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06 Jun 2014 03:44 - 06 Jun 2014 03:50 #31 by Cecilia Mercier (jsin)
Replied by Cecilia Mercier (jsin) on topic Week In the Life ~ Highlights!
Mostly filled with being excited to be at camp so early, crashing song circles and nomming on peoples food :silly:
Being shown new trails and planning on stea- picking all the berries in July. ;)
Cecilia being allowed to mess with Celtic Ale and apparently making some damn good alcohol.
The Bacholorette party. No. No. No. Off to the Stump we go.
Listening to Atrus, Verrill and Morgan talk about theology. Verrill requesting to observe a ceremony, Morgan offering to assist, thinking that there's a very distinct difference between the two.
*Sprained my wrist though. :( It hurt for the rest of the event but I couldn't bring myself to Green Headband.)

Hearing about the maiden's choice dance and getting REALLY flustered at the thought of asking thee person she likes. GAH. :sick:
Missing the Circus Shirmkus and all its drama but getting to see the talents of some of the people in Travance :)
BLUEBERRY PIE. BLUEBERRY. IN PIE FORM. THANK YOU ARKELLIAN. <3 (Cecilia loves Blueberry :woohoo: )
Spending time around the person she likes and increasingly getting the vibe he's into someone else. :dry:
Going down to the lake and getting talked into a row boat. Bad Idea.
Captain Verrill directing us on the quest to deliver Eva's Towel to her (Lest he get it wet and she get cross)
Deciding to hop in a kayak and explore the lake with Demetri and another person.
Walking back to the inn soaking wet and taking a well deserved shower.
Goes looking for Clove for Lesson. Bumps into Arkellian. Accepts his offer to walk with her and chats away at him. :-)
*Wrist decides to act up NOW*
*IG stroll turn into OOG quest to find an ACE Bandage for my wrist much to Cecilia's chagrin and my relief. Thank you Cameron :kiss: *
Eventually heading to The Stump and then following a group to Clove's Cookout.
Eating Demetri's DELICIOUS steak.
"Travance is a strange soup." - Verrill LeBastion
Oh look, yummy cake, I want so- NO! THE CAKE FELL.
"No. No it's still good. Trust me I'm a professional. Just scrape that bit off. Good as new." Girl who plays Blacktree I believe.
"Have some cake hunny. The Pine needles are the best part." Verrill LeBastion
Staying way late and blabbing at stupid o'clock about her prejudices.

Discovers Pie Day. Such a glorious day.
Hearing about how halflings get married and deciding that's how every wedding should be.
Being told by Lidius that she thinks like a halfling and seeing nothing wrong with that.
Learning the Iron Palm Technique. (I CAN STILL FEEL THAT LESSON. THANK YOU CLOVE.)

*NPC shift* Can't remember what we went out as but I did have fun.
*When's my weekend NPC shift?" "10pm - 2am" "Damnit. That means I have to go to the stupid Maidens Dance."*

Soft Hold:
*realizing that everyone else wanted to say in character so taking a nap instead of ruining the immersion for other people ;)*
Breaking it in two cause it all wont fit :(

OOG: Tytiana B (Haze Browne)
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06 Jun 2014 03:51 - 06 Jun 2014 04:01 #32 by Cecilia Mercier (jsin)
Replied by Cecilia Mercier (jsin) on topic Week In the Life ~ Highlights!
Weekend Lay On:
Being woken up by news of a Bounty on the heads of nearly every woman of Travance and thinking, "Of course. The week was too peaceful. ;)"
Cecilia ignoring near everyone and taking a private walk around the camp to find anything else to do than the Maiden's Dance. Almost decided to camp out as Ostcliff but those damn mosquitoes. >.>
Walking back to The monastery cause that's where everyone else in town is, when she suddenly bumps into person she likes. On the verge of asking him, when suddenly he start lamenting about how a girl he liked went with someone else and promptly deciding to shut up. Poor Cecilia. v.v
Sits out on Maiden Dance because she thinks it would be too awkward to randomly ask people to dance.
Makes up her mind, on her lonely little chair, that Travance is far to dangerous a place to be worrying about romance. So what if it's gonna be the third moon in a row people get married? She needs to concentrate more on training. (GAH. Cecilia. What am I to do with you?)
Gets teased by Brother Aldric about being too quiet. He gets a crowd to gather around her and declares no one can speak till she says something profound.
"W-why sh-should your ability t-t-to hold a conversa-a-a-tion depend on m-m-my participa-pa-pation?"
"Well that was pretty profound."

