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26 Jan 2015 09:23 - 26 Jan 2015 09:25 #1 by Gunnar Gunnarson (jhines0042)
January 2015 Event Highlights was created by Gunnar Gunnarson (jhines0042)
That was one heck of a way to start off the year.

Personal thanks for Sean and Christine for volunteer NPCing for that mod. Alice, Renee, John, Steve, Mars ... just wow.

Everyone else -- this was an extremely positive event. Everyone looked to be having a great time. The NPCs returning from main mod were covered in snow and smiles. Thank you all for continuing to be you.

Gunnar Gunnarson, Medicine Man
OOG: Joe Hines
Former Development Officer
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26 Jan 2015 09:53 #2 by Kirsten (Lotano)
Replied by Kirsten (Lotano) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
I would like to say thanks to everyone involved in running/prepping/NPCing for this event (so many names, Garrett, Drew, Chris Z., John H, Mark B, Ben O. Romeo, Gannon, Matt C, Chris La., Chris Lo., Maria, Padma, Katie, Eric R, Sean {for offering to marshal when I thought I needed one}). This was the first event Garrett and I teamed up and the first event for some of our new STs to help run and I was very happy with the whole thing. I hope you all had as great a time playing it as we did writing and running it. Shout out to the Monster Marshals and NPCs - without your organization and enthusiasm the Venier would not have been protrayed as well as they were! Thanks again to everyone :)

Emeline Patterson
Knight of Alisandria

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26 Jan 2015 10:05 #3 by GFulls (GFulls)
Replied by GFulls (GFulls) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Just echoing my partner in crime Kirsten here :) Thanks so much to everyone who helped, all the people Kirsten just named. Our 3 Cheveyo were fantastic, our 3 new storytellers really stepped up and their assistants rocked! Having a lot of people working on the story with the full support of KR staff and the full Story Teller team really does show when the weekend hits. Our goal was to truly run a barbarian plot line with a heart and I think we achieved that. Please fill out event recaps, it is the only way we as staff can make solid decisions in the future. Also, a quick thanks to Tim P. who ran a mod were I actually got to play my character for about an hour :) Thanks to all !!

IG: Sir Ulrich von Norden - Knight of Alisandria
IG: Korr Blackfire - Orc

OOG: Garrett
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26 Jan 2015 10:48 - 27 Jan 2015 13:07 #4 by Not An Assassin (Salem)
Replied by Not An Assassin (Salem) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Two Years of KR but only 9/24 months have I been at game. It brings me joy to see all of you at KR as a family that I actually look forward to seeing every chance I get. This month did not disappoint me.

Running the Black Bird is going as expected. Getting the idea of going to check out the Bird and drink there into player's heads is going around slowly. Most players probably know of the Tavern by now and that's all I can ask. I try with everything I have to run the best establishment on the proper. My goal is a little far fetched, but I hope you all appreciate my efforts.

Most of my weekend consisted of running the Black Bird, but here are my highlights of what went on for me;

-Private Party in the Tavern that got very heated very fast.
-A good amount of trying a bunch of different drinks from people looking for me to sell them at the Tavern. The role play for those moments were enjoyable.
-The Londwyns/Alchemists and their antics that seemingly put me to sleep. I greatly enjoy you all for choosing the Tavern as your place to get together, and thank you for not robbing me.
-Being an assassin NPC for tower MOD and ripping through our new blood. We skinned a Jaxuarian alive, crucified her and carved a Raven into her, and then traded her back to the players for a bar of gold and a player's left hand. Praise be unto Agaura. (The RP during all of this was astonishing).
-Dive-rolling around in the snow, making angels and a tiny snow fort while waiting for the PCs during tower MOD. My toes hate me, but that's okay...'Cuz I hate them back.
-Getting drunk and learning how to punch things with Billiam. I could have just self-taught that, but turning down a drunken punching lesson with Billiam is like turning down a million dollars. RP moments always win, always.
-Hanging out with Birgitta and an Ogre whose name has escaped me at the Black Bird and greatly enjoying the time I had with them.
-Karkat saying (directed to Sébastien) "This guy's more evil than I am." Joking around or no, it's a win in my book.
-Watching Archelleyon (spelled wrong on purpose) get tortured with everything itchy and irritating to train him in enduring that kind of suffering in the future. Cam had some great RP during that lesson.
-Being the pastry man during the end-game.
-And my personal record of finding James withing thirty seconds of needing him.

I aspire to see you all again come March. My thanks to everyone for yet another great event at KR.

Salem Noire, Lieutenant Commander of the Blood Spirits

Lieutenant Leon Drekken of House Zezima

OOG-Reece Belmont
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26 Jan 2015 11:43 #5 by Atrus (Atrus)
Replied by Atrus (Atrus) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
So, this was an intense event for me/Atrus. Wanted to say thank you to all the people who made this event awesome, Story Tellers, and NPCs, but especially, Christine, Sean, Alice, Renee, Mars, and of Joe and Steve for the whole mind-numblingly, emotionally and mentally draining, intense scene I've ever been involved in. A+ RP from everyone I dealt with before and afterwards. Just "wow" is all I have to say about all that. I don't think that I've ever been so deeply into any character's head ever.

Sean thank you for letting me beat you to death with a rock. Christine thank you for all that craziness, especially at the very end of it all. You two were awesome and it was great to actually RP with you two for once.

Other highlights:

Shack time with Judge and Co. Always a blast and a good time, that mask is @*%#ing awesome.

Ilana and Tari's reactions and everything that happened there.

All the RP I had with people this event was top notch, and I continue to be super impressed with people's roleplay even when it is just small interactions or some arguments and the like.

A special shout out to the guys who NPCed for me Friday night, Phil, Rob, Lance, and crew, thank you muchly for continuing to be awesome NPCs for me and nailing your roles!

Getting beaten on for Main Mod wasn't as horrible as I remember it being, multiple layers and armor seem to help with all of that. Everyone I fought was awesome, Matt, you messed me up pretty badly, as did Jason and people. Overall, all the combatants were awesome, no issues on my end to speak of, things went well, were safe, and overall, it was all good.

Saturday, TZ, Karkat and Jason and people. Fun roleplay, more drama, always a blast to interact with you all!

I'm sure there is more, but body is weary, and just about every muscle is sore.

"Only those who have endured the greatest suffering can become the greatest people."

The following user(s) said Thank You: Angeliana (Angeliana), Swyft (agentswift), Imrahil (Brendan Barrett)

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26 Jan 2015 11:52 - 26 Jan 2015 12:04 #6 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
What higher honor could there be than for Nalick to be immortalized as a life-size copper statue that is currently acting as a Drega-Ward in the Drega-Room?

It was an interesting experience being asked by lords and knights to "Come over here for a minute." I saw two item cards on the floor where they had asked me to stand and wasn't sure what I was literally walking into. Then Nalick was told about the statue and asked to assume a heroic pose, to applause. Lord Weaveforger crafted the statue himself. Praise Brazen.

