislin]

(oog: Shannon F.)
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02 Apr 2012 03:52 #6 by Rane (Sammyelf)
Replied by Rane (Sammyelf) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
So... I had fun at this event. I never really found the resistence... Wth were you guys??? :pinch:

ALT CHAR: Sandra Baker (witch hunter) a.k.a #5... or did it mean I was 5 points?...


- no matter how many times I say it, I should of picked assassin... I think I would of still been F&@%ed either way. :ohmy:
- playing a human, then finding out they're are only 14 of us in total at the start of game. (cool! this may get me out of my comfort zone!)
- (as much as my character was unsure about this) being von rittzer's "ginnea pigs"... yeah... let's go with that.
- being afraid for my life...
- sneaking in the dark at night (literally withen 10 feet of someone getting slaughtered... still didn't notice us! :cheer: )
- tooth fairy... thank you for the gold... I didn't discover it till sunday XD hahaha
- had at a few moments of courage (or stupidity) and ventured outside. the adrenaline rush was primal instinct level!
- got caught... "hey guys! let's check this cabin!" "Fckfdo-pvj-hckhds--fJH-SLFKd!"
- rping them nailing a number to my head... wanted to yell louder but I didn't want to damage throut >.<
- running as fast as I can to safety... I think I only needed 2 minutes to get to the waterfront cabin...
- I'm gald I watched Battle Royale before showing up. I had also seen hunger games twice hahahahaha XD (I dub this event... Literal hunger games!)
- And may the odds be ever in your OM NOM NOM NOMNOM!!!!
- Main mod NPC shift! cailiver-journeymen... second respawn, double all skills and triple hp! oh hell yeah!
- omg it's a shower!!! :cheer:


- playing a human, then finding out they're are only 14 of us in total at the start of game. (F@$%ED! F***ED! WE'RE ALL F!@#ED!!!!!)
- isolation on the run in the cold rain. I started to shivver.
- upset as I was walking to logistics to find out if I had to make my way to the barn to sleep... also would of just as easily gotten there IG as I did OOG no funnn... ;.;
- Call me a coward! I didn't really have a reason to go out! there was no motive to be out in the day... unless I was lucky and ran into some humans... (only motive I was given was to survive...) I did however notice that they weren't expecting some of us to survive...
- Dunno if they did this on purpose, but I went looking for my weapons that were taken from me when I was caught. they were sitting in the labratory. Am I supposed to go IG to get them? I didn't find them till break... :dry:
- letting the character run to the army in the distance. it makes sense to do it, but I really would of loved to act that out somehow... with or without weapons.
- playing as main... monsters! run! oh... that was it? are they in the woods? I have no reason to be out there so I guess I'll go to bed. ;.; the downside of being level 2...

Still loved the concept of this weekend and the RP. Really think someone should write backup plot in case something goes arwy. I really did have trouble finding people to trust and where is was ok to be. (the von ritter house was having a bit if a situation with the secret wall... was it a basement? was it an OOG place you can go? why even leave the house if it can't be found?) It was difficult to know if I was cheating or not. I hate to cheat! >_<

IG - Rane Nightflute
OOG - Samantha Stassen

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02 Apr 2012 08:34 #7 by Gallion (Gallion)
Replied by Gallion (Gallion) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
I rarely ever find the time to write down and post my own personal highlights, despite having them each weekend. This weekend however my own personal experience was so overwhelmingly good that I would be remiss not to.

Everyone who attended the alt event did a fabulous job. All the main NPCs brought thier A-game and pulled together to make the weekend thier own specifically crafted experience for the players to enjoy. Many of them ran mods and encounters and scenes/areas that breathed a level of immersion and realism into the event that is hard to achieve. The PCs took the game concept and ran with it hard, really giving thier characters 100% or more. I have been exceptionlly proud of many singular events in the past, and this one easily made the list.

As for my own personal scenes, playing Varren VonRitter, Patron Elder of House VonRitter, as a prized captive, who has been beaten and abused for over a decade, was one of the most rewarding NPC experiences I've ever had. I gave you the tools and or the opportunity to really let me have it and you actually abused me, instead of just saying "My character does this to you". Those of you who did not hold back your actions turned those encounters from what would have been great RP scenes, into the best encounters I have had in fifteen years of Knight Realms. Your willingness to push the envelope in the situation truly made the encounter real, which is something beyond value. Thank You!

- James C. Kimball Director, Knight Realms
The following user(s) said Thank You: Jenn (JennF), Dr. Kamei Kunsai (Kamei Lazuli), Belegchand (mcalo), Aemorniel (Aemorniel)

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02 Apr 2012 09:05 #8 by Aemorniel (Aemorniel)
Replied by Aemorniel (Aemorniel) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
First Alt Event. Decided to NPC it because A) I missed full weekend NPCing. B) Wanted to enjoy watching everyone else at work.