It was basically Ostcliff's NPC shift :D
Got to be messenger Drow. Dropping my little letters everywhere. RPing conversations with those who would. Blowing Willpowers on any attempt by a *male* to get me to talk and entertaining some newbies with non-violence RP. Twas fun :D

The Orc with the cigars though :D
"I'm level 20." God what level will he be when the Green Headband comes off?
Reacting to Morgan walking around, obviously turned on with a symbol of Glomm on her head. "Ma-ma-masochistic Empath Healers. Wh-what cha go-go-gonna do?"
'Don't gotta buy the Snake, to ride the Snake." - Verrill LeBastion XD
Going on Main Mod.
Being one of the Vassals of Ostcliff who got really offended at that guys outburst. >:( But hearing the Baroness tell him off :P
Battle Buddy Illyrin :D We both made it out alive!
"The guild masters butt" The tune may Drow died to.
"Whoa was that a fumble?" "Nah. She said the entire thing. It was just really fast."
Getting back and watching Morwyn (sp?) put together a train of thought about how the Matrons might have fooled us. It was fascinating to watch and really cool to contribute.
Spending the rest of the night with Morwyn and being allowed to witness some of the RP for The Clove debacle.
Hearing Clove use Verrill's "Travance is a strange soup" with the Baroness and making her laugh.
Marwyn 'adopting' Cecilia :D
Cecilia basically deciding that if she was ever going to try and be more like someone that Morwyn would be it :)
Staying up late in hopes to see an end to the Clove matter but instead watching the damn sun rise.
Cecilia:"Can you t-t-teach me how to use a b-b-bow?
PC:"Sure I can"
Cecilia:"Good. I-i-i'm going t-t-to kill every b-b-bird."
Morwyn: "I love her!"

Lazy day
Slept till 11
Watch an execution.
Played with my staff.
Same old Same old :D

Sorry for the extra long post but WITL was the best. :D I'm so happy I made it. Thank you guys for an awesome event!!!
Oh! Extra shout out to Nadya and Yaya's tent. It was the prettiest at night :D

OOG: Tytiana B (Haze Browne)
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06 Jun 2014 16:18 #33 by Dame Clytie Silverfang (itsgonnabemay)
Replied by Dame Clytie Silverfang (itsgonnabemay) on topic Week In the Life ~ Highlights!
Alright, I unfortunately wasn't at WitL as long as I hoped I would have been, but there was still some really awesome moments all around.

-Thursday night, Londwynian tea tent. Conversations about bawdy drinking songs, satire, nautical jokes, the counterdigestion of pineapples, and more. Chatting with you guys was fun.
-NPC shift as a lovable orphan in a group of pickpockets. We got both in game and out of game food stuffs, and stole a thing or eight from as many people as we could. This may or may not have included freaking out over eating bugs, trying to breathe fire, and braiding "Sindy's" hair.
-Friday started my whole allergic reaction thing, wasn't fun, but hey, I made due with it.
-Jenna's Bedouin. I need to see more of her. Clytie likes the worship, bring her back damnit!
-All the hillbillies with all the magic rock powers. You guys were great, just don't break any more doors.
-Getting a nice new blade forged over pancakes
-Drega'Brunch. Finally got to chat with Herrister regarding the cane, stabbed apples with magitech forks, and George. JP your alt is wonderful, and rest assured that Clytie will take good care of the wild mage she licked and claimed.
-Pendarvin cookout, peer pressure to get closer to Nalick, and more difficulties in telling the difference between halflings and human children.
-Clytie got her hands on the rulebook. In her hands, she held the truth of her existence, it's mechanisms, and secrets into the abilities of nearly every person in Travance. Instead of doing the logical thing and utilizing this, she flips to the Nyad page, calls it racist, and tosses it aside. In game, it's probably been burned by now.
-Apparently there's a bounty on the head of every woman in Travance? Clytie is far more interested in getting her wanted poster than taking any serious precaution against the drow. She didn't get one though... (I out of character want one. Seriously, does anyone have Clytie's?)
-Maiden's choice was spent feeling awful physically, but the Brangeliana episode in the monestary was gold.
-I'm feeling like hell come evening, but I fight invading drow anyway, but not for long. I have to call it a night for health's sake, before I have to go out and get serious help.

Then is sleep, more allergy things, and having to leave. I'm perfectly fine and I have an appointment with an allergist coming up pretty soon. Hopefully this won't happen again, and I'll see you all at the June event!

