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08 May 2016 23:17 #1 by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt)
May 2016 Highlights !!! was created by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt)
First One, sweet.
So...THAT all happened!

Due to my own mess up, this was a stressful weekend for OOG issues, so if my Role Play wasn't top tier, I apologize. I'm waiting to see if that art tube was found, but that's another post.

Role Played a complete 180° from what was perceived by Forest, some good, some bad. Sir Pluvious and Tari, killed it, I was shown up in the best way. Finding out there is trouble afoot that I don't know IG yet....where is that gold going anyway?

Who said bringing Auggie wouldn't help with the Venier? I didn't kill a single one folks...I know, I'm scared too. Sorry Lord Gideon. That whole time he wanted to wreck bodies too.

Late night fun with some new faces and some old friends! That was, by far one of the funniest parties of characters I've been a part of in some time. Castrol, Rooke, Chet, Sorrel, and a few others late into the next morning. I had a blast, but my body was wrecked.

Shit that will haunt me forever...
Seeing an old friend, that was emotional and intense. Thanks for doing that for us, really it meant alot to me as a player.

Speaking of Wrecked, what the heck did stomp me into the ground? Gnome, vampire, fairy Godmother, maybe the wife of a necromancer??? I really want to know now. I'm walking back from the Big Celts Room and POW, I'm laying down and bleeding out. Everyone was asking me questions, and all I could say was,"I was fast, and wasn't very diplomatic."

Duncan having his day too, good job bro

Feast was excellent, thank you to every who helped set up, prepare, serve, and clean up. Good Job! Abby and I couldn't recall the last time we could sit down at a Feast. I think it was the first time I met the Venier, they seem to be a Good Luck Feast Charm. To whomever cleaned the plates off first, you deserve a medal.

Main Mod experience of a life time! I give you all consent, that if I EVER again ASK STs to send out Witch Hunter stuff...punch me in the gut, and remind me of this weekend. Main Mod was epic, it lived up to the hype. Good Job witch hunters!

Godric, and Angel thanks you healing me up so many times. I stopped counting after the 7th time I was dropped. Shout Out Cpt Jackdaw, that freed me up to bail some folks out and it made a difference. Ashby that helped me out until the end, your effort counted.

Did Lorelei just do that???

My card was toast, alchemy gone, armour history, I was loving every bit of it. Who waylayed me through the portal? I was going to keep fighting, but that ship sailed. I broke fists with my face, I killed, I got dropped, healed up, kill a bit, drop, healed. Then, after a card check and tearing up a heap of cards, Alice and I walked straight to Logistics to get covered in Blood. Great Main Mod and TO, really EVERYONE, that was awesome. Dykeman, your a jerk, but great work out there.

"We need another Argyle, this one's broken." -Cestrol, I fell off my chair when they told me that.

Sir Pluvious, broke my IG professionalism in a second people, I was laughing so hard in a serious moment that I had to walk away.

A great scene with a Mother Necromancer and her Necrophage son. Too many to tag in here, but awesome role play, and I learned an unforgettable lesson that won't soon be forgotten.

A huge bag of demon limbs,WTH was that about??? JACKDAW, BRAH your crew...gets me into some odd places and that, says something.

As I type this, 3 Witch Hunter players, THAT WEREN'T ABLE TO COME, are asking a million questions. You missed a great event gang, straight up. Yeah...damn right this is making highlights; Austin, Logan, and Sara. Y'all are missed, but we get it. Now get back here and join the fight kill undead!!! Told all to wait until I posted this.

There is more, folks I was so busy I couldn't find time to sleep for but maybe a few hours. I saw my fiancee for all of about 10 minutes this weekend! OH, Garret Fuller thanks for helping me breathe easier, your like my twisted but awesome Fairy Godfather, I'll sleep better tonight because of you. See you all I hope for week in the life, bring friends. I saw some faces I haven't seen in a while to, come back, you won't regret it!

Del Dragon, Argyle
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09 May 2016 00:59 - 09 May 2016 01:00 #2 by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle)
Replied by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
My favorite event I've done yet. Also finally 6 events in and I finally have grasped some of the combat and stuff Oog which made ALL the difference Oog for me being able to enjoy the fighting IG instead of just feeling panicked about rushing into stuff with no idea what I'm doing.

Friday night was packed. Important meetings, working a long shift at the blackbird. Did a super fun mod that basically ended up being an awesome mental exercise of my skills and how to solve a problem without being able to attack anything. Me foiling the marshal's plans to have the mod have a part two because mistress Jade terrifies rook and rook had no intention of upsetting her, so rook for the first time in her life of being alone in a room full of super valuable stuff probably worth s TON of gold, didn't touch a thing except for the one paper she had to get.

Me around 3am- I should probably sleep
Argyle -"let me tell you about undead"
Me around 7am- "okay so sleeping isn't happening now"

Seriously, story time with argyle was awesome.

Sparring with people Saturday morning, and then getting voluntold by Duncan that I'm part of someone's masterful warrior lesson. And then winning that fight. Maybe rook is cut out for master warrior then, because Oog I never thought I'd be able to fight well enough to go for it.

Overhearing Aleister say the name Vasco and then being like "wait I have a book with his name in it." Aleister's face was beautiful and I'm so glad I finally got to use that prop XD.

Coast Haven mod. Favorite. Mod. Ever. Highlight of the weekend: rook having a SUPER AWESOME character development moment aka the first time she ever willingly RAN into a fight to save someone and beating the hell out of some husks because 55% of the people who went to coast haven with her were bleeding out on the ground around her and the rest were too far away to help.

Rook learned magic woo!


Serving feast went so well, I'm thrilled. Thank you to Abby and Diane and Forrest and all the servers. we were a fantastic team

Having a throwing fork face off with Jonas Kane. "I see you have trained in the art of throwing forks. I too have trained in the art of throwing forks"

Omfg main mod. I enjoy that when they found out they needed to get stuff behind the enemies lines they yell "GET THE ROGUES", who got shit done yo. All of those glow sticks were collected in like 1 minute and the pieces were found super fast. Aka rogues get shit done.

GENE AND THE BEST MOST HERIOC SAVE EVER. Rook got downed by an undead in the far corner of the field because Rachael was super tired and hesitated on calling a defense and was like "screw it I'll eat the damage" and dropped and then was like "well damn I'm nearly half a football field away from the nearest person, in the pitch black darkness, and I'm in serious. This is what rook gets for trying to help find things for the town" and suddenly billiamm is there singing and carrying rook back to the town. I have no idea how the heck you found me in until 2 minutes (I was at 1:20 in my serious count, it was FAST) but you are my hero sir.

Rook making super super poor decisions to go *back* out in the field into the hordes of the vampires to look for her sword. Rolled my ankle and busted my knee doing it but so worth the reaction people had.

TOM. YOUR NPC AND THE CREEPIEST WINDOW STARE AND GRIN AND WAVE EVER. Like rook normally would have been like "meh okay weird guy just said something weird to me whatever lemme drink my coffee and just go back to talking" but she happened to look behind her and you were just staring and grinning and she was like "okay maybe I *should* go find out what he said to me.

Rook walks over to door, opens it- "come again?"
tom: "the psion sends his regards" more grinning
Rook slams the door in his face and bolts.

So much undead. Rook at this rate needs to become a witch hunter or something but she keeps getting cornered by undead.

Not getting to bed until after 6am, which made over 49 hours straight of Rachael being up.

Getting woken up by Jonas Kane walking into Drega'room and his lovely song about who knows what (I heard him singing about us all still being lazy and asleep at 10am, singing about the curtains, singing about annora's giant pepper on her nightstand, about raptors, and who knows what else.) BEST ALARM CLOCK EVER.

Thank you to everyone rook interacted with. I got to meet some new people, got to interact a lot with people I haven't before, and lots of shenanigans were had with existing friends too.

This event was nonstop and amazing. Thank you so much to James, Matt, and everyone else that helped to make it happen.

OOG: Rachael L
Card Staff
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09 May 2016 08:19 - 09 May 2016 08:21 #3 by Karl Karlson (Andrew)
Replied by Karl Karlson (Andrew) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Well where to start? Might as well be from the beginning. Got the first NPC shift it was awesome. Got to be a slave just making my way downtown faces past and I'm home bound taken up by my fellow slave making a very stern lobotomized slave chuckle. Got choked by a tree before the town's folk got there. The fighting was so fun good job slaves we held strong for awhile with some awesome roll play. Then we had to be barbarians and my costume was on point Raven breast plate, chain , fur mantel, sword and shield (so hard to find a lefty one in logistics just saying) the fight that followed amazing our two berserkers great work out there.

Then into the main event! Got to play myself Karl karlson had a great time fighting in the name day turny made it to the second round lost to a veteran fighter I'll take it. The mage who has not picked up a sword once and won her bout great job to her I see a warrior mage in the future!

