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19 Apr 2016 12:43 #31 by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
Replied by Caldor Eirson (Caldor) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~

Zelretch wrote: Getting to see the process by which other alchemists made their secret recipes was interesting.

I was just discussing this with some people in relation to runes. I love seeing how different people do alchemy, rune craft, and other creation stuff differently, and how each one is so very personal.

Caldor Eirson,

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19 Apr 2016 13:10 #32 by Faila (Faila)
Replied by Faila (Faila) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
What an incredibly well run event. From the mods to feast to the organization in logistics, it was really impressive.

A few highlights:

- Meeting so many new and newer players, as well as players that were new to me. I hope everyone returns. I saw so much good RP, intelligent questions, and kind behavior.

-Unexpectedly hooking a new player mod with offers of adventures and brownies -- "oh, and by the way, you might encounter a troll . . ." The five of you were terrific.

-Morgazi mod. IG it was a complete disaster, despite the ultimate result, and Faila counts herself and many others as extremely lucky to be alive. It one was of those moments where she was just so angry with the way it was handled, she didn't even want to talk to the people involved after the fact but appreciated Gamblor's apology. OOG it was fun in an "I hope the fact I have to lay down on the ground a zillion times doesn't mean I have a zillion ticks" kind of way and despite forgetting that I am a smith and can fix my broken shield in the field (duh).

-Getting to meet and talk to Lizardkin and participate in the testing. The make up was amazing on the water tribe.

-Coming to terms with the fact she agrees with some people more than she would like.

-Meeting Lake, Max and others who may be associated with Pendarvin.

-Quinarian visitors for feast and Faila almost not biting her tongue in time in response to a few comments.

-The great enthusiasm by the NPC's for main mod. Garrett gives an excellent pre-game speech.

-Getting to give a couple nice things away to someone who can use them.

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19 Apr 2016 14:31 #33 by Alexandre Blythewood (Eleventh Phoenix)
Replied by Alexandre Blythewood (Eleventh Phoenix) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
I wish I had gotten more interaction with all the new players this event. The stories I'm hearing and what little I did see blew me away!

If you had the 2-6 NPC shift Saturday afternoon, give yourself a pat on the back! You guys did great in terms of listening to directions, playing your roles, and just generally bringing the energy and enthusiasm to your NPC shift that the game needs to thrive. You are the unsung heroes of KR!

For all my NPCs and makeup crew for Friday night, thanks for showing up early so that the mod could go off without a hitch. You guys, also, played your roles excellently and followed instructions perfectly!

For all my NPCs on Sunday, well done organizing without my presence and getting to the mod site when I told you to. I can only apologize that you had to wait so long before I needed you. A+ job, all of you!

Finally, to the PCs involved in my plotline: running this for you guys has been the highlight of my entire Knight Realms career. When I wrote this plot, I never dreamed that it would go to the places it did. That's the magic of watching this unfold: the story comes alive when it leaves the page and enters the world, and then it surprises all of us. Thank you all for helping me bring this story to life.

-Alexandre Blythewood

OOG: Zach Theis
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19 Apr 2016 21:43 #34 by Onca (Lorelai)
Replied by Onca (Lorelai) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Props to my new witch hunters - Kuni Seiko, Ismat, Aman and Aias, you guys were phenomenal. I hope you liked the vampire mod, and all the long chats with me and Blacktree. Your answers and willingness to jump in on things were great!
Bel the hobbit witch hunter is so cute and needs to come find me more! I'm sorry if we were scary and gruff.

I loved watching the new players interact with Lizardkin on Saturday - Max did an AWESOME job at the water tribe test, without knowing it was a test! Faila was really on the ball for getting involved too. The new warrior monk (I think?) fighting the fire tribe with all he had. Watching Fyodor and Blacktree on the lightning lizards. Excellent afternoon mod. And to my water tribe peeps, Scara and Marza - is 2 dress.

Zelretch getting knighted - I knew it had to come soon, but it was still EXCELLENT and I'm glad I didn't miss it. Though Nicholas, you gotta speak up ;p I'm super excited for him - he's worked hard for Ostcliff!

Every time I got to call VonRitter lineage on the displacer beast on Friday, and seeing JP just nod approval at me, was super satisfying. You guys were a fun fight, JP, Marcella and Zach!

