normal January 2015 Event Highlights

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30 Jan 2015 08:20 - 30 Jan 2015 08:21 #61 by Magnus (hippy g0th)
Replied by Magnus (hippy g0th) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights

Running Fredrick Mod


Rp with Charlie, and Larry


Fighting Garrett

Fighting Chuck

Getting attacked by 3 NPC's at once during main mod, deciding it would be kinda dumb to call a billion defenses when they absolutely got the jump on me and taking a snow nap as a result

Matthew Majchrzak


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30 Jan 2015 20:06 - 30 Jan 2015 22:32 #62 by geezer (geezer)
Replied by geezer (geezer) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
I debated on listing this, as it is a bit esoteric, but here goes. I was playing a game of chess with a relative newcomer to the game, and as part of my entertainment, I explain what I am thinking. Around the 10th move, he had moved several pawns on black squares (He was playing the White pieces)

I told him, "You have a fatal weakness on your white squares. You will lose this game because of it." He replied "I can't see it" to which I replied "Neither can I, but I know it will happen"

Six moves later I had a pawn on e4 (his King 4) and moved a rook to g1 (KN 1) checking him, to which he had to relocate a knight to f1 (KB10. I followed by checking him with a knight move to d3 (Q3) followed by a queen check to g3 (KN3). Every move was to a white square. He was mated. Kyle took a picture and I asked him to tell James to label it "White Death."

I know not many will follow this, but I was pleased a punch.

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31 Jan 2015 12:40 - 31 Jan 2015 12:43 #63 by Edmund Patterson (Edmund)
Replied by Edmund Patterson (Edmund) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Hello Everybody!!

This is the first time in 15 plus years I had an opportunity to play a major NPC and I had a blast doing it.
My partner in crime, Chris Langevin (Honovi) helped immensely, when we needed time to come up with responses his rolling the bones helped to give us time to come up with responses plus give the seer flair. Chris Zipeto AKA Captain Kick-Ass for acting as the Chiveyo muscle!

This roll gave me/us an opportunity to interact with many people that I normally don't interact with or only have limited interaction with.

I have to admit that Friday night I had some concern trying to sell the plight of my people because the majority of the town was on other mods, go figure. However those who I did interact with were either really enthusiastic or wanted nothing to do with it. No we were not Wendingo :-) Trying to find Ganon (playing the Elk) to let him know we were done so that he didn't freeze.

Saturday morning went very well with speaking to people and preparing them for the trials. It was great seeing a lot of people get involved and putting the groups together to send them through. Participating in the last encounter administering the peyote :-)

A big shout out to Tim Ponjican for running the Lich Mod and all that helped. Seeing Tori pop out as the Lich and going Ut-Oh, game on!

A big shout out to Thalia Burdorn for starting to get the in ready for feast set-up. I ran a little late due to my mod :-)

Saturday night getting everyone ready for the big fight(s). Having to run the audible because the 3rd scroll wasn't found - Thank You Typhon for "Going to the Druid Grove" and roll-play divining where the rituals were.

Watching the organized chaos before going out to main mod - part 1. Everyone fighting in the snowy chaos, it was crazy icy out there. The final NPC group coming out en masse yelling and screaming and then promptly wiping out on the ice "as a group" (nobody getting hurt) made me laugh. Everyone composing themselves enough for the PCs and NPCs to get back up and have one last battle was great.

Going back to the Inn and then the start of main mod part 2. O boy, loosing my shit when we found the Elk was sacrificed, the screams and the shock was immensely emotional. Rocking back and forth with the Elk corpse then transmuting form to a bear and carrying off the corpse in my mouth only to lay in the snow with it affected myself and several people deeply as the town prepared for the barbarian breakthrough. The chaos of the battle and healing many people to get them back into the fight. At the end of the battle presented with the head of Varg and then the chaotic search for Astrid and the Elk corpse. After finding them both walking into the darkness to morn our loss.

Sunday morning coming back into town (sorry for lack of make-up it was a hard night :-) ). Seeing Billium and giving him foreboding words. Gathering the Druids and Barbarians for a departure ritual in the Glenn outside the inn. Doing the rebirth ritual and Maria Aliprando as the Elk (one hell of job) and feeling the emotion of the group as she was unveiled. Walking off into the distance as my bear form following her. Thank you all for offers of land to relocate to but this was the answer we were waiting for ;-) .

Again I had a blast, pretty sure I missed a couple of encounters / witty banter in this write-up!

Thank you all for making this enjoyable to me, hopefully you guys had a great time and see you in 2 weeks.