Stupid o'clock in the Drega-Room was hilarious. Thank you guys for your hospitality. Croi said she was asked to appraise the value of a solid copper Nalick statue, to which she replied that it would be priceless. But then she was asked for a specific amount and said 1 gold.

Croi: "They told me I was underselling you!"
Nalick: "You were... Underhilling?"
Croi: "Did you just... pun your own name!?"

Cue Croi buckling over with laughter, followed by the usual responses of, "Wait, are you a halfling!?" I am not now, nor have I ever been...

Friday night, there was a last-minute change of plans when I got invited to be a tree. Really, how could I say no to that? Getting to meet the "Monarch Humming-deer" and the Grizzly Snapping Rhino" was a hoot. Or some cacophonous noise that no one's ever heard before. We had a good amount of OOG silliness. It helped make standing in the cold more bearable. "I don't know about this peacock plan, guys. I'm getting... cold feet."

The next morning, I went to the Inn not knowing what time it was, because I had misplaced my timepiece and none of the clocks in the monastery were functioning properly. Not only was I on time for breakfast, Amizar explained to me the principle of "Noblesse oblige" and paid for my meal.

Teaching Fauna to be a Bard! The prospect of new bards always excites me, and I'm glad I could play a part in that. Heather, thank you for letting me teach. I realize I'm not going to get better at doing so without making mistakes, so it was good to have that opportunity.

The rumor that Tari heard about Nalick that has no bearing in truth whatsoever. Nuh uh.

Saturday evening, being pulled aside by the Captain formerly known as Magnus for a talk involving Eevie. Uh oh. Feeling somewhat relieved when we spoke. Poor Swyft, I shouldn't have worried you on my way out the door. Afterward, Magnus invited Nalick into a special group for main mod. Magnus, Eevie, Quan Liu, Jun, Philadin, and yours truly. We were the "Suicide Squad." At least, that was the intention at first.

Trudging single-file through the snow and hearing calls of "Find a battle buddy." Verrill and Clytie were behind me. Clytie wanted to be Verrill's buddy and Verrill wanted to be mine, but I was already Quan Liu's battle buddy.

Verrill: "What if we have a battle buddy ménage à trois?"
Clytie: "Well, I'm sure Nalick wouldn't mind that?"
Nalick: *Gulp* "What makes you say that, Clytie!?"

After the first two rituals were cleared in almost no time at all, Nalick asks the group, "What if this is a trap?" It didn't feel great being right.

Verrill reappeared in the middle of nowhere -- which became a recurring event -- and suggested joining our group again. Exasperated, Magnus shouts, "WHO ARE YOU!?"

Verrill: "I'm Verrill Lebastion!"

Back at the Inn, Nalick goes to the bar to cash in on the Lord-Admiral's offer of a goblet of wine or a mug of ale on his tab, in return for our service in the fight against Balfurous. Unfortunately, neither the bartender nor most of the patrons I spoke to, knew about the offer. Nalick received a bottle nonetheless.

When the Inn came under attack, I finally got an opportunity to use Lyric of Refuge, a bardic song that allows me to protect myself and a small group of people as long as I continue to sing. The intoxication gave me a good excuse for OOG forgetting the words to the song that I was singing. I prematurely ended the first barrier to change tunes. Thank you to Biron for acting both as incidental inspiration for what song to sing and for helping me to remember the words. It helped to have someone else singing along.

The eccentric merchant, Aldern Foxglove, who had been struck by lightning, paying a visit to the Inn late at night to sell damaged and used goods. Wow. What was he selling? A partially eaten sandwich, a lute that had been used to smack someone in the head, and bloodied bed sheets, among other things. The whole room was shaking with laughter, except for Tari, who wanted nothing to do with him. Foxglove occasionally sneaking up and crawling over the table behind her didn't help much.

Working with Amizar to recruit two new members, Tessa and Imrahil, into our organization was a lot of fun. Brendan, you were a particularly good sport!

I finally paid visit to Jed's shack. Next time, maybe he'll be in the mood for conversation. Swyft, Morgan, and I hung out for a short while, until we heard company outside. I got out of my chair to investigate and noticed someone -- whom I didn't know was Mistress Jade of Alisandria -- roughly 10 feet from the door. Shocked, IG and OOG, I went backwards into the wall and crumpled back into my chair. Jade casually walks into the shack, sandwich in hand, telling us all that we would all be dead. Pickle-related humor ensues. No, not that kind of pickle humor. Sheesh.

Donning the straw hat and realizing it fit my humongous head. Adopting a southern drawl was the natural next step.

Late Saturday night, attempting to mediate a discussion between Tessa and her sister, Wylla. Let's just say, I have my work cut out for me.

Confronting Ava, heading out to speak to Squire Gregory, but getting intercepted by Zelretch. Later having some things cleared up by Ser Cypher himself and still feeling all kinds of flustered about the whole deal.

Fessing up to someone and it ended up better than I'd hoped.

Running into Swyft every other hour, it seemed, and seeing her at various emotional peaks. Renee, I'm continually impressed. Keep up the awesome.

Sitting with Eevie in the Inn and discussing our plans. They were underway until we hit a snag in the form of principles. It turned into a philosophical talk. Firmly on one side before, Nalick was now on the fence. Although not literally on a fence, we agreed, because that would be decidedly uncomfortable.

I realize I've catalogued quite a few moments here, but there were so many that made this weekend amazing. Thanks, guys.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
Card Team
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26 Jan 2015 11:57 #7 by Rowan Uidhir (Teresa)
Replied by Rowan Uidhir (Teresa) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
The camp looked gorgeous, the storylines of the weekend were so involved, and the new rules are kickin'. A+ weekend! Thank you, Kirsten, Garrett, and the slew of players and marshals that helped them make an amazing event!

-Main mod was really enjoyable. Thank you, Drega'Mire for adopting the halfling into your ranks for the battle!
-a BIG tip of the hat to Steven, May, and Tori for jumping into the song for Feast at the last minute (with minimal rehearsal time :P). Jen, thank you as always for the joy and shenanigans!
-Buff-battle with Annora
-Being a part of the Northern trials mod
-Ree, that was some damn good mac'n'cheese!

