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17 Apr 2016 22:05 #1 by Terzak (TheArchMage)
~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~ was created by Terzak (TheArchMage)
Well, it's great to be back, for starters!

To be perfectly honest, if I could describe this event in one word, that word would have to be 'smooth.' Everywhere I walked, everything seemed to be going smoothly, especially for some of the new players.


As soon as my friends and I found each other IG, we went on 3 consecutive quests, with the first one being personally for us! In my three years here, that many consecutive 'New Player' Mods has never happened to me before!
The first quest was a classic: Cross the troll bridge for loots and stuff! After paying the troll in gold brownies and killing the skeletons for wytchwood, we turned around and walked back across the bridge....with a suspiciously familiar box of pastries. To anyone who went back on that bridge, the troll was floating in the river when we got there!
(To the person who played the troll, the person who Waylaid the troll and to my healer friend who Killing Blow-ed the troll while no one was looking, you guys are awesome.)
PLANTS VS. PCs! Very fun, very difficult to keep the plants from dying.
Somewhere between there, there was a battle with a demon who hemorrhaged imps, and a surprise hostage. All of us got into formation and mowed the imps down whilst the demon was taken care of.

Because of that mod and that mod alone, I firmly recommend that any Mage who uses Water spells picks up Freeze Ground and Freeze Limb.

From what I could tell, the chicken and rice was fantastic, and the serving team (myself included) appeared to be moving quickly.

Main Mod!
That mod was very simple, and it appeared as if every single player was useful. The fact that some of the more powerful casters were involved in the ritual may have been the reason why this worked, but that's just a guess on my part.

This was also the first event where I had ever heard the Creepy Bard. Twas a beautiful thing, a beautiful thing indeed.

Gank Shift!
Can't remember exactly what happened here, but I do remember that Burkhart was a boss, yet still worked well with his group and that I should have RPed a bit more.
My favorite encounter was a group of Husks that was formerly a theater troupe. I did not expect the marshal to OK that idea, but four applications of makeup later, and there we are!

My friends and I woke up, had breakfast, and went walking around.
All of a sudden, we see a group of something walk up. Two of them walk up to me. I was fast enough to hurl an inferno at one of them, but I was cleaved and dropped by the second.

They then picked me up and used me as a dead hostage/snack. After about 7 minutes into my death count, Rowan shows up! Eventually, I'm brought back without losing a tag, and I 'find' some ogre skin for my troubles. (It's for making armor, I swear!)

It's a bit troubling to realize that I, the player, was OK with losing a life tag to an ogre.

All in all, this event was fun, dangerous and welcoming at the same time!

By my hand,
Professor Terzak Winstonshire

OOG: Will Harrington
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17 Apr 2016 22:43 #2 by Jonathan Medina (JackThorn2)
Replied by Jonathan Medina (JackThorn2) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
All I have to say is....

I am finally no longer broke as hell.

IG: (Londwyn) Jack Thorn
OOG: Jonathan Medina
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17 Apr 2016 23:57 #3 by Cara Easton (Raeelle)
Replied by Cara Easton (Raeelle) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
I was only at game for 22 hours and it was 22 of the best hours of game yet. Seriously intense non-stop role play and amazing times had

Thank you to James, Kirsten, and the KR storytelling team and staff for another amazing event.


I showed up around 4pm on Saturday so I missed most of the game plot, but I spent the first hour doing some following up on things from last event. Very nice RP with aleister, well done bringing out that side of Rook, it's not something that usually happens.

Rook got a job! Excited to be bartending at the blackbird, she's only wanted to do that since, like, she got to Travance her first month ;P

Late night mod that got hijacked by another mod that was Oog AMAZING and IG INSANE and terrifying. Well done Damian, Ben and all of those NPCs, rook is now having nightmares about what she saw. Well crafted on the fly storytelling and a prime example of how anything can happen in Travance, especially at 3am. Don't expect one quest to be safe from interference by another!

Once again staying up all night with friends, but worth it.

Fun morning mods with some awesome RP and fantastic NPCs

Teaching some skills and learning some others, enjoying the role play from those!


I was only Fiona for about two hours, but those two hours were AMAZING. I was so honored to be back and be able to bring her to life again, and it was so much fun. Thank you all for interacting with her and asking her your questions. I had a lot of very memorable interactions that, even though she's not my PC, were the highlight of my weekend.

Karkat(kind of sarcastically): "I'll be respectful and move out of your way"
Fiona(in the most pleasant Disney princess way ever): "see, I knew there was goodness in you"

(probably the best thing I've ever said IG ever.)

CLYTIE OMFG I LOVE YOU. I was trying not to laugh Oog so hard and Fiona is somewhere between highly bemused and totally concerned. Well done.

Making Midori nearly break down in happy tears after I walked over to her, put my hand on the bag with the Heart of Mercy in it and looking at her and going "She is Proud of You". I thought you were going to cry on the spot. Amazing RPing.

Thank you to Utgard, the Baron, Cypher, Annora, Wander, and to every other person who came over to talk to me as Fiona. There were so many of you that I feel so bad that I can't thank you all by name, but every single one of you made that experience so incredibly rewarding to me, and I'm so honored and touched to be able to be a part of your characters lives like that.


Alt : Laurel Astraeus

OOG: Rae L
Card Staff
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18 Apr 2016 00:11 #4 by Caelvan (Caelvan)
Replied by Caelvan (Caelvan) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Haven't done one of these for a while, still going to be brief.

Friday Night:

-Marshaled Ward for the hook for the next morning to tell everyone about the mod
Gamblor speaking with Swift, everyone, and I mean everyone involved had to step OOG because we were laughing at a time that IG laughing shouldn't have happened.

-Blight Hunt with Hugh. There have only been two and I loved them both, I hope they keep happening because every time they do they further Caelvan's conviction on fighting blight


My morning was all sword plot mod all the time. From start to finish PC's continue to impress me, both in good and bad ways. I hope everyone had a good time.

After that mod I was out for most of the afternoon, except for the pigment mod for Druids
-Proved again how well Aella and Caelvan work together. What's that? Protect a butterfly? Ok. Archer in a tree, Warrior in front of it and it was great

Main mod was fun when I realized I only had 4 Kaladonians to work with. Made my battlefield commands so easy.

Hearing the news Fiona gave about Meranda.....
Yelling at Annora for her beliefs on faith in her
Telling Oren and Danny some pretty horrible news because of what he heard

Cormac was a great fight, all THREE rituals were great
The memories of Cormac were awesomely done, and the way that Zach and Matt gave my Unique ability to come in game was great.

Overall, it was a great event!

Caelvan Renaith
March Warden of Selendrias

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Gal'Azin Merikh Tazam
Death's Will

Conor Peckham
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18 Apr 2016 08:07 #5 by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta)
Replied by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
OMG I hurt! So much walking hauling and prep prior to game had me tired before we began. A proud kind of tired. Thank you for those who came down to see the encampment. Zach your expression told the tale...

Where to begin... From lay on out til the end just wow. The organization of this event was great! The multiple mods all interrelated was fantastic. The main was awesome. In fact NPCing main was amazing this go. Mid to high level card run was nice...the Leslie you do this go do this comment at logistics was a feather in my cap. Teaching the new NPCs and having time to do so fighter practice style outside logistics was awesome. When they came back and said how much that helped warm fuzzy. Yes the old silver hair can move...

Breaking the line going down among the pcs twice and getting a Leslie are you ok made me giggle. Yes you did great Im fine thank you...excuse me I need out. Did she just say thank you. Yep she did. Now THATS the kind of good sportmanship I love!

Clergy on many sides of the board helping with a issue brought on by James in his response on in between game actions was special.

My Spirits Im so proud of you all! The commanding calls at main i heard up on the hill. The oresence of you on the field I Saw you. The everywhere doing the things we needed was awesome. The encampment practices fighting sparing lessons and hotdogs!

