normal May 2016 Highlights !!!

10 May 2016 18:17 - 10 May 2016 20:56 #31 by Calven Tanwyn (Jyamp2)
Replied by Calven Tanwyn (Jyamp2) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Awesome event. Haven't done one of these in a while, but here it goes.

Friday Night:

After lay-on I immediately white headband it down to the caravans for a very important meeting. thanks to everyone that showed up for that RP scene...I love true sight.

Rook being super cold to me and having to figure out why was fun.

More meetings happen. Demeanor, your'e hilarious, I thought you were gonna die though. Took the opportunity to get mouthy with Silas Crone for bringing up my families business in front of other people. Room gets silent and I immediately regret that decision. Then getting to briefly discuss it OOG.

Bill F: "Well that was ballsy"
Goose:"Yeah Silas just lost all love he ever had for the Tanwyns."
Me: "Damnit"

Shout out to Goose for not doing what you probably wanted to do.

Blackbird RP is the best RP.

"We take what we are given, right brother?" Not realizing who was listening...

So I come into the Blackbird and see Wili and Sebastien drinking a bottle of Selendrian wine, aged 500 years. Long story short I lost this bottle a few events ago and owed Silas the gold for it. So I immediately start to try to barter with them for it. After a while of them jesting and me sweating, we struck a deal.

Getting to run my 2nd mod after some slight confusion was a lot of fun. Thanks to Justin W and Lark (Sorry! your oog name is escaping me) for being awesome npcs. Thanks to the players that participated. Nick and Rachel, thanks for rolling with the punches, that's all I will say.

Hanging out with Sebastien to get a lesson and approaches the Count. Sebastien runs up to him, and his death, admitting some sort of crime that I didn't really hear and all I see is the Count shaking his head, Sebastien handing him over his axe, taking a knee, and hanging his head. I try to interject or ask the Count for mercy on him annddddd... Killing blow 1, killing blow 2... all the way to 5. I receive instruction from the Count to inform the town that this man has paid for his crimes. Nice to meet you? So I decide that it's time to take the body to Wili who was sleeping down at Winterdark. Awesome RP to everyone involved in that. Kelley, sorry for waking you up hah.


Mage lessons with Harrelson. I truly enjoy the relationship between our characters.

Had about a three hour walk and talk with a certain individual, and subsequently, the coolest most memorable RP scene that I've had since I started playing the game. Huge defining moment for my character and I'm intrigued to see where that relationship will go. My guess is far.

Four o'clock comes around and I run up to Logistics to NPC the General for Londwyn mod. For everyone that came on that, thanks for participating, sorry I couldn't be reasoned with!! Felt good to gets the hugs, handshakes, and RP points that came after. The firing line was amazing. Good job with the mechanics Matt. Thanks to everyone that npc'd the army. and lastly, shout out to Matt Magnus for thinking of me to play the part. Excited for the madness to come.

Trent Mayfair. Pleasure to meet you, Sir. Thanks for the enchanted armor.

Got a gift from Nesterin. IG/OOG, I love that thing. Thanks Nick.

Feast was delicious.

The battle line during main mod was awesome. Loved fighting with Ostcliff and holding the entire left side.

After main mod was relaxation until... "The Psion sends his regards" The squad jumps into action. 2 kidnappings, more meetings, more defining moments for Calven. A deal struck. Nobody crosses the Tanwyns. Nobody. And nobody crosses our allies either. Nobody.
Super intense RP Saturday night. thanks to everyone involved.

Realizing that trust and loyalty need to be represented in actions as well as words.


Discussing the philosophy of a Master Profession with Tsoli

Then left early.

Once again, fantastic event.

Tanwyn, Calven

OOG: Jared Yampolsky
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10 May 2016 21:42 #32 by Grier (Grier)
Replied by Grier (Grier) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Before I say anything, my brother, our friend and I had an amazing time at our first event! We weren't too plot involved this time while we grasped everything, but we decided to document the happenings of our first weekend in Travance!