New players, you were all fantastic. I hope to see you all again throughout the summer!

~ Lorelai Sihnon VonRitter
Huntress of Galladel
Head of House VonRitter of the Witch Hunter Academy

Rachel Jump/Onca
(New Player Marshal)
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19 Apr 2016 23:14 #35 by Imrahil (Brendan Barrett)
Replied by Imrahil (Brendan Barrett) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Spent a lot of time in the kitchen this event, but still have plenty to include as fond memories.

Firstly, so many great new players, and some returning ones with new characters. So many of you really impressed me. Except for you, Craig. You just raised your already high bar. :) I truly look forward to getting more time to play with all of you.

Fun, lighthearted rp at the dragons claw bar with Sergei, Wili, and the crew of Magnus' retainers. Each of you are wonderful!

Being asked by Swyft and Gamblor to accompany on Vedranne mod, and checking it with Ward. Given the Ok. Sometimes the bad choice is totally worth it! Getting possessed, beaten down, and left unable to help his compatriots, Imrahil finally had something to feel conflicted about. Was granted the opportunity for not very character typical roleplay with Faila, Lake, Tris, Belegchand, Steve A's new Jax (whose name I can't recall), and a couple others.
Just a few hours later Amalthea smacks it out of him with a single sentence. That was some slick work Lauren!

So proud of the kitchen staff and volunteers this event. Each of you pulled through some tough moments and rose above. Calm heads, teamwork, and perseverance prevails as always. Thank you all so much!

The realization I'm going to be busy very shortly training up a new generation of warrior monks. Becoming just another link in the chain of the Shen lineage!

The reactions to some gifts dispersed to some new players. Worth way more than those few item cards were for certain!

The baronial bachelor auction, and all those shenanigans. Thanks to the MC's, and the participants!

Evening glory may just make Imrahil an addict.

I've been mentioning redemption of demons in game for so long now, I was oog overjoyed when I got the lowdown on Gus' demon of Arawyn.

Wandering briefly with Trent and coming upon Cameron's new greenskin. "Have you guys seen a woodpecker around here?" What came next neither of us expected.

I think I now have a new favorite lesson to teach - opening warrior monk for a chaos warrior!

All in all, nothing like knowing there are an awful lot of impressionable folks around to have everybody remember why we got hooked so fast, and step up to pass that sense of community on to the newest among us.

Don't you nerds ever change!


-Lieutenant of the Baronial Guard

(Amos Oberjonois - Trapper and Spirit Speaker)

OOG - Brendan Barrett
Kitchen marshal
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20 Apr 2016 11:26 - 20 Apr 2016 11:37 #36 by Swyft (agentswift)
Replied by Swyft (agentswift) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Seeing Atrus after he's been gone for 8 months made Swyft think he was just a figment of her imagination (being as she is still afflicted with the Lord of Tears issue) due to her current not entirely sane state. Being insane in front of Terezi, Karkat and Jed was a fun time...

Being called to Andorra and meeting her. Whew, what a moment... learning that sometimes compassion means mercy killing, and not convincing someone who is suffering beyond repair to stay alive and continue suffering. It was wild watching Magnus do the deed. Then there was the epic moment when Swyft asked Andorra why she was still being cursed for the debacle of her paladin test and not wanting to step aside to let someone she loves die without knowing the reason, first. Andorra held Swyft's hands and it was this epic, emotional moment-- like the saddest part in a movie or something. I couldn't even stop crying, oh man! She placed a gentle kiss upon one hand and I was informed that Swyft's Taint of Evil had been removed. <3

Imagine the joy this caused, after suffering under it for five months! It was completely overwhelming.
And then fifteen minutes later, Swyft was cut off from Andorra.
I almost lost my mind.
No, she wasn't the only one. Everyone in the mod was, I think. For not helping spirits quickly enough...

This incited some serious issues for Swyft. In her mental state, that translated as the Light not wanting her after the taint of Evil was removed. And that caused some things to happen. Such as kinda' crashing Caldor's Light mass and saying some things... lol

Thanks to Thalia, Mother Maralas and Caldor for being so kind and compassionate and working so hard to try and prove that she was wrong.