~Best moment was hands down James as Von Ritter. The fact you agreed to letting PCs and NPCs pelt you with rotten tomatoes and cabbage really shows how seriously you take your RP and I respect you greatly for that. The feast RP--taking all the abuse they gave like a badass. Yup. Awesome.
~All the Vampire Lords/Ladies were awesome. Their varying degrees of terror they could cause with one glare was fantastic to witness. Judge and Wally were scary mo-fos that actually scared me enough after "mass", where Matt C's hobgoblin priest was shown off and tormented as an example to the town, I ran the frick out of the building when Wally started counting down till murder time.
~Getting to hang out with a group of people at the Inn I normally don't get to see or talk to as my PC. It was really nice actually to see how much everyone helps and supports each other.
~The two vampire/undead servant brothers--you two were so much fun to watch. Your ambition and drive really brought the RP on a new level--showing even the undead have agendas and aspirations and a willingness to do anything to get there.
~Tooth Fairy--whoever was in charge of that NPC: frickin' brilliant. Amazing surprise for everyone I assume to be awoken in the middle of the night by that, having a tooth taken, and being left a gift of money just like the real one.
~Luis and Jeff serving feast--you two crack me the hell up. It was nice to see Luis not have to play the calm and put together Q.L. and be able to throw people to the back of the line for backtalk.

NPC moments:
~Going out as a NPC wild mage ghost carrying Air Essence who only gave it to those who showed great kindness. Kudos to the 4 barbarians who did their best at being both kind and helpful to her while still doing great at displaying the stand-offish manner of some barbarians with strangers. Whoever you are mysterious ski-mask/chainmail man--you won the cake with getting me resurrected after hearing my story. You earned that air essence. Even if I got burned by a dagger shortly afterwards and given over to the Vampire Lords to become a Thrall...
~Dan Gill--your alt character resurrecting me probably was the coolest/weirdest rp session I ever have taken part of. So much fun with all the details you put into it and use of all your "tools". I always love RPing with you.
~Black oozes early morning wake up call. Hell of a lot of fun. Angel, Mars, Cy, and I rocked that shiz.
~Malcolm as a slaver--I love you as Kwildar but it always is a delight to see you as a complete 180 as an evil character. Selling our faces to Dan G then selling us to two men at the laboratory...mean. lol. I did have fun playing deaf and mute and using real ASL to talk to my new masters.
~Getting my slave NPC resurrecting by Jeff's hunchback. OMG. You are hilarious as this character. I loved any moment I got to RP with you.
~Cleric of Galmachis. Chasing down Cy's ogre was a hell of a lot of fun. The playful banter that pissed him the hell off--who says you need the skill Insult to actually rile someone up?--was so much fun. The complete wipe out I took was almost a face plant onto the ground--actually kind of fun when it happened. Not so much when I realized I had taken out my knee in the process. I can proudly say the swelling has gone down finally and my knee is the color of Belegchand.
~Sunday morning breakfast turning into RPing with Goley as a voice in his head. That was fun! That turning into a whole mini-mod thing for Matt DeFranza. Cuddling the Nexus in my PJs while RPing as Typhoid Mary-esque spirit in the spirit realm--great RP on all the healer's part. I had a lot of fun with that--Matt you are a brilliant, brilliant man. I can't wait to see how this all pans out next event.

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Apprentice to the Baronial Small Council
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Assistant Editor and Columnist of The Travance Chronicle

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02 Apr 2012 11:11 #9 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
I cannot express how pleased with the way this event had gone. Probably one of my top 3 events in the last 5 years. The interactions between everyone was just above and beyond what we expect from players on an event to event basis and it really made getting into the character so much better.

Keep this up and maybe we'll even be able to do better than this weekend!

Lord Admiral Aleister Demirosz, the Phoenix

* * * * * * * *
-Steve Oros
Assistant Director

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02 Apr 2012 11:47 #10 by Liz (Liz)
Replied by Liz (Liz) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
I dont normally put up event highlights anymore but this is the best event I think I have had in....years. Its rare that I can find myself completely and utterly taken up with an alt and want the event to just last forever. This was it. I went into this event having no expectations plotwise- I played what I thought a thrall would be and it was just fantastic. Even if I couldnt run ><

-Friday night
Meeting up with Laura (ALWAYS in alt events lol <3)
Deciding to stay low
Right after that.....Hello Pesmerga and company.... (inwards both damnit and fantastic!)
Deciding to roll with it- wanting to show him his attention wasnt wasted- if only to keep from being killed for it.
Spent the rest of the event like that.
Doing such a great job of it even Laura wondered if Id gone over to the Vamps side- until I helped her free peasants and get a dryad to perform a Gaian benediction.
Then....wincing when he just *wouldnt leave* and telling each other we should have either taken a peasant head or killed him himself. Deciding to actually kill him as he was a liability- just to then be nerveracked when he was turned into an antidryad. In my own words
-"Im so scared right now even OOG that I want to hop in my car and never come back to KR....again."
Trying to kill Gus....and having the best reason to do it. Huzzah no death! And...freedom? o.0
Considering booking it before feast but not wanting to give ANY reason for suspicion.
Going to bed early after a shower. Words cannot describe....

Not wanting to really go out because of my ankle. So....avoiding my teachers....and actually having a valid reason. o.0
Also....FINALLY doing something really not wise to try to help...getting the consequences....trying to make sure Angelica doesnt get corrupted (again) and having it be blamed on insanity? Ah...irony...

As I told Judge, Marybeth, and Alisia, this event was amazing for me. Its been sooo long since I felt scared, worried, completely caught up in the rp and just....*filling* a role. I love Mae but I loved this char so much. I cant wait to play her again and I can only hope that this feeling with her continues.

