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08 Sep 2013 22:40 #1 by Ekatarina McKraegar (EkatarinaMcGregar)
September Highlights was created by Ekatarina McKraegar (EkatarinaMcGregar)
September was really well done. Details were awesome. Mook NPCs seemed to be having fun with the theme of random encounters. Plot NPCs were really into their roles. Very good job everyone involved!

Thanks to the team in the monastery make chocolate covered strawberries!

I wanted to send a quick thanks to my "Brute Squad" for running back and forth from Winter Dark to the Inn or to the Parking Lot. You guys made everything so much easier for us to set up for the Fairy Negotiations.

Also, having an IG Iron Lock made to hide something in plain sight. I do love the logic of "hide it in plain sight."

Fallow.... Just what we needed :-D

Templar Ekatarina Esmeralda Kisslinger McKregar, Prophet of the Kindred Oak

Neina Avaren

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08 Sep 2013 23:17 - 08 Sep 2013 23:27 #2 by Gabrian Grottings (E.B)
Replied by Gabrian Grottings (E.B) on topic September Highlights
For a last second decision, I'm glad I made the event. It wouldn't have happened without a special few who did everything from help me with a ride to providing the costuming for playing the Dark Dwarf. Without them, my weekend would have been spent with my nose buried in a textbook.

While I didn't catch much of the main plot for this month, the player to player rp was top notch. Respect to the people who bravely/foolishly engaged with the dark dwarf- while he was no Xualla, the amount of nose picking, belching, butt scractching, tummy rubbing, general rudeness and belly button hair knitting (yeah, you read that right. Belly. Button. Hair. Knitting.) was enough to make even the staunchest warrior think twice about spending more than 5 minutes in his company; and yet a dedicated few not only engaged with him but did so repeatedly and at great length.

Even watching from the sidelines (and rubbing that ridiculous dark dwarf belly) I was impressed with the quality of rp. Special shout outs the Kait and Haya for their npc gypsy girls, a certain group who was involved in their demise, Albert the healer for his tragic attempts to bring them back from death, a certain someone who paid all of their money collected over the past months for services rendered and a certain dwarf (sorry I didn't catch your character's name) who seemingly made it her goal to do everything in her power to get the dark dwarf killed as she rped her racial hatred.

Rock on guys!

On a personal note, achievement unlocked: barring npc shift, went an entire event without taking damage.

RP Marshal
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09 Sep 2013 09:17 #3 by SlightlySaneBillliamm (SlightlySaneBillliamm)
Replied by SlightlySaneBillliamm (SlightlySaneBillliamm) on topic September Highlights
Wow awesome event.
1. Vash vs Billliamm charm war. Billliamm 1 Vash 0. Cy did a great job as arlyn/vash. I felt betrayed when i read his manifesto and when i saw him all blued up after meeting him in human guise. Then after main mod recieving the key. Meant alot to billliamm, it helped him make progress to becoming his old self.

2. Kathleen's plight and song. Billliamm knew so many tales of the tu'anth da'nnon falling in love with mortals. He was happy to be able to make that a reality. Also her song reminding billliamm of his deceased mother he hadnt really thought about in a long time.

3. Ib and all those who got to help me rp my insanity temperamental.

4. Billliamm's decree about dragoons and sith if you can't breath fire you are not important

5. Stand off with the unseelie court for myris. Billliamm waiting for a single provocation. They chose there words perfectly so it didnt come to blows. Those allies standing by his side creating a line

6. Fighting main mod wow do i hurt but man i had a blast

7. Summoning fire elementals save the day. Ib a year and a day we must return to the tomb of the fire elemental. Also athletic feat

8. The water faerie mod late night mishap adventure. Will result in awesome rp for the future month

9. Return of colin

10. Talk about order and chaos

"Slightly Sane Billliamm"

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09 Sep 2013 09:49 - 09 Sep 2013 09:50 #4 by Aella (Onirazael)
Replied by Aella (Onirazael) on topic September Highlights
From what I got to experience, it was awesome and exceptionally deadly!

Got to track the skin thief. Was a lot of fun to REALLY track something with a bunch of trackers.
Druid Ceremony:
We had a blast doing the Druid ceremony or was it that I was blasted? I think I spent more time kissing the ground then I did standing up. I was so very hurt. I also blended in a bit too well in the ground as an NPC stood on me to attack another PC. I bit his head off (sorry) and he really thought I was a tree (I guess that is what I get for being a dryad). But man that ceremony was arduous! It may have been easier if all our healers did not leave us hanging right before we had to leave. OUCH!

Cooked feast and hung out with the people at the kitchen. Had a relaxing time just sitting in the sun. Thanks to everyone who helped me out, especially Luis who was very attentive and helpful.
Mass was short but sweet. I really liked the proctors at this one. It was beautiful and streamlined.
Main mod was AMAZING!
The only negative thing I have to say is about blue lights. Blue lights are a BEAUTIFUL choice and did a lot for the ambiance. However, at night blue lights are a very bad choice because when eyes are adjusted to dark, blue light stimuli is painful to process because the pupils have adjusted to deal with the other side of the color spectrum. This is why car lights are red and why blue car lights are illegal. They hurt. Having to walk through blue lights was very, very painful and perhaps adjusting them to angle at the ground instead of at eye length may have saved a few of us from getting terrible headaches. That was literally my only complaint. EVerything else was serious and deadly and LOADS of fun!

The aftermath at the inn was wonderful. Listening to Billliam sing and dance was a hoot.
HEaring our camp getting attacked by redcaps and deciding that sleep may be more important than dying at the moment. Aella wonders if we shouldn't have a town meeting to discuss how the red caps work and if we can't find a solution to destroy the caps through some sort of magic item or way to make the caps useless. These jerks have well outstayed their welcome.

I learned everything! Okay not everything but I learned a lot. Got my second Marksman lesson. Can't wait for my third. I actually got to teach my first lesson and then I taught my second lesson. Woo! Getting to hang out with players afterwards to socialize was also amazingly fun. :woohoo:

Thanks to everyone who was so very amazing this event. We got to share a tent with Connor and Kevy and it was very nice! I look forward to the next event where I can spend time with such wonderful people. I would like to not thank the bugs that bit the palms of my hands and my fingers. Those guys can go straight to hell. :evil:

OOG: Ree D
~I'd put a pretentious quote in, but I am far too lazy to pretend I'm clever. ~
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09 Sep 2013 11:41 - 09 Sep 2013 12:36 #5 by Onca (Lorelai)
Replied by Onca (Lorelai) on topic September Highlights
Firstly I want to thank Kristen, because even without some people in town telling each other what was happening, I felt included in parts of the plot, and her NPCs did a great job of including others - shoutouts to Brian Hahn, Cy, Kristen herself, JJ, and Kelly. Also to Aaron B's redcap - thanks for starting the weekend off right! I also really liked that the weekend felt themed and streamlined.

That being said, this was one of the first times I've enjoyed the ENTIRE weekend while playing Lorelai in...about a year, I think. Less melancholy and learning to laugh at herself again, but a lot of this was thanks to a few specific people - Augustus, Anhil, Albert (apparently I should be hanging out with A names?), Zellara and Mirwen to mention a few.