Gamblor made me laugh in spite of herself with his charm and gentle theft of Nalick's bag. It was so funny (I had to step OOG to process. But I grateful for that, it was a much needed laugh oog, too!

Bob and Cinder provided some EPIC conversation and RP that night. Bob teaching Swyft how to turn off her feelings by using empathy to feel how he did it was deep and dark... but also an act of mercy, in a way. She was suffering terribly. I think that may have been the most difficult moment Swyft ever went through. It really almost destroyed her.

(Special thanks to Damian for sharing his chicken stew out of pity for Swyft's rough night, lol.)

Saturday's Vedrane Blade Morgazzi mod was INCREDIBLE! I loved how into it everyone was. I got to see some stellar RP and gave out quite a few RP points! I had so much fun taking a billion knockbacks and incaps with unlimited intercepts! My favorite time was being knocked back and then perfect-shot Slayed by Nega-Belegchand and immediately perfect-cast Heal Lifed by Amalthea in the span of like, half a second.

Getting to go HAM with Maelstrom on the Morgazzi, who was awesomely played by Walter. Holy cow, was that incredible! Snarling and swinging 20 Banes and without my damn shield so it was SO scary!!!

The new player (was her name Max?) who saved a lot of us by using Maelstrom's Get-Everyone-Out-Of-Crit ability.

Being saved by Tristana who took a death for that debacle. :( Thank-you, Jen. It will not be forgotten!
Also being kept alive while critically wounded for the umpteenth time by Rowan's bardics.
Heroes come in tiny pacakges, sometimes. <3

Amalthea snapping Swyft out of her fury when she found out Ward and Tristana were dead.

Getting to spend time with Isabella and the new satyur, Vivix whose costuming was INCREDIBLE!

A delightful chat with Trent and Edwin in the beautiful weather.

Getting to spend time with Allyce. An interesting time looking for lizard eggs with an unstable ex-dark clergy.

A deliverance of a cookie to Pox which made Cor think that it was possibly poisoned... lol.

Getting to meet Terezi's sister and her fantastic apparel!
Delivering candy to her, Terezi and Karkat respectively... and then Swyft, feeling a little more like her old self, delivered candy to Wormwood in hopes that he might smile for once.
I think he almost did...

Pappa Gypsy's kindness!

Congrats to Zeltrich on his Knighthood!

Bringing Karkat along with Tobias and some of the others afflicted with the Lord of Tears, and the looks on everyone's faces when I said:

Swyft: I found a psion to help us.
Tobias: Please tell me it isn't Karkat.
Swyft: Oops.
Karkat: Hi.


Props to Tobias for going through all the trouble to try an experiment with a super-ensorcled hat to try and ward our minds from the Lord of Tears. Karkat tried to sap some of its power but it didn't work. Tobias running out of the door in hopes the Lord of Tears would follow him blew up in our faces. Since he activated the trap on the door. And Swyft intercepted. And broke the ritual. Then Evrat raged and Tobias touched him by accident and Evrat hit Tobias with some slays. Then Karkat hit Evrat with a lot more.

It was a night.

Sunday was mostly relaxed. Except for the unfortunate Ergos, who had died in his sleep... so we had an interesting resurrection scene...

Learning Master Florentine from Evrat was entertaining... and an exercise in constraint for Swyft when she saw him on ground...

While I did feel kind of overwhelmed on the timing and situation of things Friday night, the role play that ensued was nothing short of incredible. And again, major props to Bob and Cinder for dealing with so much of it. So many people were so great and it was wonderful to see how well the new people were interacting and keeping busy. Thank you all for making my weekend an awesome one, as usual! Love you all!

Dame Swyft T. Glitterfang-Johnson-Ludwig
-Knight of Drega'Mire
- Carnifex of Aguara
- Designer of Stonefall Couture: "Because you're never too bad to look good!"

(OOG: Renée Day)
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20 Apr 2016 11:33 #37 by Fenri Kantaris (Miked)
Replied by Fenri Kantaris (Miked) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Fenri was super busy this event.

First NPC shift was fun, I got to actually damage some PC's without a billion defenses which was fun!

Saturday early morning treasure hunting went extremely well, I cannot remember the name of the guy that was with me though...until I can start carrying around my notebook (I need to work on that) I am struggling with names.