I will see you all in a few weeks :)

Lieutenant of the Baronial Guard

Mae Fang Zhang
Healer of Khitan
"Go with honor and your ancestors shall guide you."

Lt. of the Baronial Guard
"Well... who likes a dull life? There's work to do."

OOG: Liz Reese

Land Staff

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02 Apr 2012 13:24 - 02 Apr 2012 19:56 #11 by Cedric Moss (mastermike)
Replied by Cedric Moss (mastermike) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
To say this weekend was fun would be an understatement. This is by far the most fun I've had at a LARP in almost a decade and a half of LARPing experience for me. Everyone role played and dressed the part so well that I felt like I was in an actual metropolis under the rule of brutal vampire lords. My experience as a Maldavian, running, hiding, fighting, and screaming in fear of my life every second of this event was grade A immersion for me. There was literally no place to hide. This made the game for me. The feeling of being hunted for the entire event truly added a realistic feel to my experience. It was truly a monumental game for me.

Now some highlights!

- Getting to game, and immediately being hunted. (Was late, so missed announcements :/ )

- Hearing all the screams and horrifying sounds all around me in Alok Maligan.

- Meeting up with Matt Magnus as his warrior and running, hiding, and killing our way through the first night of terror, and eventually joining up with some NPCs that helped us lay waste at the Inn.

- Our PC/NPC party spelling "RESIST" with the benches at the Inn, and placing a single skull on each of the thrones before departure.

- Being tortured at the laboratory, then brought back to Steve Oros's character's lab for some torturous healing (Steve's creativity and role playing during this scene was part of what really made my first night.). Then being brought back to the lab to be marked. Then looking around and noticing nobody was paying any attention to me, and slipping out the door unnoticed before giving them a chance to mark me. I had many chuckles about this. (There was another PC present who was an undead torturer. I forget his IG and OOG names, but he equally made this set of scenes amazing for me.)

- Surviving so long without getting marked.

- Casually walking into the Inn and pretending to be a thrall, complete with being able to see the mass, interacting with others who were resisting, and being forced to fight two of the thralls, and dropping one, but being a good aligned character, instantly feeling horrible about it, and pulling my shots thereafter so that I would hopefully be dropped instead, which actually happened.

- Mass over VonRitter. Seeing just how evil Pesmerga and his followers truly are.

- Being caught physically by Pesmerga himself after Dan Gill walked over and ever-so-casually outed me, and I tried to run. I was almost gone if it were not for Pesmerga using celerity to catch me himself. I don't feel bad though. Being caught by the throat by THE master vampire at KR is more of an honor than I can even begin to explain.

- Dan casually exposing me before being caught and ripped into numerous pieces beside VonRitter.

- Main-Mod battle to escape Alok Maligan.

- Meeting Kwildar at the end of game. So awesome!

- The intensity of everyone's RP in general.

- The creepiness and impressiveness of all the special effects and scenery that was expertly placed to give the game the amazing feel that it had.

- Finally getting to see Pesmerga, then realizing that noone else could ever play him as perfectly as Judge. If I didn't know any better, I would swear he was a real vampire lord.

- Being fed so much at feast that I almost exploded.

- Seeing James put himself through hell to make his role believable. It goes to show how truly dedicated he is to making our experience at KR so enjoyable. Getting hit in the face with rotting fruit, and dragged brutally through the mud, then brought back to the Inn for more similar torture, was an experience I'll never forget.

Hearing about everyone's individual experience after game was called.

- Being monumentally impressed with everyone's ability to switch from good, upstanding heroes, to some of the most evil, sadistic characters I have ever seen in almost 15 years of LARPing. You guys truly made me feel like I was trapped in a land full of evil monsters, and made me see just how important it is that we do something to put a stop to them eventually. This was the biggest highlight of the entire game for me.

Thank you EVERYONE for making this event the best LARP experience of my entire life!

"If I heal you every time this happens, how then will you ever learn to properly choose your battles? Come see me after the clotting begins. That way I'll know you had enough time to think on how to better handle yourself the next time you get angry."

Cedric Moss
Healer, Mage, and Vassal to Alisandria

OOG: Mike Lamkins
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02 Apr 2012 14:01 #12 by geezer (geezer)
Replied by geezer (geezer) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
After a solid 8 hours of sleep in my own, very comfortable bed, I remember Jackie Gibs uglifying herself (a tough task) and wishing she had Wally's "pregnant prosthesis" to complete the look. Between, the beard, mustache, and horridly applied red lipstick...

Some of the converstions people started with me when I went to Costco with my face and head painted...

Edwin Haroldson
Master of the Mages' Guild

An ethical person does the right thing when no one is watching.

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02 Apr 2012 15:18 #13 by Misaki (cbodnar)
Replied by Misaki (cbodnar) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
Oh man, where to even begin. This was my first alt event, and I'm so glad that it was because it was just so amazing! Judge, Marybeth, Steve, Alisia, Wally, James et al, you all completely blew me away this weekend with the continuous high levels of rp from the moment that Thomas was wrangling up the Thralls to the escape at the end. Thank you thank you thank you!