Specific highlights!
-Giving Mother Ellie a Valosian box and her heartfelt reaction
-Asking for advice from Mirwen and Zellara only to be incapable of following it, and the following teasing from Zellara that I endured ALL WEEKEND
-Redcaps coming to statehouse- offered to punch us each once in the face and leave us alone, and Anhil refusing to let them hit me. I nearly intercepted the blow that broke his nose, regardless. Nicely done, Aaron and cohort (I didn't know him by name)
-The creepy fairy that was hovering around me on the road to get water for the druid mod - thanks for the fun RP and the eerie smile.
-Getting the water while being asked by a gypsy to save his children...unable to because we were escorting the others back to the Inn. Finding someone in Alisandria to escort them instead because the screaming was louder and Anhil and Lorelai couldn't walk away in good conscience. Getting to the mod and bulling my way to the front only to be waylayed by the gypsies we were trying to save - twice. Albert trying to heal me and being continually frustrated - thanks whoever had the smelling salts!
-Gypsy hex from above mod - thinking or talking about anything related to love means we start gagging, for the whole period. Lorelai and Anhil flirting (badly) while gagging at each other continuously. This literally MADE the night. The roleplay with Sean for this entire period was hilarious and ridiculous and could not have been made better except by: piskie writing an illusionary script heart on Lorelai's chest, causing her to gag for the next 5 minutes until someone could dispel it. I think the piskie was the girl who plays Avelyn (sp?) and it was PERFECTLY TIMED. You had no idea. I was crying from laughing so hard about this, later.
-The RP of the burial of the gypsy girls and Albert having tried to heal them. Lorelai has SO MUCH respect for Albert, and I hope to see them build their awesome teamwork together. Thanks Daniel =)
-Getting asked to go along and protect the druids during their ritual, despite not being a druid or knowing what it was for. But many of the people were from her new land and Lorelai wouldn't refuse helping someone unless she were truly unable to. During druid mod, the following: -saving both Seamus (the elder) and Anhil from becoming diseased (being a Cavalier is fun), cutting Anhil out of a tree and having Seamus catch him. Jumping down while being afraid of heights because she was more afraid for her friends below. Using somewhere around 50 healing salves between this and the gypsy mod, between Anhil, Dmitri, myself and Seamus. Using Hero's Last Stand for the first time since I learned it a year ago - and having it be the difference between being dead and being almost dead. Then having Anhil go down and fall against me, using a healing salve, then having him killed before he can stand again. Like so: "Healing salve 10, 4 body" "5 decay" "Healing salve one, healing salve..." - 3 times in a row. Going down and before the healers can be reached/notified, going into crit. I was at 2:45, whoever it was with that heal. Thank you! And Anhil - instill confidence =D This mod was so insane and fun. And insane.
-Alisandrian festival and having so many people give me tickets, spending tons of gold on treats and getting an awesome new sword (thank you Lord Blackthorn!)
-Being charmed by Kristen's fairy and following her around the inn for a little bit.
-Finally learning dissipate undead from Aiden during the Fallow mod - I'd been bugging him since Friday to teach me, and I figured it was perfect timing!
-On main mod, almost dying again, left behind in the bushes. I wasn't that far into my count, but here comes Cy..."Killing blow fi-" and then a spear comes out of the brush and knocks his sword away, brushing my nose. Thank you Ib! (He just happened to be fixing his deer pelt nearby) Then Cy just encased me in ice instead. Less epic, but at least I kept my life tag.
-Spending time in the inn telling stories with Anhil, teasing Augustus about Zellara, and discussing Anhil's purported engagement to Clove (he's the only single dryad in town! sorry Mark, you're stuck with an elf now)

Whew. Thank you for making this month so much fun, guys. See you next month.
P.S. Kristen - I have never been lost in the 'maze' before. Congratulations for making a fairy realm that was disorienting and distracting. I've only just recently begun to figure out where I had been that whole time.

~ Lorelai Sihnon VonRitter
Huntress of Galladel
Head of House VonRitter of the Witch Hunter Academy

Rachel Jump/Onca
(New Player Marshal)
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09 Sep 2013 12:11 #6 by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta)
Replied by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta) on topic September Highlights
Seeing everyone after being gone for so long, grown up in and out of character.
Watching the rules set in action especially on main mod. Npcing allowed me to really get it!
Going into the low level starting mod with the new players and seeing that it was an important piece of main too.
All the surprised faces IC with Birgittas return and the warm welcomes.
Dragoon mod only my second ever!
Dragoon at the Mages meeting. A great way to get another perspective.
Staying to guard a white sorcery ritual and being brought I to it.
Meeting the various nobles...and knowing them in some instances when they were "younger".
Dirty and amazing little secrets... Old ones and new.
The Baroness. Awesome RP!
Dragoon history confusion shared stories and an elders return at the same time as Birgitta. Finding something and loosing it same time. Poignantly sad. Pokes it with an axe going maybe something.
Lol. A job. Oh another job and one more. Guard position too.
The fact that Travance has changed so much and so little.
On main as NPC thinking holy $hiza there organized! Dying mightily. Getting caught in briars and two PCs stopping to make sure I was ok. Squeal eerily charge impale...die rinse repeat. FYI love the good sportsmanship in game in main mod by players!
Learning smithing basics from Gideon.
Meeting the new Dragoons and finding new family IC.
Proud Mom effect finding out where young PC s have grown into.
Hot shower warm cabin. With the Renaurds this is important!
Guarding the bard ritual...
Night on bald mountain at main mod battle! Another wow moment. Music in battle cinematic.
Investigation into attempted poisoning.
Night jar singing at 4 am. Swans on the lake. Gorgeous scenery and the new buildings as setting.
Watching my SO playing his Celt Duncan and enjoying himself almost as much as I did.
Watching him get attacked at night and being in game. I'm so proud.

Which leads to special thanks to Geoff and James for keeping the faith when I said he was ready.
Kristen for the most well organized main mod I have ever seen.
And to the players with long memories who made me and Birgitta feel at home again. You all rock!

My only lowlights is going home sore and catching old from work, missing my gloves and leaving my pillow behind. Sept single day event. I hope so.

Birgitta Drexel (Primary)
Commander of Training Baronial Militia
Blood Spirits (Cmd/Sgt)
Blue Dragoon

"Amateurs Practice Until They Get It Right; Professionals Practice Until They Can’t Get It Wrong"

Callisto Boyington (Alt)

AKA Leslie McCormack

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09 Sep 2013 12:16 #7 by Dame Clytie Silverfang (itsgonnabemay)
Replied by Dame Clytie Silverfang (itsgonnabemay) on topic September Highlights
Clytie mostly sat at the tea table that night, selling tea and just kind of listening to everything. Some were a bit wary to approach a lone Nyad at a tea vendor, but she's kept plenty of company in that time. Rather mellow, though there were definitely moments of growing tension (ie the court of fae that flitted through)

Big day, naturally. Drega'brunch was lovely and she met plenty of folks, followed by retrieving a stolen blade. After a little trek to the waterfront to check up on anything going on (was something happening there that morning or the evening before? I heard rumors), Clytie ran into the Nyad supposedly kidnapping people. She was offered a chance at immortality if she aided in locating the Mortalis. That ended in fighting and locating the door to the space between spaces. After a lot of observation and some tiny conflicts, she offered herself as tribute to ensure the aid of Councillor Morgana and to help retrieve the key to the door to be opened that evening. The high afterwards was the closest thing to being high or drunk that she's ever dealt with. She was healed and promptly shared with the Baroness all she knew about the situation, the Nyad's plan (one she dubbed "asshole") and the connected dirty plot dealing with the Unseelie court. Goggins had managed to retrieve a charm from the inverted tower that Clytie immediately recognized as the one belonging to Asshole, and she promptly purchased it from him, as he'd have little use for it.(If someone knows how to reenchant an item, let her know! According to it's previous owner, it had Wind Walk) Feast was spent plotting for the evening, and following the issues regarding Lord Fallow, Clytie ended up losing a pint of blood in the games of shells with the Kappa to retrieve the skin.

I'm putting this here as a technicality, it felt like Saturday night though it happened in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Clytie was charmed into following a neutral water faerie who made her little base at the waterfront. (I forget what her race was called. Sprigot? Maybe, I'm awful with names.) Her race was known to either drown people or grant them rewards and treasure; being a Nyad incapable of drowning, Clytie liked those odds. It turns out it was a mother bring people to play with her four children, each of which starved for attention and playtime. She actually enjoyed getting to know the young sprites and sharing her stories. Others came down eventually, and before Clytie could urge them that the neutral spirits had no real ill will, she was slain. She was identified and healed shortly thereafter, but her situation and the actions taken against the water family enraged her. The injured mother did end up giving her the treasure promised, but three quarters of it was confiscated by the supposed "heroes" of the battle. She stormed to bed after that, and is currently taking legal action against Billliamm for his assault on her. Great intro for an interesting session next month for sure.