Borghazi fight really tested Fenri's strength and resolve as a Healer. Watching Swyft and Thalia both go down and Fenri being unable to do anything was a breaking point for him, must get stronger. Also, every interaction with Kardin, especially when he just wanted to hobble back out to the fight...SURE, WHY NOT, GO HAVE FUN. I think I pushed him in to battle a few times. Kardin....Kardin Kardin Kardin....... Those damn broken limbs slowly chipped away at my Healing Points, which were FULL with THREE FULL storing runes.
Also devastated that someone died, first person to fall under his protection...

Fenri was pretty useless as a Healer the rest of the day, sadly.

Fenri getting a quick chat with Rook about meeting a certain someone for training and then getting a fantastic reaction to a comment that he made....

Puppets. Initially Fenri wanted nothing to do with any of it, OOG it was amazing, Cade was able to strike a chord by implying kissing Starling was only worth 50 gold. THAT got Fenri angry, HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST A KISS FROM STARLING IS WORTH ONLY 50 GOLD! (I believe I went further with this, suggesting 5000 gold would not even be enough?) *Slaps the Jackdaw puppet and shoves 5 gold in to his mouth*

Too many people at feast for Mike to participate.

Main mod was interesting, Fenri has many questions about the battle tactics...or lack Travance. The few Healers were guarded....but it was such a cluster, again though the broken limbs chipped away at the Healer's Healing Points.....Fenri noticed a trend and is thinking...

Sunday was mostly RP day, did a bit of morning treasure hunting, not very fruitful though.

The Sunday lessons that I recieved were FANTASTIC, I was also excited that I was able to do some more lessons this month as well.

Also, my RP on Sunday on the picnic table was FANTASTIC (don't want to give any info about that though!)

Fenri Kantaris

OOG: Mike Daly
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20 Apr 2016 13:24 #38 by Ellion-Lee (Rocknroll4!)
Replied by Ellion-Lee (Rocknroll4!) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
My Highlights:

-NPC SHIFT: I made myself the unofficial make-up artist. I turned people into demons and killer rose bushes! XD

I ended meeting a lot of cool people during this shift who I hope to talk with more in the future, plus fighting as an NPC this month wasn't bad either. I fought a lot of new players and their enthusiasm made things fun! My favorite part was the end though, when I became a killer rose bush. That entire little mod was just hilarious for everyone involved.

-END OF EVENT: As I turned in my card, I met more awesome people who gave me good advice as to what to do next with my character.

While I didn't get much character building in for this event, it was fun and hope to see everyone again next month.

Raquel Willard
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20 Apr 2016 20:18 #39 by Dethie Blackeby (DethieBlackeby)
Replied by Dethie Blackeby (DethieBlackeby) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~

Ellion-Lee wrote: My Highlights:

-NPC SHIFT: I made myself the unofficial make-up artist. I turned people into demons and killer rose bushes! XD

you were awesome! thanks for making me a pretty flower ;) lovely to meet you, and hope we can work together again next time.

IG: Dethie Blackeby
Vassal of Kaladonia
OOG: Merideth P.... or you can still call me Dethie :)
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21 Apr 2016 00:25 - 21 Apr 2016 00:25 #40 by Kardin (Ben)
Replied by Kardin (Ben) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Somehow I forgot the amazing RP with Faila Steelson (Crystal you are awesome!) and the time Kardin followed Lorelai and the other Witch Hunters into the woods. He ended up throwing a stuffed alpaca at a vampire and it fell down out of what I believe was pure shock.

Kardin could become the coolest Witch Hunter ever. :lol:

Kardin Armister of the Hiolangorn || Shield of the North
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Iron Centurion of Palindor

Ben F.
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21 Apr 2016 16:42 #41 by JR (jlratti)
Replied by JR (jlratti) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
I believe this month saw another first in the New Player Zone:

New Player on a Spit. MMM BBQ!



The road goes ever on.

New Player Marshal
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21 Apr 2016 22:34 #42 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~

JR wrote: I believe this month saw another first in the New Player Zone:

New Player on a Spit. MMM BBQ!