The hunting game was awesome! 1oclock exactly took out my first target then had a great conversation with alamazar (sp) "I had someone I do not know, you just won the game Karl karlson because I have your name now no one is hunting you you may hunt anyone!" It was awesome. Total of six names under my belt not including my own tied with max no hard feelings. Had to make a split second decision on the prize and glad we did.

The adventurers guild mission I got to see a goblin lift a grown man and take him to safety you go mean green! Crazy waves of doom.
The witch wood hunt was fun role playing then we hear tale about a vampire turns out it was a gnome.
Feast made me feel terrible but I kept strong pushed through the headache and got to be right in front of the column through the portal right next to wormwood. Right in front of the standard. Made it through formed line portal explodes we need to get some portal insurance for the next one but great job getting those things we needed to build it back up! Also to the guy with the staff great job watching our backs in the wall also keeping things at bay with that staff found myself in between to great fighters, max and new pendarven (sp) knight. The yelling match between our wall and the spear wielding undead so much fun also blocking blows to max when she got conked on the head and to new knight who's name escapes me. The two handed ax to my head that had awesome power which was blocked was so awesome. Then getting knocked back into the portal ring and knocking one side down then getting pulled through. Man I just wanted to fight! So much fun also hearing the Sunday morning chatter "wormwood ha-ha sounds like wood with worms popping out of it" nameless "you shouldn't let him hear that might not be good for you" nameless laughter halts abruptly. Oh good times.
Also got complimented on my armor really appreciate it!

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09 May 2016 08:36 #4 by Ketryn Shiverthorn (Ketryn)
Replied by Ketryn Shiverthorn (Ketryn) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Once again, thank you guys for putting up with my shenanigans. :>

By far the best part of my weekend was someone telling me that something I put in motion brought them some fun and joy during what was otherwise a serious event for them.

Also, thank you certain STs for crafting wonderfully twisted tales that are like beautifully knotted balls of string with all sorts of delicious twists, turns and hidden layers within layers. Y'all are awesome.

Huntress Ketryn Shiverthorn
Private of the Baronial Guard

OOG- Kat B.
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09 May 2016 09:24 #5 by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta)
Replied by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Take me out to the ball game! Knocked this out out of the park...

From lay on announcements until I couldno longer function this was an e ticket ride.

I chose a few mods but only actually made two ran into a third and it was a fantasticevent sans be oning sick. Yes folks I caught the cold from hell at event. James sent me to bed. Lol even LARP Mom accepts the Directors instruction.

Drunk Birgitta is odd RP. The Blackbird crew was awesome. You know who you are...

The Ostvolk crew are too.

RP system thumbs up. Loved it! Loved getting and giving and wanted more of it too. So much outstanding RP performances.

I was so proud of my Blood Spirits from those recruited under strange circumstances to those performing their tasks well. Bravo.

Show and tell document in RP with a certain person made my event special. No Birgitta does not have the sight. Though I wish such could be put in game.

Lore Travancian History ... Without an ST needed. Names from the past cropping up.

This is the game the players wrote. We gave you what you asked for. Matt M. My darling you and your crew made that amazing.

Birgitta Drexel (Primary)
Commander of Training Baronial Militia
Blood Spirits (Cmd/Sgt)
Blue Dragoon

"Amateurs Practice Until They Get It Right; Professionals Practice Until They Can’t Get It Wrong"

Callisto Boyington (Alt)

AKA Leslie McCormack
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09 May 2016 10:03 - 09 May 2016 10:16 #6 by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
Replied by Caldor Eirson (Caldor) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Really great event. Packed through and through. Loved the envelopes and the multiple mods for multiple kinds of people.

Friday night midnight mass. Thank you all who showed up, and everyone who spoke. It was great.

Speaking of religion, I'm really sorry i never made it down to Alisandria for the Springtide blessing, I think I got everywhere else.

Pollup and Stool were hilarious and awesome fun. Wonderful RP with them all night, and again the next day. Especially fun at the mass. I have to say I wish I had had more than one Community RP point to give, as choosing between them was hard. Know that if I could, it would have been both of you.

Barbarian mod was awesome. Very well designed, great work by the NPCs. Really cool to see another Heargen - extra glad it wasn't an 'immediate family' member, as it opened up some really fun RP. Aftermath of Caldor telling Kardin that he may have just inadvertently proposed to a Venir high priestess - or at the very least inadvertantly asked to sleep with her was hilarious. NO way I'm letting that go.

Stayed up WAY to late Friday night. Never made it to Ostcliff party, which upset me, but otherwise good. I will also never EVER piss of or forget to invite Selendrias again, as that ONE elf was so damn loud it kept me up an exra hour. Imagine if they all came. :D (Great NPC).

Baptism of Kardin was fun - I put him through the wringer, and he stood every challenge I gave him. Answered every question, and showed me his conviction. Props on you for not backing down.

Pirate Chest (or whatever the bluff game was called) was a lot of fun.

Saturday morning was rough and about. So tired, i couldn't remember everything. Got in a lesson or two.

market fair was great. Sold some Ziti, Ate some ziti.

Pendarvin Party was AWESOME. Thank you guys for doing that. Some fun RP had at the party too. I love that kind of IG non-story stuff. SOOOO Awesome to see Alandar again. Man Caldor misses him. The two of them have the exact same dirty minds.

Spent the day trying to get plans ready for the Count. Caldor doesn't do well on 'details' and Answers. But he tried.

Diane did a fantastic job with feast. Thank you so much.

Also thank you to our brave volunteers who scraped the pans clean before they went to the sinks. "Nothing says love like cleaning congealed pork fat"

Caldor was extremely nervous about main mod. Had a bad feeling going into it... turned out he was right. LOVED the main mod set up. Big fighting for the people who like to fight. Rogue searching/scouting for those who like that. Undead for those who do that stuff, Crafting for builders, Figuring out stuff for smartypants, and power stuff for casters. Add in an amazing prop and the most excellent of "creative RP seems to do good stuff", and it was a great mod for me.

Post main mod stress was real. I think I was a little tired OOG and may have stressed more because of it, but I was trying to mostly keep it IG stress. I hope Annora will forgive Caldor - He's only lost it on a good friend like that once or twice in his 3 years in travance. Planning with Belegchand, Almat, Thalia, Caelvan and Tris was awesome. 30 freaking questions? I couldn't come up with 5, and I'm the one who wanted the research. Couldn't have don it without you guys. Thanks to everyone who showed support and/or helped in game. INCLUDING those opposed to the ideas who threw out flaws or counter arguments, even if I was short with you.

Meeting with the count was fun. Sad we had to do a few "oog" side bars but otherwise it was amazing. Who knows what will happen, but at least now the group has stepped up and put an option in, rather than just objecting to other plans.

Had some great takes on the Fiona Miranda discussion and history, and Caldor now has his own view. Shared it with a few IG to interesting responses. Interested to see where this goes.

For a moment, it almost seemed like there would be storytime with Karkat. Sad it didn't happen (and/or i missed it).

Key Lime pie. yum.

Sunday morning Kaladonia Plot Finale. MAN O MAN. I could do a whole post just on that. Zach's year+ story (much delays kept it longer than intended, I know) was really fun to behold and be a part of. Between James' Hugh doing a really cool ritual (which I may or may not be now trying to crib elements of for other plans), the teamwork of kaladonia, The AMAZING Canvas work Kayla did, the uber makeup job on Bill, Bill's Jojo moments, and the appearances of almost all of our amazing recurring NPCs was just perfect. The battle was dangerous and great. The story was amazing, and the resolution just perfect. Sadly I had to bail instantly after it, so I couldn't rp the aftermath. Thank you Matt D. also for taking the time to come down and Marshal it for us.

Event once again reaffirmed why I love LARP and KR. Please keep up the great work everyone, ST, Staff and Player alike.

Side note: So glad the aliegance system is back up - i do enjoy it.

EDIT: I think I blew some Minds when I had caldor actually using a weapon and/or delivering a few Thorn Strikes and/or Blades of Victory and when he was Dire Bunny on the offense. I only wish someone had a spare 2 handed sword, and I really could have broken people's minds.

Caldor Eirson,

Gothi and High Priest of Gaia
Wedding Planner, Match Maker,
Spiritual Advisor To Kaladonia

OOG: Jason M.
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Q: How many people does it take to teach a barbarian how to read?
A: 1 knight, 3 squires, and 1 master of the mages guild.
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09 May 2016 11:05 #7 by Captain Jackdaw (Captain Jackdaw)
Replied by Captain Jackdaw (Captain Jackdaw) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Man I so often can’t find the time to do event highlights, so this time I’m gonna do this up early,

So first off, I have to give a huge shout out to Matt and everyone who crafted the event. This game was inspired, the different things that needed to happen for negotiation made a lot of them very different, and I hope to see more like that in the future.