Edmund Patterson
Master of Arms
Master Smith / Artificer
Co-Owner of Anvils and Alchemy
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02 Feb 2015 13:43 - 02 Feb 2015 13:50 #64 by Angeliana (Angeliana)
Replied by Angeliana (Angeliana) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Better late than never! Life is crazy busy.

~ Abyss mod, saving Lord Aleister and Billiam. Creative idea for passing the barrier. Entropic blast! Really Drew? :angry:
~ Healing / Cleaning Billiam's face. B: "THAT's my skin!", A: "Suck it up Celt" (hands him a bottle of ale) :cheer:
~ Late to Gaian mass... again. Got to meet the Cardinal at least. OMG that bread... Gaia does provide.
~ Feeding Matt Calo's Elk in the morning, getting blessed by him. Cool rp!
~ Jed's mask and all related shenanigans.
~ First council meeting in the Count's study. Holding onto Arthur who loved my hand warmers :lol:
~ Helping fix Eodra. Cool ceremony, really enjoyed having pieces for each deity and their meanings. Poor Angeliana got to experience briefly what it would be like to not feel pain, she wanted to stay, she was given the option to but was convinced by Clergy to return because her journey is not yet finished and she is needed. All the emotional RP afterwards. A+

~ This deserves its own paragraph because my words aren't going to do it justice. Oubliette mod in Atrus's mind facilitated by yours truly Karkat. WOW. Holy... poop... WOW. I can not even emphasize how amazing this mod was and everyone involved. Atrus's RP was amazing. The shifting characters portrayed by Sean and Christine were breathtaking and powerful. The emotion in that room was unbelievable. There was crying, screaming, hugging, holding, bashing rocks into skulls, pleading desperately, Gods made appearances, Atrus climbed the vertical wall (for real John did!), not to mention Swyft and Angeliana got to be Atrus's ideal versions of themselves. I had an absolute blast being an evil bitch briefly. "I want Kitiera for dinner! Come on nibble on that juicy arm, I can just regrow it when you're done!" :silly: Renee your face was priceless. As was Atrus's due to sheer confusion then sheer and palpable joy in the disgusting corrupt and evil version of Angeliana. John's rp here was something to be seen, I have rarely seen such acting in movies even. Atrus went through the entire palette of emotions imaginable, screamed at a God, almost killed Sean for real, cried (whomp whomp), begged, yelled, cowered... Finally his transformation and devastation / confusion after were all stellar. I have no words for the ingenious this was. Thank you Joe Hines and Oros.

~ Running, dodging, hiding, crouching to field heal main mod part 2 until I carried a half conscious exhausted Billiam off the field after he killed the chieftain. What a fight! Then massages!
~ Warden meeting with his Grace the count. Healer talks, new attunements.
~ Lesson for Na'ar, freaking out poor Amalthea with my blue headband. Sorry! :unsure:

All in all great event despite the cold. See you soon KR family!

Dame Angeliana Himmlisch
The Heart of Winterdark
Healer of Count Sebastien Everest
High Priestess & Champion of Andorra

Alt: D ~ Artist ~ Captain of The Crimson Trident ~
OOG: Alice Anderson ~ Marshal ~
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02 Feb 2015 15:34 - 02 Feb 2015 15:36 #65 by Gabrian Grottings (E.B)
Replied by Gabrian Grottings (E.B) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
*A bunch of Nezumi drinking the last of a barrel*

Nezumi A: *tries to get the last drop of IG whiskey out of the barrel*

Group of other Nezumi start laughing hysterically.

Nezumi A says with growing horror as realization dawns: "I tongued the bunghole...didn't I..."

RP Marshal
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02 Feb 2015 16:01 - 02 Feb 2015 16:26 #66 by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood)
Replied by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Friday Night:
Ilana, George, and Sindarion returning from Coast Haven in a puff of smoke and having to cut their 'vacation' short.

-Immediately being asked to go to the Abyss. Jun and Ilana team up to save Billiam. George surprising Ilana.

-Slightly sneaking on Kaladonia mod and getting to watch some pretty awesome stuff happen. Embarrassingly calling Samantha 'Fae Cat' but got to hang about her a lot. All the other spirit animals. "Why do you yell 'Elemental Vortex?'" "Because they usually don't hear me the first time." (it's like using surge packets all over again. But scarier.)

-Hanging out with Gannon elk for about an hour.

-Tari, Altars to Miranda, and True Warlocks, oh my! "Tari, don't put that thing on, it's probably cursed." "I'm a White Sorcerer, it's fine." Derp. <3
-Vindholm pride talking about Venir being a 'common problem' and confusing people since the 'Magic Southerner' knew a lot more about the Northmen then they thought (Yay living in Pendarvin since forever!)