So much great RP and Oog talks too. Gina a plan...we has one. More to come.

Garrett was a pleasure to work with you running marshal work at main. I still want deep down inside to do...just once what you and I discussed. Kirstin you amaze me at every turn. I wish we had more time together at game IC and OOC.

Kardin being bought for Birgitta without her knowing it... And the hilarity that's followed. 75 gold out of someones hide...

Matt C. I loved your response to your make up. got me anyway.

So much more too... But i have to get ready for work... Ugh.

Birgitta Drexel (Primary)
Commander of Training Baronial Militia
Blood Spirits (Cmd/Sgt)
Blue Dragoon

"Amateurs Practice Until They Get It Right; Professionals Practice Until They Can’t Get It Wrong"

Callisto Boyington (Alt)

AKA Leslie McCormack
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18 Apr 2016 09:13 #6 by Nadia (ChristineR)
Replied by Nadia (ChristineR) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
As Ava
- It was literally Ava appreciation week as I had like at least 3 people tell me they like what I'm doing, even though they don't agree necessarily.

-Good Ol' times with Jack Cypher.

-Dreadnaught Lesson with George:
"You have to find those few last strongholds where chaos is being resisted"
"But I have to feel emotions willingly to do that"
-George checks up on Ava a little later-
"How are you doing?"
"I have learned something valuable today. That all my strongholds are located within my feelings.,..."
Then Ava pulled a GLADOS from portal 2 but less successfully tried to delete her emotions.

-First ever interaction with Mistress Jade is definitely asking her a million times if she is actually talking to Orias Wormwood or if she is Hallucinating it.

-Speaking of Orias Wormwood, I was certain Ava would never get flustered at that man again...but I'm wrong. AT least one kinda productive conversation happened.

As Leliana

-Many "We're sisters!" and lots of "ohhhh I see the resemblance" -points at clothing"

-Swyft saying that Leliana could maybe beat her out if the fashionistas came to judge our clothes!

-Fields of Fallow mod. Minus Tim's concussion, I had a lot of fun on that mod. Even though I didn't do anything Leliana was definitely excited new things she saw there.

-Telling Dr. Walker that he had a nice "behind" and watching him be concerned that his clothing was amiss.

-Cypher deciding that I was okay after casting a shadowstep on myself. Also getting an allowance :3 Was she weirdly adopted?

Had some A+ rp this event. Would RP again. See you all next month!

OOG:Christine R.
Storyteller / Marshal
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18 Apr 2016 09:15 - 18 Apr 2016 09:20 #7 by Dethie Blackeby (DethieBlackeby)
Replied by Dethie Blackeby (DethieBlackeby) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
I hadn't been in the proper since November and was a little nervous, to be honest... It was the cold weather that kept me away, but November was not a good event for me and I wasn't sure what to expect coming back. I'm so happy this was the event I came back to.

We opted to stay in the Kaladonia statehouse this time around. It gave me a chance to get to know Amalthea a little better (I think I'd had about ten minutes' worth of interaction with her in all my other events combined) and that was a great start in helping me relax and settle in. Many thanks to the statehouse's usual residents for your hospitality, and of course Lord Gideon and Lady Kleidin.... especially for Saturday night s'mores.

Prior to lay-on, I got to see a piece of a debate about 'uge issues in arquebus control and hear some of the campaign platform of one Jackie Thornders. I hope he wins.

Friday night was mostly spent hiding in the woods from the Null. Asthma made things not so fun for me, but I plugged along. Thanks to Birgitta for keeping me safe. Tharivol thanks you, too ;)

Keavy, your NSFW grumblings (you know the one) on the way out the door to fight the same wandering monsters for the third time were my favorite quote of the weekend.

Saturday was so busy it's a blur. I had paperwork in the late afternoon, but I hear there was a T-Rex-size lightning drake that people could take a chance riding around, and then a grove of animated fell flora. Sounds like I missed a good time.

Sunday Kaladonia mod, going after Cormac I felt like a piece of paper trying to stop a bomb... I tried to keep my nose clean with that one. But then I was part of the ritual that was meant to save him (whether he liked it or not), and it looks like I'm on the path to Druidics now.... really looking forward to learning Decay!

Thanks to Hazel and Nalick just for being who you are. It's always good to see both of you.

IG: Dethie Blackeby
Vassal of Kaladonia
OOG: Merideth P.... or you can still call me Dethie :)
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18 Apr 2016 10:00 - 18 Apr 2016 10:00 #8 by Tim P (OrganicGolem)
Replied by Tim P (OrganicGolem) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Apparently I am just not allowed to attend mods involving Fallow, as I will seriously injure myself.
Fallow is trying to kill my characters by killing me IRL.
What a dick.

-Tim P
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18 Apr 2016 11:03 - 19 Apr 2016 10:40 #9 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
All of Gina's work behind the scenes. I'd heard varying estimates for how many people pre-registered, but standing in the Inn for announcements and looking around, I think they were way too low.

Pre-game silliness with new players in the barn, making cheesy jokes (and friends!). "Jankies" and jazz hands.

Matt D.'s "PowerThirst" parody.


Thank you very much to Chris Z. for the encounter, PROPS to Maria for your performance, and thank you, Taylor, for white-headbanding and telling me, "Yep, it's her," when I called Lore: Divinity on my goddess. So much fun. Christine, you gave me chills. It's rare that I see someone be that raw when roleplaying, but you did it so well.

There were plenty of people and characters who I hadn't seen in a long time and I'm glad you guys came to be nerdy with us!

A chance trip to the bank to withdraw some gold turns into me participating in a Matt Magnus mini-mod with some of our newest players. Chris (I think that was your name; I'm bad at remembering sometimes), who played the addict, you did great and I enjoyed our OOG chats about RP. Go get 'em, man!

Speaking of, Jackdaw and crew, thank you guys for being good sports on that mod! It was a lot of fun, especially the banter. Also, seeing only your silhouettes in the dark was a great touch!

Friday night, I didn't get any sleep. I'd like to toast my late-night pals, Chenjing, Mileof, Aldrich (not the Templar/Brother), among others, and the incredibly silly things we could not stop laughing about.

The 5:30 AM trip to the "MacDonald Butchery" with Ben and making out like a bandit when the bill came (if bandits paid bills). Ben later telling the story in-game as Bob and hamming it up.

Apparently word of my non-sleep spread quickly and I had a dozen people tell me to at least take a nap (and Cappy's reaction). I appreciate the concern, guys! Everything sounded so incredibly funny and the looks on people's faces when I giggled at all the wrong times, was amazing.

I visited Alisandria to make due on a Willpower lesson from Mordra and could not have picked a better time to enter their statehouse. Accidentally leaving the door open led to the whole room exploding in laughter, though sadly I can't take credit for that one. Chris Mack knows what he did. Though we didn't end up going through with the lesson, we did have an entertaining, enlightening discussion on faith, and everything was going great until the sarcasm nation attacked.

I got to tell a bunch of people about St. Astrid and her miracles. Tom, the look on Ridigan's face when I told him about Astrid's journey through the Chaos Wastes. Hilarious.

So, old habits die hard. When I got up to speak at Light Mass, I realized that I didn't have much of a plan aside from reading a passage from the dissertation on Astrid. Except, when I looked at it, I decided it would take a long time to read and tried to plan on the spot, despite 0 hours of sleep. S-M-R-T.

Judge. You had me nervous OOG. I am always impressed and enjoy every opportunity I get to watch you do your stuff.

Caldor's "Supreme Benediction" and the excitement it caused. Jason, that was awesome.
Wrapping up my portion of mass and not feeling like I was a big disappointment.
Wili's hug. <3
Mother Maralas politely but firmly asking Jed to leave when he started giving a speech

The Church meeting before the mass happened, a good amount of clergy showed up, and we were productive! It was great! Then afterward when everyone parted but Maralas and myself, a quick off-the-cuff Instill Confidence.

