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20 Mar 2016 21:18 - 20 Mar 2016 21:31 #1 by Dimetri Yhatzi (DMvanhart)
ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy" was created by Dimetri Yhatzi (DMvanhart)
I wanted to say thank you to everyone that came out and made this story come to life. I had a really good time rping with all of you.

Rop-chet was interesting to play because everything was taken from a Mercy and Compassion point of view while balancing the need to protect a people.

Leading people down to the beach for the ritual and seeing peoples faces after was well worth much determination.

Giving the gift of mercy to (Jeff B. Outcast) proved to be one of the best moments of the game.

Late night fight and then discussion with the Outcasts. Which may have diffused an attack on the building in the process...who knows.

Oh spelunking!

NPC meeting to discuss the ongoing and to set the final.

Loved the interactions when Telligrim was revealed. And the hundreds of ideas that flowed after.

Thanks for all the cool stories for Heartstone...people has some deep and emotional characters.

The trickster was out again...

Talking to Mercy folks and silencing a bard. Maybe a worker for the business!

Lessons, all the lessons. I got creepy from the Druid one.

All in all...another good event.

Dimetri Yhatzi
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Damian VanHart - OOG

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20 Mar 2016 21:35 #2 by Cyrik (rez413)
Replied by Cyrik (rez413) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
Gunlining Tellegrim, went as well as you might expect.

The emergence of mercy scene, genuine feels were felt.

There's more of course, will revisit later

Cyrik Hale
Corporal of the Baronial Guard

OOG: Will Alvarez
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20 Mar 2016 22:03 - 20 Mar 2016 22:04 #3 by Cara Easton (Rachaelelle)
Replied by Cara Easton (Rachaelelle) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
The outcast group is an amazing group and I'm so glad I got to join you guys and make amazing friends. Like that's the biggest highlight for me. Two weeks of plotting and Facebook chats, having 2/3rds of them over at my house just planning the shenanigans and evil. Outcast Cabin and Campfire zone. Amazing food. Seriously, we ate so well. (Valosian Meat anyone?) 10/10, would join you guys for evil again.

But seriously, getting to play something TOTALLY different and TOTALLY outside my comfort zone was fun. And weird. But i loved getting to be Eris the Succubus, and had a ton of interactions I enjoyed

(The irony of being a vegetarian succubus was discussed at length)

I also was so happy with my makeup, like for a random idea I had a few days before I think that made my event.

Kidnapping Steve's hobbit was probably my favorite thing of the event. Trying to convince him he should come down to the outcast area, and him really fighting hard against us offering food and cooking. Breaking him with an innuendo he nearly lost character for a moment over.

Sadly I hurt my hip and had to sit out 70% of Saturday, but I really want to say thank you to everyone who stopped to make sure I was okay. It really touched me that you all cared that much.

Switch over-

I'm glad I got to be back into rook though it was super super hard to change my brain out of Eris mode!!

Amazing lessons, seriously learned some great things and had super fun role play as well.

Thank you to all the storytellers, staff, and Players for an amazing event.

Alt : Laurel Astraeus

OOG: Rachael L
Card Staff
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20 Mar 2016 22:22 #4 by Ze'hel (BigZ)
Replied by Ze'hel (BigZ) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
Best thing was rolling with the Lightbringers. Gene, Andy, Mike, John, and Mahoney, you guys were amazing and made the weekend for me.

Burned two witches.
Fought demons.
Baptized to Valos.
Destroyed undead.
Died repeatedly to Tellegrim.

Outcasts were terrifying and amazing. Interacting with you all was fantastic. Props to Matt for some great RP with a reasonable demon.

Lastly, NPC shift with James as a marshal is always fun!


OOG: Nick H.
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20 Mar 2016 22:27 #5 by Erik Silverfang (ASchleicher)
Replied by Erik Silverfang (ASchleicher) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
Spent Friday working on the cabin turning a Gaian altar space in to an aguaran torture prison

"Me hungry the Ogre"

Fighting the valosians back and forth all night ecru ally capturing one and starting the valosian meat for the next day.