-"Nobody suspects Gamzee" *shifty looking around*
-Pat Hand's Witch Hunter:
*Pesmerga just stares him down like nothing happened*
Pat's comment about the matter: "Well he was just there and turned his back to me so I thought, 'guess it's time to do 6000 damage to him'"
-Delicious Feast of Om Noms +1
-Getting Emperor Palpatine'd by Dan Gill and James' characters in the Lab. "40 ELECTRICITY!"
-Ogres don't believe in the Tooth Fairy, Jenna ;)

-3 seconds back in Travance, Lucas is fighting an uber being...whelp, time to jump in!
-ALL THE CHATS!: w/ Antrim, Ardin, Tsoli, Antrim, Lethias, Magnus, Angelica, Barak, Ridigan, Na'ar, Quan Liu (kinda) and more!
-So much being possessed
-So much sleep
-So much magic item usage
-What? Another thing that'll potentially lead to death? *shrug* Just another day as Misaki.

See you all sometime!

Misaki Xianlu VonRitter, the Nemesis

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02 Apr 2012 16:58 #14 by Sergei Petsho (Bran MacInnes)
Replied by Sergei Petsho (Bran MacInnes) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
Hands down, absolutely incredible event. I've been saying it for a while, and I'll say it again: When Knight realms decides to go dark, everything just becomes so absolutely top-notch.
anyways, on to highlights!

-Coming in as Nigel, setting up my alchemical accoutrements and immediately having people request things from me.
-All the RP involving Nigel, Feferi, and Steve Oros. So good.
-Bell ringing in the midst of making something? Alchemy on the go!
-"Me Thog, me hit things. What you do?" "Tell you what, mate, you keep me from dying, and I'll make things to help you help me not die better."
-"Try not to die. It's uncomfortable, and it annoys the hunchback."
-The entertainment that comes from making potions explode, sometimes even when you want them to!
-Hobo coat for the win. Not only did it keep me warm and dry even with the rain, but I was able to fit all of my alchemy gear into its pockets.
-Assigning nicknames that stuck. To my mind, Shane and Zach's alt characters will forever be Smitty and Scribbler.

-Ohmahgahd, showers...
-Any piece of Rp that was had while making things by the forge with Shane. From Pesmerga brutalizing Tom, to repeat customers both living and undead, to discussions on the merits of blood-based vs water-based potions, to people actually flinching when a couple of my potions exploded. It all made playing Alchemist so much more fun.
-Moral choice: Save the competent warrior, or that random guy over there. Warrior. "Excuse me, but that one is an Alchemist." Choice instantaneously reversed.
-James C. Kimball. Absolutely brilliant. In every way. Combining a heart-wrenching plight with bravado in the face of danger with a dash of sexual harassment. Does it still count as necrophelia if she's undead?
-Worst. Assassination attempt. Ever. Nigel now views all barbarian women as being dangerously incompetent when it comes to making battle plans.
-Delicious feast. I win cookie mod.
-Jersey Friend Rules with Wally.
-Nigel's introduction to Travance. From vampire lord to demon lord. This should be a cakewalk.
-Londwyn bullshit session with Gus. So what if we were up til 8am? Worth it.
-Setting Na'ar on fire for the benefit of the hicks.
-So an Alchemist sits down at a table full of Scholars, when a Wild Mage and a Healer join them. Hilarity ensues.

-Seeing my good friends Erik and Janice having a blast at their very first KR event. Thanks for making them feel welcome, guys.
-So gratifying for people to tell me oog that they want me to make Nigel a PC. I think I had too much fun playing him to not try for it.

Once again, an absolutely phenomenal event. I haven't had this much fun in ages, and I kind of wanted it to keep going. The setting and atmosphere of Alok Malagan was rich and intense, all the NPC's were convincingly menacing, every single person I encountered was on top of their game, RP-wise, and oh yeah, hot vampire chicks. :lol: A plus, top grade larping, would do it again.

"What do you take me for? Some kind of big damn hero?"
Sergei Petsho, Voivode and Steward of Inovar, Owner and Masseur Extraordinaire of Magic Hands Massage.

"What, it's for my research, I swear!"
Nigel Whitworth, Gentleman Apothecary

"Here, kid, suck on this and shut up for a while."
Aengus MacAengus Hesperus, Professional Old Person

OOG: Chris Zipeto

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02 Apr 2012 18:43 #15 by Ashling MacKreagor (Ashling MacKreagor)
Replied by Ashling MacKreagor (Ashling MacKreagor) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
More Fun then I've had at a larp in a really long time. Super fun, Awesome role play, awesome costumes, awesome story! I've wanted to play a Goblin for a long time and silly little Toad created as a joke character while watching Robin Hood with John, Rachael and Mal went from a Sadistic-Torturer-Coward to Follower of Galadel on a quest to make up for all the bad she'd done thanks to a 5 foot tall barbarian and a Hobgoblin priest. Only in Alak Malagan. Also special thanks to the weather for being perfect undead weather. Was great that the first time I saw the sun was Sunday and it really did feel like the first time Toad had ever seen the sun.

-Aarons vampire General, never quite sure if i wanted to laugh or pee myself.
-Kania trying to teach me to be a good Goblin while I walked around with a pocket full of "Hobbit" Jerky offering it to people. Sharing is good right?
-Helping the Vampires torture soldiers. My original plan was to bring back all the information I got out of them to the resistance but when it became rape-and-murder-o'clock for no reason other then "We're vampires and we're EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEevil" some of the talk of being a good guy sunk in and she lost her S***. Best described by Angel who heard while her character was in bleed out on the floor *Shank Shank Shank* "FLEE!" Hiding in the woods for several hours part one.