So the thing that impacted me the most this weekend was almost certainly Starling getting dropped, and having to get reanimated. Nothing like being on your NPC shift and having your wife’s dead PC be brought over dead and having to stay as the NPC. It lead to a lot of great moments for not just everyone in Winged Victory but so many other characters. For my part I got to play through an amazing character arc as Jackdaw got exceptionally over protective, and more and more anxious as the weekend went on, culminating in him deciding the crew should stay out of the main mod fight, only to get dragged in anyway, and finally having the break through and realize this wasn’t about him, and maybe he should start trusting the people of Travance and not be so detached. It’s a huge character moment that needed to happen, and I was so fortunate that everything played out exactly how I needed it to happen. I wanna thank everyone I got to have amazing scenes along the way; Thalia, Caldor, Kestrel, Lark, Crane, Osprey, Cade, Jun, Rook, if there was anyone else I am so sorry I didn’t catch or can’t remember it was super emotional. big shout out to red Kestrel, Faust, Wander, and Kuan Liu (am I spelling that right?) for prompting my big character development.

And finally Alice/Starling…. oh my god! We have been role playing with for literally a decade now and this was some of the biggest and best stuff I’ve ever gotten to do with you, Starling was such a focal point for so many people, Lilith was amazing! Even fighting you in the woods was amazing! this was absolutely your weekend, even if you spent a lot of it NPCing. I am so glad I was around to see all of it.

(also a shout out to everyone who read this and just listened to me ramble about my role playing character)

Beyond that, this was probably the best NPC shift I got to do, those of you who dealt with our crappy guards, great work. Our friends in the attic, you guys are an amazing team, I don’t know what we did to make you like us so much, but man am I excited to do more with you guys and get up to all kinds of crazy shenanigans. We were trying so hard to make you mad at us. Coast Haven mod was amazing, I’ve never gotten to rob a bank in the middle of battling husks. Again, Andy that swashbuckling style sword duel made my day, everyone on Adventurers guild was so solid, by that point I was emotionally wrecked in game so you guys pulled that off.

Main mod, the win condition of survive and escape was awesome, and changed things up a lot. For those of you on the line, I was running back and forth between the gate and the line, I only got hit once, the rest of the crew kept joking about how little danger they were actually in. If you were on the line, if you got hurt a bunch if you used up a bunch of skills, take pride in the fact that you held, and a bunch of us walked away with barely a scratch because of you. Argyle asked for my sword, and I was like “take it, I’m not really using it.”

Sunday, great role play with Lorelei and Argyle asking about the wytchwood, it was interesting role play that furthered character, and taught me more about the world building of the game which is exactly what I wanted.

Steve I loved bringing crew members over to Aleister and each of them getting to experience interactions with you rather than just hearing about it. That’s gonna lead to some pretty interesting stuff at the next game.
All in all, Knight Realms continues to get better for me, I’m glad that it seems like we’re giving back almost as much as we’re getting. I’m bummed I’m missing week in the life, and I can’t wait to see you all again in June.

Captain of the Winged Victory
Baronial Ambassador to Coast Haven
Champion of Homunculus City

OOG: Justin M. Whitmore,
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09 May 2016 11:14 #8 by Brianna Oshrin (BriannaO)
Replied by Brianna Oshrin (BriannaO) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
So this was my very first game and I really enjoyed it!

I played Blank, the Goblin that liked to take things.

To everyone that took time to rp with me, thank you very much! To those that rped hate towards me, you're awesome. I LOVE conflict like that. Please, hate Blank as much as you want for being a Goblin, or for any other reason :)

I'm going to be awful with character names and spelling and what not, but here I go with some of my highlights...

Working at the bar was fun. Never been so hydrated in a LARP as I have this game!

The hatred I got from that one Dwarf was amazing. I'm sorry, I forgot your name :( But I loved how every time you saw me behind that bar you just freaked out. It bothered Blank, but I was having a blast every time you were around.

Being yelled at by an Orc was pretty fun. Don't upset the orcs. Do as they say.

Eating cake with Eli as everyone else is on main mod fighting. Sometimes cake is better than fighting. Actually, all the time cake is better.

Playing, and losing, card games was very fun too. I forget everyone's names (again, sorry for forgetting names. In time I will learn). Got a little literacy lesson as well! Would love to play again sometime!

Drinking Satyr's wine with a couple of people, turning into a snake, having a baby, eating everything, all while half asleep. Need to do that again :)

Bothering people for stuff. All the stuff. Occasionally getting stuff for bothering people.

And of course getting to rp with friends in a whole new setting was awesome. You guys were great and thank you so much for bringing me to KR. <3

Not sure if people friend everyone on fb and what not here, but do feel free to add me if we rped, or talked OOG, or if you just are a cool person that would like to get some rp time or whatever next time!

OOG: Brianna Oshrin
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09 May 2016 12:15 #9 by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
Replied by Caldor Eirson (Caldor) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
How could I forget the Druid's meeting. The conclave was well set up, and the badges of office were amazing.

Caldor Eirson,

Gothi and High Priest of Gaia
Wedding Planner, Match Maker,
Spiritual Advisor To Kaladonia

OOG: Jason M.
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Q: How many people does it take to teach a barbarian how to read?
A: 1 knight, 3 squires, and 1 master of the mages guild.
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09 May 2016 12:16 - 09 May 2016 12:23 #10 by Angeliana (Angeliana)
Replied by Angeliana (Angeliana) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
~ Black Bird bar-tending is fun times as D, why do people not listen to her when she says D's private stock she carries in her flask is for D only. Rook, Brigitta, regret trying it still?

~ Stuff I can't talk about except for that; being scolded in front of a decent crowd, and Demeanor's ballsy and utterly truthful but hilarious responses / questions that infuriated the superior but made everyone else burst out in laughter. (Padma thank you for being an awesome sport)

~ Doing a job with a very small crew for Vladimir, almost not being able to get in my sneaky mood, Cade to the rescue (thanks for the headband borrow bro). The following mod was nothing short of brilliant / insane. A half sunken ship you say? LORE SEA! useful? super useful? WUT? YAY. :cheer: Swam on / in a sinking ship looking for a friggin key. Fighting greater undead. Got my arms hacked while carrying a giant chest out while Merrikh was dealing with the big bad. So you'd think D is screwed? nope. Dragging chest with feet slowly but surely, only to open and find shit squat in it. Uuuh no. / find hidden doors. Marhsalls laugh. Yup that absolutely works. Having to point out the compartments with my nose / tongue. A+ mod thank you Luis / Bill / npcs.

~ No one in this town has friggin perfect cut gems. Until you overpay a Lord and another Lord will stuff your sockets. Huzzah.

~ Papa Gypsy and his dragon card game. Funsies but D doesn't like games where the odds are massively stacked against her losing her gold. :angry:

~ Dead man's chest. Baller game. LOVED it. Jack the gambler, keep doing what you are doing man. Loved all your rp.

~ Fighting some gnolls outside the inn with Rook, only to find out we missed out on a job because we were distracted by the stupid gnolls. You know what. Last time D ties something up and hands it to a guard. Wasted my time and made me miss my window. Is what I get for trying to be lawful and whatnots.

~ Setting up for Marketfair and making some good sales. The baby dragon soaps were a hit, I will definitely bring more.

~ Some really good RP with Midori and meeting Mercy's heart. Talks about Andorra and spirits, espers and the Gods.

~ Soul warden lesson with Thalia (romani). I enjoyed that lesson a lot.

~ All of the RP with Argyle, and definitely the cherry on top; baptizing him to Andorra.

~ Some good RP with Chet. Following RP about some skills Angeliana has people didn't know.

~ Very timely RP with Thalia (dwarf) and the perfect prop for the RP I had been holding onto for over a year. Made the perfect gift I think. I thoroughly enjoyed making her smile after she had been crying so much and about to lose hope. I rarely get to use bring hope and instill confidence. Thanks for that :-)

~ Feast was Amazing! A. Maze. ing. YUM. Thank you Diane and everyone involved. Cleaned dishes afterwards to help out.

~ Main mod. Holy hell batman. Buffing the whole town with self control was fun. Joining the witch hunter crew when called, also fun. Being welcomed was nice too. Leading the charge in front of town uuuh I dunno, was nervous, heart thumping, glued to Argyle. Kicked a zillion undead butt until I ran into Will's Vampire Lord. He took my combined theumatergy + battle cast + big heal posi load, ATE it (didn't defend) like we're talking 1000 posi +, RPed pain and started hissing and growling at me. Yup ladies and gents, that's when Angel bolts behind Lorellai. Also, I hate all Entophic blasts for ever.

~ Covering Argyle and I in fake blood because we took true wompings, I mean lvl 65+ card almost GONE. He was SPENT I was like almost spent. Walked into the inn and BOOM queue all insanities. Thank you everyone who desperately tried to fix her Catatonia. Sorry for getting blood on you all.