Capturing several other town members and eating them.

Matt's amazing fire breathing and shocked people of the interior especially at night.

Meeting all the random townmembers that where willing to betray the town

Outcasts where best fed group spent most of weekend being evil and eating.

All the wonderful interactions with Steve as the Jax when we betrayed him and fought him a few times.

ig: Erik Huronson Silverfang
Lieutenant in the Travance Baronial Guard

alt: Yoska Yahtzi
OOG: Alex Schleicher
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20 Mar 2016 23:23 #6 by Tsoli (Tsoli)
Replied by Tsoli (Tsoli) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
This was a an amazing event! getting to play something so...not Tsoli was a blast. Karfill Mercy shall stay and make this place his home.

Lightbringers, you guys were an amusing start to my weekend, seeing what you were doing off the bat and it just stayed amusing the whole weekend.

Adherent ritual around the fire, was really a cool scene, which ended with us kicking dirt on the fire to put it out. Felt so tribal A+ scene.

Meeting with Mercy the first time, all of us giving compassion to her was wonderful.

Picking up Diane's ogre on the battlefield with first aid and bringing her back to talk. Showing her mercy and a warrior's understanding and agreement on friday lead to a touching moment in battle on Saturday.

Getting a pack of rat men on our side by showing them mercy.

Saturday, Eating pancakes was wonderful and apparently amusing?

Graveyard mod for the skull.

Trapped in a room with a bunch of stuff i can't read and magic i don't trust., maybe someone needs to be healed... priest cuts his hand for 1 damage, no more than that, Whack 12 damage drop him... didn't work but we got out.

Barter with the smith for armor repair.

To the volcano, thank Mercy for strength potions. All of the fighting just to have the stranger handed the box by the Skylari. Really? all that fighting for that? grrrrrr.

Coming back swinging across the chain, steve tells me my arm pops out of it's socket, soooooooooo glad i had an ignore pain.

Meeting the "good" doctor to get stitched up. He helped me and I gave him Mercy for the things he'd done in the past. Also made for a good interaction Main mod.

When the outcasts were sent out the interactions with the sage showing my displeasure with the situation. Awesome RP moment.

Feast/holy crap reveal. passing off the fake skull to buy us time and staring him in the eye. So thought i would die right there.

Tori jumping under mercy and absorbing it into her was a really well done and cool scene.

Charging into main mod with a battle cry at the top of my lungs, i see why that's so much fun.

Fighting Crow and Diane's ogre was touching main mod.

How Mercy died and doing all I can to save her. Was so distraught the rest of the night

Talking with Caldor about being Half Asguard and Half Veneir and learning of the northern tribes.

Getting a spot in the military of Kaledonia and lessons about money.

Reuniting with people from Mercy in Travance and feeling so relieved to see some of them.

Lessons about what people will use their money for and what a Brothel is. The interactions with Felix and Olivia that night were amazing, you 2 really made my night. Nalick, you coming in and spurring everything on was fun.... definitely do not need a refund for it.

Feeling so weak after being one of the strongest warriors on mercy and being taken down by 2 brigands and left with 3 broken limbs behind the bar at 430 AM. Really had a moment there of the realization of what Kafrill will feel as his life is becoming.

Coming in Sunday as T'soli and giving lessons, Sindarion really, .... Really???

Kudos to the storytelling team for an amazing weekend.
Feel like i am missing things, will amend when not dead tired if need be.

T'soli Silverbow of House Silverbow

If we call for the proof and we question the answers,
Only the doubt will grow

OOG: Bill Friederich - Live while you Live
Kitchen Marshal
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21 Mar 2016 01:11 #7 by Nadia (ChristineR)
Replied by Nadia (ChristineR) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
Was a questionable Warlock
Had Several Productive conversations with Telligrim. That reveal by the way was super intense and highly influenced how I proceeded considering how recently Leliana had shown up on the island.
Making it to Travance for a reunion.