Aldric's benediction at Feast. Beautiful, and I lead my table in a hearty toast afterward!

Bumping into Magnus and Annora on Sunday and having this interaction:

Annora: "I am an overthinker."
Nalick: "Not only am I a master warrior, but I am a master overthinker."
Annora: "Well, I'm a heroic overthinker!"

Helping out with the Guard Bachelor Auction was fun! I got people laughing and, when I joked that Erik Huronson was a "real blast," probably facepalming too.

I learned being Nalick sometimes gets in the way of being Nalick. Saturday, I was running around and every other minute or so, someone else needed my help. Late Saturday night, I was a bit miffed that I missed a pun war in the bar room. I knead more puns in my life.

I also missed the scholar meeting but made sure to drop off a package of Meander-safe cookies to Meander herself.

Handing Ergos a loaf of challah on Sunday afternoon, excitedly telling him to "share the bread!" and running off.

Next event, I was looking forward to taking it easy, and then learned who was running the show.


OOG -- Jeff Balla
Card Team
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18 Apr 2016 11:14 #10 by Garlan Tanwyn (GarlanTanwyn)
Replied by Garlan Tanwyn (GarlanTanwyn) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
This event was great, so awesome to see so many new players and it was great to see how well the game handled an influx of so many players all at once.

In no particular order:

- Friday was a little slow because a lot of mods were occurring that didn't really have much to do with me, but later in the night made up for it.

- Nothing was as intimidating as having Therion, Dmitri, and Sebastian all separately tell me that they needed me for something later in the evening.

- After that thing happened, I had nothing else to do for the night and actually got to bed fairly early.

- Saturday morning breakfast in the AG was wonderful, I'm not sure of the name of the guy who made it but it was great, thanks again.

- Saturday during the morning I chose to actively avoid fighting things until getting enough coffee, as usual.

- Before market fair on Saturday hung out in the Blackbird and was offered 10,000 gold for my pants from Papa Gypsy.... Definitely considering it.

- Crew of the Winged Victory, the "kiss a law abiding citizen" stand was great, but the puppets of Jackdaw, Magnus, and Starling were hysterical. Keep doing what you're doing.

- During market fair walking around doing some things for Jade (also meeting Jade who I don't think I'd met before) was cool.

- NPC shift from 2-6pm was pretty great, got to be a lizardkin for most of it and do some trial-by-combat style fighting with both new and experienced players. Wasn't till a few fights in that Jean informed us we should've only accepted combatants fighting with knives or fists, not shields. Congrats again to the new player who fought so well he got the amulet rewarded to him, never seen someone continue to punch with their 1 good limb.

- Dinner in the AG was excellent as always, so many thanks to Brian for continuing to do that, I know how many headaches it can cause.

- Main mod like I said was awesome, it felt like a real full scale battle with all the people we had, both NPCs and PCs. Got surged by a wild mage but made it out alright.

- Apparently a Null showed up after main mod, but I just hung out in the AG until it went away so hopefully no one died.

- Went on two different late night mods, one with the AG in which we managed to avoid skunks and the other with another group where we realized that the mod was intersected with another mod and would take much longer. Decided to head to bed rather than continue onward and glad I did.

- Nothing crazy happened Sunday besides a small new player mod in which Jackdaw was almost eaten and ANOTHER wild mage surged and successfully downed more players than goblins. Not too many hard feelings I swear.

All in all a great event, can't make it to May but will definitely be happy to be back in June!

Garlan Tanwyn

OOG: Sam P.
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18 Apr 2016 11:52 - 18 Apr 2016 12:10 #11 by Maralas (adamdrew3)
Replied by Maralas (adamdrew3) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
It has been a while sincce I have written one of these; but here goes.

First, thank you to all the people who worked so hard to make this event great. All the ST's were awesome and worked really hard to make sure everyone had a good time. Thanks to all the marshals for doing a superb job and working really hard. New Player marshals were awesome and available when they were needed. Super thanks for that! Thanks to everyone who works behind the scenes to get stuff done. All the kitchen staff were awesome as well. Thank you to James for so many things and thank you to all the new players who gave us a chance to show you a good time!

This was a fun event for me. I was busy in spurts. It was great to see everyone!

Friday: Getting to chat with Birgitta . . . I did a lot of listening, too and that is important. So much love for you. Then chatting with Pluvious after and talking philosophy a little. Great RP!
Midnight mass was wonderful. Caldor always makes me happy when he does mass. After sitting with Swyft and trying to console her. Man, I never want that to happen to Maralas! There was some awesome acting going on there!

Saturday: LM shift with Chris Z. super fun. Getting to help people some. I made some mistakes; but everyone was really gracious and forgiving. I am still learning stuff. It was a good thing.
I managed to get dehydrated in spite of drinking a lot of water . . . but I got some lunch and felt a little better. I was nervous about the Clergy meeting; but it went very smoothly. the folks who showed up were really great and it was just wonderful to have us all working together. Love you all so much!
Mass: I was a little nervous when Dark Clergy came in; but I welcomed them and was polite. I think the mass over all went well. Asking Jed to stop talking . . . I feel like I should have been nervous; but I was not. I just politely and firmly asked him to stop. Beautiful role playing happened in those moments!

Being dehydrated made me super tired, so I crafted a little then went to bed early and slept like a rock. It was a rare but good thing.

Sunday mornings I think are sometimes my favorite. The RP is usually very organic and fun. I often get to chat for a few minutes with people that I usually do not get to see. I laughed a lot with the antics of Chris Z and Leslie! Much love to you both.

Over all, I noticed many of the new players who were around. I saw a lot of great RP and interesting characters. That was really cool.

I look forward to seeing you all again, soon.

Maralas Silverstream
High Priestess of Gaia

OOG: Rebecca Hines

Logistics Marshal
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18 Apr 2016 13:03 - 18 Apr 2016 20:35 #12 by Belketra Folles (pleasantexample)
Replied by Belketra Folles (pleasantexample) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Haven't done this in a while, but haven't had an event this awesome in a while either.

When an event begins on your knees, waiting for a chance to learn about divinity from none other than Jed, you know it's going to be an intense, religious event - and indeed it was. Judge, I'm so glad I finally got to roleplay with you. That was amazing. Then going to Caldor's mass, which is always wonderful.
Then, running up to Kaladonia from the inn, comes Mileof, yelling "PURPLE NULL!"
"We're going to Winterdark!" I yell to Mileof and the one newcomer that actually DID come with me, and as we round the corner near the Mage's Guild, I spot a spark and a blue light. So we make a right and hide in the woods. So there we were - a one year, a third-eventer, and a brand new player, all kneeling in a group of woods. I explain the null and why they are bad news, and also a brief rundown of the Anastazi. Then we all hear voices. I recognize one particular voice crying out "TWENTY BANE, TWENTY BANE, TWENTY BANE!"
"Well, Magnus is there, so it's at least PARTIALLY handled..." I say, and we start moving slowly towards the inn.

Fast forward to the NPC shift. Echos are SO MUCH FUN. Pissing off Kaladonia as elementals is even more fun. But the most fun of them all? Devour humanoid one, devour humanoid two...

Then the exhaustion hit. We were sitting in the inn, hating life, choosing our SAUCE, BITCH. Then, a drow and Dominic join me on a trip to Quick Chek and we come back with doritos and energy drinks. I catch twenty winks on the side of the wall and then down a Spike Energy before going to Enax mass with Don Clad - who has gained a great appreciation. Then I meet some Enaxians from the New Dawn - I hope to see more of them, because if nothing else they're interesting.
Chenjing was sad that he didn't win Arradir, but the auction as a whole was AMAZING.
Getting a loan to kiss a nyad was wonderful.
Meeting a hobgoblin cleric! Of... VALOS? Then we had a discussion and I understood completely.
Going to hang out with Utgard.
Feast was DELICIOUS.
"oh shit oh shit oh shit where is Kal" Then I find out the OOG reason, and 100% compartmentalize. Was not mad at Jamey. Chenjing was mad at Kal. Glad that she's alright.
Causing a bit of undue panic thanks to mishearing something. Sorry folks.