Dame Clytie Silverfang, the Pegasus
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06 Jun 2014 17:43 #34 by Onca (Lorelai)
Replied by Onca (Lorelai) on topic Week In the Life ~ Highlights!
I just love that Lorelai's bounty poster had Delinia's picture on it. "Who -is- this? Why did anyone think this was me? Because it was on a sheet with Blacktree? Are we just grouping archers together?" "No, sylvans" "I'M NOT AN ELF."

Of course there is nothing else worth mentioning aside from paying for Sorcery eyes with a gold piece (worth 9 silver).

(Or I'm just lazy)

~ Lorelai Sihnon VonRitter
Huntress of Galladel
Head of House VonRitter of the Witch Hunter Academy

Rachel Jump/Onca
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06 Jun 2014 19:32 #35 by Nalick (NalickDeMarche)
Replied by Nalick (NalickDeMarche) on topic Week In the Life ~ Highlights!

Clytie Corentin wrote: -Apparently there's a bounty on the head of every woman in Travance? Clytie is far more interested in getting her wanted poster than taking any serious precaution against the drow. She didn't get one though... (I out of character want one. Seriously, does anyone have Clytie's?)

I know it exists. Nalick wrote a list of all of the women pictured. There were 34 or 36.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
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06 Jun 2014 20:17 - 06 Jun 2014 20:20 #36 by Faila (Faila)
Replied by Faila (Faila) on topic Week In the Life ~ Highlights!
Only made it for the afternoon and early evening on Friday along with the two imps, but really enjoyed:

• Pendarvin cookout - thanks to everyone who donated time, cooking skills, and food to the endeavor (Diane, Geoff, Charlie, David, Renny, Katie, and others I am certainly forgetting).
• A chance for Faila to visit with various PCs and having the time to learn a new skill (that included some very helpful shield use tips - thanks David).
• Just happening to have a perfect phys rep for something Nalick wanted (Jeff, I hope you thought it was as cool as I did).
• Faila clarifying situations with some powers that be (and claimed non-power :whistle: ).
• Meeting Altrus. Being polite because, well, he looked creepy and there was that serpent hanging from his neck, but making damn sure my wards didn't eat his food (John, thanks for your concern about my daughter - but no worries, she was totally fine). Not being able to keep a straight face when Altrus was dancing.
• Getting to talk to Thalia and my Pendarvin Satyr friend (whose name I can't ever remember despite a zillion reminders) about Mary Culpepper. I love RPing with you - the accent makes me so happy.

IG: Faila Stormshard Steelson
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Alt: "Gigi"
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08 Jun 2014 18:56 - 08 Jun 2014 19:03 #37 by Keavy (Dani)
Replied by Keavy (Dani) on topic Week In the Life ~ Highlights!
Lets see what I can remember.

-Seeing Sam and Kristen! And meeting smaller Sam aka Brycen haha
-Bard circles!
-A talk about "adult things" with Brigitta.
-Goat beards!...AND NAKED FACES!
6 shirtless Travancian men later..
"I didn't ask for any of this! They all just started stripping!!"
-Chats around the fire
-Caelvan and Keavy's wedding!! Everything about it was kept secret from me, so the reaction I had was genuine and I loved it. It was very sweet and I'm glad it turned out the way it did. Thanks to all those who helped and took part!
-Finally thanking Caldor with a song. I had been planning on singing it for months, and Conor jumped in too!
-Totem meditations!!! Thanks to everyone who came by! I'm going to work hard on making them more and more interesting!
-Getting constantly nagged by everyone that Keavy wasn't consummating the marriage yet.
-More swimming!
-Teaching lessons, including teaching Tari how to be more menacing haha
-DARK GROVE MOD! I stuck to Jason's True Warlock like a hound. Also: Gideon?: Don't anyone touch the heart!
Arden: -plunges spear into heart- AHHHHGH!
Then finding out that Typhon sacrificed himself to let Firin know it was safe.
-Introducing my alt! I didn't have Malakai out for too long, but I had a great time RPing with the few people I hung out with. Jen Dwarf Snake Beard moment was PRICELESS. Also "Man, he really IS ugly." and "Chroniclerites? Oh yeah, they're okay in my book."
-Coming back as Keavy to talk to Firin.

-Caldor: Hey Keavy so I was wondering-
Firin: -points- Wow, she's red!!

Then finding out that's not what he was going to ask about at all. Worth it.