Then NPC shift came the next morning. Rather uneventful but extremely fun as usual. Very little really stands out, honestly, though I have decided in the future to continue the use of an NPC peasant character I used last month, and continue Sybil's adventures about Travance.

All in all, another successful weekend, and it seems I've dug myself into a little hole regarding attendance next month. I look forward to seeing you all in October!

Dame Clytie Silverfang, the Pegasus
Knight of Travance
Master of the Mage's Guild

OOG- May Leonard
Kitchen Staff

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09 Sep 2013 13:40 #8 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
Replied by JTinney (Swordsaint) on topic September Highlights
Oh boy where to start from....

As a New Player, I knew my learning curve was going to be interesting and trying to remain true to the background and story for Duncan was going to be a challenge... and at some points, I was not disappointed in the lack of challenge :) I've had a bunch of coaching on KR and what to expect by Leslie (tpo Birgitta Drexel) and Geoff (Gideon) so I was fore-warned/forearmed as to what was coming.

Friday: Got in a half hour before NP intro and rules explanation... good info and wonderful banter.

The NP mini-adventure was a blast, getting feet wet (so to speak) and finding I still have a fair ability to move attack AND defend (very important when you don't want to be hit!!). Finding out my cloak distraction/parry was not allowed was a bummer for me but only a minor one- just meant I needed better footwork. :)

The mod to rescue the gypsy childer was fun and messed up all at the same time. I had a feelign we were not gonna be successful and I can see where this opens up some potentially serious problem for Travance later. Gypsy Grudges and Anger are not so easily assuaged... and anyone who thinks such a thing is no big deal isn't thinking. My opinion of course- your mileage may vary. :)
Albert's RP was excellent and for me a touch haunting as I've been irl where his PC was. If I had a RP card to give out, I'd have given him it right then, it was that scary good.

Saturday was alot of running around doing various things and getting a better lay of the lands... and getting a favor promised as payment to me in exchange for help to gain an item of interest. As was stated then... money has a value, a favor to be claimed later is invaluable. :)

I was a monster for the main mod and had a blast playing a enhanced wolf... For anyone who I "flashed" when acting as a wolf lifting leg to piss in your direction, thanks for rolling with the pantomimed joke as intended. Y'all got it and the commentary was priceless afterwards... If you can't have a laugh at some point in all this, y'all are taking it too seriously. :)

Sunday was more chatting with folks and getting a chance to learn a skill from Aella. Much more learning is to come, I am sure...

nighttime invasions.... were humorous, to say the least as the very irate witchhunter who had just went to bed in the cabin arose, solo-smoked the undead party attacking the building and then went outside one more time to slaughter some more who were making a racket. The following night's invasion was no less odd but very.... satisfying in actions/reactions..

All in all, I had a blast and I look forward to attending again and again- perhaps finally getting my meeting with the Baroness (three times arranged and attempted, three times foiled by in-game events... go figure.) I know the meeting will happen- from what I am told, when SHE says it will happen, it generally does and she stressed a chat was to happen. :)

Awesome time for me and I learned more than a little bit... Thanks for everyone making this a great event.

Father Duncan MacKenzie

Templar-High Priest of Brazen
Chaplain, Bloodspirits Mercenary Company

Janos Beecham (alt)
Dragoon of No Importance

John Tinney
Safety Marshal/ EMT
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09 Sep 2013 14:14 #9 by Alexander Silvers (Silversupremacy)
Replied by Alexander Silvers (Silversupremacy) on topic September Highlights
The event began as every good event should, making initial pleasantries and making my presence known as to deal with any initial hostility.
After which its time to take roll of all company members present followed by a friendly smoke on the porch where i meet the new smokers in town
Many laughs throughout the night about who has which fetish

First priority is it sell enough scrolls to buy breakfast-mission accomplished
After breaking even I go and sell scrolls to whoever wants them while carefully avoiding getting pulled into plot
Convieniently dodging main mod and finding out that I'm not in the guard's registrar possibly the chance I've been waiting for to quit

Tending bar at happy hour
Convieniently being ignored when the vermin lords attack the inn dropping everyone around me
Finally getting caught and dragged into combat but I got to play with decay
Realizing too many fairies make lucius insane

Alexander Wilhelm Silvers IV,
Silvers-Family Heir
Vassal to Dregamire

OOC: Greg Henschel

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09 Sep 2013 16:37 #10 by Renji Shintaro (digitaldpad)
Replied by Renji Shintaro (digitaldpad) on topic September Highlights
Having been my first time at KR this weekend, everything was AMAZING! I did however miss Saturday night main mod, but enjoyed carrying the table for The Kappa-esk character and lighting the path to said character. Aella, if the npc stepped on your hand, he was with me and is extremely sorry. He honestly did have no idea you were there. I loved being slain over and over again, listening to the pc's describe my dissection... with having one in serious need of anger management, lol. After Friday, just one day of being there, I decided to make a character, so hopefully come November (took to much time off in Oct for Comic-Con) I'll be pc-ing instead of npc.

~An apprentice near a temple will recite the scriptures untaught.~


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09 Sep 2013 16:37 #11 by Avalyn Ode (krazyaznxinluv)
Replied by Avalyn Ode (krazyaznxinluv) on topic September Highlights
So, to start off, I want to thank everyone for a great time. Avalyn truly came out of her shell this moon, and it was invigorating to say the least. Also, sorry to anyone NPCing in regard to the Inverted Tower for the lower seasoned players. Heh...


- When there's nothing to fight-- what's there to do? Well, mine as well get drunk off a bottle of Ale. What could that hurt? In my case, I finally ALMOST asked Secarius to the Moresca Ball. Oh and I made a lot of friends, or well, friends I never drank with until now. Shout out to Nimmie and any other new players I met most brashly.

- Attempted to move the legs of a deep dwarf, since he so rudely would not let me pass and instead kept his boots pressed upon the table. Once threatened, I refused argue with someone so stubborn. (Elias, you being around totally made this event great)

- NPC shift: I played as a very curious, yet mischievous piskie (sp?) who drew faces on those she met. Heh, had a GREAT time at Kaledonia. And thanks to those select few who played along and decided not to slaughter me. The barbarian who started foaming at the mouth worried me some though...

- Being a merchant and selling useless items to those in the Inn. Bright side, I got my first RP point of the night. :)

- Picked up the courage, (while not drunk, because Albert healed me of poison-- thanks... lol) and had a hilarious interaction with Secarius who knew all along that I'd been trying to ask him out but kept trying to get me to simply outright say "I want you to be my DATE... ROMANTICALLY! GRAWH" He said, "yes" in the end. :)


- A dull morning, hungry, and tired. Avalyn had a lot of paperwork from 2-6 am. Whilst running around for food, and receiving the most amazing pita bread with hummus (THANK YOU SO MUCH KIND, SIMPLE MAN WITH NO SHIRT ON!) Your name slips from my mind at the moment, but you don't know how helpful you were to me this whole event (from pirate attacks to providing me with gold).

- Went through the Inverted Tower and felt amazing fighting one-on-one with a wolf. (It was a good idea, don't get me wrong)

- Main Mod, I ended up getting really upset because I had to stand there not doing much until after the negotiation with the Faeries. I had to hear people I loved and cared about being slaughtered-- first time I cried in Travance. I wished I could handle the battlefield, but in reality, a psion doesn't have the option of upfront combat.

- Drank Moonshine-- almost got put through the focus by Qu'on Lu. Yeah, Chaotic Feast is BAD NEWS. Especially, since I died-- came back to life and continued raging. I put two people into 'serious' condition, one being Scout (the healer who healed me all those times when the Lizardkin attacked.) I felt so awful about it, that I was shaking.

- Morals were in check a great deal tonight. From the wrath of being stolen from while consumed by Chaotic Feast, to denying my ability to become Andorran. Mass was beautiful, Father Quildar knows how to make a great speech. I was thoroughly moved, yet horrified by my inability to control my powers... or my willingness to not want more power. A lot of questions, and a lot of thinking about who I really am.

- I love making Master Crone proud. I love also making myself proud to be a Psion. However, what are these powers going to be used for?