Then main mod. Oh god. I dropped so many times, got helped every time. The best was when I was down to one body, no legs, one arm. I took the hit for Cripple below the knee, so I was on my knees, swinging my sword with my left hand. I kept that up for a minute and a half before Argyle pulled me to a healer. This is major character development fuel. Keep an eye out.

Then fire.

I thanked Fiona for getting the fire to stop. No joke. I attributed its end to her IG.
Then, the scariest IG moment. I look around the side of the inn and see a spark and a purple glow.
Also, yelling for Lake until Sir Seifer hit me with Silence. Great roleplay there Gus. That was a wonderful touch, added some levity to a too-heavy moment, even if in-game it was still serious.
Then, hot dogs with the Blood Spirits!
Finally learning wield faith, and helping Dunn extract a wraith's pancreas.

OOG: DJ (She/her)
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18 Apr 2016 17:08 #13 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
Replied by JTinney (Swordsaint) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~

Just wow. I can only say that this was an excellent event and things went fairly smooth for the portion I was there for.
Due to Work and necessary training for it, I could not be on site until about 1800 so my total time at game was only about 18 or so hours long…. But those 18 hours were pretty damn good.

A welcome and needed chat with Gideon and the plans for dealing with Blight. I am very glad the final option was not necessary and I can only imagine what is coming next.

That said, Zac, that name you chose has some history. Glad you get it…

Hearing Choyopa was in Travance… and missing my friend YET again. Damnit…

Feast! Excellent and tasty. Brazen smiled upon your efforts, Kitchen Crew… and you did not disappoint!

A semi-heated discussion with an Archmage… (paraphrased because I don’t remember exact details)
“This is a grand creation… and you don’t have One of Brazen involved? Are you mad?”
“It involves Magic…”
“Magic is a craft… your point?”
“But nothing. You are going to need his Help. I am one his high priests and Trust me when I tell you that Brazen wants this to work…”

Another conversation “I didn’t know you were a priest…”
“I have never hidden it and yet Everyone seems to forget that fact. For some reason not even the Gods know…”

The walk to the site… the advance and orders to those who know their business to organize the Travance Wall of sword and shield. The Battle Cry invocation and the cheering afterward. All you guys…. Made me cry a bit in prideful joy over it. Thank you!

Aftermath… so many talks on the way to the Inn. Watching Fiona give Karkat the “business” worth going to the Inn. That entire scene needs to be a Quote, y’all…

Hotdogs in the Encampment over a wonderful CONTROLED fire.

Sunday Morning…. Sedate, calm and worth it.
Discussions IC and OOC on various things… and learning of some more things coming for the future.

Cannot wait for Next Event- especially since I can be at the entire one this time…

And before I forget, I was asked about the next Fighter Practice Picnic by many of you. The date is to be June 18th and I will be making a post about it soon.

Until next Month!!

Father Duncan MacKenzie

Templar-High Priest of Brazen
Chaplain, Bloodspirits Mercenary Company

Janos Beecham (alt)
Dragoon of No Importance

John Tinney
Safety Marshal/ EMT
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18 Apr 2016 17:43 #14 by Adertha (mlouscher)
Replied by Adertha (mlouscher) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Let's see.
Maer's weekend could best be described as "An Abundance of Luck". Both good and bad. Just... a series of highly unlikely events.
-Great thanks to David M for the armor! ...And making me realize that I am scrawny enough to fit a child-sized breastplate.

-Friday and Saturday nights were mostly spent bartending at the Blackbird and the inevitable adventures that entails. Met a lot of new people, was witness to some... events. Gratitude to Allyce for repeatedly preventing me from asking suicidal questions when I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

-Saturday Lizard mod was an interesting experience. I was nervous about playing an NPC like that, but it seems like everyone had a lot of fun?

-Thanks to some hilarious timing I became a hostage in two separate mods. At the same time. Dominated, knocked out, tied up, dominated again, then finally kidnapped. Things got interesting. Thanks and sorry to all involved (Can't remember everyone, that night was a blur).

-One very nice pair of mechanically strange manacles
-One deep-rooted fear of sewers

Nethrion Adertha
"Of course it's going to work, and you know why? Because I said I was going to help you and I am a terrible liar."

OOG: Max L
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18 Apr 2016 18:01 #15 by Ergos (arieslink)
Replied by Ergos (arieslink) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
My third event was wonderful and I am super duper impressed with all of the newcomers who had such a great grasp on roleplaying and the game already. Well done, seriously. I hope I was able to help the new players that I specifically interacted with.

Friday night was rather boring for me and for Ergos. Not much happened except for trying to find Nalick and then running away from one of a null (which was scary for Ergos, but for me it was cold and boring, especially since I didn't see the null at all). Seeing Crane and Jackdaw wasted on Satyr's wine was pretty great though.

Around an hour after I had fallen asleep, I woke up to someone saying "Those two have been Killing Blowed". So Ergos died. I was way too tired to make sure it was actually me though, so I just kinda went back to sleep and switched characters in the morning instead of asking anyone.

Haz Polzin! I started playing the new Romani on Saturday this month as a precursor to my friends arriving in May (they should be playing, anyway). He's a rather RP-oriented character, so it was harder to get into him at first because I'm a tad shy at times but it ended up being great. His first interaction in Travance was with Nalick and Dominick and Chenjing and whoever else was there that I don't remember, who might as well have had Satyr's wine since they were running on no sleep. I apologize to anyone who was sleeping in the inn, because you obviously weren't getting much sleep with all of the commotion.

Afterwards, I set up for Marketfaire, where I sold the Polzin (and Grimes) secret family recipe: Kennelration! There was not as much as I expected, and I'm definitely going to try to find a way to make and bring more for next time, but it was definitely a success! I can't remember who exactly it was that helped me out (Dmitri?) but you have my endless thanks for learning me in the ways of vending. I totally wanted to express my thanks in-game, but it's difficult to do so while playing a Romani (which goes to everyone who helped me out, because it pained me to not be able to do anything in return for you). Anywho, Kennelration turned out to be a success and got the thumbs-up from both Lord Ardin Silverbow and Lord Rudolf Von Kreutzdorf, among many others.

Other fun details about Haz Polzin include making some goblinoids kill themselves and almost dying because of a mod with no healers.

On Sunday, I woke up knowing that Ergos had died, and I donned the blue headband. Swyft gave me an awesome resurrection scene, and at that point I was actually fairly happy that Ergos had gotten to experience something like that, so that he knows what it's like for others when he is performing it for them eventually. On Sunday there was not a dull moment, and Ergos learned quite a few things, as well as helped out with the healing business against some goblins.

Great event overall, I'm super glad that I took the chance to be Haz Polzin for all of Saturday. Special thanks to Magnus for everything that he put into helping out the new players, I really appreciate it. I can't wait to see everyone next event!

Ergos, Warden of the Phokus

[OOG: Adam Grimes]
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18 Apr 2016 18:05 #16 by Kleidin (Kleidin)
Replied by Kleidin (Kleidin) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
I'm old, lzy, and still exhausted from the weekend, but I need to give some feedback.

Knight Realms - the Ritual month.

All the rituals.

Druids working to gather the components for the pigments for the main ritual to build the obilisk. Teamwork, and choosing the right person for each job - worked so well. - Trying to say verbals with a plant, and then a piece of chalk in my mouth, interesting.

Friday - meeting new Witch Hunters - Personally introduced to a new one by Cinder. The suprised look on her face when I welcomed her to town, and offered assistance and a place to stay if needed.