This weekend was super awesome and I enjoyed the fact that I got a lot of opportunities to do pretty awesome things this alt event and I'm excited to continue this character :)

OOG:Christine R.
Storyteller / Marshal
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21 Mar 2016 13:01 #8 by SlightlySaneBillliamm (SlightlySaneBillliamm)
Replied by SlightlySaneBillliamm (SlightlySaneBillliamm) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
Had such a fun time at the alt event. I may have deafened myself with the 200-300 shots fired.

It was fun being frenemies with the other 3 factions.

Stand off between the outcasts and lightbringers start of the night. Then the following one at there base then eventually getting captured was great.

Npcing and burying Craig the best spider

Hearing of all the backstabbing and betrayal.

Heated words with tellegrim and then fighting him with panache and him slaughtering us with words and force.

The witch hunt. Was amazing it really showed what u could do with 2 npcs and some storytelling enteryaing like 7-8 players for 40min. Kudos James

The holy rat army of Valos. U were the true heroes

The valosion mass and baptisms. Bring the king of kings to mercy. +1 Divine +gun is my favorite thing ever signed.

The great debate of gun vs bow was fun.

I fired so many shots we smelt of powder.

Thank you all for playing with us. we had a blast having no idea what was really going on.

We may have been a pain and given u grief in game but we had blast playing and interacting with all the different characters.

"Slightly Sane Billliamm"

ooc: gene stern
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21 Mar 2016 13:35 #9 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
Running this event was just stellar.
Everyone involved made it an incredible experience and I can't help but want to keep going.

I need to say that being kidnapped on Friday Night definitely caught me off guard more than I expected. You guys are the best and the reason I do what I do.

For once playing a character who has zero combat capability was great. Running from every violent encounter and trying to encourage everyone to solve things politely was just the best.

A+++ Alt event, would have Telligrim whole-sale slaughter everyone again.

Lord Admiral Aleister Demirosz, the Phoenix

* * * * * * * *
-Steve Oros
Assistant Director
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21 Mar 2016 14:07 #10 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
Special thanks to Matt, Geoff, and Diane for bringing so, so much food. Seriously, at least half of my event was spent eating.

When NPCs came down to the Outcast stronghold, we made sure they were fed before we sent them back. Those were great moments.

Thank you to all the Outcasts who went up to Camp before game to help make Winterdark extra spooky for our visitors--which I'm pretty sure was every single one of you.

The look on Steve Oros' face when we brought his character to the back room at Winterdark for an OOG surprise.

Steve: "You guys are incredible."

I can't remember who said "No, you're incredible!" but they were right. Thanks again!

Thank you, Conor, for being so patient with us at sign-in.

My own personal plot twist when a barbarian has his life saved twice by the so-called enemy.

"Betraying" the Outcasts at several key moments. Returning to the stronghold sometime Saturday afternoon after having some conversations in Sanctuary and having May's character put up a wall of thorns to keep me out.

Steve Amore's face when Matt called a hold and explained what was about to happen.
Steve A.: "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

The brand phys rep that Rachael made in a day! It was used so many times, including an off-label use in an attempt to save Kat B's NPC (to no avail).

This was my first alt event, so it was a ton of fun to see people--including myself--play a character so different from the ones I normally see them play. Before the lay-on, when I saw Steve O. in his halfling get-up, I literally fell over laughing.

The brief scene in the Inn when Karfill talked to Nalick about having to leave Mercy and come to Travance and the light bulb that went off in Karfill's head after what Nalick said to him. After that, touching Karfill's arm and calling "Instill Confidence" to put the cherry on top and the look on Bill's face. I couldn't have planned it better, man!

Incredibly silly conversations with Olivia, Karfill, and Felix.

A troublemaker hitting Olivia a bunch of times with Stunning Blow. Leaning over on my left foot and reaching all the way with my staff to unload all of my Intercepts and Deflects in one shot so that she could Flee the bar. Amazing. That's gonna stick with me.