-Rowan Uidhir
-Fira Sinclair, Ambassador of Valdalis

(OOG) Teresa Amore
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26 Jan 2015 12:19 - 27 Jan 2015 17:12 #8 by Swyft (agentswift)
Replied by Swyft (agentswift) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
My biggest highlight was the mini-mod in the Oubliette! Seriously, you couldn't have scripted a better scene. My only regret is that it wasn't filmed! Joe, John, Alice, Steve, Marcella, Sean and Christine... there are no words for how unbelievably awesome you all made that. I was thrilled to be a part of it and thrilled with the outcome. There were so many times I thought we were so dead! Poor Ilana got Shanghaied into our mad, mad world. She was incredible, though! Particularly when wind walking me away from Atrus who wanted to rip out my heart... until got distracted by his own madness.
Seeing Atrus' worst experiences come to life was intense. He rolled with it so well, climbing rock walls and everything! Being able to eventually interact with his memories was amazing, but also put on an incredible amount of pressure. I had to wrack my brain to come up with what to say to try to counteract the horrendous things happening. ...When my tongue wasn't being rotted out...
There was even a moment when Alice and I had to play corrupted versions of ourselves, oh MAN, was that wild!
Angeliana was wonderful, coming up with great counterarguments, particularly during a very important moment that, if we failed, might have lost us everything... She has the heart of a lion!
And all the while, Karkat orchestrated the madness, harassing us in various ways. Later hearing him say the words “I lost” to us almost floored me!
Just... a phenomenal performance from everyone. I am SO excited for what's next! Never a dull moment!

Kaledonia mod! Zach and Kayla did fabulous job, between the script, the plot, the WONDERFUL makeup and costuming and the people who performed, really went well. I loved being part of it! I'm glad everyone had fun!

The ambush by barbarians with Aldric, who said the whole time it was an ambush, while I tried to reason with them. He was right. Lol.

Getting to know Billiam a bit better and understanding why he does the things he does. This after having a minor altercation with him over his interrogation methods.

The shack attack! Oh my! After Jed received a package with two swords and a note that said “They Are Coming,” angry Glommites sneaked in to burn down the shack and steal our notes and literature! We managed to save the shack from destruction because Jed got angry about it... lol. Also, super grateful Mistress Jade showed up, too. Damn, that woman takes no prisoners. Literally. ;)

Fainting when extra insane Atrus said he was coming for me... (Nice, soft snow made that possible, lol.) Then later running into him with Nalick (again, poor fellow looked horrified) when I tried telling Atrus I wasn't afraid of him. Nalick, thank you for your unending support all weekend! I didn't mean to put you into dangerous situations! You are a trooper!

Good, wholesome Healer times with the Elk and Astrid! I think we followed (Matt Calos) around for like forty-five minutes, getting drunk off positive energy and enjoying the clean, fresh air. I could easily picture how majestic this spiritual elk would look as we were walking. It was immersing and awesome.

Weird, unnerving confrontation in Alisandria between Marcus and I when he purposely was poking Jed's mask to make it hurt. It got dark for a minute there, especially with Emeline's comment...

Amizar using his new Monstrous Disguise ability to make a decoy elk! Such a fantastic idea! I hear it worked well. Paul, you are a delight.

The ridiculous situation at the table in the inn , as I clung to Ilana with Karkat in front and Atrus to the side. Awful, the both of you!

Main Mod Drega'Group. Mostly we fought the snow, but at least we were a damn tightly knit group!

Spent some good times with Morgan. She is such an interesting character. I learn more and more about her. I hope one day Swyft can help her find her joy again!

In the shack with Jed post attack:
Nalick looks as though he hears something near the door, but Morgan seems calm.
Swyft: Is there something outside?
Nalick: (leaning out and then ducking back in) Yes!
Swyft: Aaahh! (Gets weapon ready)
Jade: (walking in, eating a sandwich) You'd all be dead. Point made.

The moral? Pickles can be deadly. :)

Aria's shenanigans...

The encounter with an Illithid... Just lucky to be alive! Eek...

The odd conversation with an odd group on Sunday outside the inn... Steve, as Karkat, you are an absolute horror. But you are also terribly amusing!

Terezi helping me bring something ethically important to the attention of the Town Guard!

The new Jaxuarian! Your makeup was fabulous, madame! I look forward to future interactions!

Another fun morning constiutional with Jonas! Valos is a cookie. :)

Facing rats with Amalthea to reclaim the Kaladonia flag! She is fierce!

It's like each event outdoes the next. I don't even know how it's possible, but I love it! There were so many people who created fantastic experiences! Thank-you, everyone!

Dame Swyft T. Glitterfang-Johnson-Ludwig
-Knight of Drega'Mire
- Carnifex of Aguara
- Designer of Stonefall Couture: "Because you're never too bad to look good!"

(OOG: Renée Day)
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26 Jan 2015 12:47 - 26 Jan 2015 12:48 #9 by Keavy (Dani)
Replied by Keavy (Dani) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
I certainly enjoy an event that resonates with Keavy's inner Princess Mononoke haha

-Zach's Vision Quest mod - My god what an incredibly fun and well done mod. It was a great mix of RP and combat. Meeting the Primal Spirits has made Keavy form another new goal in life. This was also the most fun I've had using my totem form as well- especially when I got to attack Matt Calo's NPC Cormac. Great job from everyone involved.

Also, three things: Senpai noticed me, Slay Bite, and WILLPOWER B*TCH!

-At Logistics:
Chuck: I had Dread Surgery and need some insanities.
John H: I had Dread Surgery and need some insanities.
Alice: I'd like to deposit gold and lifestyle please.

-Learning Perfect Focus from Billiamm with Orion. Solar Plexus!

-Watching two NPCs run at each other all warlike then slip past each other in an unintentionally comedic way. While its not nice to laugh at those who slipped on ice, they were ok!

-Caelvan getting Knighted!!!!!! :D

-Solo killing so many big bads this event!! Finally Keavy's able to really take them on! First was a large demon from the aforementioned battle, then Josh Labar's big bad barbarian at the Kaladonia area main mod! Then killing him again at the second half, not solo, but with the final slay!

-After main mod, learning Despair from Billiamm. After all the big bads I killed previously in the day, Billiamm was right when he said:
"Chaos warriors may not be able to take down entire armies, but they can fight THAT ONE GUY really well and kill them dead!"

-Totem meditations with Beligor and Amalthea :)

-Witnessing the rebirth of the Elk

-Belegchand sweet talking the Nothingness

Keavy has returned again to Sylvanus, aka I will not be around for a few months working on my fine art thesis. I will try to make it out to April if I can, but for now I'll miss you all.

Send me good vibes!!!

In Loyalty to Arawyn,
Keavy Lylas Kennyr'renaith
Servant and Protector of Arawyn
Druid | Totem Diviner | Herald of Nature
Svedlana "Svedka" Zarkovya
More vodka, less complaining.
Danielle Sanfilippo
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26 Jan 2015 13:00 #10 by Annora (Karen)
Replied by Annora (Karen) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights

Keavy Lylas Kennyr'renaith wrote: -Belegchand sweet talking the Nothingness

More accurately, Belegchand sweet talking the Nothingnss, Verrill hitting on it, and Croi trying to get it drunk.