~ Private audience with his grace the Count. Apologizing, thanking him. Then offering a side plan which I am not sure was mentioned before as a contingency plan along with other plans instead of a replacement. He liked it.

~ Alander, Billiam, Papa, Caldor, Chuck, Tsoli, Bjorn, Jack and all the damn games. <3 you all. ROCK was hilarious too. I will never forget calling stone fist when the rock hit me, Alander saying but it hit your boobs. "OK, Stone boobs." ... His face is like frozen. "Don't kid me with that... For REAL?!?!" Priceless. Welcome back Remy.

Thank you all KR family for some much needed stress reliefs and laughs. See you soon.

IG: Angeliana ~ High Priestess of Andorra ~ ~ Healer of Count Sebastien Everest of Winterdark ~
IG Alt: D ~ Artist ~ Captain of The Crimson Trident ~
OOG: Alice Anderson ~ Marshal ~
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09 May 2016 12:43 #11 by Starling (starling)
Replied by Starling (starling) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
This was a weekend of really exciting firsts - first time my character hit Critical death count and then very shortly thereafter first time my character ENDED Crit death count (whoops, got hit with Garotte in a cave, it's all because Dark Elves totally stink, they're the worst, you guys). First time getting reanimated! First time I actually remembered to call a defense instead of remembering like 5 minutes later that I had one. First time bringing someone through the Phokus. First time at Main Mod NOT just hanging back with a cluster of Healers.

Everyone I talked to on Friday Night after getting reanimated, you were great. Crane, Chet, and Jun: sticking by Starling and getting her back to Travance to get reanimated is forever appreciated. Lois' actual reanimation RP was great and I'm only a little bummed I didn't get to do anything but lie there until the end! (On the other hand 15 minute rest break yes!) Reactions from Thalia and Rook were hugely touching in their own ways; getting to talk and process with Grim, Valenye, Lord Silverbow, and Caldor - all of these conversations were awesome pieces that changed up parts of my character and are leading to interesting places! And huge appreciations to the whole crew of Winged Victory: Jackdaw's reaction was so intense he literally almost bowled me over, Kestrel actually cried and Lark displayed depth that hugely, incredibly surprised Starling in the best of ways. Osprey, I'm glad you didn't tease Starling about nature as much as usual.

Bringing someone through the Phokus for the first time was something I was really nervous, OOG, of screwing up, so thanks to everyone for dealing with my first-time-out attempts! It all really (accidentally) hit Starling where she lives.

I spent most of Saturday NPCing, so Starling went to get her hair done by way of emotional recuperation. (And i'm sticking with the new hair IG, it's cute as heck. Thanks for the bobby pins, Rachael!)

Thanks to EVERYONE involved in the talking side of Homunculi mod, playing Lilith was 200% fun, and you all kept me amused enough to not want to leave! (Special shout outs @ my major interactions with Lord Silverbow, and Sorry I Forgot Your Name But You Kept Showing Her Neat Things Like Raveswarm, and Annora for giving the homunculus a chocolate, and everyone who did a double take at the eyes!)

The other mods I NPC'd on were fun, and I feel good about some improvements in my ability to function in combat.

Main Mod was really fun! There was a sense of real urgency and fear out there, and our group was so fun. Red Kestrel, love the speech about the sword in your heart, even if Starling is still highly skeptical.

Sunday was delightfully chill. It appears to be becoming "beat up on Crane to learn things" day. Good stuff.

Overall: loved this event, thank you everyone, you all are so cool.

Squire to Lady Angelica Tartaros

OOG: Alice Bryson
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09 May 2016 12:50 #12 by Nadia (ChristineR)
Replied by Nadia (ChristineR) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Wowza! This game was great! I had so much fun and felt like I hardly had any down time because of everything I was doing! Whether it was mods or just conversations with people it was great!

-Getting called Feisty when yelling about things Leliana doesn't like. Listen She's a teenager and she definitely knows better than you.


-So many questions on my hands. So. many. different. given. answers. ;)

-Cy is definitely the leader of us all as she is the only one who can keep her cool.

-Main Mod. Let's just say, OOG lots and tons and so much fun!

- The idea of making an Egyptian Litter to be carried around on is a good one. Thanks Tori :)

-Trying to marry various people for their money.

- Getting TOO excited about Father's Homonculi and accidentally insulting some of the perfect ones. Listen, it's nothing against them, but Leliana needs to prove that she can do better than whatever anyone else who makes beings can do so like....that's a goal.

-Complaining to pleasant company about having to do things herself.

And lots of other interactions that I can't quite remember but I just had a super blast that I could only rest for a few hours before becoming too restless and had to go back into game!!! Can't wait for WITL

OOG:Christine R.
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09 May 2016 13:23 #13 by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt)
Replied by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
But Wait! There's more!

Reece, after over a year, we finally got to role play, we refused to metagame. That was some of the role play one on one I've had to date. I can't say enough about that scene. I told staff all about it in my Recap. Your Role Play and set up was epic, that line with the rose and beauty of life and death...right that down, man. I'll remember that for years to come. Thanks Romeo, for setting that whole thing up, WITHOUT TRYING, like a Boss! YOUR my PC of the Month this time, take a bow brother.

Romeo, the amount of RP you set off was epic. You didn't glory hog, you really killed it this time around. If you haven't met Sir Pluvious as a new player, you might want to.

Do Event Recaps Please. I can't stress these enough. (SHAMELESS PLUG FOR MARY BETH and Co.)

The Warlord, I can't believe you were still standing OOG, that was Hardcore!

Stacy...I can't get get on your level. Note that I won't stop trying.

Caldor, wow... just wow.

Quantum Liu, that bit about vampires...That scene is great. I really love what you bring to the game. In Game, behind the scenes. Yours is a face I hope to see each and every event.

Charlie, in game and out. Thanks for being Merlin. That work with the scholars table, that was brilliant!

Kardin, so I won't put the WHOLE story on blast. But...THIS GUY sleep walks out of a dream, once finally awaken(dude I hope your okay, we all really were worried about you) "What are you all doing here?" Woke up from a KR dream, at KR, in the Inn, half naked. That has to be hard to top.

Alice!!! We finally got to get some deep and organic role play. Loved your ideas and how wild it got.

Teaching was fun. I had to ask some Rules Marshals a ton of questions about how to do some of it. Sorry Jackdaw, know we put a serious amount of effort into trying for you.

Drew, folks if he ever gets a hemroid, I swear he is gunna name it after me... sorry man.

Great RP with Gina, Tori, Renee, and Steve. I was FREAKING out,(still am a bit, but we have a plan) thank you all for working with me through it. I love you all. That was a great time. I needed that after the night I was having. I promise, my Role Play will be on point next time.

Cameron Hayden, good job.

Tori, wow. Just wow. Steve you, are wild.

Goose scared the crap out of me on and off all event. He was seriously right behind all the time. I had to look just now. Nope, goose isn't there.

Tim...I can't even, as Renee says. You about made ME cry. The things said and not said. Bravo sir, bravo.

Witch Hunters getting things done. Onca, good job. Really, years from now, this will all be talked about. Thank you James, Gus, Matt and everyone else.

Sorry and sad I couldn't NPC for AG Mods. I really couldn't even find the Defranzas until Sunday. Tommy, you crack me up. We love you lil bro.(please tell him he made my highlights) Tommy helped Argyle work out a trade deal as Ben folks, he out smarted three grown men.

Bill Hannings, Derek, Alex S, Josh Dykeman...You ppl are lethal when working together. Shout out to y'all. Thanks for NPCing on the next level.

Derek, loved the halfing healer. I hope we see more.

Crystal Reed: you owned that role as the Venier Priestess. You gave PCs so much story development... I'm glad I listened to Caldor, it worked bro! You were simply flawless out there Crystal. What was this, like your third event??? Way to kill a role. You added so much to Argyles and other PCs history in a few minutes of Role Play, that is a story I'll tell as my PC for a long time to come.

Matt Magnus: I might have killed a "Bad Guy" (Steve I'm dying over that you have no idea) but you killed off a whole Country! You aren't messing around. Matt your event was great, by now I'm sure the feedback is rolling in. Great job to you and everyone on Staff. This event will be talked about for YEARS to come as one of the all time greats. Your scene with me as Magnus at the Barracks, that helped FOREST grow as a human being. You dragged my PC through Hell this weekend. I faced so many critical choices and made some EXTREME calls, I can't wait to see where this goes next. I'll say this, Argyle isn't the same man he was when he walked into the Proper and now as he leaves it....

Alex B, as Wormwood, the phone game of KR painted my PC is some crappy light, you called me on it. You want more from me, and I'll vet there or die trying. You make Argyle look like Dudley Doright. You scare the crap out him, he'll never say it, I do however try to rp showing the respect of your PC. I wanted to be at that tourney with you so bad, but I was being stomped and smashed by something.