Showing up at the Adventurer's Guild building and wailing on the door with my staff until someone comes out. Jared asking me OOG whether I was okay (I guess I did it too well!) before dragging me in as Calven. Learning that actually being out of breath helps your RP. Having my broken arms mended and making my way cautiously back to the Inn.

Felix had gone missing, so Olivia and I went out into the woods to search for him. Feeling OOG nervous was great.

Sunday shenanigans are always fun, but especially on two hours of sleep. Nalick became a giggle monster and sitting down with Will B. as Oren didn't help.

Outside, I tried to ease a group of people with Calm Discourse but most of them called a defense. When I told them what it does, they surround Nalick and start acting aggressively friendly.


Dogpile of "pretty women" on Magnus. Snow replying to Wili "I'm a pretty lady!" and everyone laughing their butts off.

After missing the last two Alt events and hearing the stories afterward, I was sure I didn't want to miss this one, and I definitely made the right choice. Thanks, guys.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
Card Team
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21 Mar 2016 15:20 - 21 Mar 2016 15:21 #11 by Wili ()
Replied by Wili () on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
Hashtag wars. I hope those continue, because they were fun.

Seeing all of the OOG progress pics of costumes and props and going "oh god, I'm going to die, please don't kill me".

That outcast cabin guys are awesome, and I'm actually kind of sad that I didn't get kidnapped and tortured and barbecued.

Playing a scholar was a lot more fun than I expected. I had been avoiding the idea since I started because "being a scholar is too much like my real life". Turns out, you actually get to know wtf is going on and be useful, which is the exact opposite of grad school.

OH MY GOSH I ACTUALLY GOT TO BE USEFUL!!! This event was incredible, and I would definitely call it my best experience at KR yet. Having all of the players on the same level really made it so that everyone could contribute to plot (or eat people, whatevs) and it was so cool to see everyone working in harmony. Our faction alone had two necromancers, and we were all like "Mercy brought you here, and you haven't tried to kill me, so you must be alright". SCROLLS ARE THE BEEEEEST!

Octavia was going to be all stylish, but after an hour in a corset, I was like "SCREW THIS". I don't know how y'all go tromping through the woods in those things.

Spelunking! The bright idea of touching all three runes at the same time maaaaay have ended with the cave collapsing around us, but it DID reveal the secret cavern. Then, those mofos left WITHOUT ME to go explore the cave after it stopped rumbling, which Octavia was PISSED about. She and drow BFF went looking for them, ended up at the outcast cabin, and had some tasty Velosian meat. She got a sweet brand as a kind of "eff you, Il'Umar" for leaving her behind and made new friends. When the other adventurers eventually returned and showed her the journal, she was even MORE pissed, and they (understandably so) wouldn't let her see it until her brand was dealt with. YOU DO NOT GO ON ADVENTURES WITHOUT YOUR SCHOLAR!

Volcano adventures, even though it was a Skylari mission, because I'm not being left behind again, dammit. I leapt over a lava pit, hit a slippery patch of dirt, landed in the splits and skinned my knee. Whee!!

Fleshie, you were awesome. I hope you survived.

Anyway, getting to help with main story was super cool and exciting and AHHHHH I love my new character!!!

Wilindé Aläciel
AKA Wili
Blackbird Manager Extraordinaire

OOG-Kelley Commeford
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21 Mar 2016 21:19 #12 by Sindarion (Steven SA)
Replied by Sindarion (Steven SA) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
*growls menacingly*

~ Knight Morgan "Sindarion" Sinclair
Vagabond Harper

Steven Sebastian Amore
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21 Mar 2016 23:56 #13 by Gabriel Llopiz (Xenas)
Replied by Gabriel Llopiz (Xenas) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
In no particular order

"Hello, has anyone seen me wife?": A little backstory: Felix has been searching for Midori for the past five years. Her sneak up on him to play a game of "guess who" was definitely a good way to start things off.

Ready, Aim, Fire: lining up alongside Olivia, Mave, and one other who's name I can't remember (sorry about that), to form Team ShotADragonInTheFace was one of the best moments. Just the slight pause from Telligrim was enough to send it over the top as one of the best moments.