Most of Friday night we spent in the Inn, meeting people and mingling was an amazing experience and everyone was exceptionally nice! Later in the night we headed out with our newly found friend, Marcus, whom seemed to wish for nothing more than fight along side our companion, Aster, who seemed just as excited to engage in a battle.

To their disappointment, we came across nothing but the charming Lady Blackwood and her companions who offered us protection spells, food, and drink.

The following day we headed out, after having missed breakfast, and went to the Inn where we walked around the market and our friend Aster discovered the joys of Dread Surgery.

Then we went to Pendarvin were we encountered the invited, but not so welcomed guests. Caius and Aster participated in the sword fighting event, much to their dismay they were both defeated rather early on. We enjoyed the food that was so gracious prepared for us, despite the sanitary issues and the lack of plates, it was delicious.

After that we joined the Adventurers guild where we were very confused, none of us are exactly sure what happened, but we all remember the quotes from our drunken friend.
(She was kidnapped by the ocean? Isn't that just called drowning?)

This is around the time news spread like wild fire of a powerful vampire in the area.

Then we went for a rather long walk in the woods and encountered some foreign friends (-here to help us from afar, might I add) and Marcus greeted them oh-so-kindly by racing ahead of our group to spread the false news that our gnome friends were, in fact, vampires, nearly starting a war.

Then the feast took place, a wonderful event to which we showed up rather late, but James was very good at making sure he found food for us, which we greatly appreciate.

Only moments later did both our companions find happiness in each others arms and instantaneously decided marriage was absolutely necessary at that exact moment.
Between the ceremony and the cake, it was a rather pleasant early evening.

The battle brought much stress between all of us, as we had no idea what we were walking into. It was intensive, terrifying, and absolutely wonderful. We stood second line, shaking in our boots, as we anchored the right end of our line. Lady Blackwood ensured we got back in one piece, which we appreciate greatly.

Our NPC shift was also rather fun, we got to 'hallucinate' on 'wine' and try to convert people to our 'religion.' We also had the joy of pretend to be ogre' and causing a bit of a disruption to those who stayed up past three in the Inn. Lastly we got to NPC for a short Mod, which we did poorly, but no one judged us too harshly.

Overall, we had a wonderful time and couldn't ask for a better introduction into the LARPing community.

Lastly, we would both like to thank the amazing community and staff making my friends and I feel so welcomed and cared for. We cannot properly word just how happy and fulfilled our first visit with you has made us. We are ecstatic to be joining your family, and we will see you next month!


OOG: Trinaty J.
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11 May 2016 01:47 #33 by Imrahil (Brendan Barrett)
Replied by Imrahil (Brendan Barrett) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
This has got to be my best event yet for micro-rp.
So many of you brought your a game in regards player to player interactions.

-If only every forced guard detail was as understanding and compliant as Lois we baronial guard would have a much easier time of it! Chat time at the baronial manor with both Maxwells, Clytie, and Wulfgar on weaponized corpse trees.

-Tea time in the Djinn and tonic, with steak for Seamus' name day, and bawdy joking with the fore named, Lorelai, Sir Zelretch, Izzy, and Peaches.

-Playing my first dwarf. Looking at the card and thinking to myself "Boy, this is going to get ugly fast." Daniela as my Dark Dwarven counterpart with identical stats. On the march to the inn and our critical of each other banter; "You call that a shield? What did you build it from, wood?" "Your mother." You broke me Daniela. :)

-Shortly thereafter, getting pulled away from my npc directives nearly immediately. Duncan's mass to Brazen, and his answer to a quick post mass question. Lord Gideon's stern but accommodating and generous hands at the negotiation table. And last but not least, Thalia's fine private ale reserve. What Dwarf could refuse!

-Playing my first mod boss for the homonculi lab, and getting insight into both what it takes and what kind of force Travance can bring to bear. Couldn't stand for more than a few minutes at a time even being immune to knockbacks and straight to crits. I hope it was at least an entertaining fight for those who were there.

-Matt M. gets my line of the event with the disappointed high volume Selendrian.
Karkat offers to send a message to anyone he wants. "He says why are you shouting?"