(Seriously people, the wth was that???)

Final works on this weekend, " Vampire...Big..."

Del Dragon, Argyle
(OOC: Forest Dougan)
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09 May 2016 13:27 #14 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Three years ago this month I started coming and this was the first event that I didn't play Nalick. It was also the first event that I felt like I had actually become the character outside of rare occasions. Not only was I thinking as Chet, but I was feeling the things that he should've been feeling. May may have made me more addicted to KR than I already was.


Friday night, Chet drank a mug of water with some ale in it at the Dragon's Claw, made hay about the taste, found out the "barn" doesn't have hay--or animals, for that matter. Although it did have a comfortable couch...

Foot, meet mouth.

So, late Friday night, Chet's helping Amilia start the bonfire out back behind the Adventurer's Guild. We're waiting for Dirge to bring this "extremely flammable liquid" to help us get it going. A girl walks up to Chet and nonchalantly steals his hat. Only when she put it on, it covered nearly half of her face and Chet/Jeff realized just how big his head was.

Throughout the weekend, there were a series of intensely awkward moments for Chet, but one of them stands out by far.

Chet's at the Norwuz celebration at Pendarvin, scarfing down food and asking advice. Someone tells him to pick some flowers, so he wanders off into the woods and stumbles upon some pretty white ones (rather, Jeff rolled a 3 and mistook weeds for flowers).

Taking the bunch back to the party, he walks up to Olivia, who's chatting with a couple people, and presents them thusly:

Chet: "I brought you some flowers!"
Someone: "Chet... those are weeds..."
Chet: "...shit."

Dejected, he throws them on the ground, takes off/crumples his hat, and storms off to a chorus of "awwww!"

Sunday. Taking a piece of cake and rather than add more work to the kitchen staff, plopped it onto his hand and ate it without silverware. And then a wedding started happening. Meanwhile, Chet is standing roughly five feet behind the bride and groom, munching away on a hunk of chocolate cake. I looked around and noticed Peaches losing it.

Breakfast in the Adventurer's Guild. Chet learns another reason he should stay on Dirge's good side.

Angry at himself and mumbling about things, Chet came upon a whole bed of the white weeds from before and turned into Kylo Ren for a moment. Then he was catching his breath and heard people shouting about undead at the Inn, so Chet went to let out some of his anger on them instead.

It happened a second time but I was stopped by a few higher-ups in Kaladonia asking why I was attacking nature. Sean, the look on your face was priceless. "Jus' a couple weeds," Chet snarled and stormed off down the path.

Special thanks to Zach for running the Kaladonia mod finale. Chet really didn't have a reason to be there aside from curiosity and wanting to help out his new friends, but it was something.

All of the blight NPCs looked great and fought really hard, especially Bill. I tried to pull my blows and the only time I definitely fudged up was when my wrist turned the wrong way and I uppercut Bill in the chin with my axe. I watched it happen in slow motion--his face went all wobbly like he was experiencing g-force and then suddenly everything was happening in normal time again. It was like he didn't even feel it, but I still felt bad. Thanks for being a good sport afterward, bud.

Chet had a rough time Saturday night, so he hung around alone in the Inn all night, neatening and rearranging the main hall to try to distract himself. Slowly the table he was banging his head into filled up with people and we all started chatting. Jonas even joined us, which was great, because I made some of my best/worst jokes with him there.

Meeting the Count and having a one-on-one was fun. I'm pleasantly surprised that Chet's head didn't end up in a basket, especially since I caught him right as he was escaping to bed for the night. Our talk was tame, though, and cleared up some of what troubled Chet.

...I need more Chet in my life.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
New Player Representative
Card Staff Member
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09 May 2016 14:05 #15 by Annora (Karen)
Replied by Annora (Karen) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!

Rook wrote: Getting woken up by Jonas Kane walking into Drega'room and his lovely song about who knows what (I heard him singing about us all still being lazy and asleep at 10am, singing about the curtains, singing about annora's giant pepper on her nightstand, about raptors, and who knows what else.) BEST ALARM CLOCK EVER.


PS. that pepper was delicious.

Ravani Amadre, Vassal of Kaladonia

OOG: Karen Y
Card Raptor
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09 May 2016 15:20 - 10 May 2016 00:06 #16 by Swyft (agentswift)
Replied by Swyft (agentswift) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Winning the raffle and the subsequent announcment that came with it... Really, James??? lol!

Jaded Swyft is jaded. Too much madness all around, Lord of Tears still doing his thing, folks arguing with each other over absolutes and convoluted aspects of morality... It makes things a little crazy for someone empathic. Thus she spent a good hour or two sitting with the "bad kids," and having more lighthearted discussions and giggling over the "See it, Hear it? Report it!" slogan for the Guard in this month's Chronicle. We elected to report everything from the way someone's hair looked to the placement of candles, and even to citizens being extorted for the duration of the weekend. Poor Bob. He was a good sport, though!

Meeting some more of Psi and Karkat's sisters. They have such delightful hair and fabulous attire! Hilariously unafraid to say whatever was going through their heads at any time... But never really impolite...

The furious Selendrian that Matt played. I could hardly breathe for laughing. Dude, you're the best.

Barbarian/Veneer mod wasn't quite what we expected, but rather fun. Remind me never to fight anything Blockus plays. Haha. Wulfgaar was a beast in that, um, tournament of sorts. He and Bob later had an excellent parlay with the leader of the Venieer.

Matt M's face: "REALLY?!"

It was good to see Indigo again! "Henchman" Trexler came, too, a sight for sore eyes! We had a few fun walks, though somehow we managed to miss every single emissary mod... :( But I had an especially fun time being with Yaya, Trent, Vince, Indigo and Trex for some fun chats. :)

Sitting in on the witch hunter's meeting was interesting. Thank-you for the invitation!

Two disturbing marriage proposals....

The fright of seeing Pappa Gypsy in a blue headband...

Will, I love you for getting my Rugrats reference!!!

Oren: Swyft, why are you smoking a cigar?
Swyft: Because I've lost control of my life.


Poor Godrick! I'm glad we were able to get him back. What a sad ending to that ordeal.

Not sure what the heck happened and why there was so much yelling and anger in at main mod in Valandria. You get an order from one knight and yelled at by another, then yelled at by some other people for doing what you just got yelled at to do. :/ I just didn't want people to die... Sadly we lost one. Poor Hamlish.

Fighting with Alander was great! And oh man, when he lost his axe... WOW. The volume...

A memorable NPC role as Flahara, the distraught mother who learned necromancy to keep her son under control. Her son had been turned into a vampire and then became "feral" and a Necrophage. Honestly, we had expected not to last even twenty minutes and it turned into almost two hours of incredible RP from everyone involved. Kaladonia had more patience with us than expected. I had a whole handful of spell packets, ready to go and then I didn't even have the heart to start slinging spells because no one was being a jerk! Clyden had tears in her eyes, she really 'got it'. They sent us to the Phokus to try and get him back. Aldric, Rudy, Angrin, Argyle, Gwynedd, Magnus, Pluvius, and Thalia, who was right at my side, bringing words of wisdom an comfort. :) Aldric found a way to baptize the spirit and get him untethered from me so that he could pass on. Later on, Ben sent out Vengeance, who was playing my son, Roland, as an angel to reward those involved.
GREAT job, everyone!!! Seriously, that was my best NPC experience, ever!

Going out as the chess playing ogres was hilarious. CUPS! MUGS! Rupert and Vince set us up with a "chess" board of cups and mugs on one of the inn tables and goaded us on into fighting one another. Such miscreants. :p

Ashe killed Peaches as "Twirl" her ogre with a ponytail on the top of her head that she headbanged-twirled in such a frantic crazy matter that he almost dropped his plate of food from laughing so hard!

Sunday was fairly quiet for me. Found Mae and got to see her for a whopping ten minutes... but at least it was something! Evrat played his usual tricks, but surprised me by carrying me across a huge puddle of water since I didn't have my boots on. <3

Watched Evrat draw Oren a... picture. Had a Strength lesson via an arm wrestling match with Argyle and Evrat....

This was a crazy weekend, and Swyft actually got to be of decent cheer for most of it. It's nice change of pace not to have something devastating happen to her. :p
Love you guys and sorry if I missed anyone I had fun times with. Matt, you ran a great event!

Dame Swyft T. Glitterfang-Johnson-Ludwig
-Knight of Drega'Mire
- Carnifex of Aguara
- Designer of Stonefall Couture: "Because you're never too bad to look good!"

(OOG: Renée Day)
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09 May 2016 15:38 #17 by Grashügel (HAZMAT221)
Replied by Grashügel (HAZMAT221) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Gras will not surely forget Chet, especially his euphoric and enlightening conversations

(OOG) Taylor M

Sir Grashügel
Baronial Knight of Travance
Observer of the Moon and Stars

ALT: Estabon "Blackwater" Cortez

OOG Taylor Meise
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09 May 2016 18:28 #18 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
Replied by JTinney (Swordsaint) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
This event…. Was great.