- Fell to two Red Caps who attacked me in my room at the Inn. Very scary.

- Awoke to Kilgar's nightmares-- something about gypsy children?

"Ode? I don't owed you anything! RIGHT? HAHA." - Blade

"Miss Ode, you're one for mind shooting and what not. Would you by chance be interested in a Magic Trick contest?" - Goggins
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09 Sep 2013 16:39 #12 by Chesta (Kevin)
Replied by Chesta (Kevin) on topic September Highlights
I so needed this fun weekend. It was so much fun thanks to my sister.

So I got to act all depressed and flesh out dominic at his worst Thanks to everyone who roleplayed with me on page getting killed. Super fun!

Dominics speech to Shaemus involving everything he has and what it represents, his mission in life, and everything he stands for.
Darth Galen speech, best speech I have ever heard!

Getting a lesson of immaculate defense from Aleister which means getting my butt kicked by Aleister, Solomon, Orophin, and Lathiel in several different ways which in the end turns to a strategic lesson. Still really fun and I enjoyed it.

Chesta Hartwick
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09 Sep 2013 18:21 - 09 Sep 2013 18:24 #13 by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood)
Replied by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood) on topic September Highlights
I was never so invested in an ending of a plot since Gustov. Ilana was way too scared during the big fight, that after the Prince got his skin, the town was going for a full retreat. "No! We need to get the second skin!" Glad people followed after the prince and her while they went for it.

-Sort of bumping into Kathleen (sp?) by accident and finding the girl from the dreams. Father Cooper trying to explain things to her and her 'your're all crazy' face
-Then finding Cael (sp?) being brought to the inn and then whisking them away when the Unseelie showed up. Then it was bonding/story time with the polite Selkie and Celt.
Eventually they went off to do their own thing/political stuff probably.

-Poor Father Cooper D:

-Should have followed the Firefly.
Got into listening in on the negotiations as the scribe. Was told to dress nice and keep quiet. I did all these things. I think I even briefly pleased Queen Hyporia with an honest reply to her question.

-Captain Flay! I saw Shawn before game started and was super excited to hear he was playing Flay again. I think only one person saw my initial reaction to seeing him just standing in the bar unexpectedly, but it was a great reunion of the strangest of friends.

-Meeting Brigitta. I had heard of her in my early years and never expected to meet her in person. Didn't interact with her much, but the time I did was pleasing.

-Outside feast and having Cael and Kathleen eat with us. Slowly handing out cookies and then dropping the bowl for the mad dash of Renny's dwarf (How do I spell your name X.x)

-Telling Myris about the believed fate of the Sprite we both wanted to save. I think she wanted to cry, but since she probably never has before, she really couldn't. Maxine, the sadness of your expression almost made me cry.

Main Mod:
-So, no one thought of protecting Cael, Kathleen, and the healers keeping him together during Main Mod except Ilana it seems. She stayed with them the entire time (Fortunately, the one nice celt was helping since his wife was one of the healers trying to keep Cael in one piece) So, kudos to that guy.

The worst part was about half way through, I guess the group had gone left and we only heard 'push forward' and Cael was forcing his way through and next thing we realize we're standing in front of a group of red caps. I batted two away, turn around, and everyone is on the ground. I had to leave the others behind, only able to save Kathleen, Cael, and myself. Then we got surrounded by Arlen, Torvin (sp? Cael's brother), and a couple of other things and if Victor hadn't shown up out of nowhere like he did, we would have been done for. Ilana was pretty upset for not being completely successful, but Kathleen seemed to appreciate the attempt.

Afterwards, helping Kathleen get the Selkie skin on to surprise Cael. Celts can be a bit rash, but you got to love them. A happy goodbye and hopefully getting to see some new friends again one day.

(P.S. I think this whole event made Ilana super mushy or something. I found myself humming all the time and being super cheery. Damn Love Bugs (to use a term of JJ's)

-"Ilana, Corsair is looking for you to decapitate you and take your brain"
"…Well, good thing I'm going to paperwork right now"

-The compliment I got from Cy, Nick, and Sam after Main Mod.
Ilana may never realize exactly what she did, but I'm amazed to know and I guess that counts for something.

-Being the Spriggan 'mother'. A strange mod overall, but it worked out in the end. Clytie even got some loot and looks like some RP out of it too :D

-Hanging out with Jonathan, seeing Leon (sp?) after a year, and of course dragoon time.

Marcella Torres
Land System Deputy
New Player Marshal
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09 Sep 2013 19:49 #14 by Aemorniel (Aemorniel)
Replied by Aemorniel (Aemorniel) on topic September Highlights
Working with Kristen on this plot as her secret partner in crime was so much fun and has been one of the major highlights of my time at KR so I just want to send all my love to her for letting a basic concept for a story come to life with her magic wand. I felt so satisfied by the end of all of it and also grateful so many people enjoyed the story. This event was a combination of my favorite aspects of storytelling and performance that I don't often get to do and it's thanks to all of you that it could unfold.

I just want to thank a number of people on our team before I get to my highlights: Kelly for being uber awesome Faerie Queen. It's always fun to work with you and I'm glad we became closer friends because of this process. Brian for being the best prince I could ever ask for. The strength of the RP you were giving me made me really up my game and had a lot for me to work with and bounce off of. If for nothing else, that is the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for in their fellow players. thanks for putting up with me having to sing that song a billion times this event and your perfect sense of timing. Sam for being "Kevan the Redcap" and the stories you told of his exploits. I'm really glad you had fun and thanks for stepping up when we needed you. Cyril for being the best monologuing megalomaniac villain I could ever ask for and for being so great about this whole event. Love you sweetie and thanks for letting me blue the crap out of you and abuse you with so much makeup. Mike Smith for being my marshal and Kappa for the lowbie main mod. As always you were awesome in this whole process and I'm glad to be your friend. All of the team were beautiful, frightening, and so into it. love you all.

General Highlights:
~Playing a proud Celtic woman. When I started with this NPC months ago, I was unsure if anyone would even bat an eye to her or care about her story. The Celts were quick to grab me up and take me in as one of their own and this event was no exception. The racial roleplay whether it be the playfulness or the love of ale was a pleasure that I will greatly miss. Also--the woad was a ton of fun
~The brilliance of all the players and their willingness to take this story and run with it whether they were vets, new players, or someone in between.
~All the story time with people whether it was telling them or hearing them. Everyone secretly enjoys telling a good tale--it's why folklore and fairytales exist after all as a way to teach. I hope people enjoyed the idea of every song and story has a grain of truth.
~Team Disney Ending and their refusal to let Kathleen say Cael was just her friend. There were many ways this weekend could have ended but your constant effort and drive to see these two get their happily ever after was fantastic. Kathleen never said the word love until main mod and I don't think Cael did either--people just knew. I think that just made it all the stronger.
~Playing an empathetic healer has it's ups and downs. I took probably half a dozen broken limbs this event because of how the character is built. Working with the healers was fun as well--Albert especially was someone she took a shine to because of their interactions.

Friday Night:
~the look of sheer surprise and mental face palming of those who realized I was the woman they were looking for after originally dismissing her as not possibly being the one who knew the Selkie Prince. Especially James Jones as Bat--I saw the cogs click as you put the pieces together instantly. Having people think up until this point the Kathleen who'd come into Marketfaire the last 3 months was just a merchant or my alt character was quite amusing.
~Illana being part of Team Disney Ending by egging Kathleen on the entire event to be with the man she loves. Also shenanigans of trying to explain "mortal things" to Cael like drinking, drunkenness, cookies, milk, etc. Brian was hysterical with his deadpan ability to be completely not understanding of mortal things. also that moment we both watched in awe as Cael rushed into battle after having his skin returned and the exchange that happened there as we watched him beat things into the ground.
~Jen W being the best Baroness (as usual) and being a clever clever woman (also as usual). I was hoping you would call your bardic lores so you could hear The Maiden and the Selkie, quickly picking up the hints in the song, and investing in the story. Always a pleasure to RP with you.