OOG: Karen Y
Card Raptor
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26 Jan 2015 13:30 - 26 Jan 2015 13:34 #11 by LoisMaxwell (LoisMaxwell)
Replied by LoisMaxwell (LoisMaxwell) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
~Do you want to save the Londwyns
From getting crushed by snow?~
Major thanks and props to Kayla, JCP, and Sharone for trekking out to the Londwyn tent before 8am to check on us and clear the snow off our tent before it collapsed! Everyone always says that the community of this game is great, and you guys really exemplified that.

Similarly, thanks to Cappy for dropping out of game on Saturday for a bit to use his magical "I own an SUV" power to help me pick up the Chronicle :)

Meander: It's such a shame the Londwyn university collapsed. All those books!
Tobias: Well, that's why our national anthem is also the entire encyclopedia. *begins singing* Volume one. Aardvark. Antelope. Large Antelope; see Antelope."

Hat swap!

Circuitous conversations that last 4 hours to end up with a new baker.

Watching Magnus & Rudolph get into it - from 20 feet away, because dear god that was terrifying.

Tea party!

Sunday morning, an Andorran priest came over to the where some Londwyns were sitting to preach at us. "You need to open your hearts!" So Lois did... Who knew something as simple as opening the panel to show off your clockwork heart would make someone run screaming from the inn? ;-)


((OOG: Cassie Stanley, Marshal Deputy))
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26 Jan 2015 14:06 #12 by Alexandre Blythewood (Eleventh Phoenix)
Replied by Alexandre Blythewood (Eleventh Phoenix) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
I would like to personally thank: Jen Eff, Jeff Balla, Christine Beard, Cameron Hunting, Josh LaBar, Walter, Kayla, Chris Zipeto, Shane, Sam Maksoud, Renee, Matt Calo, and Brendan for NPCing for helping bring the most ambitious mod I've ever dreamed up to life. The characterization was spectacular all around, the intensity and engagement of the mod was high, and many of you took a 5 minute conversation about your character and turned it into something unique and special and larger than life. Additionally, I'd like to thank those of you with minor roles for bearing with me through in the cold; you guys are the unsung heroes of that mod.

And now, some highlights;

-"How old do you think I am!?"
-Main plot this month was incredible. I only got to play my PC for about 8 hours this event, but I was engaged for the whole time.
-Watching Matt prance around in that elk costume.
-Orc bits
-Fighting Zipeto.
-Bowling for elves. Sorry about your vassals, Gideon.

-Alexandre Blythewood

OOG: Zach Theis
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26 Jan 2015 14:20 #13 by Charani Yhatzi (MaliHH)
Replied by Charani Yhatzi (MaliHH) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
I have no words for this event. I think this may have been my best event in over 3 years of going to game.

I got in at midnight, and just barely made it in time to join the Spirit Walk. All the NPCs did amazing jobs, and the etch a sketch with white sorcery and earth's blood was amazing. I can't wait to encounter the avatars in the future.

Saturday morning was a blur of helping serve breakfast for the first time in a long time. The pancakes were very tasty.

Next came the ritual, and taking part in that was very rewarding. I loved hearing everyone's reasons for the need for Eodra.

Absolute highlight-Chronicler. I seriously can't put words to how amazing that was. Drew and James, thank you so much. I think it fit us and the religion perfectly, and I have never cried for joy in a LARP before. The whole moment and the changes also made a very huge mark on Almat, and I am excited for the changes I see this leading to in her personality and the coming RP.

Saturday night talks and learning was phenomenal as well.

Sunday morning was just full of awesome research. Haven't had a research session like that for awhile, hadn't realized how much I missed it.

Also, dinner after game was quite nice, both the food and the company. Not sure I can go back to Jefferson after that...

All in all, amazing event. I am so happy I was there.

~Charani Yhatzi

OOG: Sharone Horowit-Hendler
kitchen staff
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26 Jan 2015 14:22 - 26 Jan 2015 16:48 #14 by Maralas (adamdrew3)
Replied by Maralas (adamdrew3) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
This was a pretty great event for me. Even though I did not have one of those wonderful stellar moments, the RP was top notch and I really had a great time. Here are the things I remember and enjoyed:

Friday night: Midnight Mass was fun! I was surprised at how well it was attended given the snow and long treck down to Winterdark. Thanks to all who came!! Woohoo! I got to use my secret recipe Smudge on people!

I got serenaded by Pluvious!!! <3 <3 <3

Saturday:Market Faire was good! Damn, making flasks nets a lot of $$$. If you need a flask of efficiency, let me know!

My very first real interaction with Jed was interesting. He was brought to me to tell him about Gaia. Maralas happily did so; but she is not sure how she feels about the whole thing.

The Purification Ritual was really cool. I felt honored to be a part of it. There was some really great RP in there and, well, it was just cool. "Aldric, Valos meant for you to be there!" ;) Then getting a Ceremonialist lesson from the Bishop was awesome! <bouncy bouncy bouncy>

Feast was really great . . . I feel like I did a pretty ok benediction for it being a last minute thing.

Sunday Morning: Hanging out with Nigel and Billiam was just so much fun. I love you both tons! I smiled all morning because of you! Then lessonns with Rudolf were great!

I am sure that I have forgotten things. It was great to see everyone and to give and get tons of hugs. One of my favorite things was during my LM shift, getting to hear about some really awesome RP mods. I think that when we come together and a scene hapens so perfectly, there is nothing that can top that. Whether it is combat or not, those are the moments that make this LARP such a beautiful thing.

Thank you to all the people who stayed at Winterdark! You all are like family and I love that we take care of each other and create a nice homey space.

Thank you to all the cooks and kitchen staff. I know you all work your butts off and I really appreciate all that you do! Feast was delish!

Thank you to James, all the marshalls, all the story tellers and all the people who work so hard to make KR a successful and entertaining LARP. Thank you, also, to all the players who bring it every single event.

Maralas Silverstream
High Priestess of Gaia

OOG: Rebecca Hines

Logistics Marshal
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26 Jan 2015 15:03 #15 by GJSchaller (GJSchaller)
Replied by GJSchaller (GJSchaller) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights

The moral? Pickles can be deadly. :)

Pickles are undead cucumbers. A pickle stand is a Cucumber Necropolis. Just ask Diane...

Lord Gideon Weaveforger of Kaladonia
Steward of Elvalion
OOG: Geoffrey Schaller
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26 Jan 2015 15:13 #16 by GJSchaller (GJSchaller)
Replied by GJSchaller (GJSchaller) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Awesome event, overall. My one lowlight of the event was a minor highlight... having to get up multiple times overnight and go outside because I was too well hydrated. :-P

Zach's plot / mod was a wonder to behold. Thank you to everyone that made it come alive, PCs, NPCs, and STs alike.

Cha'vea: "We're going on a spirit walk, would you care to join us?"
Gideon: "I just did one last night, I think I am still hung over..."

Earnest talks between Gideon and Haroldson.

Spellbreaker lessons. If I can stop my wife's spells, I think I passed.

The Great Council meeting. Othello / Arthur's ... contribution to the meeting.

A personal discussion with the Count and Barak.