A demon who is h8unting a nastyu type of shadow negitive energy creature. Vetted by Caldor, so not killed immediately.

An elder Lycanthrope healer who assisted our people and is asking to be cured.

If another undead 'good guy' shows, I'll be sure of the side who won the war. (I say another, due to ancient history)

Kaladonia PIE MOD firepit party. We were able to convince a great enemy to visit us, and due to the variety of guests was convinced of our honesty.
We hope to continue this every month, barring torrential downpours.

SUNDAY Ritual Mod x3 to save an ancient grove and Ranger. I am so proud of how well oiled we were. I hope we continue to work so well as a unit.
the teamwork, and roleplay was astounding.
Thank you to all who assisted Kaladonia in our work.

Lady Kleidin du Tenkukai Weaveforger Laurent-Belmont of Kaladonia
Master Witch Hunter, and Elder Druid
OOG: Diane Sodher
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18 Apr 2016 18:08 #17 by Dunn Ironwill (JackDimms)
Replied by Dunn Ironwill (JackDimms) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
It's been a while since I've been to an event and lemme tell you after a boring winter, the spring is going to turn out to be awesome!!! Such a great event, really felt that there was a need for a good amount of different classes.

I believe the number of players this event was 270? SWEET!

So some of my highlights are...

Talking to Chen,

Talking to Bob

Talking to Brigitta!!

I very much enjoyed alchemy plot, it was nice to see the different techniques other alchemists had. For being new to the profession it gave me a lot of different perspectives on how to go about doing things.

The reaction I got when I explained my secret recipe at the mod was also great.

Selling alchemy.

Telling people I would throw gold at people for essences was fun too.

Jack Cypher walking up at the auction and throwing bars of gold down onto the ground. Hilarious!!

Watching the alchemists fight. It was surprising to see how useful a skilled alchemist is.

Well that's all I got for now. See ya next time.

Professor Dunn Ironwill
Cenobite of Agaura
Vassal of Ostcliff

OOG: Dane Williams
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18 Apr 2016 21:03 #18 by Starling (starling)
Replied by Starling (starling) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
This was my fourth event, and so far definitely my favorite. Thank you, so much, to everyone who had a hand in making this event a blast, even with the HUGE number of players that showed up.

In no particular order, my highlights reel:

- Puppets. Pirate-freaking-puppets. I had no idea these were actually happening, either IG or OOG, until suddenly there's a puppet Jackdaw. And Magnus. And then I went inside to have tea, and came out to Puppet Starling. That was a HUGE shock (and, OOG, hugely flattering!) and the whole thing provided hours of entertainment. Osprey and Lark (and everyone else) deserve massive props for it. I am sad that I missed the Jackdaw puppet's baptism into the worship of Enax, and the dramatic marriage of Puppet Magnus and Puppet Jackdaw, followed by Puppet Starling's intense disapproval. (It was really a blast to get to bring out some of the dynamics between Starling and Jackdaw that are usually less evident, even if they were directed at a sock puppet--literally.)

- Chenjing, please keep leading the "Jackdaw is an honorable and good man" charge, it provides me no end of amusement. Your dedication to this cause is very important to me.

- Late late night Friday night mod with the Winged Victory and friends was brilliant. It was a really interesting problem to solve, the NPCs were all wonderful, especially the prisoner - very impressed by all your convulsing! Again, it offered opportunities to play sides of my character I don't always get to delve into - two really conflicting sides at once, in fact. And there was actually Healer Stuff to do? That wasn't just spamming heals? I am so grateful for that.

- Of course we got chased by terrifying NPCs on the way to AND from this mod, as characters who are really not equipped to deal with anything that threatening on our own. So there was a lot of running - which was really immersive, because I actually got to run through the woods in the dark getting my dress and cloak stuck on brambles and bushes. Terrifying, but great immersion.

- Tea with the Silverbows was excellent Quinarian roleplay! I hope more of that happens, you were both great and it's always fun being snobs--I mean, being better than everyone. And more tea. And maybe more suspicious autograph seekers.

- Sunday, I really thought, was going to be low key. And then Starling had a healing lesson that particularly left her shaken - and had people keep passing her bottles of wine. (Gee, thanks, Rook and Wili and Jackdaw. THANKS.) Probably don't ply small high elves with lots of alcohol, because then they rally their pirate crew to go fight trolls or goblins or something, and then Magnus gets involved. Starling still really isn't sure how that whole lending her his skills works, but it meant that she used a weapon and fought something for the first time probably ever. And continued getting progressively louder and more opinionated after the goblins kidnapped Jackdaw. So I'm not sure if thanks or apologies are in order to everyone else on the mod. (I'm glad I got to shout "Yes, morality IS determined by my personal opinions alone!", it may have been the single most Quinarian thing I have said in game yet.) I'm pretty sure Starling hideously embarrassed herself in front of Fenri and her new crew members, too, and nearly got into a brawl after certain new crew members besmirched elven wines.

- Main Mod was intense. Not being able to see most of what was going on, having a veritable horde of NPCs charging down the hill over and over, and having to regrow a dizzying number of limbs? Wild. (Also, many kudos to Jun for really playing up the missing leg. I'm pretty sure they heard you back at the inn.)

- Apparently I wanted to be around so much that I literally fell asleep on a table in the Inn after midnight on Saturday, before finally shuffling off to bed.

Squire to Lord Angelica Tellinghast
Viceroy of Drega'mire

OOG: Alice Bryson
Marshal, New Player Rep
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18 Apr 2016 21:40 - 18 Apr 2016 21:42 #19 by Kardin (Ben)
Replied by Kardin (Ben) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Oh god this was an amazing one you guys!

-All the lizard kin shenanigans including
--Watching Fyodor literally ride a storm drake and having so much fun that Kardin wanted to get struck by lightning three times as well.
--Fighting ferociously with the Fire Tribe lizards.
--Me and a chaos warrior named Drake thinking it was rather smart to chaos blast open a chest to test our intellect.

-Speaking with both Oren and Duncan about the path of the Cavalier and its power of Nope!

-Argyle buying Kardin as a gift for Birgitta, who still hasn't gotten her non-specific revenge on our heroic ranger for incorrectly saying her name.

-This conversation
Lt. Grimjkell- Officers, what are your thoughts?
Cpl. Kardin- *raises hand* Grim, am I an officer?
Pvt. Arradir- No Kardin you're not a-
Lt. Grimjkell- Yes.

-Being all sneaky sneaky with Rowan and Drake at Ostcliff after the Null showed up.

-Breaking my shield so many times and thanking my lucky stars that I have an Alchemist like Ellion to glue it back together not once but four goddamn times.

-Breaking so many arms and legs in battle that Fenri basically ran out of heal limbs during Morgazi mod.

-Singing with the Creepy Bard and everyone in the Inn. Meeting so many new friends and wonderful performers. (I will try to remember you all but I am so bad at that. Can't wait to see you all again)

-Meeting up with Nesterin and be mercilessly violated together by vines. Thank you Lion Man!

-The look on Willi's and Arradir's faces when they heard their verses from my Elf-Friend song.

-Fenri's reaction when Kardin decided to leave his severed legs behind and go back into the fray. Fighting alongside Ellion, Maer, Triss, Rowan, and a Warrior Monk whose help was greatly appreciated.

-Making even the undead do a double take when Kardin lost both his arms AND his legs but continued fighting by holding his sword in his teeth.

-Actually helping take down an undead like that.

-Going back from a fight with no arms and carrying Mr. Smith the (currently legless) smith on Kardin's back to become one fully functioning person.

-Being called Kardin Arm-less-ter for like ten minutes straight.

-That feeling when Kardin had a new townsperson tell him that they heard such amazing stories about him and felt better with him leading the Adventurer's Guild mission.

-Lark not realizing that she hadn't actually mind enslaved the Dragoons and that things were about to go very crazy very fast.

-Fighting off two storm drakes.