After successfully hiding in the woods for almost 3 hours i finally wandered back to the inn and got killed by Jenna's NPC for totally unrelated reasons. Balls

Getting introduced to Redcloak, bonding over Hobbit jerky, confessing all the bad things I'd done, promising to make up for them and getting baptized to Galidell.

Drinking the Chaotic alteration whiskey and turning evil again for a minute about 10 minutes after deciding she was good. What does a sketchy Goblin do in this situation? Rat out the Galidall Priest to the undead Drow. Balls

EPIC RESCUE OF REDCLOAK!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that worked! Hiding in the woods for several hours part two...electric boogaloo

All the hiding in the woods banter with Kania
*as undead walk about ten feet from where we're hiding, fail to see us, and then walk away*
Toad: where does Galadell stand on peeing yourself?
Kania: I think he understands

Goodbyes before I left to NPC Main Mod. Doesn't look like Toad will ever see Redcloak again :-( I will tell the tale of how a goblin and a hobgoblin can be friends with the power of Galadell! and Hobbit jerky!

Bringing Toad into Travance was AMAZING. And as I predicted, she managed to get herself arrested within 12 hours of being back in town. Also got the worlds best electrum dagger EVER.

YOu will defiantly be seeing Toad around again. Viva la Resistance!

Go big or go home

ooc:  Terri DePrima
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02 Apr 2012 19:02 - 02 Apr 2012 19:03 #16 by Josephine (mferro54)
Replied by Josephine (mferro54) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
I couldn't stay the whole time due to medical shenanigans, but I wanted to mention three things.

1. Music in the inn was phenomenal.
2. Lettuce--->James.
3. Pesmerga casually petting my ears. At least one other undead did this too. You are all creepy bastards. Thanks. <3

IG: Josephine Weaveforger,
Carlotta OZ
OOG: Mary Bouchard (nee Ferro)
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02 Apr 2012 20:27 #17 by Seámus Aeislin (Seámus_Aeislin)
Replied by Seámus Aeislin (Seámus_Aeislin) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
First of all, I have to say that just like many others, this event was easily one of the best larping experiences I have ever had. The mood was downright perfect and I was really able to immerse myself into a setting that I knew little of OOG despite my character having been prisoner there for eight years.

Friday Night:
- Being packed into the barn with all of the other Thralls at the beginning of the event and realizing right away that my character was one of the more level headed. While others cowered and muttered, Olian and Nigel began work on alchemy to pass the time.

- Being roused from assisting Nigel by the General bursting into the barn and shouting in true R. Lee Ermy fashion and watching the general panic it caused.

- Returning to the Feeding Hole after the first Thrall mission to begin working at the forge along with an unsettling visit from Pesmerga (Sorry Tom).

- Being summoned by the bell throughout the night as the hail turned to rain and started coming down harder. I actually felt that the frantic hurrying and terrible weather really made the frantic and miserable lives of the Thrall come to life more.

- Coming back from the mission to spend the bulk of the remainder of my night repairing armor for the other Thralls and telling the Undead that I had a line of work to do (so many Thralls having simply left their gear at the forge without need for it to be worked on providing ample bluffing material), followed by SOME sleep.

- Waking up to breakfast consisting of an omlette and peanut butter bars while starting my day's work at the forge. JUST managed to fix some Thrall armor and hone a couple weapons before the first summoning bell.

- Being baptized to the light shortly before the ratting out of our priest and the resistance I was quietly part of and worrying that I too would be ratted on. The scene that followed with the Von Ritter was nearly too much for Olian and he almost started attacking the undead as they strung him up.

- Managing to help calm the failed assassination attempt that left Nigel as a statue, then quickly forging a large shield for our Maldavian friend in the woods and disappearing for several hours before Feast.

NPC (Main Mod)

- My first role was that of former knight Sir Robert Mithrix, old friend of General Alman on what we dubbed "Hurt Wally's Feelings Mod". My job? Remind General Thomas Alman of his old life and really speak daggers at him, get under his skin. Hopefully I did well with that. Also, the RP from the undead ripping at my body after I fell and Alman hacking at the headless corpse was really believable, Wally, you sounded almost in tears.

- Second role? Badass mofo of a paladin that was part of the cavalry with Kwildar, a Galladellite Templar and a Master Witch Hunter (played by Vince, go figure). We honestly were not expecting the Thralls to show up at all, though the undead still seemed to be holding their own before we arrived.

Post-Main Mod
- Olian arriving into Travance with Nigel after a couple weeks of travel. No more than thirty minutes in town and a Demon attacks, good times.

- Olian realizing again that there actually are genuinely kind people in the world as the citizens of Travance, at personal cost, provided he and Nigel with drink, odd jobs, employment opportunity AND helped to begin the process of removing their Thrall marks (Thank you Pendarvin).

- More of Olian experiencing things for the first time in eight years since his enthrallment (chocolate, wine, working at a REAL forge, sunlight, grass). It was almost as if everything was brand new and shiny to him in a dam near childish yet endearing way.