To Gina's new PC: "I have no idea who you are, but I feel compelled to give you some cheese."

NEW WARM CLOTHING. A new Irish Wool Sweater made the new heavy wool Halfmoon cloak almost obsolete... almost.

Team Mollywhomp at the mouth to the passage north on Main Mod. Any time an NPC got past the lines and up to the path, it became Chunky Salsa (tm) a moment later.

Lord Gideon Weaveforger of Kaladonia
Steward of Elvalion
OOG: Geoffrey Schaller
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26 Jan 2015 15:24 #17 by Matt D (MattD)
Replied by Matt D (MattD) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Crystal's new Jax and all the fun we had with her in the Tower...

The 80 Gold brownies

Goose's cooking and Alisandria's kindness

Fighting John's Templar and realizing why NPC's hate when I call Seal of Vengeance on them.

Fighting Stephen under Determination/Seal of Vengeance, and seeing the pure exasperation when he could not harm me after breaking the third rule of PC'ing - "Never take the stun"

Elias Ashby
Proprietor of the Ashby Family General Store

Lord Templar Rayven Nightwing of the Order of Holy Light

(OOG - Matt D. - Photographer)
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26 Jan 2015 15:33 #18 by Dame Clytie Silverfang (itsgonnabemay)
Replied by Dame Clytie Silverfang (itsgonnabemay) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
First, I'd like to thank everyone who talked to, helped out, and comforted my friend. He fully intends to come back to game as soon as he's fully prepared, maybe even as early as next event. He's really excited and passionate about this now despite everything, so thanks!

Now onto Clytie's Highlights:

-Ran into a couple old friends I wasn't expecting to see. Not only that, but one got married over the course of the weekend. Clytie conveyed her congratulations by waggling her eyebrows whenever the two of them hugged or did couple stuff.
-Spent most of the event hunting down arch-casting lessons. It took some twists and turns, but at least it happened.
-During this pursuit, Snowball the Decoy Elk was led back from a successful afternoon of baiting. At the suggestion of others. Clytie intoxicated said elk. Sorry not sorry Amizar.
In other news, The Drunken Elk bar and tavern might be coming to a barony near you.
-Not even ten minutes later, a goblin girl bursts into the bar loking for an alchemy teacher. She was randomly mixing things together while Clytie was explaining the details, drank her product, and promptly explodes. Eh, at least she paid in advance.
-Anhil thought it would be a good idea to tell a nyad that he recently discovered empathic abilities. First it started with poking at others and him, and grew to slapping him a couple times and screaming at him for being incredibly stupid with said abilities.
-Ran into Rowen, Croi, Sindarion, and Angelica rehearsing a song, one I just so happened to love and have memorized a harmony to. Not only was she invited to perform with them, but they gave her a portion of the donations after the number. Twice now she's performed and twice she's been paid for it. I get the hint, guys, I'm making a bard alt.
-Part one of main mod with the Ostr'mire team, fortunately all the Vanir forgot their Ignore Magics so long as Clytie stuck to fire. After decimating them, she actually proposed sending a scouting team to find other rituals to Grimkjell. He said it was fine. Ha. Ha ha.
-Noping out of the second part after a bit and going to the drunk alchemist party in the Blackbird. We spoke of demonic human-puddles, the benefit of weaponizing wood chippers, finger-wiggling, and tea-bibles.
-Sassing about on sunday with torture-Arkelian lessons, witnessing the Elk's rebirth, and discussing nyad things.

Great event, I'm really looking forward to February!

Dame Clytie Silverfang, the Pegasus
Knight of Travance
Master of the Mage's Guild

OOG- May Leonard
Kitchen Staff
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26 Jan 2015 15:43 #19 by Mirwen Silverbow (Mirwen)
Replied by Mirwen Silverbow (Mirwen) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
It's been a while since I wrote out one of these!

I have to mention the scene in the Oubliette and thank everyone-Joe, Steve, Alice, Renee, Mars, John, and Sean-for making it so incredible. I never get the chance to RP with most of you and even if was as an NPC I'm really glad I got the opportunity. The intensity of that scene was ridiculous, beyond anything I've done before, and watching the way everyone reacted, especially to the way we were flipping roles and alignments on a dime, was superb. I can't believe it concluded the way it did. Thank you all for such an incredible, memorable, and draining scene.

One a similar token, thank you to everyone at Kaladonia mod! You made my time even just being a tree awesome. Watching the reactions and the conclusions and realizations was so much fun. Kayla and Zach wrote up an awesome experience and picked the perfect people to NPC everything. It was a great mod and a great way to open my weekend.

I spent a lot of my weekend NPCing. But I got a lot of compliments on my new wire ears, because I refused to wrestle with spirit gum over and over.

Other highlights:
Teaching my first arch caster lesson! Yay!
Learning Druid stuff! Caldor grabbing Mirwen's face and kissing her forehead when she asked if he would teach her.
New people to help in Pendarvin! Always good! I'm excited.
I spent a lot of time sleeping. Which I'm pretty okay with, considering I don't usually sleep and I was up till 3 or 4 both nights.

Looking forward to February! Hope everyone in NY/NJ survives the storm.

Lady Mirwen Silverbow of Pendarvin
Master of the Mage's Guild
Mage's Guild Scribe
File Attachment:

File Attachment:

Christine B
New Player Marshal
Logistics Marshal
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26 Jan 2015 16:16 #20 by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta)
Replied by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Kitchen! Kitchen! Washing! Work!
Splitting wood before game. Yep can still swing a maul and wedge. Ha


Black Bird finally not on duty!

7 lawbreakers handed to the guard. Your welcome guys! Lol
Low and high light small council. One of the hardest tough love things Birgitta has ever had to do.

Discussion with my Fellow Blood Spirits on the treason notice.

Would you mind looking into this...and responses were awesome.

Warm fire good food.

Sir Caelvin

Not feeling like i had to go out in the snow for patrol escorts etc etc etc.

Jen F. Npc fight... Funtimes.

Birgitta Drexel (Primary)
Commander of Training Baronial Militia
Blood Spirits (Cmd/Sgt)
Blue Dragoon

"Amateurs Practice Until They Get It Right; Professionals Practice Until They Can’t Get It Wrong"

Callisto Boyington (Alt)

AKA Leslie McCormack
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26 Jan 2015 17:25 - 26 Jan 2015 17:27 #21 by Arkelian (TheRevenantHero)
Replied by Arkelian (TheRevenantHero) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Oh man this event was pretty insane for me.

Friday night: -going on new player mod and getting absolutely mollywhomped while looking for that elk. Talking smack to the PC's was fun though
-Fredrick mod was as fun to NPC as always. So happy I get to be a part of that story.
Cooper: "Hide in Shadows!"
Vicky: "He's over there."
Cooper: "MOM!!!"