-Freaking sock Magnus

-That moment when Aldric got to tell Kardin that the person he had just questioned was the Baron.


-Ellion comforting him when the battle was over and the nobility closed in.

-Trapping self in manacles while drunk, having Ketteryn chase down Kardin for no reason, and then having the entire town get in on trapping him.

-Paying Jun a cookie to shoot a pistol and laugh all pirate-like.

I think that Kardin had the most character development he's ever had and I can't thank everyone enough for such a wonderful time. I hope to see you all again soon!

Kardin Armister of the Hiolangorn || Shield of the North
Vassal to Lord Aleister Tartaros of Drega'mire
Iron Centurion of Palindor

Ben F.
"Never get discouraged. People may punish you for every good thing you'll ever do, but you only fail if they get you to stop. Your actions can mend a heart, save a Light, or topple the mightiest foe."
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18 Apr 2016 21:55 #20 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
Replied by JTinney (Swordsaint) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~

Kardin wrote: -Speaking with both Oren and Duncan about the path of the Cavalier and its power of Nope!

Considering he and I spoke about you, Young One... Notes and ideas were traded.

Be afraid? I don't think so...
Be Concerned? If you are smart.... :evil:

Father Duncan MacKenzie

Templar-High Priest of Brazen
Chaplain, Bloodspirits Mercenary Company

Janos Beecham (alt)
Dragoon of No Importance

John Tinney
Safety Marshal/ EMT
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18 Apr 2016 22:06 #21 by Lake (LakeHunter)
Replied by Lake (LakeHunter) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
I had a wonderful time this weekend with all of my friends!

There were countless events and interactions which kept me going and riding high all weekend long; What follows are but a few.

Talks with "Imrahil" (spelling) about the nature of violence and respect and appreciation. The poise that that character gives off is subtle but vibrant. A lot can be said with very few softly spoken words. Thank you!

Palling around with "Maxine" and really finding out the natural "vibrations" of my character. How he acts when he's just humming along without any particular mission in mind is something I find very important to living inside of a character.

Pendarvin - Squad levels: supreme . Really solid group of players with a great ability to interact naturally with each other, despite the great diversity. I loved the meeting on Saturday and hearing and seeing everyone together.

Super-quote: "What do I want in a Knight? I want a real ass-kicker." - Lord Silverbow

My character has had some misgivings about the notion of fealty , but I think he is decidedly comfortable with his choice of service!

The fight with the Morgazi. Despite it being interrupted by persistent holds and clarifications and things of that naturethe actual portrayal of desperation created by the players was excellent. At times it felt like that scene in Braveheart where the battle is almost over and people are exhausted and just hitting eachother with whatever pointy object is nearby. In my minds eye people were wrestling and picking up sticks to defend themselves and bashing the undead with rocks in a last ditch effort to kill them.

Special props to Renee Day , Mike K. and a couple of new players who must have felt completely lost but were Combat Roleplaying their hearts out. Especially the fellow in the Kung Fu uniform who went all Bruce Lee on my ass after getting dominated. I saw a lot of combat RP out of him all event.

Many small conversations before, during and after feast which really got my head screwed on straight.

Main mod was made very chaotic and exciting my the sheer weight of numbers we had. Very grateful for the attendance! That moment when someone was body blocked into the Obelisk and it looked like the worlds shadiest Jenga tower ever. I may have pooped.

The lunatics: I got to take on one of the most fun and satisfying NPC roles ever, and I am very glad that I will be able to return in the future for more madness.

All the NPCs who came out with me from 2am - 4am Sunday m orning acting like absolute nutters with so much energy even after the entire event. Hilarious and terrifying all at once.

Where's the baby?! Baby's got the scent! I will be laughing about all of that for a month.

See you all in May!

[Craig Edward O.]
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18 Apr 2016 23:17 #22 by Templar Aldric (Selrik)
Replied by Templar Aldric (Selrik) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
This event was special for me due to the culmination of much work by players to get the church organized and start it back towards being functional again. I want to thank you all, Rebecca, Jason, Ben, Samantha, Joe S, Chris Z, Michaela, Chris D, Alice, Jeff, Josh, Cassie, Joe H, Shane and Tom for coming together to get this started.

As for the event, I was busy from Friday night on. First, getting drafted to go to the underdark to try and get the obelisk only to have to begin running from the Null, all the while cursing the white tabard I again was wearing at night.

After that turning in early to do my NPC shift, got to play Captain Morgan again, business was slow... apparently the captain's bric a brac was not in demand. Then run back and get into Aldric garb to do Bar Mass. Then being made to do the Mass using an Aldric sock puppet, by a demented Satyr. :)

Church meeting went smoothly and we got stuff done. Even being attacked only brought us together as the clerics and templar stood guard on the meeting and repelled the NPCs who got too close. Church Main mass went well, with one mishap that was handled well by Maralas. I had the spirit as they say for the sermon, I really like the church RP I have to say.

Feast was good, even with giving smaller portions multiple times, it worked well. Might give thought to doing it that way more. Met a Hobgoblin Valosian Cleric, but didnt get to do a proper introduction to the Church, but it will come I promise!

Valosian Mass went fantastic. I didnt think anyone was going to come at first, only three people followed me over to the tent. Then people started coming over and then people saw people coming over... in the end I had a really great turnout. Thanks to Damien and Romeo for coming and Romeo, thanks for singing the Psalm. I definitely want that one for my Book of Valos and a wonderful addition to the Mass. I even baptised a new follower of Valos, and had my other baptized members welcome him without me prompting it.

Then the main mod, realizing based on the number of NPCs and that we had to defend a static location, we were going to do an honest to goodness Line Battle. I live for Line battles! Even eating a crushing blow (again and again) didn't diminish how much I liked that battle. The NPCs did a good job being intimidating and throwing themselves on us like mindless Husks would do.

Then the sass of Sergei, and the retreat back to the Inn and arrival of Fiona. Then the sass of Fiona to Karkat. Lovely time, would obelisk again.

Oh and my odd highlight would be Aldric being an actual prophet during Aldric's sermon. "I would not want to have to be the one to decide about waking Miranda..." (it was not hard to anticipate really.) Then having that be the drama of the night after Main mod, and feeling bad about it and apologizing to the Baron. :P

Then the Fire and the subsequent hold of the event... really only served to calm everyone down a bit and get us into a decent mood with the lull. I even met another Valosian Priest, named Artemis and spent about 40 minutes catching him up on the Church as he continually rubbed his temples at each new piece of news. Welcome back! :)

Overall, great event and even if I didnt do a whole lot of side quests and mods, I am too busy making my own plot to really care. Thanks to all the staff and NPCs making this possible each month!

Templar Aldric
Champion Fisherman of Amanthyre
Prophet of the Holy Light
Templar of Valos

"The sacred writings are quite specific on the subject of killing, but are a bit fuzzier on the topic of kneecaps."

OOG - David McCormick.
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18 Apr 2016 23:20 - 18 Apr 2016 23:20 #23 by Templar Aldric (Selrik)
Replied by Templar Aldric (Selrik) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~

The most hilarious and honest piece of third party appraisal goes to Lord Rudolf at the Smokers Porch after main, when asked to tell a new player thinking of joining, about the Blood Spirits. I needed popcorn for that one, though I had my pipe and got to watch it all unfold in its horrific glory. Think the new guy joined them anyways though. :P

Templar Aldric
Champion Fisherman of Amanthyre
Prophet of the Holy Light
Templar of Valos

"The sacred writings are quite specific on the subject of killing, but are a bit fuzzier on the topic of kneecaps."