~Morning waterfront exploits. Hanging out down there so Cael could be near the water on such a beautiful day was great. All the stories exchanged. Fishes nibbling on our toes just was too perfect for the two water lover NPCs. Not a bad way to spend your morning.
~Alisandrian festival. While we didn't stay long, it was nice to interact with people and watch some games. Also the sausages on a stick were delicious! The white rose was a delight to receive even if Cael tried to eat it.
~McKreggors becoming a hunting pack/honor guard for Cael and Kathleen after showing Cael Arlyn's manifesto rant letter to then go trying to hunt him. There was no hesitation on your parts to help someone you didn't even know--especially Colin. Frank, you earned your gifts and will always be remembered by Kathleen and Cael. Billliamm's interactions as well were solid. Most people don't often see his gentle side so it was interesting to see his strong desire to help a kinsman. Post feast singing talk was quite touching.
~Maxine's Sylph's RP from what I saw was stellar. Our conversation about you wanting to go home in such a sad tone was such a moving RP moment.
~Blade. Just all of him. Mike Smith is wonderful and I love all of his characters. Your interactions with the Faeries or lack there of because you tried avoiding them like the plague was a delight to see and giggle about.
~Singing at feast. My PC normally doesn't sing and usually has to be convinced to do so. Seeing a small group of bards in one of the center tables stop eating completely to listen intently to the song was pleasing to see. then singing it again outside for the small group who ate dinner with us because they missed it before.
~Feast was delicious. Potatoes were my favorite part--fitting in my mind for a Celt. Kathleen was only partially joking when she said she would totally marry Wife after tasting her food.
~Gem encrusted walking staff made for Cael by Angus to give him something pretty to make to make up for forging all those iron weapons for the town. When I went to find it the next morning, all the gems were taken off of it.
~Corsair's appearance in the middle of the inn was priceless. A great demonstration of Fey versus Faerie versus Faekin. Matt White, much love.
~my little brother playing the big bad Prince Tevrin. You looked so handsome and princely in your costume it wasn't even fair. Great timing on your sneak attack and I'm quite proud of your RP.
~Mithril wedding bands given to Cael by Colin and Cael slipping it to me before main mod with a promise of no matter what, he wanted me to know how important I was to him. Frank--those rings were such a perfect touch and surprise to this weekend. Thank you so much.
~Main mod shenanigans. It almost ended 15 minutes in because Cael and Kathleen were downed and surrounded by redcaps and Arlyn. Illana single handedly saved them and got them to safety. Playing the rare instance of Celtic anger. Then being protected by Sir Victor. Damien--you're so knightly and noble it's awesome RPing with you. Your reaction to hearing Tevrin was on the battle field was priceless.
~Arlyn's skin being given to Kat without hesitation and people wanting her to go with Cael.
~Tevrin's capture and the giving of his circlet to Colin followed by Kathleen tossing on the Selkie skin she'd been given to tell Cael he was taking her with him whether he liked it or not. The smile Brian gave was adorable.
~All the visits people were asking for before she left. Aleister is owed a fish dinner sometime and Illana one day hopefully will have dinner guests and a Celt always keeps her promise.
~Listening to Brodarvin late at night after main mod talking about the challenge of fighting the redcaps. It's nice to see that vets like Jon were challenged by these creatures.

Loremaster Aemorniel Estelwen Silverbow
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09 Sep 2013 20:32 #15 by Rowan Uidhir (Teresa)
Replied by Rowan Uidhir (Teresa) on topic September Highlights
First of all, I'd like to thank Kristen for an amazing weekend. I felt the more engaged in the game that I'd been for the past couple of months and I know that many other players thoroughly enjoyed the fairy plotline.

-This has to be said: RIGHT TUUUURN!!!!!!!
-Michaela's fresh produce. I'm glad I had some healthy things to snack on rather than cakes and bacon (DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT HATING ON THE BACON!) Change is nice.
-The Negotiation Metting. Goodness, I don't even know what to say because that was a spectacular scene btwn the PCs and the NPCs. The Costumes were so stunning and the table was set up with such precision and detail. The tea, ceremony was also great. I've been wanting to attend one for the past couple of months now and I finally got to see David perform one!
-2nd arch casting lesson geting interrupted by Guild matters. Oopsies!
-Cathleen's Selkie song at feast. JJ, I've said it before and I'l say it again. Your voice is absolutely beautiful and you should be singing more often!
-This was the 2nd main mod where Rowan just followed Ardin along and just kept singing, just kept singing, just kept singing, singing, singing. What do we do? We sing, sing...and buff.
-Karen's fairy NPC doing an Illusionary Script Jigglypuffing drawings on my face when I went down. I have the best friends in the world.
-The hour and a half I had interacting with The Corsair. Matt, Ben, Susie, and you who played the Coast Havener (I'm so sorry, I don't know your name :O), thank you all for that RP. I tip my hat to Wally for dying :P
-I love bardics! It saves butts! Also talking! It saves butts! (specifically talking to vermin lords, and fairy lords) Bowing too! Kids, respect your fairies!
-Thank you everyone for helping with the Ritual of the Amulet. It meant a lot to Rowan and it meant a lot to me that people are willing to make sacrifices to help a hobbit out. It'll come right back to you and I'll gladly return the favor at anytime!
-Corsair's Favor. :blink: holy-!

There were so many other moments that I'd love to write down, but I gotta limit myself =P Thank you, everyone for making the weekend so great!

-Rowan Uidhir
-Fira Sinclair, Ambassador of Valdalis

(OOG) Teresa Amore
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09 Sep 2013 20:55 #16 by geezer (geezer)
Replied by geezer (geezer) on topic September Highlights
Some nice sorcery with Tobar "This time Edwin, I will do exactly as you say."

Deciding to "run my card" when on the Mages Guild Mod to get an "evil eye." Cuts directly to the chase when I was told we needed to cut through the opposition to get to the crazy lady.

Deciding not to get involved in every combat, instead picking them. Thus, after main mod, when Pendarvin was attacked by undead and insect swarms, was almost completely fresh. There is something about battlecasting and hammering together that melts away my years.

Some good RP with Clytie and one who must not be named.

Research and more research. Telling a noble that summoning a Fey Noble does not mean I would be able to control said noble.

Edwin Haroldson
Master of the Mages' Guild

An ethical person does the right thing when no one is watching.

OOG - Charlie Spiegel - Kitchen Marshal

"War is a matter of vital importance to the State..."
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09 Sep 2013 21:48 #17 by Terzak (TheArchMage)
Replied by Terzak (TheArchMage) on topic September Highlights
So, as my first highlight here, I do have the liberty to make it in awards style format.


Well, it was a bit of a blur for me in the afternoon. Inverted Tower mod was nice for us lowers and the new loot distribution is working, Justin!
Very fun pre-feast speech. The Baroness has just overspent herself and Jonas's reaction could not have been pulled off by anyone else, earning him the "Well...that was awkward" award! Then, main mod. Very impressed that I am not the only one here with a warhorn (earning the "NO MORE COWBELL" award.(Also, Dragoon who I never officially received the name of that can play the warhorn, very fun indeed to hear.)) and I hope that I am not the only one who noticed that sunset and horn blowing (along with special effects) really added to the realism.. Overall, pretty fun.


Well, around 1 bell Terzak found out why Travance never sleeps, (No sarcasm) Thank you for letting Terzak know RedCaps! So after 3 healed deathcounts and 1-2 more encounters we have the major all of Travance gets attacked at 4pm mod where I'm at the Mages Guild. While, I'm there, someone says "This is the safest place to be." A few minutes later some form of NPC gets in (bugs, maybe?) Granted it was Expelled, but still. Next afternoon, the only important lesson I learned was what it means to volunteer to help teach healing. Oh well, it was worth it. I then learned staff training, and I realized I will actually be useful in a fight now! Yippee! Also, Keavy, thank you for your simple explanation of Animal Companion. "Basically it means, you are my b****es." (Censorship for courtesy people, because why the hell not?) Never knew it was possible to herd wolves. (Can't think of a clever award title.)

One last thing, what I have noticed overall is that IC, most people are very kind. But overall, one of the kindest and most thorough RP-wise (this event, that I had the pleasure of meeting) is Mr. Arthur Goggins. Very well done Mr. Goggins, also seems fitting that you now have a child, as a character you seem like an amazing father.