Considering how it started for me on Thursday with a broken Serpentine Belt on my car, I wasn’t terribly positive I could manage to be in character.

But manage I did… and for which I am happy I was able to, for reasons. 

- Walking the lands with Tessa on Friday, checking on various places and seeing to the welfare of others. A throwback on old duties, to be sure, but one that helped get me going for things to come.
- Late night conversations on matters Travance, Various Entities and Blood Spirit. Thos in the conversations know who they are…
- Brazen Mass. Oh man…. When Thalia told Duncan the Dwarves were coming and part of their price to work together was a Mass to Brazen, I had my work cut out for me.

Up until literally when the Dwarves walked into the Inn (where Mass had been moved due to weather), I had not figured out what I would be speaking of. Seeing the two sides squabble over who was sitting where and the importance of making them see why they needed to work together… was the inspiration for the Mass.

Even now, a full 48 hours later, I don’t recall all of what I said. But I do know I gave my best as Brazen would demand I do. I had additional incentive- my RL mom was off to the side and watching/listening and who wants to flub in front of their mom?

I learned later it was the power of my words, of the Sermon, that cemented the alliance between the two Dwarven Nations…. And that they would be looking to try and settle things without axes/hammers into each other.

I guess they both agreed that if failure came against the Null, it would not be them saying to Brazen that it was because of half-assed efforts on their part. I’d call that a win…

Now if the rest of the factions within and without Travance could get on the same damn page…

- The Knighting of Sister Danae. Bravo, Sister!!
- Feast…. Tasty. And the potatoes…. I want more!
- The Planning for the Passage… and the Blood Spirits volunteering to be First Through. When asked why, the answer was simple- “If it’s a shit show on the other side, you want someone who can identify it and immediately come up with something to mitigate it, don’t ye think?”

We got no argument on that… Wound up not having to plan on the fly but still, was ready to do so.
- Pre Passage speech. I tried to inspire some confidence and rally folks. Its RP and Brazen *is* a God of War (war is a craft, after all…). Dunno if it worked but hey, every little bit helps.
- Post passage, the battle and The Gate Repair. Oh man…. That was some crazy stuff. Kudos to the Knights in charge for sending the right teams to grab and gather what was needed… and kudos to the Line for holding against the repeated charges.
- Goose… your secret is safe.
- Post Main food… As is now our tradition, Blood Spirit Cook-fire and after action discussion (aka What the hell just happened?) with Guests (and a knight-delivered RSVP too.)
- Sunday Breakfast and solid conversation with a Paladin of like mind on many things that Duncan calls Friend.

All too soon, it was time to clean up and get stuff ready to go. Thankfully, I could send my gear back with Leslie so I had less to worry about this morning.

Three weeks to Week in the Life, five to Potluck Picnic/Fighter Practice and six to June Event.

Gonna be a busy time soon… look forward to seeing people at all three and remember- get them recaps in!

Father Duncan MacKenzie

Templar-High Priest of Brazen
Chaplain, Bloodspirits Mercenary Company

Janos Beecham (alt)
Dragoon of No Importance

John Tinney
Safety Marshal/ EMT
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09 May 2016 18:57 #19 by Kardin (Ben)
Replied by Kardin (Ben) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
This event had a lot of ups and downs for me but I'm happy that in the end the good outweighed the bad.

-Got into a battle of wills with Chet the Londwyn about how the Baronial Unicorn is a real living animal. (Jeff, when you just starting calling me Mr. Unicorn I nearly lost it XD)

-Kardin finally got to know Sebastian the Onyx Guard and swapped a story or two.

-The walk with Arradir and Maer to inform Willi of horrible events was tough and great RP. Fighting for justice is one thing, but a Guard's job is to aid the citizens of Travance, especially a good friend. And that sometimes means words to remind them of happiness, not just swinging a sword around. (Joey and Matt you guys were rock solid)

-Being present for the Tanwyn invention of the sex-swing and its implications.

-Getting back into a revitalized Druid's Grove. Those badges were so cool! Also getting to see good friends rise to positions that I know they are the best for. Nesterin's gonna decay the shit out of those sickly sweet plants.

-Getting to know the Alisandrians better and speaking to Ib and Cyndra about the balance of good and evil in Travance.

-Everything that was 'Indiana Armister and the Anchor of the First Age'

-All of the Pendarvin shenanigans especially the dueling. It was great fun and much cabbage was thrown for the spirit of jolly good fighting.

-Meeting a literal example of Kardin's former religion, a Kami named Miyori. And getting practice in helping people with tying laces for corsets, belts, amd stuff.

-Interacting with Jed for the very first time and doing it in the dead of night. (Some of the voice trembling wasn't forces that place os legitimately scary at night).

-Helping with the Northman ritual and accidentally courting an Aguarran High Priestess of the Veneir. Kardin had some time with Willi and Sebastian to think on the ties that bind people together but he's so not prepared at all.

-Meeting such dignified people in Ostiff and learning about manners with Izzy of Londwyn.

-Speaking with Argyle about his duel and why we choose our actions. This will stick with both Kardin and Ben for a long time.

-Getting baptized to Gaia with the North's resident Moral Compass, Caldor, and havin Kardin iron-convictions recognized.

-The final Master Warrior lessons with Jack Thorn, Duncan, Rook (standing in for Brigitta, thank god), Rudy Stonebar, Arradir, Snow, and Doorwick. This was insane and wonderful and thank you all for taking part.

-Being hired to perform at Marcus's next anniversary and the naming of his second born son, Shaft Assblaster. Mazel Tov.

-Winning the Best RP Award by hearing demon fighting twice, missing both times, camping out downstairs for the next eventual demon attack and falling asleep IRL on the bar in my shirt and boxers holding my weapons.

-Kardin playing piano

-Vampirate Crab People

-And everyone who took the time to speak to me and help me get through the weekend should know that you are all wonderful people who should know how much you did to help. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I may take a break from KR for a while. I'm not sure when I'll be coming back but know that it'll be because of all the wonderful people I'm graced to call friend.

Kardin Armister of the Hiolangorn || Shield of the North
Squire to Lord Aleister Tartaros
Iron Centurion of Palindor

Ben F.
"Never get discouraged. People may punish you for every good thing you'll ever do, but you only fail if they get you to stop. Your actions can mend a heart, save a Light, or topple the mightiest foe."
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09 May 2016 20:27 #20 by Wili ()
Replied by Wili () on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
So many customers at the Blackbird! Granted, everyone had to be there for wine tasting, but it still made me warm and fuzzy inside to see all my hard work making the BB better pay off :) BLACK BIRD IS OPEN ON SATURDAY, TOO, YOU KNOW!

Miss D, while you are ridiculous and will probably be murdered by Jade sometime in the near future, you make me giggle.

Come to find out husband is under arrest, but still walking around as a free man, and therefore making jokes about how the guard is terrible at their jobs.

I was super duper tired from the week leading up to KR, so I went to sleep. I get woken up by Calven saying husband is dead. I crawl out of bed, still dazed from sleepiness, and see his dead body outside of the Baron's manor. All I have to say is that y'all mofos are so lucky I was a zombie OOG because Wili would have lost her shiz and stabbed all of you. Thanks for doing the right thing, Tanwyns, because I'm sure I never would have gotten a courtesy call that husband was executed without you. Anyway, he comes back through the focus, and I get to go back to sleep.

Wili holds grudges. She holds them hard. Just throwing that out there.

Operation: Save a kidnapped Tanwyn, part 2. I have now assisted in the rescuing of 2/5 brothers. Dissect is also my favorite skill, and I'm super happy I have lots of buddies that also like chopping things up and trading with me. I have quite the heart collection.

Main mod hydration specialist! DEAR GERMAPHOBES- IF I SPECIFICALLY SCRUB A BOTTLE FOR YOU AND ENSURE IT REMAINS UNTOUCHED JUST FOR YOU AND YOU STILL REFUSE TO HYDRATE, I WILL SICK A SAFETY MARSHALL ON YOU NEXT TIME. Seriously. We don't need people passing out from dehydration. Meanwhile, shouting at my little vampire babies to leave no Travancian alive was super fun. Also counting how many times Mahoney ran past one of the gate pieces was very amusing. You got to 8 times, and one piece was actually stepped on at least four times.

Get changed back into Wili clothes, making my way up to the BB and get kidnapped. AGAIN. At least it was a different character this time, but still. Lots of waiting in logistics for the mod to actually go off. I really need to sign up for a Ben shift one of these days, because you send out the silliest things, sir. Lots of shenanigans and words happened, then Dimitri got poisoned, and I saved him!!!! I was actually useful!!! I was so proud of myself, but then Alyce tried to take credit and was promptly shut down by Rook. Thanks for having my back, boo. Also thanks for rescuing me, everybody!