-Waiting around the inn for the Cheveyo since I wanted to know more about the elk situation (and chat about beating up Venir)

-Teaching George Weaponcasting with mild sleep deprivation (P.S. I would probably die for real if J.P didn't take care of/tolerate me during KR.)

- Cheveyo trials and quickly losing most of my everything before 2? Also, proving Ilana really is just a doctor at the end of the day. But, at least she has spirit. (I kind of wish there wasn't snow, I was sliding all over the place)

-"You two will fall in love and have a wonderful life together." A Romani's fortune for George, referring to Ilana. Simply thinking 'Don't scare George like that'

-Talking to Jed about Galladel and being confused about the mask. It was explained. Mostly. Still a bit confused.

-Then hanging out with Swyft which, well, led to the best mod I have ever accidentally been kidnapped on. Sometimes you're 100% sure you're about to die but ready to go swinging. That happened. Then, the RP engine of Sean and Christine started the train to a man's insanity. Swyft and Angeliana doing their thing and Ilana doing hers "Galladel, I don't want him to be a good person. That's his choice to make. But, if he wants the chance, just give it to him, please." Watching the end results of that mod with a spark of hope and concern.

-Feast and afterwards learning the story of a broken man and suddenly relieved to know it. My inner Chronicler/Galladel were giddy, but Ilana was quite sobered up by it.

-Trying to catch up on the *hours* missed because of that awesome mod.

-Main mod: "Hold the line!" "Hey Northmen! Here's your elks head!" That line quickly falling apart. Great. More Reanimator tricks.

-What did we do after this?
A surprise guest at the tea party! Making Tari's night by making her smile!
-Juggernauting through some undead to kill a necromancer, immediately curling up after it was dead looking for a cure to poison damage, because omg pain.
-That really polite Khitan Dragoon and hanging out with him while he learned dragoon things (I'm so bad at names ._.)

Marcella Torres
Land System Deputy
New Player Marshal
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02 Feb 2015 21:46 #67 by Captain Cade Tanwyn (Cade Tanwyn)
Replied by Captain Cade Tanwyn (Cade Tanwyn) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
I do believe I was the Romani mentioned. Glad my fortune telling was memorable.

Co-founder Tanwyn Trading
Captain Cade Tanwyn of The Night Harrier
Author of the Pirate Accords founded in 1217

OOG: Andy, New Player Marshal
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06 Feb 2015 17:00 #68 by Hazel Storm (HazelStorm)
Replied by Hazel Storm (HazelStorm) on topic January 2015 Event Highlights
Where to start, such a great event. Getting there late and being the only girl in room four but being with friends is so great. Selling two of my potions as I seem to be getting over my shyness finally. Hanging out with Thalia and then Pluvious startling me in the bar when he walked up to me his cloak covered his face and I did not recognize him till he said 'its me sister' he gave me a enchanted armor and I thanked him for it. Waiting up for Naar and then some villagers came into the Inn searching for their family members. They were at some meeting in the woods and had not returned yet. I spoke with the head of the family he was very concerned. I hope they found their family safe and sound. Getting Angelina a coffee before her meeting then his grace asking me to get him a coffee as well. I was happy too I am glad he liked it and appreciated it.
The next day was so great. Nalick shared his breakfast with me thank you again for that. Getting another article printed, thank you Amizar for that and my Druid lesson. Finally catching up with Angelina for my heal all wounds lesson, thank you. Then my first Druid lesson with Caldor it was amazing, thank you so much.
Empath consultation with Thalia, Albert, and Gwynned, we will be with you all the way Anhil promise. We have been there just like you.
The feast was amazing everything thing about it especially Amolthea being picked for a squire.
Npc shift main mod so much fun! Being in Sean's group making the Pc's think we were doing the actual ritual when we weren't. Hanging out with Dave and then second main mod shift going all out on attacking then getting hit in the head cutting my shift short. I was okay a little stunned but fine. Hanging out in logistics with new friends then being told by a safety marshal I had to go to bed but stayed up and talked before finally going to bed after hanging out with Naar for a few minutes.
The next day playing my alt Fauna and Nalick teaching her to be a Bard, I am sorry my first song verse was not that good but I promise to sing for you this coming event find me as either Hazel or Fauna I will sing for you. Thank you for my lesson and I look forward to learning from you even more.

Hazel Storm - "Keep calm and let it go."

OOG: Heather Kissling
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