Well, that's about it. Bye!

By my hand,
Professor Terzak Winstonshire

OOG: Will Harrington
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09 Sep 2013 22:01 #18 by Lathiel (Lathiel)
Replied by Lathiel (Lathiel) on topic September Highlights
What a great event! Kristen, you put together an awesome event with so much detail, as usual. Very good storyline and I was glad to be a part of it.
Being at the Inn when the Faeries and Red Caps came in. Hearing reports of Red Caps attacking but us not attacking the Red Caps... until Alisandria is under attack. Reaching Alisandria and seeing 10 or so people piled outside the main building and went to heal some of them. Then off to deal with the threat.
Facing some Enchanted Wolves and then some Piskies that decided to attack.
Basically just hanging around the Inn for the majority of the night

Saturday Morning
Waking up to Drew as a Red Cap, Jasmine as a Piskie (don't know the other one), and Will as a Spriggan I think (again, don't know the other guy). Happy that there weren't any problems (besides Jasmine and the other Piskie deciding to do a make-over to the Mages' Guild with the beads and runes, thanks!)

Saturday Afternoon-Early Sunday Morning
Wow, that pork and the cheesy potatoes were the bomb! Listening to JJ sing (awesome singing, by the way).
Witnessing Ib roll someone over.

NPC Shift
Getting my costume and make-up ready for my NPC (Tevrin, Cael's brother) and being told I look like a badass by JJ.
Entering the Inn and finding Brian and feigning concern and worry.
Being friendly and "innocent" until I turned on him and the town and started fighting alongside Sam's Red Cap General and dealing with the higher levels (most especially Magnus, I could never get a break from him). Going behind the PCs' line and attacking from there until all the high level PCs I was dealing with earlier migrated over to me and Sam. Getting my ear Assassinated by Jun (defending the attack, but putting the ear that was falling off in my pocket). Then just getting pounded by 6-10 PCs and being knocked down.
Awesome NPC role for me. I had a lot of fun with and will gladly be a Main Mod Boss again.
Getting pictures done which was the first time my picture got taken in the booth.
Almost getting done my shift... until Steve wanted to know if I'd NPC a Glommite Templar. I can't say no to that.
Going to bed shortly after that.

Sharing a pound of bacon with Gin Yuki. I also had a mud pie with him and Dominic that was exchanged for one singular slice of bacon for Jenn. About 5 minutes of literal confusion on what happened while holding the pie in my hands. Good pie, Jenn!
Watching the duels in the pit but not being able to participate. Joining Ardin, Tari, and Rowan in making a cage of various Walls (Air, Fire, Earth, and Magical Walls).
Getting to beat up Annora and Dominic with my human bane sword for a lesson. That's gotta hurt!
Then having to go unfortunately.
I'll see everyone at the October event!

Lathiel 'The Scourge' Silverbow
Master of the Mages' Guild
Paladin of the White Fox

While others succumb, we overcome. ~ Silverbow Motto
OOG - Nick B.
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09 Sep 2013 23:27 #19 by Albert (deatharcana)
Replied by Albert (deatharcana) on topic September Highlights
One of my favorite weekends thus far, next to WITL. All the NPCs were wonderful, and getting invested in their roles and made them natural, that they existed for more than the sake of just existing. It was a wonderful story as well as a fresh change of pace from the usual demons and undead. Thank you all for the awesome time!

Also I hate Redcaps. :|


-Searching for Angeliana. Learning a bit of why she was not there from Bran. Making some resolutions the next time they cross paths. Maelum will pay.

-Meeting familiar faces around near the monastery, being caught in the spirit realm and promptly escaping, and meeting Kathleen. It was an honor to role-play with one of the plot NPCs, and I very much enjoyed the interaction.

-Gypsy Children plot. All I can say is, wow. Being one of the few seasoned healers that decided to go meant that I did A LOT of running around. Thank God Anhil, Lorelai and friends showed up as cavalry! Despite our success in surviving, our mission ended in failure. Deciding to attempt to restore the children despite their spirits passing on was something I decided on the spot, and I am glad that I did! I hope everyone involved enjoyed that special moment, and I thank the marshals for letting me roll with it!

-New Healers! Hope you’ll take my words of wisdom to heart!

-Listening to Kathleen’s song in the Alisandrian statehouse. Really lifted my characters spirits up!

-Being entrusted with Arlyn’s Token for safe keeping until it was needed, and receiving it later on Sunday as a gift from Tobar and the Baroness. I’ll be sure to take good care of it!


-Spent most of the late morning and afternoon at the negotiation meeting. Between the decoration on the tables, the costuming, and the interactions between the NPCs, it was a very memorable experience. Also a shout out to Jasmine for a rather ‘special’ moment! Haha, glad you were okay!

-Having a special conversation with a certain someone, and learning some very interesting from it.

-Interacting with Avalyn and always managing to surprise her. I just love trolling your PC, Jamie!

-Learning my Healer promo. Originally I was going to go for another one, but I decided against at the last minute. I do not regret this decision.

-Listening to Kathleen about her worries for Cael. I anticipated a musical number about love but was left in disappointment.

-BEST FEAST EVERRRRR. Not only was the food wonderful, eating outside was a nice change of pace.

-NPC Shift: Main Mod Madness Edition. Before leaving Albert said goodbye to Kathleen and wished her the best. I hope one day she returns!

-Late Saturday was very relaxing. Had the chance to speak with a few PCs, such as the Guildmaster about their homelands, and it just made me appreciate some casual conversation . And then the Vermin Lord attacked… Wow. All I can say is that Saturday night was very stressful, chaotic, and frightening. Though there were some slight errors (and that’s all I’ll say), I enjoyed the interactions, between Bran, Tari, Blade, Secarius, and many others that night on the battlefield.


-After months of saving build and deciding what was best for Albert, I finally opened my new list with the help of the Baroness. I’m looking forward to my character taking his first steps as a Cavalier in the future.

-Finally getting the chance to speak with Caldor after trying to the entire weekend and learning how to be more sociable with three easy steps! One: introduce yourself. Two: Offer alcohol. Three: Offer bacon.

-Porch talks with Zellara, getting interrupted and teased by a very filthy dark dwarf (THANKS ELIAS :P), and being reminded of earlier failures.

I had a wonderful time this event and I have you all to thank for that. Next month will mark the year that I first joined KR and I am glad that I made the decision to go! Here’s to the next time we meet!

OOG: Daniel B.
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10 Sep 2013 01:48 #20 by Kelly (Kelly)
Replied by Kelly (Kelly) on topic September Highlights
My favorite moment this weekend: Jasmine not dying

Maxine's sylph and everything that had to do with that was great. I was really amused with how that was ended (for now ;-) ). I was really impressed with James and Ann's set up of the negotiation space. I wish I could have tried all the food without breaking character, it looked so good (good call on the grapes Jim)! Thankfully Teresa/Rowan could taste test for me. Mars/Ilana helped me make a point by answering some questions during a break, it was a fun moment. Running from the negotiations to go set up my mod with some help from Matt White, Kevin, and Vince (thanks again guys!). Special thanks to Cy for shoving himself in a trunk for over 20 min and jumping out swinging even though he couldn't feel his Mimic ever.

Main mod was also surprising, the amount of effects James set up for it were really well done. The fireworks in front of the blue lights looked eerie and the Fantasia blaring in the background was epic.

The only mod I got to go on this weekend was late night mod with the gang and that was a blast, I can't wait till the next installment.

Dame Zafrin Yhatzi
Knight of Drega'mire

OOG: Kelly Osborne
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10 Sep 2013 07:42 #21 by Esten (TinyDanser84)
Replied by Esten (TinyDanser84) on topic September Highlights
Thanks for a great first event! I NPCd the whole time and while my legs may never work properly again it was tons of fun. Friday night I learned a lot about hiding while trying to (unsuccessfully) ambush some rogues. Saturday I got to play both a piskie and various types of wolves and discovered I'm much better at growling than giggling. Go figure.