- Forging what is apparently the greatest Electrum dagger ever for Toad. The design on it is ridiculous and wonderful. Terri, NEVER lose that card.

- Being invited to the great feast in Pendarvin in celebration of the colelctive freedom of all of the Thralls that escaped to Travance. Once again, thank you Pendarvin, as well as Alisandria. (Figures, just escaped Pesmerga and Jed offers food, well played Judge, well played.)

I am definitely looking forward to bringing Olian into game as a full-fledged PC. It just won't be right away, he needs to try to tie up some loose ends before settling in Travance.

Main - Sir Seámus Aeislin of the Clan MacInnes

Alt - Boryev Solvei, Baro of the Solvei Kampania
OOG - Shane Johnson
Monster Marshal

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02 Apr 2012 21:56 - 02 Apr 2012 21:59 #18 by Belegchand (mcalo)
Replied by Belegchand (mcalo) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
Well, originally, I wasn’t going to come to the Alt Event. Then I was going to Full-Time NPC. Then some friends asked me to play a priest, to fill a niche. And now, I am SO happy I chose to play the character I did. Everyone was phenomenal, and, quite honestly, my highlight is the event itself, in its entirety. But, I will still say the following moments that stand out in my mind:
  • Seeing the Vampire Lords IG for the first time; trying to balance both pure fear and pure hatred for them was a change to my normal RP, and an interesting one at that.
  • Trying to hide my faith while still being a leader of the faith was more fun than I initially expected. The few times I did cast, I tried my best to hide the prayers and just do generics, but my first Smite Undead of the event was definitely one of my favorite moments. No one harasses a member of my faith and gets away with it… Well at least not when the Inn building has nothing but thralls and a single Undead Servant in it…
  • Attempts at early morning masses are not always successful… And then not being able to hold an evening mass like intended because Pesmerga fought the gods, and won. Hopefully the few people who did get willpowers used them…
  • Secret baptisms, and then one of the newest Galladellians getting Chaotically Altered and spreading the word about me and my faith; Terri, your mini confessions were both adorable and awesome to witness, and Rachel you were so much fun to RP with over this.
  • Being found out as a Galladellian Priest, and then promptly being brought before to Pesmerga. Steve, you really made me hate that character so much, it was wonderful. Judge, that was one of the best RP moments for me ever.
  • Escaping death, or, more correctly, “Stealing the dying priest from under the Vampires’ noses.” Terri and Rachel, that will likely go down in history as one of the greatest moments in my gaming (LARPing and otherwise) career.
  • NPCing as the Dryad, bouncing around, making thralls extremely happy, and then the horrors of the anti-dryad. I do not think a single creature has ever so gleefully bounced around blighting the land. And, of course, everyone’s favorite prayer, Rot Tongue :P .
  • Feast was amusing, partially because I was scared to death to be there, partially because of the set up. Also, sneaking by James's NPC a few times and casting Consecrate Soul, Consecrate, and Lay Hands Minor on him before using First Aid assess. (Speaking of which, it has been said by pretty much everyone, but James, you were spectacular.)
  • Shaylee - "Is it wrong that I want to see his [Wally's General] head on a pike staff?"
    Eridan - "His head? The Gods of Light woud approve."
    5 minutes later
    S - "What about HIS [Josh's Undead Servant]?"
    E - "An even bigger one."
  • Throwing Smite Undeads at the Abominations, and feeling like I was actually making a difference in a fight… Very different feeling then when I play Belegchand…
  • Shaylee – “Flee or Pike Stakes?”
    Eridan, without hesitation – “Pike Stakes.”
    *Run off to join the fight against the PC undead*
  • The final battle, and finally getting to call consecrate soul. And, of course, said it in the typical arrogant Hobgoblin style 8-)
  • After getting killing blowed 5 times during that fight, waiting OOG on the sideline for it to end so I could see it, and, as it ends, going up to Sam M. and telling her how I’m a cut up pile of body parts in the field. So, what do we do? Oh, right, have Kwildar be his normal awesome self and bring me through a focus! I suppose those vampire bite marks in the neck are permanent now.
  • Belegchand didn’t have too many really big highlights this event, aside from some amazing conversations with amazing people, but one thing that sticks out more than anything else was the Expert Identification session. Mars, what did you EXPECT to happen when you give the elf wine with medicine that will make him hyperactive and let him play with an evil sword for an hour? ;)

Thank you everyone who made this event as awesome as it was, especially all the Big-League NPCs. You guys poured so much into this game, so again, thank you!

OOG: Matt Calo - Marshal
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02 Apr 2012 22:06 #19 by Mother Marika (Ophelia)
Replied by Mother Marika (Ophelia) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
Alright, I need to start this off by saying what I am positive everyone else is thinking...

OMG we got to pelt James C. Kimball with lettuce and tomatoes!!!