OOG - David McCormick.
Last edit: 18 Apr 2016 23:20 by Templar Aldric (Selrik).
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18 Apr 2016 23:38 - 19 Apr 2016 07:09 #24 by Ezequiel Cantor (hectorwatts03)
Replied by Ezequiel Cantor (hectorwatts03) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
The difficult thing involving this month is that, while I was not able to do main mod or anything major because of IC interests (I was not around long enough to have felt that anything I would have done mattered, and I felt auto-locked out as a result, which affected me in some cases i.e. main mod) and OOC weather related reasons (I am not going to be able to withstand it being cold enough for me to freeze while at main mod, which also sucks since I never got to the Scholar mod), it felt more of a major RP session this time around, which is fine, because this is a holiday that my character outright abhorred, and I worked with it. That being said. Here are some notes that I figured I'd have to mention:

  • Kleidin, thanks for showing me around during the Druid walk, as even now I did not know how far the property line went (which I am now dubbing Outer Travance) I do have to see that other lake eventually, albeit carefully since it is a bit off the trail. (And definitely not at night since I am rather weak when the sun is down.)
  • To all those involved in the Auction, thanks a lot for tolerating me in my counter ramble, because it was all IC to reflect my character's disapproval, and I was doing my (rather futile) attempt to get the guards out of this deal. (Including the Knight Captain, although that went nowhere fast.)
  • Speaking of which, to the person that cursed me, a rather amusing tale happened shortly after I left and the effect kicked in. All I can say that IG, I ended up getting thrown into the lake after getting trapped between a mischievous goblin, and the unicorn summoning team, with me walking back to the Inn, being IG drenched in water. (Not OOG since I had my personal effects on me.) So yeah, you got your money's worth on that.

    (By the way, to the person who met me after I came back from the Inn and was told by someone else that the effect was complete, please PM me. I need your IG name so that I can make note and keep a track of that, since you recognized me earlier from a previous encounter and referred to me as "that [REDACTED - Find Out In Game] guy." Thank you. :) )
  • To the marshals during the lizardkin mod. Honestly, when that happened and I lost myself for a sec there, I would have stepped aside and recovered quickly, but since this is Travance, I figured I'd RP that just for the sake of. I think if anything, it worked for roleplaying and I want to thank those that helped me out. (and I understand completely that you could not continue with the scene. It was rough being felt like I was locked out of things, but this made sense, so I did not question it.)
  • The Light and Valos Masses. - On the plus side, my character found out about the truth behind the day, and realized that after hearing it from a Valosian POV, it made more sense. (Also, hooray for hymns that don't make me want to IG walk out of there in disgust. Seriously, that was good singing.) On the down side... well, you had to be there at the end of the Valos mass to find out what that was, so for the Templar and the other two faithful there, you got a glimpse of a character arc I may take. (Also, I think I met Jed? Not sure since I could not tell if he was the Gloominite Priest that visited the mass that time.)
  • Taking notes with Tobias, and that scene with Caldor. Oh, there may be more with that depending on how things go, but I am ready if anything does come as a result of it.
  • To the guy who I borrowed those boffers, thanks. My other ones did not clear safety, so thanks for that. It even gave me an idea on how to improve on my original set.
  • Fun fireworks with the group that appeared around 4-5 bells. Turns out that rumor was true after all.
  • Lastly, I met Crataeis. Interesting conversation we had, but I get the feeling things will take an unexpected direction with her. Also, I'm probably banned from going on-board her ship. :D

As for May, I am planning to come, since the summer months seems outright crucial since there are scenes I hope will happen. However, that all depends on if they are willing to follow through with it. (Not to mention it looks like my pants got some gum on them. Will need to rewash them to get it off.)

"Once upon a time there was a man who died. The less said the better."

IC: Ezequiel Cantor - A "Physician." Nothing more. Nothing less
OOC: Jason C.
Last edit: 19 Apr 2016 07:09 by Ezequiel Cantor (hectorwatts03).
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19 Apr 2016 02:08 #25 by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt)
Replied by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
This has to be my best event to date. I'm already looking forward to the next event!

I'll open with, great job to everyone that made this event go off. I will say I was shocked to see all the New Players, and it was rewarding to meet with so many of you.

I went from being bored and wondering where everyone was, to I couldn't get a moment to sit down if I wanted to.

Off the Island? The undead sure did pile up fast. We are most happy to help take care of the problem. GREAT JOB to all the Witch Hunters out there, AND fresh meat? I mean, new students, sure...

Gus, Bridget, and everyone else, thank you! From the bottom of my cold, witch hunter heart, thank you all. That was, the best mod I've been on, maybe ever, and that is seriously, tough to say. Well done.

That said, I'm proud of all the players there. Romeo, Jenna, Onca, Liam(dude, who looks serious and has zero chill? YOU) Matt, Will(thanks for the sword Chris, and Will that was the slickest darn rp I've seen you do in a long time) that was intense, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Bridget, with everything going on, being dragged and beaten on, Sun burnt, to freezing. You never stopped giving that role your all, as a fellow player, thank you. I would ask folks to look at you for more roles in the future. You made my NPC of the month. You earned it girl. It is super hard to beat Goose too, that said, I freaking love Chaiopa, like seriously, if something bad happened to him, Argyle is cutting it down in the cold wet paths.

Stacy, you were everywhere this event, I know, Matt Magnus and I were too. You had everything on your back, and you didn't let of the gas. I can't say what an amazing time I had doing quick rp with you here and there all weekend.

Wormwood bailing out the whole town again even if no one saw that, and saving my Celtic Bacon yet again.

It was great rp with Higgins again, I want more, when your down, I hope we can kill hordes of undead together, it's like barring a body or camping...killing undead just brings folks together.

Caldor, tight mass as always. Thanks for backing me on helping those new players. You and your wife don't always see it, but we love you in this messed up family we call KR.

Always a good time with both of Hines, I freaking love you both. Thanks again.

Shortest lesson I gave in a long time, good job Austin. Your getting faster. Watching your RP grow is something I welcome each event you can make.

The unspoken alliance, goes strong, to the man I've never meet this whole year.

Someone, remind me to pay Dunn please!!!

Jackdaw and crew. I love the zanky awesome stuff you pull. I had a blast with you all, wish I could have done more.

Why does Magnus always seem so darn disappointed in me?

Kardin, Auggie wouldn't bust your chops half as much if he didn't think you could hang. Talk with me more Ben, your alright bro.

Feast was epic, I owe you one Bill F. Damien you killed it man. I didn't hear a single issue, save that folks wanted MORE. Thanks for the help serving James and Rachel. Jackdaw and your crew really stepped up this weekend, thanks.

I threw shady at Fiona? #worthit

So, a bit of an emotional think here folks, I saw a new player trying his best, and helping where ever he could. So offered to help him, and we really got to talking I answered what I could and took him to folks to answer the rest. Thanks to Tim, the Hines, Jason Marion, Stacy, GUS, Aaron, Dave, Tinney, everyone, GINA who helped me give him the Main Mod experience of a life time! Flint is the PCs name. Young Blood, your what this game is all about for new players, you got to be a total hero on a Main Mod, I really enjoyed watching you as I moved around, you got this man. Most rewarding moment as a player in this game I've ever had. I'll never forget it, and a huge thanks again to everyone who helped let me reward a great new player, you all helped make not just his weekend, but mine as well.

Garret, Kristen, Matt, and of course Gus you made me feel like a new player again, as this weekend got better and better. All your work and time means the world to me and I'm sure many others.

Chenjing, enough said.

Oh, and Luis, you do so much for my PC...You weren't even at this darn event, thanks man. If I ever win the lotto, you'll never buy a spice again! That was shady, but so worth the surprise.

I am missing a lot, I'm sure but seem to have gone on and on. What can I say? This was the best event I've had yet as both a PC and as a player. I can't wait to see you all again in May. I'll be sure to break out my A Game again.
Until next time...

Del Dragon, Argyle
(OOC: Forest Dougan)
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19 Apr 2016 06:50 #26 by Lake (LakeHunter)
Replied by Lake (LakeHunter) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
How could I forget!