All It Takes Is One Bad Day: Felix had a really bad 24 hours. He died; ended up on Mercy; had a bad encounter with a dear to the spine; thought he got robbed; realized he got robbed; had to wake up in the morning; had his breakfast ruin by a goblin that took the term 'explosive personality' to the next level, twice; got locked in a possible tomb for a second time in two months; fought a dragon; almost died to a dragon; almost lost his wive, possible new girlfriend, and friends all in one fell swoop; and ended up in Travance where all the bad happens. All in all, it was a wild ride from start to finish. Let's do it again!

It Was Only A Kiss: two navy men walk into a bar, one ends up with a broken spine and Felix gets his ass kicked so hard, he can taste leather. The cherry on the cake of his one bad day.

"Are You Paying Her?": Explaining the concept of currently to Kafrill, only to have everything backfire in the best way with dating Olivia. This is how you know this friendship is strong.

Introductions: A wonderful conversation with Rob-Chet on Friday night that ended up with an all Outcast fight, hitting on a Succubus, a wonderful conversation with a Medusa, and getting to know Olivia and some of the other Outcasts till 7am.

Let's Do A Thing: Inventing spelunking with Samantha's Nyad all to save some poor sod named Kidd from a very boring death. "Kidd is me firstborn's name. They be a half-Orc."

[OOG: Gabriel L.]
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22 Mar 2016 16:59 #14 by Tim P (OrganicGolem)
Replied by Tim P (OrganicGolem) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"


-Tim P
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22 Mar 2016 17:49 #15 by Tom P (Father Ridigan)
Replied by Tom P (Father Ridigan) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"

Tim P wrote:


Does this mean Telligrim was Link? Is Link the bad guy of that game?

Tom P

Father Ridigan

Robert "Dirge" Morgan

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22 Mar 2016 18:26 #16 by Amilia Tolunda (AmyTenchi)
Replied by Amilia Tolunda (AmyTenchi) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
This was my first time Storytelling, and I'm so glad that no one thought I dropped the ball on it (Because to tell you the truth, I spent most of Friday night/Saturday morning around the 3AM mark, convinced that I was ruining the weekend for all the Skylari players.)

For some reason I can't remember half of the awesome from the weekend, so I'll just put down my top three.

  1. Everyones ALT costumes. Oh damn. I didn't see a single costume that wasn't 110% awesome. Everyone put in so much effort, I can't wait to see the photos for the weekend.
  2. Meeting the Valosian Inquisition. You guys were awesome, even if I didn't quite know what to do with you guys for most of the weekend. I'm so glad the witch mod worked out!
  3. And everyone's personal favorite: Maive shot Tellegrim in the face and LIVED to tell the tale.

...Now I need to buy a flintlock...

Amilia Tolunda - Romani - Healer
Aimee "Whisper" Whisperleaf - Dryad - Druid - Bard
Maive Lusterwryn - Londwyn - Alchemist

OOG: Julie Anne B
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22 Mar 2016 20:28 #17 by Tim P (OrganicGolem)
Replied by Tim P (OrganicGolem) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"

Father Ridigan wrote:

Tim P wrote:


Does this mean Telligrim was Link? Is Link the bad guy of that game?

I was clearly link: I woke the wind fish, I fought the bad guy, and most important of them all... I was left handed.

-Tim P
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23 Mar 2016 10:51 - 23 Mar 2016 10:54 #18 by Midori Suarez (krykit)
Replied by Midori Suarez (krykit) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
Hey guys!

This was my first event as a PC at KR, and I honestly had a blast! There were a lot of really great moments with a lot of great people so I'm sorry if I miss any, but it's not because they were any less great. It's just that there were so many!

-Singing a song while we waiting for the Ill'mar to arrive for the meeting

-The ritual by the beach

-Seeing the original heartstone for the first time and hearing her voice. That was when shit got real for the character.

-Discussing with the Farseer what Mercy meant to each of them, and why her connection was stronger than anyone else's.