No seriously, this was hands down one of the BEST event I had ever attended. The atmosphere was incredible, the plot was fantastic, and the RP went above and beyond my expectations

-The weather playing to our atmosphere. General Thomas Alman (sp?) sent us on a mission and MASSIVE thunderclap. Perfect timing
-Shaylee and Frost's (Shannon) conversation about freedom...Shannon, RP with you has been epic this weekend
-I loved the reactions from people at the sight of my corrupted Sylph. Wouldn't YOU be after almost a decade of vampire blood?
-The Red Lady gathering up all female Thrall and bleeding us into a cup...then promptly smearing it on her face. Marybeth sometimes you creep the crap out of me. And I mean that in the BEST way :D
-Feeding said blood to Pesmerga "The Sylph's blood is the tastiest. I can Taste the magic." Just as creepy Judge, just as creepy
-I think every single Lord or Lady at one point came up to me and played with my ears... *shudders*
-Feast was incredible, Jeff you're a jerk but it worked :P
-Fantastic RP with Eridan Redcloak (Matt C)
As the General walks past
"Is it wrong that I want that man's head on a pikestaff?"
"Not at all! In fact the Light gods would approve!"
As Josh's undead walks past
"Is it wrong that I want his head on a pikestaff as well?"
"Even better!"
-Then after we freed the Von Ritter and he said we had a choice. Follow him to freedom or stay and fight.
"Eridan, we have a choice. Flee or head on a pikestaff."
"PIKESTAFF!" run after the Thrall who chose to fight
-The euphoric feeling when the Maldavians came to our aid just as we were getting our asses handed to us by the undead
-Shaylee meeting Kwildar. In maybe a 3 sentence conversation, I learned more about myself and the Fairy Queen
-NPCing a 10year old Wild Mage and getting "the talk" from Oren...Light!
-The precursor to Healer plot...can't wait!

Seriously, best event ever. I am so pleased. Sore...but pleased. Great job everyone!!!

Master Marika Korsova Laurent Belmont
Priestess of Galmachis
Soul Warden
Shadow Hunter
"For eternity."

Doctor Winifred Sterling
"Oh I'll have to cut it out...again..."

OOG- Samantha Maksoud
Logistics Marshal

"Intelligence is the wife, imagination is the mistress, memory is the servant."-Victor Hugo
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02 Apr 2012 22:54 #20 by Oren Tenderson (Tormy)
Replied by Oren Tenderson (Tormy) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights

Mother Marika wrote: -NPCing a 10year old Wild Mage and getting "the talk" from Oren...Light!

XD I hope you had a good time spending more time as that NPC than you thought you were going to. lol

Captain Oren Zero Tenderson of the Royal Baronial Guard of Travance.

OOG- William Bartlett

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02 Apr 2012 23:37 #21 by rivanyasi (rivanyasi)
Replied by rivanyasi (rivanyasi) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
So many explosions... entropy, headaches, demon lord, fire bomb

Also: Peppercorn whiskey, Toad Dagger, being a ranger's pet wolf, trolls...

I'm really glad that so many people had such a good time at the event... everyone worked really hard on their roleplay, and it paid off for most of us.

(I know this is unusually short, for me, but Ori tells the stories *way* better than I do. Ask him about Alok Malagan when he comes back!)

Na'ar Chacov, Soul of the Stars.

Ayiri Amexis, Sorceress' Apprentice.
Lupta Tamasa, Torn and Blackened.

OOG: Riva A.

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03 Apr 2012 01:00 #22 by Dr. Kamei Kunsai (Kamei Lazuli)
Replied by Dr. Kamei Kunsai (Kamei Lazuli) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights

Mother Marika wrote: -Shaylee and Frost's (Shannon) conversation about freedom...Shannon, RP with you has been epic this weekend

<3 That was the best scene ever talking about freedom. Also..the walking by the lake to find the peasants was also a very good scene. And seeing you hear about the other sylphs from Kwildar was amazing, I thought you were going to cry.

[Kamei Kunsai, Vassal and Health Administer of Kaladonia]
[Luminista Petsho-Aeislin]

(oog: Shannon F.)

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03 Apr 2012 05:31 - 03 Apr 2012 05:49 #23 by LStarling (Kwildar)
Replied by LStarling (Kwildar) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
I'll leave you all with one highlight I had from this event, over so many others. Post Main Mod.... I don't think Kwildar's emotions have overwhelmed me to the point of physically crying for over an hour and a half in perhaps three years. There was just something truly magical about that scene for me....

From during main mod, coming upon a dying Drow thrall, and being the Andorran that Kwildar is (Looks at a paladin, "See to him!", while prepared to say, "I don't care if he's an evil drow or not. See to him. We'll sort it out later!" but not having to because his orders were followed immediately)

In the middle of the battle, Kwildar almost shouting his littany at the release of undead.

to the epic moment of getting to tell a Sylph, who shares a name with the Sylph queen about the new double-freedom she had, (And stopping her from slitting her own throat when she realized that coming through the focus was a way to rid herself of the vampiric taint)

to two of the best spirit ressurections Kwildar's ever done, (Him saying, "I *know* your pain!" never quite felt so... poignant before)

to crying as he walked the thralls away from the Fellows' camp, knowing that everything he has been working toward since coming to Travance, and thought he'd never get a chance to do actually had a chance at working.

Also, so many flashback moments, of Kwildar taking a new spin on previous conversations, from shouting at Pesmerga through the woods again, to telling newly freed slaves the same thing that Andorra told him.

Kwildar may or may not die at the end of all of this, but for him, Saturday night made taking the risk completely worth it. If he does die, he'll die knowing he succeeded in doing what he thought impossible.

-- Other highlights.
Getting to play a very sadistic slaver, and caning a slave who was wearing armor under his costume and just laughing my fool head off was wondrous. Thank you to everyone involved.