-All interactions with Billiam, both good and bad from learning Terror, to stopping him form nearly attacking both Angeliana and Rowan, inducting Caelvan into the MacKreagars, and of course the most chaotic of bard instruments: Vuvuzelas!!
-FEEEEEAAAST!!! Ree, I've already told you this, but as much as I don't eat beef, that was the best beef brisket I've ever had, and I ate the hell out of it! the potatoes too, and OMFG your cupcakes haha
Main mod!:
-Keavy and Arden were an unstoppable duo!! And for the first time being put in charge of a small group was both scary and exhilarating! Multiple talks with Arden along the way brought a lot of really great character building to Keavy, and just great RP overall. Thanks for the opportunity Arden/Gina!
-And finally, great RP overall from everyone I interacted with. That's what made it the most fun for me.

Not sure yet if Keavy and Caelvan will be back next event since they are on their honeymoon now(though I still need to finish out dreadnaught), so might be more Malakai coming soon!


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08 Jun 2014 22:39 #38 by Brunner Von Ritter (Martin Bridge)
Replied by Brunner Von Ritter (Martin Bridge) on topic Week In the Life ~ Highlights!
Buckles...omg, so amazing. Inverted tower is cool. Main mod was awesome, despite getting caught in the rockslide. The cookouts and of course bards circle (I need the lyrics for sooo many of those songs). Thanks Diane for your cooking. Getting vassalled to pendarvin. Heaps of training. Kaladonia games. Thanks all for everything.

Though the light of day may be a long way off, our wills endure beyond the end.

OOC Name - Martin Bridge

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10 Jun 2014 15:58 #39 by Swyft (agentswift)
Replied by Swyft (agentswift) on topic Week In the Life ~ Highlights!
Finding out I was wanted by the Dark Elves was disturbing... but at least I wasn't alone, I guess!

Don Kellard was trying to find out where the Baroness stayed. (Which I know, of course, I go visit with Jonas on most Sundays.) When Rudolph wouldn't tell him, he buddied up to me. Let me tell you, that was some scary sh*t having Don Kellard put an arm around you. I knew in that moment he could have killed me like fourteen different ways. Oh man!

Meeting Amalthea and talking about how fancy we looked. Loved it!

Zathir, Safia and I almost got wrecked by some ogres. Man can Ilana (I forgot your real name!) fight! Bad-ass. Things were okay when there were only two of them and then the entire pack spawned with some dark elves in the back, so we ran like hell. Hooray for backup!

Gideon's healing rune ceremony was awesome to watch and informative. Learned some stuff about runes and sockets and how all that works. Yay White Sorcery!

Getting someone lost in the woods looking for Jed's shack. I saw so many pictures and heard so much about it, I really wanted to see it. When I (eventually) found it, it was inhabited not by Jed but Orson, Atrus and Terezei. And while I got a friendly smile from Atrus, Terezei's glare sent me in the other direction in fairly short order. Man, I didn't even find who I was looking for, but what shady folks in that shack!

Having interesting conversations with Atrus. He is a wordsmith, that one.

Finding a damage rune at last!

Saturday night I got owned twice by the same person. Justin, you silly kid. You are bad news! The first time you did a damn good job, I had no idea the two of you were mingling with the other Ostcliff folks. Once you "hissed" I was so completely unprepared that I just screamed so damn loud I embarrassed my own self. lol.

Fates are awesome! I used a few for the first time and it was great! Amazing how useful a periodic Barkskin can be. It saved my life each time!

Feast was hard work to prepare, but pretty great payout. Having feast with a chunk of the Drega'Crew was nice.

Finishing my Arch Caster lesson with Angelica! We have such great conversations that we don't even realize the time...

Enjoyed my time with all of you as usual, thank-you for being so wonderful!

Dame Swyft T. Glitterfang-Johnson-Ludwig
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- Carnifex of Aguara
- Designer of Stonefall Couture: "Because you're never too bad to look good!"

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14 Jun 2014 15:18 #40 by geezer (geezer)
Replied by geezer (geezer) on topic Week In the Life ~ Highlights!
Repeated games of Chess with Roderick (Bryceson) in one of which he refused my offer of a draw.

ME - "I wonder why he refused my offer?"
KRISTEN "You know how stubborn Sam is - he's Sam's brother."

Working with Clove to run roughshod over Drow. It was nice to find someone who knows how to fight tactically.

Scholarly things

Performing a one time ritual with Tobar at Pendarvin.

Pendarvib BBQ

Edwin Haroldson
Master of the Mages' Guild

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