Wilindé Aläciel
AKA Wili
Blackbird Manager Extraordinaire

OOG-Kelley Commeford
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09 May 2016 21:19 #21 by Valanye Kennyr'renaith (daniela franceschetti)
Replied by Valanye Kennyr'renaith (daniela franceschetti) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!


best event i've had in a while!!!!! (not that past one's were bad. this just blew me out of the water)

Quanarian mod was great, had a blast at the Venier/Agguaran ritual. Val was surprised at how thrilling it was, and was honored to be called brave, (shout out to blockus for that great 2 second interaction haha)

bob explaining what makes it a ritual was pretty funny :lol: wish i could quote that directly !

the londwynian court fiasco was fantastic and thoroughly confused valanye, who now thinks that's how diplomacy works.

really liked the concept of the community roleplay point, had a lot of fun deliberating who i wanted to pass it off to, and finally deciding after wormwood shouted TERRORIZE at the young guardsman trying to pour "victory cabbage" over his head after winning a sword fighting competition

"so, what did keavy say about me?" "UHH . INTERESTING THINGS. BYE." *180's out the door*

holy hell being the dark dwarf ambassador was a ridiculous amount of fun. Really great interactions, really immersive roleplay, 10/10 brazen mass, would brazen again. i mean hey duncan, ya really convinced them! also also thalia was so ready for this. kudos!

but by far the best part of my weekend was the conclusion to the plague drinker saga and getting to wield that crazy bane decay sword.
"i need a young druid/ranger to take this sword..." *everyone in the area quickly turns to look at valanye, someone shoves her a bit forward* "um. Hi. guess thats me hehe" (thanks mat calo! way to make this noobie feel useful!) special shout out to will hannings, who as the plague drinker, stayed true to form by shouting "YOU!" at regular intervals and beating me down relentlessly as predicted by kormac. haha, you deserve all the applause after that fight

I don't think valanye had ever felt so supported as when no one else in that fight would let her stay down for more than two seconds. when anyone could have picked up the sword and kept going, you picked her up and told her to keep going. you are all fantastic players and that was such a great moment. unbelievable sense of unity, much love for all y'all!

I'm getting to the point in my larp career where taking chances and going on mods that could be really crazy, or diving deep into roleplaying isn't intimidating anymore and that is SUCH a good feeling. really feel like i'm getting a good handle on Valanye as a character and i'm super excited for her future in travance :blush: and it's all thanks to the players at this game, big thanks to all

- Valanye Kennyr'renaith, Scout- Network Devision.
- Wayfinder of The Asterism

(OOG: Daniela Franceschetti)
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09 May 2016 21:45 #22 by Bladesworn (Bladesworn)
Replied by Bladesworn (Bladesworn) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
I wanna thank Goose for being Goose. Hearing him and seeing him interact with people is just always fun. Also I call my cheat days "Goose days"... for reasons.

I wanna thank Chris Mack for all the Ludwig-ness. Just so much fun.

Joe & MB... all your hard work is always appreciated.

Chris Lotano/Edmund... you gave me a goal, now it's up to me to earn it.

Craig A... seeing how you jump from profession to profession... it's amusing until I see how you play it. Then I realize there's a deeper level to it and i never made the connection why you did it until now... Wow.

Rachel... you always give me the warmest greetings, and it makes me so happy to be on the receiving end of those hugs.

Alice... your evolution into who you are now was great to see, and showing off that you're not someone to F with was great.

To the new elf ranger I met who was with Nysterin (sorry, totally blanked on your name), it was a great talk. You reminded me of what it was to be new and how overwhelming things can be, but at the same time... you can't let it intimidate you from jumping in. I needed that. Thanks.

If I'm leaving anyone out, it's cause it's been a long day and my trip home from event was very long.

IG: Tyran Radley
Vassal of Alisandria
OOG: Paul Y.
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09 May 2016 22:13 #23 by Onca (Lorelai)
Replied by Onca (Lorelai) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
First, I have to tell Matt M. - this is the first time since year 1 of KR that I have passed out cold after getting home from game. I was asleep by 9.45 and slept till my alarm at 8. So thank you for that.

I have to shout-out to several people that I don't normally interact with much - Godric, for obvious reasons, and for the chats on Sunday. Silas/Sylus Crone (not sure what spelling he uses) for levitating my dying self to safety several times. Dr. Walker for our awesome team-up and ass-kicking. Snow for an interesting walk and talk ending with finding a Gnome instead of a vampire. Jackdaw for not being scared off by Lorelai's cryptic way of getting info. Max for the Pendarvin 'assassin' game, and our team-up. Zelretch, for helping Oren beat me up on Sunday after I was already pulp from Saturday night. Will Bartlett for being the Vampire I needed (though not the one I wanted). Brik Brockles for being the best Goblin. Evrat for making Lorelai think - a lot. Angeliana for the same. Chuck and various pre-main mod undead for respawning on the path to give me something fun to do - I hope you all know I was fighting you with my sword in one hand and mug of tea in the other.

Last shout-out goes to my vampire NPC buddies. I wasn't expecting to be -your- Main Mod Boss, but I hope it was fun. Ow. And thank you to Stacy, Matt, Geoff, and anyone else that became a blur to help me on Saturday night after the fight.

I still cannot believe that fight. I thought I'd fought hard at game before...and I'm sure I have, but damn, do I feel it. I spent my card, all defenses and bonuses and buffs, all items, all scrolls (except one! I didn't need Truth Ear on the battlefield...weird.) and literally had to spend the night telling Travance they could handle the undead for the evening, as I did my job, and if they wanted me to fight, they could kill me first. (I also was told by Stacy that if she saw me up and about she'd box my ears... <3 )

Seriously. Thank you for all the support and compliments. I really felt stunned.

I also LOVED interacting with the folks from VIS again, and going into the Rift was fun (except when my all-new sword broke and I had to leave the mod to get another).

All the jokes about the Chronicle's front page (thanks, Devin) and the random people reporting shit to me at various times was pretty great. I'm glad you guys liked it this month. Get pumped for some major stuff at WITL!

Cassie, talking with Lois always makes my day. Lorelai considers her a touchstone and a source of stability.

Maer walking in on the "You'd all make terrible Witch Hunters" talk on the road. His reaction of "No, you're right".

Ok that's all I recall right now. Will edit later when I inevitably remember more.

~ Lorelai Sihnon VonRitter
Huntress of Galladel
Head of House VonRitter of the Witch Hunter Academy

Rachel Jump/Onca
(New Player Marshal)
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09 May 2016 22:31 #24 by Adertha (mlouscher)
Replied by Adertha (mlouscher) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
What an interesting event.

Friday night opened up with a crazy-crowded Blackbird. Great money, interesting conversations; had a lot of fun annoying Cade by giving unsatisfactory but true answers for what Maer does for a living.

I met the count for the first time... in the form of him executing my boss and throwing an emerald at me. Still sort of processing that.
This was immediately followed by collecting Wili and getting Sebastien brought back. I was a little too stressed about the whole ordeal to be inside while the revival process was happening, but I listened from outside.

Saturday was... a bit of a blur. 'Assisted' with meeting the New Gaaldron, and by that I mean... was a physical presense because they didn't want to talk to a title-less anyone.
Attended the Pendarvin party, was coerced into the dueling tournament because Arradir needed a seed partner to get into the preliminaries... and I somehow made it into the finals. Guess some people know that I can sort of fight now. May have to be more careful.

Had a pleasant conversation with Cyndra and a few other Alissandrians about morality and balance. I hope I have the opportunity to speak to her again.

Had a very dangerous conversation with Allyce, then Wili, then finally Sebastien concerning Maer's... precarious position, that took a massive weight off my shoulders.

Got off NPC shift and out of the Adventurer's Guild in time to see Nesterin evading capture. Quick altercation later I get told Wili got kidnapped. Determined to finally be of use to my friends, I... promptly get told that I should just wait in the Blackbird until the whole ordeal boils over. So I do that for two hours. HEY GUYS THE BLACKBIRD IS OPEN ON SATURDAYS!
Exhausted, worried for my friends, and more than a little useless, I sulk over to the bar where I discover that I have a kicked-puppy face strong enough to kill a man.
Afterward had some interesting interaction with Allyce and Oren, making an effort to lift each other's spirits (and free mine, thanks to yet another possession. Lots of people picking Maer's brain, it seems.)

Sunday was much lighter-hearted and was highlighted by aiding Arradir in his first Master Warrior lesson, in the form of pretending to be a damsel in distress he had to protect from three attackers. I thoroughly enjoy helping people with lessons, gotta pick up Teach next event.

All in all the weekend was... interesting. On the one hand, I went through most of it feeling largely useless and powerless to the chaos around me. On the other hand, I now know for certain who my allies and friends are, and I think I finally have a direction to move in.