There was something morosely amusing about stuffing macaroni up James' nose while wearing as close an approximation to Kwildar's original costume as I could come up with (I meant to turn a few heads with that one, I'm glad to see it did. ... Best impromptu NPC role... ever.:-))
Also, tastiest Kwildar's Mam cookies ever. >.>

Lawrence Starling -- IG
"Really, bee! I don't smell flower-y!"
Malcolm Mallardi -- OOG
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03 Apr 2012 14:26 #24 by Kelly (Kelly)
Replied by Kelly (Kelly) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
Best event in a really long time.

Gene and Zach torture scenes were both awesome, you guys did such a good job.

Starting the game "Is this poisoned" and watching Elyse make people play it.

Mary Beth, Judge, Alisia, Jeff, Katie and James, you guys were amazing, thank you so much for entertaining us this weekend :)

Playing real life Hunger Games was so much fun!

Dame Zafrin Yhatzi
Knight of Drega'mire

OOG: Kelly Osborne

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04 Apr 2012 12:40 #25 by Mother Marika (Ophelia)
Replied by Mother Marika (Ophelia) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights

Kwildar wrote: to the epic moment of getting to tell a Sylph, who shares a name with the Sylph queen about the new double-freedom she had, (And stopping her from slitting her own throat when she realized that coming through the focus was a way to rid herself of the vampiric taint)

Omg that seen Mal, I almost cried at the thought of double freedom. And as for my name, I truthfully OOG didn't know, and when you brought up the name resemblance, I just kinda ran with it :P

Master Marika Korsova Laurent Belmont
Priestess of Galmachis
Soul Warden
Shadow Hunter
"For eternity."

Doctor Winifred Sterling
"Oh I'll have to cut it out...again..."

OOG- Samantha Maksoud
Logistics Marshal

"Intelligence is the wife, imagination is the mistress, memory is the servant."-Victor Hugo

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04 Apr 2012 17:15 #26 by Onca (Lorelai)
Replied by Onca (Lorelai) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
I don't usually have a ton to say on these, but this month was so excellent, and I'm regretting not attending prior alt events.

-Showing deference to Vamp Lords while almost-constantly having to shove Toad's head down so they didn't pick her out of the crowd, and drawing all-too-friendly attention from Alisia in the process.
-Kidnapping the hobgoblin priest off of Pesmerga's table when the resistance rose up - though all we knew was that we really wanted to help him because he'd only just baptized us and we wanted to be saved if we were to die. We thought he was some sort of linchpin and of course grabbing him bodily off the table with strength +2 and bolting for who-knows-where was the logical thing. Best plan Toad and Kenia ever had.
-Hiding in the woods with Toad after we got the priest squared away in the hills and were trying to get back to the resistance and tell them what happened.
-Hearing the bell for the Thralls and fearing the Reaver several times, and then finally sneaking behind Pesmerga's home. (During this time, I had 'Don't fear the Reaper' stuck in my head with a slightly altered lyric)
-Finding tons of goodies and treasure in the woods while we were out and using said loot to buy fancy armor of awesome and keep me alive.
-Asking the blacksmith to fix my armor at least 6 times
-Having my boyfriend's undead PC steal my sword and Shannon's dagger...and right when the blacksmith finishes making new ones, having the hobgoblin priest kill my boyfriend's PC and give the weapons to the blacksmith. Then I had to have the blacksmith reforge my old sword so the undead might not realize it was the same and try to steal it (again)
-Feast. It just rocked.
-Still running into battle Saturday night despite a bum knee and deciding that my desire for freedom was greater than my need to let up. Though adrenaline did help me ignore the pain.
-Using NPC duty to do a thorough cleaning of logistics and having people exclaim they could find things again.
-Thinking the battle with the undead vs. rising dawn was lost and running the heck away to find the Von Ritter and his group of escapees. Finding out later the battle was won and Kwildar was there.
-Lightning epic battle during escape...and then being called back for an end-of-alt-plot chat. I think we ran faster than they expected.

It wasn't long enough.

~ Lorelai Sihnon VonRitter
Huntress of Galladel
Head of House VonRitter of the Witch Hunter Academy

Rachel Jump/Onca
(New Player Marshal)
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04 Apr 2012 17:19 #27 by Onca (Lorelai)
Replied by Onca (Lorelai) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
How could I forget!

Discussion with Jed and MB's farmer about Barbarian scribble writing and the fact that Kenia can write 'Galladel is awesome' - which then led to 'Galladel is a penis', because apparently my smiley faces look like penis to judge.

For your edification, here is how to write it in Kenia's barbarian-scribble-non-literate form:
O (Galladel) + (is) =) (Awesome)

~ Lorelai Sihnon VonRitter
Huntress of Galladel
Head of House VonRitter of the Witch Hunter Academy

Rachel Jump/Onca
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08 Apr 2012 20:12 #28 by Mordecai Ashfields (ambrose_leonidas)
Replied by Mordecai Ashfields (ambrose_leonidas) on topic 2012 Alt Event Highlights
My favorite part was asking the dark lord how to ear my stripes out of thrallhood and having to fight the general..... in front of the whole town..... and getting my ass stomped..... and crawling after the general with broken legs to ankle bite his legs off.....

Rupert the adventurer

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