-waking up and being told that her husband, who was the only reason she might have wanted to leave Mercy, was sleeping upstairs, then for the next several hours being like "do you think he's awake yet?"

-THAT FRIGGIN GRAVEYARD SPIDER!!! You let us WALK on you rather than give away your hiding spot!

-The reunion with Felix after being separated for 5 years. I'm so glad I was actually able to sneak up and surprise him. I thought he saw me!

-BITS! I love you, Bits! ...Even though you ate my present...out of respect...

-Running and hiding every time a gun went off because PTSD is a thing (Midori ended up on Mercy after being shot between the eyes)

-"YOU WILL NOT HURT SHEEBA! FORGIVENESS!" Right before the big reveal. I didn't get the name recognition that everyone else did when The Stranger announced his true identity, but I got the hint from everyone else's reactions. Midori picks the best/worst times to find her courage!

-The card game with Alex Guzzo's Romani NPC. He knows what he did! And it was great!

-The ritual to create the new heartstone. Hearing everyone's stories was great, and when Mercy looked at me and asked me to sing her a song, I was fumbling to think of one, and I couldn't on the spot so I just did the same one I sang the night before with the other Adherents, and teared up a little when everyone joined in on the last line: "As we're born and we love, we grow old and we die, watch impassive eternal the stars."

-Asking Mercy for permission to call her Mother, and being told yes <3

-Reuniting with everyone in Travance

-The exorcism scene!

OOG: Kate Iannacone
IG: Midori Suarez, Mercy's Daughter
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23 Mar 2016 14:29 - 23 Mar 2016 14:32 #19 by Lake (LakeHunter)
Replied by Lake (LakeHunter) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
Hey friends! Gollenus (Drow) here!

Great event!

I loved getting into full makeup, as it was my first time doing it as a PC. Many thanks to everyone in logistics who helped me cover myself/put on my costume.

I really appreciated how everyone in Il'umar played the fact that many of us had known each other for years. That is not easy to do.

Octavia! Scholar BFF You're a very giving actress! It's incredibly easy to stay in character when you are around! Thank you!

All the Valosian "Lightbringers". Not just comic relief, but that whole squad really played out the idea of the "strangers in a strange land" very well. Great RP as always fellas!

Jason M. as Sage; My character was an unsavory one to be sure, though after decades of being friends it was plain that you knew deep down that I would always answer the call to help. Generations of people have come and gone on Mercy, and Sage and Gollenus have played a kind of Ying and Yang role for most of them in my mind. Woo! (When we figured out that Telligrim stole my Tome - I was actually shocked!)

NPCing at the Graveyard. Spider! (surprise motherf____ers)

Rat NPCs! Best rats ever.

Hilarious Earth elemental team and the "Crash scene" Go home earth elementals, you're drunk.

Steven A. as the lion king. Excellent chase scene! Mighty leap!

Roleplaying with the outcast crew. Incredible set-up by the way. Everyone down there really had awesome character concepts. Thanks for the food!

How many times am I going to be accused of being a traitor!? #drowproblems

May as her Satyr! Very tense as we role-played what were essentially polar opposites.
The concepts of life and death and the concept of the spirit. It's a pleasure playing with real intelligence.

Telligrim! Whuuuut. The scene offered at the Lake front cabin was really premium stuff. The body language alone was enough to put me deeper into my character than I could have possibly reached on my own. I look forward to many more interactions with you on any character.
PS: Sending me to go and butcher the town was good old fashioned fun and sweaty work!

I am looking forward to playing Gollenus again , though probably not for a couple of months haha.

Hats off to everyone!

[Craig Edward O.]
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23 Mar 2016 18:48 #20 by Annora (Karen)
Replied by Annora (Karen) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
Amazing alt event, in my opinion second only to the legendary Vis-Exodus year.

Alt Portion, as a gnoll archer:
-The House of Illumination…and Beer Hall. Team Illumar was best team.