Sunday lesson with newly anointed Sir Zelritch and another gentleman who's name I forget. Maybe Nicholas will know who he is!

Excellent roleplay. Proving once again that the heart and soul of this game is really not in the points, or the special powers or the idea of winning or losing, but in entertaining one another.

[Craig Edward O.]
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19 Apr 2016 08:56 #27 by Midori Suarez (krykit)
Replied by Midori Suarez (krykit) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Hello everyone! Great job to everyone involved at this event, staff and players old and new! So my highlights...

Sat 10 am - 2 pm NPC shift

Going around with some other new players and one older as "Travance Groupies" was a hilarious way to facilitate interactions between old and new players. That was brilliant, and the comedic timing of the fainting when Poluvius kissed our hands was just golden! Kudos!

20 minutes before the end of my shift, Goose comes up to me and goes "So do you wanna play a unicorn?" and I'm like "How is that even a question?!" That mod was totally worth the wait for the ritual to be complete.

As Midori,

Hearing 3 stories at a time from Sindarion and not hearing the end of ANY of them.

Reacting to Felix's assault on Eli

Hearing from Fiona that Mercy was proud of her <3 (I got weepy!)

"Midori, what do you think is the weight of a human life?"

Having a bunch of body guards for main mod. That was cool!

Helping Utgard.

OOG: Kate Iannacone
IG: Midori Suarez, Mercy's Daughter
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  • Kitchen Staff
19 Apr 2016 09:41 #28 by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
Replied by Caldor Eirson (Caldor) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Wow oh wow. Possibly the best event in my history of KR.

first from an OOG perspective the number of new players was incredible. I tried to play with as many of you as I can (even if you were NPCs). Thank you all for coming out and I hope you all come back.

From the kitchens, we really appreciate that some of you stepped up to serve and/or help out with clean up. The more we work together like that the better the game is for everyone. I'm very impressed with how efficiently service was handled.

Side props to Damian for some how cooking for that many people. Seriously. That's a LOT of food.

IG lay on was pretty tame, which was good because it gave time to mingle.

Was very upset I missed the chance to see Andorra. I couldn't have been on the mod, but Caldor is so close to having seen all the gods in person, and she's going to have to stay on his list a little longer. (For those wondering, the only ones left on his list are Glom, Andorra, Valos, and Enax.).

Midnight mass was amazingly fun. Huge turnout, and a great crowd. Thanks all. It is most often my favorite thing to do.

Telling Tari I couldn't survive something without her help - turns out I was more right than I knew.

Ended up really, really late, though not entirely sure why. I know I did stuff, but its all a haze.

Sadly couldn't justify Caldor going on the Druid mod, but was glad I got to hear what happened.

Saturday was a load of fun. Did a lot of talking and planning.

So HAPPY the church meetings went so well, and that we seem to be back on track to getting things done and working with the town. Really excited about the new Valosian cleric I met Cal. We have to be Cal buddies.

Main Mass was Awesome. I've never been quite so thrilled to have Benediction as when it can be used to save mass.

Grim Guardian/St. Astrid's mod was awesome and fun. Midori really made me happy when she tried to make friends. The town was so cool with "umm.. can we do this without fighting flowers?"


Loved the Lizard Kin who showed up in town. Caldor wants to hang out with her when the world isn't ending.

I'm really sad I missed all the collection plots. The chalk, unicorn and stone mods all sounded awesome.

It was really painful OOG to have to turn down a position in the carving/painting part of main mod, but its what Caldor would have done. I think the people who did it were fantastic. The design of that mechanic was excellent, and so inclusive. I'm very much tipping my hat to the ST's for it.

As grumbly and foul mouthed Caldor gets about the Baron's methods, I hope Damien never thinks its an OOG complaint, and understands how much I OOG think he's awesome.

As I told the STs, I was bored in main mod in THE BEST WAY. because of other obligations I had, I was only using spell cage and then Gift of Light/Restoring Light if needed. And they were never needed. People did such a great job that those powers didn't come up. I ended up doing more "first aid assess" than anything. It was so good to see people of all levels equally participating.

Favorite moment of the fight? Raxas uses Dominate on Josh Labar's monster, and he violently growls "I'M TAKING IT" in the same voice he calls his defenses, and then goes docile and servile. Hilarious.

Transporting the stones back was fun... though it was about halfway back when I heard "NOBODY SHOULD BE IN FRONT OF THE SHIELDS" and I realized how far ahead of the town I had walked.....

The Fire scared the crap out of me. From the angle I was looking I thought it was either teh Pendarvin or Kaladonia Statehouse. I'm glad it got under control. Fire Downtime gave me a chance to work on rituals.

Kaladonia grilling is the best way to spend a night. Hanging out with the 'villains' of the next days mod was kinda cool.

Working with Tris and Keavy on rituals was really really cool. We all have such different styles, which made the three rituals so cool together. I took Gideon's advice and ran my ritual past Xod... and sure enough he found a flaw. Talking with the marshals the next day, I found out that had I not fixed the flaw, it could have been bad for me.... go xod.

Sleep. Blessed sleep.

Kaldonia mod was utterly incredible. The teamwork of the players, the RP of the NPCs, the set up, the story. I could do a whole post just about it. Instead, I'll just do biggest highlights.

Christine Beard Crying can make you feel bad about saving her life. True Fact.
Blowing: Over 300 Career Points 2 prayer Storage, 4 Druidic Storage, 4 other Elder Runes, 1 Rank V scroll, 1 Rank IV Scroll, 3 Rank 3 Scrolls, 2 Clarity Bombs, Benediction, and pretty much all of Tobias' physician skills on the ritual was FUN. Extreme thanks to Elric, Xod, Amalthea, Tari, Tobias, Almat, and Dimitri for risking yourselves to be part of my mad plan. I've heard how bad things could have gone if we screwed it up, and I thank ALL of you for making sure that didn't happen. Also heavy thanks to Typhon, Maralas, Dimitri, Belegchand, Nalick and anyone I'm forgetting for providing the various supplies for the plan.

Tobias Making it Rain germinate scrolls
Wife telling a flower to 'man up' and grow!
Watching each person's personal RP during the ritual was powerful. You really get a feel for each person's individuality.
Only finding something b/c I was playing around in my totem form puppet.
Wife drawing her bow on us when I hugged the Spirit we just saved... and nobody trying to stop her...

Got to teach Kleiden something. Given how much she taught me when I was first starting, it always makes me feel some pride when I can offer something back to her.

Amazing RP of lessons and not lessons with various people.

I'm sure there is a lot more I want to say, and I will if/when I remember.

Caldor Eirson,

Gothi and High Priest of Gaia
Wedding Planner, Match Maker,
Spiritual Advisor To Kaladonia

OOG: Jason M.
Deputy Kitchen Marshal
Land System Marshal

Q: How many people does it take to teach a barbarian how to read?
A: 1 knight, 3 squires, and 1 master of the mages guild.
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19 Apr 2016 11:09 #29 by Cara Easton (Raeelle)
Replied by Cara Easton (Raeelle) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Since forest forgot to add it to his post, and he can't log in right now, I'll add a highlight for him-

undead creature walked up to Argyle, went to attack, he goes "hold this", hands the creature his drink, destroys it, and catches the drink as the undead poofs. His most epic kill ever.

Alt : Laurel Astraeus

OOG: Rae L
Card Staff
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19 Apr 2016 11:29 #30 by Simon (BigZ)
Replied by Simon (BigZ) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Biggest highlight was the surprise of being knighted and all the congratulations that followed. Haven't been that happy at a game in a long time. So big thanks to Larry for that.

The little bit of Homunculus plot was great.

Alchemy being instrumental to the main plot once again is great and I'm really enjoying this trend of getting alchemists involved in plot.

Getting to see the process by which other alchemists made their secret recipes was interesting.

The dissect lesson with Lake and Heimriel was some really enjoyable RP.


OOG: Nick H.
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