Saturday: -Just sitting at the inn and having Utgard and Jack walk up to me and hand me Hastengale. That was pretty awesome.
-Having talks with Bridget about sylphs and where she grew up. yay bonding!
-Going to tower and getting absolutely destroyed by Vaenir. Kudos to Alex and Aren who kept kncoking me down then healing me to mess with some more. Then baptizing me to Aguara, causing me to take 100 divine damage. ouch. Then finally when I thought I was gonna save the people getting tortured, Defranza decided it was time for me and him to engage in mortal combat. That was epic as hell and I almost had him! That final cripple did me in and I unfortunately died. Having Sarah Brand use Arkelian as a meat puppet was hilarious though.
-Getting crucified to a tree after having antlers implanted to my character's skull and getting an eagle drawn into his back. Arkelian gets into so much trouble. Morgan screaming for help probably is what saved me from taking a tag. Still had to be reanimated in the Monastery though. Arkelian is now a metalhead!
Lois Maxwell: "My word, he has a thicker skull than anyone else I've ever worked on!" Thanks Cassie :P
-Feast was delicious then the following battles were epic. Was hilarious to have an enslaved Vaenir cast Aguaran spells on me. Getting hit then telling them they take a 10 second stun after I defended caused a lot of confused looks. Then rushing someone and using Hastengale to throw them 150 into the air was awesome.

Sunday: Waking up to rat....things attacking the Kaladonia state house and having Utgard chase them out.
-Hanging out at the inn then getting a lesson from Ayella for perfect focus. YOU ARE ALL SO MEAN TO ARKELIAN! Giving Bridget a look of betrayal when she stripped me too.
-Getting taught the movements in armor became a group of people just cackling and beating on Arkelian. I unfortunately hurt my shoulder and left leg in that mess.

All in all, a fun event and thanks to everyone for turning my crap week into a truly amazing weekend.

"Always follow me family's motto. The MacTiernan family motto is: Stop it!"

Arkelian MacTiernan, red dragoon who occasionally gets incredibly rage filled.

OOG: Cameron H.
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26 Jan 2015 17:46 - 26 Jan 2015 17:54 #22 by Thalia Burdorn (abbyl)
Replied by Thalia Burdorn (abbyl) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
This event will forever stand out in my mind as the event where Thalia fell down. A lot. In her defense, she's from a kingdom under a mountain where they don't have to deal with things like snow. Or rain. Or weather in general really now that I'm thinking about it...

This was the first event where I really didn't do anything with the plot, I sort of derped around and did my own thing. But I saw a lot of it and I have to give major props to the NPCs, the Storytellers and the Marshals. This plot was amazing and having watched the rebirth of the elk as a Doe from the road next to the inn while white head-banned, I can tell you that will stay with me for quite some time.

-Standing in front of Frederick when he tried to call for Eric's body/soul, refusing to let him have it and being ordered to get the spirit off the battlefield to safety. Also the realization that EVERY TIME I'm heading to the focus I wind up running into Morgan and Greggory. Doesn't matter if I'm going there or coming through it. :P

-Warden meeting with the Count with Angeliana and Albert; filling Tori in on what happened later.

-The Saturday morning Empath Consultation with Anhil, Albert, Hazel and Gwynned.
-Anhil: *looking out the window* Is that the elk? ... is the elk flying?

-Chronicler Mass. Always a highlight of my game!

-Running into Illiryn post-Chronicler mod. Galen, the look in your face and the stunned/shocked/elated-ness you had? Just fantastic!

-Working with Talia at Treeage (triage by a tree. Okay yeah that one was bad.) It is always a pleasure to work with you!

-Seeing Matt Calo dressed up as the elk during his break and realizing that it was him.

-Getting some unexpected logistics marshal training! :)

Lowlight was hitting my head on the ice on Friday night during Frederick mod. Thankfully was not concussed. Forest, thanks for helping me get up and making sure I was okay before we kept going to try and grab the downed guy. And thank you to the safety marshals for making me sit down afterwards in the kitchen, I know I'm kind of stubborn when it comes to stuff like this. And I want to thank Geoff for helping with my near-meltdown just before main mod part 2 and helping to sort out the confusion that I had!

Gonna be away for next month, see everyone in March! :D

Thalia Stonebar Burdorn
Consul of Kaladonia
Warden of the Phocus
Ambassador to Calasvorin
Manager, Dragon's Claw Inn;

OOG: Abby Leib
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26 Jan 2015 17:52 - 26 Jan 2015 19:50 #23 by geezer (geezer)
Replied by geezer (geezer) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
In no particular order:
Having a talk with Crystal's new Alt and not having a clue it was her. Great RP and make-up job.
<<Earnest talks between Gideon and Haroldson.>> Never quite know how these will turn out, but overall, I was pleased.

Josh L RPed his sub-boss on MM perfectly - as I have repeatedly said, it is always a pleasure.
Deep discourse with Billlium - the mutual respect is growing.

Long and sometimes voluble discussion with the Barbarians of Pendarvin about the best way for Haroldson to work with them concerning the totem elk. It was decided by them I could use magic anyway I saw fit and none would bitch. Sending Astrid (after she acquired the antler and hide of the sacrificed elk) to the Statehouse via an Adriana's Portal - no one bitched.

Having the Bank of Haroldson assume full operation, using its own minted gold to pay for someone's business.

OOG - conversation with Garrett
OOG - Sean going shopping Friday for Feast, - TY very much

Offering Mordra some of my Raspberry/blueberry crumb cake in Pendarvin. "Its scrumptious" she opined, "But needs further testing with tea." Let the contest continue.

Lydius and Tari in the Statehouse, while I delineate what my punishment for his learning Necromancy is.

Teaching Clytie her first Archcaster Lesson - more questions on this one - will get into technique when she comes back for more.

Edwin Haroldson
Master of the Mages' Guild

An ethical person does the right thing when no one is watching.

OOG - Charlie Spiegel - Kitchen Marshal

"War is a matter of vital importance to the State..."
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26 Jan 2015 18:09 #24 by Dame Laurent-Belmont (amalthea)
Replied by Dame Laurent-Belmont (amalthea) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Making it to the rumors with my alt. Go, Primrose!

The barbarian plot was a real treat, despite not being a barbarian. It was easy to care about the Elk, the tribes, and other surrounding affairs, not to mention that I'm close to one Northman in particular. I was hooked on the plot.

Kaladonia vision quest. I got together with my buddies, smoked some stuff, and saw THINGS. Played around with Greater Heal Life to help trees, and smiled when it works. Who says high (really, really high) elves can't do nature things too? Had a moment with the Monarch Humming-deer, and discovered Anhil's predicament. I feel your pain.

Major props to everyone involved, from STs to NPCs.

The trials were fun to participate in. Letting the bones fall where they may and getting snarky when the fight master
asked Utgard if he'd been trained by an elf (well I never!) were stand out moments.