Nethrion Adertha
"Of course it's going to work, and you know why? Because I said I was going to help you and I am a terrible liar."

OOG: Max L
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09 May 2016 22:42 #25 by Lake (LakeHunter)
Replied by Lake (LakeHunter) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Happy Birthdays to all the Pendarvin crew! Much gratitude for everyone who put in effort to make the festivities a huge success!

Congratulations on the most long awaited Knighting of Dame Danae! (Alliteration, I dig it.)
Loudest Knighting ever, confirmed.


Friday Night NPCs - channeling my inner Madonna Drow.

Embracing the Berserk with Alex and many others. Did it get too real when Geno and I headbutt each other and then headbutt a few more times?
First rule of headbutt fights : Nobody wins.

New vocabulary:
Pigsilver (n): 1. The object you happen to be holding which accomplishes an unrelated task, regardless of it's original purpose; typically of a violent or sexual nature.
"My uncle slew a suspected vampire with a Pigsilver" (ambiguous)

Drinking too much at the party - attempting to be an adventurer - failing ... or was it winning?

Some great RP from new players: The Elves in their very elf costumes - who were you?
The Sewer people. YES. (We must train them) Blank the Goblin - all the things.

Sir Hirgar and Lake learn how to punch each others teeth out.

Pendarvin - literally cosplaying a mountain during main mod, just sitting there, watching things roll off of us.

Sunday I made some really good RP connections with Chet, Lorelai, and a couple of intentionally nameless others.

Cool things are happening! Thanks everyone!

[Craig Edward O.]
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10 May 2016 00:57 #26 by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings)
Replied by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
I had a very good (if physically painful game). Here are some highlights.

The Barbarian diplomatic encounter was exactly what I'd hoped for, a ritual battle against many northmen, including Blockus and Craig, who both were fighting their hearts out. I was too, and grim fell, but I felt it was no disgrace really. I gifted Blockus' npc a special rune physrep gifted to Grimkjell during his interactions with the Cheveyo, which shows how seriously he and I both took it.

Grim reacted with a surprising amount of emotion to Starling's demise and return, though it might have seen muted. Grim is more fond of people in the town than sometimes shows, so it was interesting.

Lots of guard administrative things to do, some of them rough IG but really interesting. Grim acting as the commissar and being proud as his sergeants and suboordinates are doing him proud. He is a little sad he doesn't do as much field work, outside of annihilating foes, but he is glad he can trust people to get the job done.

A quiet walk with Red Kestrel and Aiki, and seeing wander and briefly greeting him, and learning a bit of his story. I'm growing quite fond of their RP and personalities, IG and oog. Lending Kestrel a cloak was a nice touch.

I loved all the diplomacy I saw, drinking happily with dwarves, and helping Vis with getting some weird artifact from the rift. Any chance grim gets to fight weird monsters is a good one. Seeing Father arrive with his entourage of perfect homonculi, and realizing how much Grimkjell was inclined to like custom-made beings who knew exactly where their talents lay. He's going to remember and enjoy Gilgamesh especially. Chiseling a bit more out of Father with some casual questioning at the end was very pleasant.

Pendarvin party was a nice party, even counting grim getting his tail kicked in by Peaches in a matched sword tourney (it wasn't his strong suit, and he admitted such).

Some brief talks with Wormwood about things were interesting too, Grim enjoys his insight.

Correctly predicting someone had in fact NOT seen a vampire, based on their reputation and general goofiness.

Seeing a sword made of other swords.

Main mod. WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Celerity time. Fun with makeup and posing in logistics as a feral vampire lt. Rolling flanks and bashing through the shield wall several time, I felt like I really gave the town a sense of fear and urgency, especially as I rallied entire groups of enemies to hit in waves instead of just respawning piecemeal. I hope you guys enjoyed the somersaults and kip ups I was doing when i really started feeling the combat.

Met some nice new rpers, the elf and naiad? Family. They were great, good players.

Sunday was the day. It was always going to be the day. That moment when I saw all of Kaladonia marching towards me. ME. I knew my year and a half as Plague Drinker was finally gonna end and end awesomely. I won't lie. I super hate latex makeup and always will. But I'll do it for a full makeup role to entertain like a huge ton of my friends, such as I saw marching across Totem Pole towards me. Every fight, every moment, from Caldor half deflating PD's big smack talk, to getting hammered so hard I was making no look parries with my long claws, to Valanye coming after me with Oakenheart's sword, to continually being tricked and forced back by the Trickster and other guardian spirit's, to PD's final spasm of seemingly human determination to make it to the tree, even after he'd lost, was a great thing for me.

Let's not forget the moment with Caelvan when he tried the commune bomb twice. PD's a canny sort, and now Kaladonia will deal with some interesting IG consequences. It was neat to see the entirety of Kaladonia come together over PD for a Killing blow, I definitely felt like I'd done my job of being a hated enemy well. I was deeply flattered Lauren had come to game just to finish out that section of the plot, and that Jason and ree stayed. Everyone had their cool moments with or against PD, and it was great fun. My blight helpers were super excellent, as was my makeup artist, thank you Kayla. And thank you Zach for the opportunity and push. I feel like maybe the biggest contribution i can make at KR is as a Superheel most of the time, just showing up and making PC's lives miserable or more entertaining or both. Now that it's over, I can say the Plague drinker has been a very physically challenging NPC to play, both because of makeup, and because my first showing as him involved me desperately getting over a cold I'd caught the wednesday before game in time to deploy as him friday night. That remaining hacking cough and phlegmy gurgle wasn't acting, that was the last throes of my (Alread noncontagious) illness. The second time was brutal in the fall because it was cold and latex. The third, well, it was very punishing physically, but so rewarding from a level as I saw everyone kinda quail or enjoy fighting me. Everyone just... wanted a piece of him by the end, taunting or insulting him.

I'm sad I didn't get as much time to spend in game as grim because I was busy being a nassssty NPC for you lot, but the truth is, in many ways being a flashy or memorable antagonist is my favorite thing at KR. Grimkjell may not always have or be a spotlight hero, but I can always go to an event and make sure that people are having a fantastic and memorable time as I NPC.

Oh, and don't think I've forgotten Ketryn. Her answers and behavior, and some follow up with Cyndra have opened some really interesting roleplay avenues for Grimkjelll.

It was nice to hear that I was so missed last month. It killed me to be away, but sickly Bill is not good bill to RP with.

IG: Sir Grimkjell Eirson
Knight of Pendarvin
Guardian of Mercy

OOG: William Hannings
Land system Marshal
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10 May 2016 01:23 #27 by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt)
Replied by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Yo, I STILL don't know what that was! I really actually taught itwas a vampire,it sure could.of passed for one!!! I was so out it, just waking up. Maybe a gnome? Sorry to the whole town. It was over so fast, I was done.

Great job this weekend Bill!!! You looked Boss as hell.

Del Dragon, Argyle
(OOC: Forest Dougan)

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10 May 2016 12:15 #28 by Wili ()
Replied by Wili () on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!

Impromptu business lessons by papa Gypsy during market faire that actually made me lots of money. Thanks tony! I was very sad when you died :(

Accidentally potentially taking over Silas Crone's wine business from the Tanwyns.... Sorryyyyyyy

Wilindé Aläciel
AKA Wili
Blackbird Manager Extraordinaire

OOG-Kelley Commeford
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10 May 2016 15:46 #29 by Jack (Keeperofdice)
Replied by Jack (Keeperofdice) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
I'm so glad I was able to make part of the event.

The Londwyn meeting was amazing.


Fixing the Gates of Passage on main mod. I don't mind technobabble!

But by far my favorite part of the event was a conversation I had with the Count.

The Count: "I need you to choose the words you use more carefully in public."
Me: "I really can't do that though."
The Count: "Why not?"
Me: "Well you see, for the last ten years, I've been suffering from dementia."
The Count: "So I need you to go see Dr. Maxwell."

Ser Jack Siefer
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“Men learn from their failures. I prefer to learn from the failures of others..”
"Sometimes what the world doesn't need is a hero. Sometimes what it needs is a monster."
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10 May 2016 17:29 #30 by Sister Danae (Danae)
Replied by Sister Danae (Danae) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
I had a lot of highlights this event, but I'm really going to make this short and sweet.

My main highlight of this event was being Knighted. Seriously, I was completely blown away by the response of you guys. I thought Pendarvin was going to break their damn table. And then to hear the second set of shouts of approval from outside. Seriously guys, you know how to make a person feel special. I am lucky to have such great and wonderful friends. Thank you guys for all the encouragement(especially since i ended up needing all of it for my trial by fire during main mod!!)

Dame Danae Hainsworth
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"Where something bad happens, you have three choices...
You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or let it strengthen you."

OOG: Michaela Benton
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