Main mod was incredible, I never realized how creepy Night on Bald Mountain was until I was listening to it while standing in a pitch dark forest waiting to be killed. Had enough energy left for one more mod on Sunday and found I quite like fighting with a shield. Should be returning in November, hopefully as a PC this time!

OOG: Sam M
IG: Esten
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10 Sep 2013 07:51 #22 by Misaki (cbodnar)
Replied by Misaki (cbodnar) on topic September Highlights
So I'm pretty sure I caught some sort of disease from the event (hence why I'm up at an ungodly hour) but I might as well post a few re[d]caps before slipping back into a comma.


--New pc? Nope, Vash testa. Had an awesome time hanging with Billiamm, and almost wished I could have played that alter ego for MM instead of Arlyn. At least the key got to him. Yay feels.

Btw, Doug claimed the 60 Billion $$, sorry guys.

--Cory as my frenemy. Seriously, is there anything that you can't do dude? Psionics and torturer = 1 squeemish Dani/Keavy. Shake gently, serve insane.

--Pretty surprised what I could get away with-with PCs. Informal questioning, bribery, not to mention poor Matt/Belegchand. Smile buddy, or somebody'll make you do ice.

--Actually, just playing Arlyn was probably my most favorite NPC role out of the near 5 years I've been doing this now. The mix of The Joker + Handsome Jack and seasoned with other villains is what I was going for, so I'm glad to hear that people took a liking (or hatred, you know) to it.

--Danny G from Drega'Mod. I can honestly say this is the first time I've really rp-ed with him since my 2nd or 3rd event, and was really touched by some of the things that happened. More empathetic than any healer on that mod, bravo, bravo.

Special thanks to Cy for shoving himself in a trunk for over 20 min and jumping out swinging even though he couldn't feel his Mimic ever

What went through my head upon hearing the request: "How do I top Hate-Demon?"
What went through my mouth upon hearing the request: "Awesome."

What went through my head after being in a box for 20 min: *white noise*
What went through my mouth after being in a box for 20 min: Hopefully me calling some sort of damage?

Probably wouldn't do a Mimic again...not yet anyways.

Ok, gonna go back and sleep now.

Misaki Xianlu VonRitter, the Nemesis

Vassal of Pendarvin

"Evil Must Be Destroyed"

OOG:  Cyril Bodnar
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10 Sep 2013 08:46 #23 by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood)
Replied by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood) on topic September Highlights
I somehow skipped on Billie the pirate. ALLL the insanities. At least I know Ilana will always have something to do (for the next 8 years) in Drega'mire (P.S. Finishing up a lore Sea book next month just so we can punch crazy sea liches in the face finally)

Marcella Torres
Land System Deputy
New Player Marshal
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  • Kitchen Staff
10 Sep 2013 09:57 #24 by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
Replied by Caldor Eirson (Caldor) on topic September Highlights
This was a very fun event for me. Cooking Feast affects the whole event... I know at least three times where I had to say "I would love to go help you do X, but then we don't eat tonight".

But the summary:

Being at Lay On was something new. I've never actually been there as Caldor.
After chopping LOTS of vegetables, I set out to help prep for the ritual.

Walking to the lake with 5 people to get some water shouldn't be a problem right? 1 hour, 2 battles, having to ignore other battles... I think I had more rough choices and interesting encounters in that hour than in some prior weekends. Choosing that delivering the water was more important than rescuing children was the HARDEST decision Caldor ever made. Thank you to Lorelai and Anhil for going back for the children. Thanks also to everyone who came with me and/or joined me along the way there or back.

Prepping for the ritual, Communing with nature about the ritual, memorizing my chant for the ritual, gathering people for the ritual, learning the steps of the ritual. METHINKS WE ARE DOING A RITUAL!!!

We gathered a fantastic group for the Druidic ritual. About 5 minutes before we left, someone came running "RedCaps attacking the waterfront, people are down." ALL of our healers and many of our fighters left. I still think the redcaps set us up.

Thank you Zach and Chris for an awesome Druidic Ritual mod. Dealing with all of that stuff, especially without healers was intense. I'm sad we couldn't be more dramatic about the ritual. We had so much more we wanted to be able to do with it RP wise that just had to take a back seat to STOP DYING. I had to use all the charges of my trinkets (Luck, Shield of Nature, Dodge) and my potion that restored 32 DP to get through it.

A special Nod to all of the defenders who protected us for over 10 minutes without arms.

"You are now allergic to all Plant-creatures" WORST CURSE EVER. Still didn't stop Caldor from kissing and hugging Wife. I just had to RP sneezing and scratching myself insanely after each one. After about 30 minutes of it, he finally figured out he should stop.

Grim's death moved Caldor more than he showed. Caldor drank a lot, and was extra loud about how awesome Grim was in his battle and his death. Thanks to all who helped find Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Maxwell for brining him back.

Nightmares and Curse cured. Thankfully both before I went to sleep. In a bed. Next to a plant-person...

I'd like to say I spent my first night in a tent, but that woudl be a lie. I spent my first morning in a tent. It was much nicer than I expected. Thanks to Danielle and Connor for taking us in.

3 hours of sleep. Yuck.
SO wanted something to trigger our tent traps, but it didn't happen.

Caldor once again mastered the art of walking casually into scenes for social reasons and completely missing the fact that something important is going on.

Why yes, it is a good idea to offer the Queen a cookie she can't eat.
Its even a better idea to let it slip to the Unseely that your wife is a Dryad. Right? right?
The baroness gripped my arm so tight that even Caldor got the hint.

Spent most of the day helping Wife do feast prep and what not.

I'm sure I went on some mod or something, but I can't really remember.
I had a wonderful day interacting with people. Had many, many discussions about people's love lives.

Had my instinct lesson. It kept getting interrupted, but it was fun. Got to sit in on a Lore Druidics lesson, which is always interesting. Wonderful benediction followed. All was right in time as some very cool looking Nyad and Undine NPCs came wandering over to us.

Got back to the inn just in time to win wife the Arrowhead Necklace. I was so happy. Had to have someone else carry the damn magic thing to her (Caldor didn't notice it was magic when he entered, just that it was an arrowhead).

Feast was magnificent. People were so happy. I was sad I wasn't eating outside with everyone, as the crowd looked so fun.

Main Mod was brilliant. Wonderful set up. I truly felt like mysterious things were happening and I was in a different and new place, despite having spent a LOT of time in the maze. Night on Bald Mountain was great music, but it cracked me up the first time heard it.

I wasn't going to go to the low season group, but they really wanted me with them. Caldor could never turn down such an earnest request from friends. Low Season area was interesting, but Caldor HATES HATES HATES playing games with magic people to get things. I spent most of my time there walking back and forth and complaining loudly about it.

I REALLY liked the withdraw portion of the mod. I like that it made it feel very serious. I loved the horn that was blowing.

Post Main Mod was great. Wonderful hang out and socializing. More talking about people's love lives. (Huh, I wonder if I can get Trade: Marital Advice). Lots of drinking.

Augustus' love life mini-mod!

Went to bed early-ish because of the lack of sleep the night before.

Woken up at some point by the Corsair "you guys want to come out and play?" . Keavy, Wife and I look at eachother half asleep and basically fall back asleep. I was actually so tired death was the valid option.

Mostly a day of unwinding. I kept missing mods.

Got a potion making lesson from Nigel. Londwyns do things in weird ways. I loved having blood types explained to me through alcohol analogies. "You wouldn't mix wine and beer right?" Me: "Why not?"

Got to teach Klyden a Druidic lesson. Caldor was so proud to be able to do so, given how much she has taught him over the months.

Learned Trade Proficiency for my Ice Wines.

Continued my course of lessons on how to make friends and socialize with Albert. I love doing this. It was especially fun because of all the bacon. and booze. and new friends. I was happy to actually get more of his life story too. He's a much deeper person that Caldor knew, and someone he's going to try and keep in better touch with.

All in all a fantastic weekend. Thanks to all involved in running it. Glad everyone enjoyed feast!