NPC- Thanks, Ben, for letting my Aruarran priestess play a rather literal game of skin the cat with a captured Jaxuarian on Tower mod. To the player of that Jaxuarian, you are a trooper.

Feast- Being made squire to Lady Kleiden, Amalthea's long-time teacher, is an honor. Feast itself was delicious, and that was the cherry on the sundae.

After the battle of main mod, sitting and playing music with Rowan. Going back to Kaladonia and running into some kobolds, which turned into retribution and a little closure. Caelvan's reaction- "I've never seen Amalthea murder something so hard."

Utgard's majestic pajamas, righting rats with Swyft, and the totem meditation with Keavy. It was well worth the wait.

And of course, after the game, Elk Burgers. (nomnomnomnom)

Can't wait for next month!

Dame Amalthea Laurent-Belmont
The Heart of Kaladonia
Steward of Auralion
Master of House Laurent-Belmont
Paladin of the White Fox

Alts: Eden Heimdell

Lauren F.
I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend
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26 Jan 2015 18:35 #25 by GJSchaller (GJSchaller)
Replied by GJSchaller (GJSchaller) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
"discovered Anhil's predicament. I feel your pain."

I see what you did there...

Lord Gideon Weaveforger of Kaladonia
Steward of Elvalion
OOG: Geoffrey Schaller

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26 Jan 2015 18:42 #26 by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
Replied by Caldor Eirson (Caldor) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights

GJSchaller wrote:

The moral? Pickles can be deadly. :)

Pickles are undead cucumbers. A pickle stand is a Cucumber Necropolis. Just ask Diane...

House Eirson of the pickle hunter class will happily destroy them all for her... by eating them.

Onto Recaps:

This was my best event to date.

Right away getting to talk with Aldric about putting protections on the Barracks. Glad to support him.

Getting to explain the logic behind my new verbal was fun.

Immediately heading down to the Kaladonia Altar Space to make my Preach rune. I've been looking forward to that one for a long time. Got to meet the first Gaian Cardinal there and have wonderful discussions with him.

Heading down to Midnight mass... which was beautiful and warm as always. I do really enjoy those, even if the walk to Winterdark nearly killed us. Got to use my Preach rune right away, which was a joy.

Sadly having to flee immediately to get to Kaladonia mod... and got there JUST In time. OH MY GOD that was the best mod ever. Perfect combination of NPC theater, combat, skill use, Role Playing, music, costuming, atmosphere. Thank you SO much to everyone who NPCd it.... and while you were all fantastic, Sam knows she took a special cooing place in my heart with her portrayal. Bill was very very Bill, and it cracked me up when Na'ar's Howling Wind was used to shut down his masterful taunting (Does Bill just get Insult as a racial?). Keavey also showed (for the first of at least 2 times) the best way to use Slay! Running into the Elk on the way back was super cool as well and a great way to be introduced into the main plot. I could probably do an entire highlight post about this mod....

Immediately following that with being caught up in Barbarian plot the next day. I adored the feel of the new tribe, and the 3 NPCs were fantastic. The quest and challenges were so much fun. Hats off for the champions being chosen by a real draw of bones... I truly respected an appreciated that.

... I really gotta condense my students into classes. I taught Germinate 5 times and Flora 3 times... I could have sat everyone together and done one big lesson and saved a LOT of time....But... I love all of my students. You guys were all really great about it and I really do enjoy teaching. Teaching and getting lessons are absolutely my favorite part of KR.

Upon my return I was drawn to the monastery for the cool multi god ritual. Nothing brightens caldor's day by having a Cardinal of his god (the second one he's met) use divine power to seal him in a room with a dozen beautiful holy women. Praise Gaia. Oh yeah, Zethir was there too.... The ceremony was brilliant and really well done. Of course, Brother Aldric showed that Valos loves him enough to control his bowels to make sure he was inside the seal, and he showed up at the PERFECT time.

Thank you Cardinal for the blessing on the Kaladonia altar. I really love that space, and every time someone new comes to it, it just becomes more and more special.

Feast. Dear gods Luis... that pork was divine.

New Post Feast clean up duties training. Mad props to Bill - he is a machine

Going into Main mod was a little sad for me b/c Ree had a headache and had to sit out. However, I was happy when it was said it was split into 3 battle sites, as I really like smaller battle mods. The moment we wasted ours in minutes I knew something was wrong.

Typon's Totem lesson was brilliant. More so because he apparently thought it up minutes before he gave it, completely scrapping his old one. His visualization and description of the mechanics of the skill was incredible (HINT: Lessons from Dave are cool)

Post lesson learning that the town Failed. The fact that the stag was dead hit Caldor HARD. I tried to use a once a LARP ability on the skin to bring it back... and was moved with Typhon, Alistair, Gilthu, Astrid, Illana and others gave me their support and power. While we failed, I knew that every single one of those people was someone Caldor would now support to the end of the earth (ok, most of them already were). I actually borrowed brawlers and ALMOST hit people with them. I kept almost committing violence against the Venir, but managed to hold strong. Thank you to Brother and Cousin for their words that helped me. The conversation about Alistair's code made Caldor say something he immediately regretted about how to treat the Venir... He has done a lot of prayer and soul searching since.

Interesting highlight: Caldor was sure our failure was total, and the the life of the spirit was corrupted. It was very interesting to see Caldor be negative, and Grim be the optimist. In the end though, the true faith in the spirit was Dr. Tobias Armitage. I'm so glad he was right, and so look forward to talking druidics with him.

More rune making over the entire weekend. Oh damn that puts a strain on one's DP/FP and time.

Sunday morning... I went to see the tribe before they left. I was going to offer whatever condolences I could, whatever help I could. When he started his ritual, I placed my ritual sphere and began chanting and following him. I was honestly depressed. And then I saw the doe spirit in the distance with the blue head band. I've never been so glad to be able to see blue headbands IN MY LIFE. I drew over to it, and saw her advancing slowly. I felt sorry for those who couldn't, and was thrilled when NA'ar came to my side to see it as well... Astrid joined too... The doe came to the middle and was reborn, and I actually found myself crying tears of joy and relief.

Truly an amazing event all around, every mod, every event, all the RP, the food. Absolutely reminds me why I keep coming back.

Caldor Eirson,

Gothi and High Priest of Gaia
Wedding Planner, Match Maker,
Spiritual Advisor To Kaladonia

OOG: Jason M.
Deputy Kitchen Marshal
Land System Marshal

Q: How many people does it take to teach a barbarian how to read?
A: 1 knight, 3 squires, and 1 master of the mages guild.
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26 Jan 2015 18:43 - 26 Jan 2015 18:49 #27 by Cyndra Stagsblood (Taylorfischer)
Replied by Cyndra Stagsblood (Taylorfischer) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Every event seems to turn into my favorite event!

-getting to enjoy my new clothing finally in alisandrian colors!