Good, I was wondering whether we made the latest sacrifice.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
Card Team
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22 Apr 2016 07:47 #43 by JR (jlratti)
Replied by JR (jlratti) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
Sacrifices were made :)


The road goes ever on.

New Player Marshal
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22 Apr 2016 11:08 #44 by Thomthulhu (Aoire)
Replied by Thomthulhu (Aoire) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
This last weekend was a bucket of ice water to the face. I’ve been LARPing for a while now and this was the most fun I’ve had in a long while. It was exactly what I needed coming off of staff in another game. You guys rekindled a flame that I didn’t realize was guttering.

Many thanks to my fellow newbie Witch Hunters. It was great watching two of you at your first LARP and seeing you both jump in feet first. It was great watching Donna (Ismat) lurk in the background and make folks super uncomfortable. All of our conversations, in public and in private were great.

Lorelei and Blacktree were amazing all weekend. You guys kept us engaged and kept us on our toes with questions and ideas that made both us and our characters think. Thanks a million for helping a new group integrate so well.

Thanks to Gina for excitedly dragging us off to kill some undead. Along that vein, thanks to Marquis for searching his kills but in no way checking to see if the things he found were the MacGuffin.

There are many learning opportunities in game and our vampire fight was one of them. I look forward to more training in and out of game with my companions to make sure we’ve got some tactics under our belt for the Week in the Life.

Secret meetings in the woods are great. Learning a bit about the others at said meeting was also splendid. It always helps to have stories to tie to a character.

Watching a ~300 person brawl during mainmod was an experience I won’t soon forget. Here’s hoping the next is even larger.

Thanks a million to the staff who ran this weekend. You folks did a great job of making every new player (at least those I managed to speak to) feel like they contributed and like they were a part of the story.

Thanks to Jackdaw, my Goblin NPCs new pet pirate. And his crew. I look forward to being your Banker in some far-off mod.

Highlight of the weekend: Fighting undead in my underwear at 3 AM to save Jackdaw and his crew.

Thanks to all. You all made this weekend wonderful

Kuni Seiko
Shugenja of the Turtle Clan
Warrior of the Wall of Bone

OOG: Tom Wilson
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26 Apr 2016 16:15 #45 by Pluvious (Pluvious)
Replied by Pluvious (Pluvious) on topic ~~~April 2016 Event Highlights~~~
April event -

wow simply wow! this event we crazy fun and I wanted more lol

OK let me start with thank you to all the new players that attended, you all brought a great dynamic to the game that we simply love. there was awesome RP going around thanks to you all.

second- werewolf mod/scene with witch hunters and other players was crazy fun! the RP was sooo intense I really didnt want it to come to an end. the RP with Argyle during the werewolf mod was crazy crazy fun!

third- staff did a great just keeping us entertained, there was just so much happening and not enough time to be a part of it all.. so staff big thank you for all your hard work.

fourth- great mass run by Aldric now thats a valos mass! one scroll to add to your book coming up my friend. role playing with Maralas... god I want more! lol

Druid super mega mod
was simply the icing in the cake. I walked into a great opportunity on that one. Hearing others say thank god your hear scared me and made me feel warm inside all at once. all the players on that Mod made the game for me. I havent had RP and action so completely harmonized together in a mod like that day ever. the marshals were so perfect and made us all feel as if we all mattered, we all were important! and thats why I loved it.

Big shout out to Gena for kicking my butt and great RP which I rarely get to experience with her, due to all the running around I do. Abby and May you both punched me in the mouth with the over the top RP you both showed to Pluvious!! Druids Druids Druids! I see why the druids love going on druid mods.

shout out to the Lord Gidean who super surprised me with his epic kindness to Pluvious "Pluvious was at the breaking point but what you did grounded him"
Lady Kliedin yet again you looked after Pluvious like a mother would you nearly made me cry with how hard you tried to look after Pluvious. I saw you keeping tabs on me. DR Tobias im looking forward to more RP with you now I really cant wait to future conversation and moments with you!!! just when I thought I was going to hit the ground and ruin the ritual you helped me out

Great game everyone!

Sir Pluvious
Knight Protector of Travance, Castellan to the Baron
Protector of All Physicians & Healers

OOG (Romeo Villanueva)
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  Fri Nov 08
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  Fri Dec 13

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