Caldor Eirson,

Gothi and High Priest of Gaia
Wedding Planner, Match Maker,
Spiritual Advisor To Kaladonia

OOG: Jason M.
Deputy Kitchen Marshal
Land System Marshal

Q: How many people does it take to teach a barbarian how to read?
A: 1 knight, 3 squires, and 1 master of the mages guild.

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  • Kitchen Staff
10 Sep 2013 16:11 #25 by Charani Yhatzi (MaliHH)
Replied by Charani Yhatzi (MaliHH) on topic September Highlights
I had an awesome time NPCing this event.

First of all, being back after three months and being greeted with "Where were you? I've looked for you!" felt amazing.

I spent most of the weekend as a piskie, and that was great. I got to be mischievous, and cutely creepy. I also had FANTASTIC conversations as a piskie...all without being able to do more than gibber. Best was during main mod, mocking and maniacally giggling while levitating above...and the fantastic conversation with Tari and Goggins. I also had a few people tell me that I made their game more fun, because they could hear me during main mod.

I also got a taste of being a monster marshall this event. Thanks to the MMs who let me take over briefing and doing makeup for piskies.
Also, major thanks to Cameron for letting me quasi marshall a mod for him. I hope all the PCs and NPCs had as much fun as they seemed to.

It's so great to be back, and I hope to be back next month as well!

~Charani Yhatzi

OOG: Sharone Horowit-Hendler
kitchen staff
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10 Sep 2013 16:19 #26 by Kelly (Kelly)
Replied by Kelly (Kelly) on topic September Highlights

Caldor Eirson wrote: Why yes, it is a good idea to offer the Queen a cookie she can't eat.
Its even a better idea to let it slip to the Unseely that your wife is a Dryad. Right? right?
The baroness gripped my arm so tight that even Caldor got the hint.

It was TORTURE to constantly turn down all the goodies people kept offering me. I feel like everyone got together before the event to formulate how best to make me OOG insane with unlimited baked goods that I refused to eat. It was like a really amusing personal Hell y'all put me through :-D

Dame Zafrin Yhatzi
Knight of Drega'mire

OOG: Kelly Osborne
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10 Sep 2013 16:22 #27 by Elawyn (Elawyn)
Replied by Elawyn (Elawyn) on topic September Highlights
I think the most amusing part of that is that I never asked you to do that to yourself, you decided it was part of the character. Morganna and my sprite formerly known by a name that was never released would eat EVERYTHING. ;)

(I'll have an acknowledgement reel up soon, i promise, after the Epilogue is finished!)

Defend the Land for it is the Base of the Pillar,

Elawyn Featherthorn Brightstar
Acolyte of the Circle of Ten & Chosen of Fey Lord Tillion
Guardian of Belladeen

OOG: Kristen M.
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10 Sep 2013 17:03 #28 by Caelvan (Caelvan)
Replied by Caelvan (Caelvan) on topic September Highlights
Have to say this was an awesome weekend!!

New player Intro Mod. Brian and Cy you guys were great. And Cy didn't I say no monologuing?
Having to guard the Prince and all the while explaining things to him on how the world worked
Tracking to the Fairy door and the look on the Prince when his skin was right behind it
Druidic Rite. All through that I was so sure we were going to die. Zach the RP was awesome. The close for comfort

Finally rid of that Damn Skull. Was running around the night before to get it done but was worth it
Seeing Colin and trying to find the Prince with him and all the aftermath that issued
Tower Mod. Chris your PC running around after me was GLORIOUS. The music that described that even more so
Main Mod. Have to admit, sort of kind of getting the hang of being in command.....though it didn't help that we had little amounts of frontline fighters in our group.
Saying good bye to the Prince, Brian Caelvan was serious when he said anything you needed find him
Red caps and vermin lords oh my!
Doing my best to help guard a certain healer from Red caps.....if only it was next month and I had eye of the storm
Finally getting to learn Eye of the Storm and a cool hand gesture to go with it while casting

Jonathan and Ilana RP
Sitting on a table and Tari coming over asking for help.
"I'm 3 seasons"
"I know but I'm asking Conor who's common sense will bring your character's abilities up a couple levels"
Stacey while right I'm still laughing about that.
Jonathan deciding to be the wild mage that carries thrown weapons, he'll be going bounty hunter so he's going to need them. (Kevin be prepared to teach him more of that)

Caelvan Renaith
March Warden of Selendrias

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Gal'Azin Merikh Tazam
Death's Will

Conor Peckham

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10 Sep 2013 18:04 - 10 Sep 2013 18:06 #29 by Aemorniel (Aemorniel)
Replied by Aemorniel (Aemorniel) on topic September Highlights
I wanted to get the words right so I dug out the card from my KR memento box of things that mean a lot to me and gifts I've received as my PC and as NPCs. This one will probably always be one of my favorites. Thanks Frank. :)

"Though the distance be great, true bonds of love cannot be broken." is the inscription on the matching Mithril wedding bands given to Cael and Kathleen. Utter perfection. Love you all.

Loremaster Aemorniel Estelwen Silverbow
The Quill of the Witch Hunter Academy of Travance
Apprentice to the Baronial Small Council
Court Scholar of Pendarvin
Assistant Editor and Columnist of The Travance Chronicle

While Others Succumb, We Overcome

The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or erased. It can only be accepted.
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10 Sep 2013 18:53 - 10 Sep 2013 18:58 #30 by Aria (Aria)
Replied by Aria (Aria) on topic September Highlights
Alright I literally have no idea where to start. Sadly, though not-unexpectedly, I did not really get involved with plot, though it was fun at feast trying to have the Kaladonia people explain to me what a seal skin looked like. I believe my favorite was something like "its kind of like a dog, only it swims underwater"

This event was amazing for me. I came in with really difficult situation, not really sure how the rp was going to go. Everyone responded amazingly, and really pushed me to be better. Thank you all for that. Everyone's reactions, for the most part, to Tari really let her know that a lot more people cared about her then I ever knew.

Starting to come to the realization as Tari, just how many people are going to die, and not being able to even think of those consequences.

Having an amazing, private conversation Friday night. Resulting in an interruption with a stolen red cap, that Tari destroyed. Only to realize about 10 minutes later, that it was needed for a hostage situation. It was so difficult to watch someone else get tortured because of Tari, and no one letting her tell, I believe, Wally the truth. Amazing guilt for Tari.

Saturday npc shift, spent at the ER. Only reason this makes the highlights is because a. the person is ok, b. I got to meet a new player, welcome to the game again ;), and c. I used it in a therapy lesson today at work :P

All of my time with Kaledonia, lately there's just a handful of members, you all know who you are, who really make Tari feels like she belongs, and begrudgingly she's learning nature lessons whether she wants to or not.

Having a newer player learn fire from me, literally seeing his delight at my lesson, then telling me I was the best teacher he's had, literally made my event. Can't wait to teach you again.

Main mod was so much fun. I haven't had an event like that in a while, I used all of my MP which virtually never happens, not to mention the NPC's were actually hearing and taking my spells, which made me feel awesome.

Fate seriously coming together in the form of Caelvin at main mod, and after,with Aquiena and Bran that with ALL the stuff I got hit with both during main mod and after, I just couldn't seem to die, thank you!!!!!

Conversation with Nigel the alchemist that I really did not expect to end the way it did (don't worry I've already thought of plan b)

a certain someone who paid all of their money collected over the past months for services rendered

I'm still not sure you actually did anything ;)

Best was during main mod, mocking and maniacally giggling while levitating above...and the fantastic conversation with Tari and Goggins.

You are still the worst hide and seeker ever :P

"I'm 3 seasons"
"I know but I'm asking Conor who's common sense will bring your character's abilities up a couple levels"

Conor I still maintain I wasn't wrong.

And of course finally, congratulating Keavy on becoming a druid, by killing a small piece of nature. Having Keavy so excited over the gift that she didn't even think about Tari killing nature until people had to point it out

Tari Zhafirah Stonebar Deldragon
Dean of Arcane Studies of the Darkwood Acadamy of the Metaphysical Arts

Playing with fire is bad for those who burn themselves.  For the rest of us, it is a very great pleasure.

oog Stacey
Safety Marshal
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