-meetings meetings! Getting to know more characters in depth has been a pleasure and trudging through the snow to hang out at the inn, pendarvin and more, really was a highlight :)

-delicious food all around, am I here for the RP yes...but the food has been a constant and pleasant surprise!

-helping the late night crew in the kitchen was fun, getting to be mother hen and cleaning the stovetop was the least I could do for all the hardwork that the kitchen does :) and feeding the after hour NPC's!

-Belechand was the best elk i had ever seen, being creative and having fun ambient RP creatures are amazing! and his performance is something I hope to see again!

-i was impressed by the new enemies to fight, combat can be a little difficult at times but it felt like there was enough mixture of low to high level enemies that I was able to find where I could be useful (after taking a few knees heh)

-the stares while using the scholar table and having a spider sitting with me! Many many curious glances and a few of horror (i can thank macha for that :)

also all around amazing RP from everyone! I love seeing people come out in the iffy weather to have fun <3!

OOG: Taylor Fischer
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26 Jan 2015 20:02 #28 by Captain Cade Tanwyn (Cade Tanwyn)
Replied by Captain Cade Tanwyn (Cade Tanwyn) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Man oh man where to start.

Getting arrested and released 3 different times before Saturday afternoon (twice for "murder" once for "grave desecration") was definitely one way to start an event. Everyone roleplayed incredibly well and it was fun (and a little terrifying) to keep having run ins with the law.

For the sake of keeping family business within the family I won't mention names but all of the higher level gypsies have been so incredible helpful to me, Cael, and Vien. Much thanks cousins. Also really exciting to see so many new gypsy players.

Main Mod Saturday was epic.Goliath is truly the only reason us low level players made it out alive. I very much look forward to helping him in any way I can with the militia. Right after main mod ended I jumped on my NPC shift. Getting to play Ted, the most spectacular, nay the most legendary, nay the most indescribable thief Travance has ever seen was a blast. Everyone I interacted with was hilarious and seemed genuinely invested in what shenanigans this idiot was going to get himself into. I hope the Green Goose will get to fly again. Also shout out to Vien who played Ted's partner. We did a great job playing off each other and one upping each other's antics.

Of course I must mention my crew. Colin, Valanye, Cael, and Vien. Good times were had. I'm already waiting with anticipation for the next time we all get to Travance.

Co-founder Tanwyn Trading
Captain Cade Tanwyn of The Night Harrier
Author of the Pirate Accords founded in 1217

OOG: Andy, New Player Marshal
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  • rivanyasi
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26 Jan 2015 21:20 #29 by rivanyasi (rivanyasi)
Replied by rivanyasi (rivanyasi) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Highly intense event.

Getting to be the one "in the know" for once was kinda neato. Talking with Typhon and the Chiveo was fun, then actually having to deal with the Vanir was pretty real.
I screwed up while looking for Kaladonia in Kaladonia, and ended up hearing calls for help which led me to low-level mod's tail end. By the time I got back, I was already late for...
Vision Quest! This mod was just straight up phenomenal, and I'm super glad I was allowed to jump in. I don't know how much impact I had on it *before* the end, but picking the proper time to throw a Perfect Cast Howling Win(d) was priceless. I've now made two really good PC calls with two different Wills.
Then, it was back to the Statehouse for info and winding down, stopped only a few times by Vanir and the setup to a really bad joke: "A drow walks into the Kaladonia statehouse..."

NPC was fun. Cameron ran a really chill shift, we got to freak people out and show them a good time, I think it went well.

Saturday afternoon, frolicking around in childish headspace was great. Magic lessons with Mirwen and Clytie, sitting for feast, and blasting our way through main mod were all good. Of course, Verrill doesn't want anyone to talk around me anymore... but that's it's own deal :P

Sunday, I got back in gear for more lessons. Maxing out Soul Warden is only the beginning, and marathon research sessions with my sister were great. Additionally, getting to be a part of the Chiveo closing ritual and seeing the Elk reborn was really heartening after learning of the failure to save it. If I'd been able, I would have wrenched her back myself... but I'll have to save it for next time.
Oh, also, codex making. I love talking theory, and the interviews I've been having with people for book making are *wonderful* in that regard. I only hope my books are doing your information justice.

I'll see you guys in February, I hope!

Na'ar Chacov, Soul of the Stars.

Ayiri Amexis, Sorceress' Apprentice.
Lupta Tamasa, Torn and Blackened.

OOG: Riva A.
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26 Jan 2015 21:22 - 26 Jan 2015 22:32 #30 by Wylla H. (Tifferzlives)
Replied by Wylla H. (Tifferzlives) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Boy oh boy...lots and lots of highlights

Friday - Running around with Alune, Tessa and others on guard stuff. Escorting a woman to Midnight Mass and first running into the Venir and the elk. That elk was everywhere and no where. Fredrik mod was fantastic. The RP argument between Mavieth and another player afterward was fantastic. Trying not to laugh when the other guy got hexed while yelling. Back at the inn finding out what my sisters profession really is led to Wylla being visibly angry for the first time. Funny that it was Duncans fault, haha. Drinking at the bar alone later. Getting hit on by another woman was a new one for Wylla.

Saturday NPC shift - Had a lot of fun being a Venir. Got to be part of the final trial and had loads of fun fighting heroes while their comrades looked on in confusion with them fighting air.

Saturday afternoon/ evening - Talking with Duncan about my sister. Tower mod. So. Brutal. Trying to heal everyone I could. Getting distracted while healing and having Alune throw me back to avoid getting hit. First time I ever got my legs severed. Feast was fantastic. Sat with Nalick, Dorwick and Mavieth. Talked to Angeliana and got attuned to the phocus! Hung back at the inn for main mod. Some Lessons before all hell broke loose. Inside while fighting raged outside. Walter saved the day for Wylla when Venir came crashing through the door. Drinking with Alune, Dorwick and Reed. All the back rubs. Nalick pestering Wylla to talk to her sister, even though she was drunk. That talk went badly and I'm sure quite a few people witnessed it at the bar. Talking with Aldric. Sitting around the fire in the inn and all the shenanigans with multiple people that I don't know the names of.
Jonas Kane, "They look like fire fairies."
Wylla, "Hm? The fire?"
Jonas Kane, "Yeah. Fire fairies in an incinerator."
Talking with Jonas Kane about the benefits of being in the guard was funny.

Sunday - Getting woken up by something attacking the barracks. Throwing heals at anyone who was in eyesight from bed. Healing lessons with Swyft. Learning about soul harvesters with Na'ar and Mavieth. then heading to pack up.

This event was a lot of fun. Lots of thanks to everyone who makes this game what it is. Marshals, storytellers, staff, kitchen staff, NPCs, PCs and a big ol thanks to the safety marshals. You guys had your work cut out for you with all the snow and ice.

This was a hell of an event and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year holds. See ya guys next month!

Wylla Harlow
Vassal of Ostcliff

Alt: Veska Borruso

(OOG Tiffany Yoder)
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