-Jason Marin and Steve’s NPCs (Old Fart and Shorty the Dwarf).
Both were awesome in their own ways. Jason was great about sticking up for the gnoll pack and being someone we respected enough to listen to his orders. He knew well how to motivate us (yay for helping people in exchange for an extra serving of dessert!).
And well, Fletcher was fun to harass :P

-Deciding that Fletcher was a dwarf after he used a secret passage.
“he dwarf?"
“I’m not a dwarf!"
“hmm. short, have beard, dig tunnel. is dwarf."

-At Feast:
*Conor trick shots Steve's hat*,*yado*
"don't shoot arrows at the table!"
"not shoot at table. shoot at hat!"
And Steve attempting (unsuccessfully) to enforce table manners.
Plus the stream of thinly veiled Hobbit jokes.

-Making goblin stew after goblins exploded in the Beer Hall.

-No one expects the Valosian Inquisition!
All the bow v. gun debates, and general interactions with the inquisitors.

-Standing guard as Ben H’s PC was branded an outcast, and keeping an arrow aimed at him the whole time it took him to saunter across the wall.

-Cave mod, Part 1: Poke all the runes!
-Cave mod, Part 2: The gnoll is doing math...

-Volcano mod

-All the interactions with Steven’s Jaxuarian.

-Exchanging recipies with the outcasts and getting invited down to their camp.
“Going scouting”…aka, visiting and befriending the outcasts. And sampling the delicacies they had to offer.
Getting branded. If Outcasts fight Sanctuary, pack wins either way!

-Out of everyone in Mercy, the gnoll pack being among the first to go out to fight Telligrim.
Wondering what dragon would taste like.

-Being a snarky bastard without having to be nice or polite.
When meeting Mercy:
“do you stand with Mercy?"
(me sitting at the table) “no. I sit."
*entire room turns around and looks at me, tries not to laugh*

-Pack win. Pack kill demon.
Delivering the two final blows to Matt’s demon with Conor.

Main Portion:
-Explaining basic economics to the Mercians

-Conversation with Billiam, Danny, and Caelvan about Celtic culture and the McKreagar family

-Sunday shenanigans, random sparring, and a wildmage learning enchantment magic.

-Defeating the allegedly magical hairbrush.

OOG: Karen Y
Card Raptor
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24 Mar 2016 11:15 #21 by Onca (Lorelai)
Replied by Onca (Lorelai) on topic ALT EVENT "Isle of Mercy"
Now that I have time this week...

I've never played a non-combat PC at KR before. I admit, it was fun to actually be nervous during fighting. Seeing enemies turn on me and just feeling terrified because I couldn't do anything to some of them...I missed that.

The accent was tough to maintain sometimes. Thank you to Samantha M for giving me suggestions and a few phrases to use!

I had so many great interactions with folks. Some that stand out:
Craig as Gollenus. I may have been one of the only people on Mercy to give you much of a chance!
Raya's worry over Aneirin and the Lightbringers. Those guys were her bedrock in an unfamiliar place. She still really has no idea about what Valos is, but she's baptized to him!
My interactions with Medusa/Meduselah. "You shouldn't trust anyone." "Not even you, miss?" *laughter* "Especially not me." That was perfection.
Offering EVERYONE alchemy. "Here. For to help with the healings. Is ointment."
Haze and Mary as their Witch Hunter/Handmaiden. Raya was so curious, and so frustrated that she couldn't understand your friendship.
Phenomenal breakfast with the Il'umar. Thank you for hosting your friendly neighborhood Skylari.
Chats with the Stranger. Raya was heartbroken to know he wasn't going to help them. I stood in the inn going "No, no, dragon is not stranger. Stranger wants to help. No. How? No."

I'm certain there were more. It was a blast to be someone so different. I LOVED every instance of "Wait, that was -you- under the scarf?" Goal: achieved.

~ Lorelai Sihnon VonRitter
Huntress of Galladel
Head of House VonRitter of the Witch Hunter Academy

Rachel Jump/Onca
(New Player Marshal)
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