-Got a good look at what I'm up against for opening sensei... Oh boy. Made for the usual high caliber rp with Quan Liu, and later at the feast table with Dominic. Also starting to get me scheming for how I'll pull it off. :)

-Diane nailed feast; but I should preface, I'm a bit partial to swine. :) Servers did a great job, and clean up were our unsung heroes. Seriously, you guys all did us proud once again. Take yourselves a measure of satisfaction in jobs well done!

-A new and completely unexpected recruit for the baronial guard. Imrahil thinks you can find yourself a surprisingly good fit under this new leaf. You showed completely uncommon regimentation for the average Travancian during main mod! If I'm not mistaken, it seemed as though you were every bit as antsy as I was to get off that line and into that field.

-Watching as Rook and escort dashed into the field in search of her sword; two baronial guards at the ready to take up the flank should things not go well, but fortune smiles... :)

-Nearly getting mulched by Ashe as some kind of ghost I think, but hightailing it away, only to think the footfalls behind me are more bad news and turning on the afterburners. After stopping at the safety of the barracks finding out those footfalls were Lake thinking, "Well, if he's running, I probably should too." I have to say Craig; you have some of the most enjoyable micro rp I get to partake in.

-Billy; You really made me feel like Imrahil's perspective matters to people with our talk on Saturday night. Whatever Angrin chooses, he made the right choice. :)

-Late saturday/early sunday guard undead squashing fest with Aldric, Erik, and Arradir. We're not half bad at this, huh guys? Lol!

-Welcome to Travance search for truth, Red Kestrel and Wander! You both performed admirably, and I suspect you will add your own wrinkles to our organization in short order!

-Taught five lessons through the day on Sunday, and wsg'd on a master warrior lesson for Arradir, and he taught me to invoke the strength of the bear. Got to do a nice mix of philosophical and practical training. I was particularly struck by the reaction to her lesson by Lark. So awestruck and appreciative! I know our lists don't have much overlap, but I would gladly instruct any lesson you could ask of me! :)

-Chats with some prominent witch hunters, and insights I had not previously had from them. Possibilities abound!

-A lazy Sunday long patrol with Lor, Zel, Lake, Godric and a new player whose name I forget... Sorry! Culminating in some good long rp with the Blood Spirit patron and matron, and meditating with nuts. Precisely, 3. :P

I'll miss you guys for the extended feast. Not because I want to, but because my boy is getting married, and that rates too.
To anyone Imrahil has promised inclusion in his yearly reserve of name day cherry wine, I'll catch up with y'all in the end of June!

Til then my adoptive nerd family!


-Lieutenant of the Baronial Guard

(Amos Oberjonois - Trapper and Spirit Speaker)

OOG - Brendan Barrett
Kitchen marshal
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11 May 2016 12:32 #34 by Dethie Blackeby (DethieBlackeby)
Replied by Dethie Blackeby (DethieBlackeby) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Just a few bullet points, in no particular order:

-Feast, yes. Yes, feast. Well done, Diane! Also thanks for Kaladonia Pie Mod Saturday night. The fellowship that's fostered there is becoming my favorite part of my time in Travance.

-During/after Pie Mod, the running jokes after the word "be" was misheard...

-My Druidic lore lesson with Tharivol (yay, I get to learn spells in June!) and observing part of the Plague Drinker ritual as part of my self-instruction afterward.

-Speaking of, guarding the backs of the people conducting the ritual, and being recognized by the Guardian spirit for it.

-Seeing my totem animal on the Mallorn tree when the curse had been broken <3

-Dammit, Anhill, stop trying to dismember everyone.

-Doing paperwork with a new player who was just a really cool dude, even if he couldn't remember my real name :lol: Thank you, Tobias' friend, wherever you are!

-Getting to spend more time talking with Valanyë both in and out of game.

Looking forward to June :)

IG: Dethie Blackeby
Vassal of Kaladonia
OOG: Merideth P.... or you can still call me Dethie :)
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11 May 2016 12:36 #35 by Not An Assassin (Salem)
Replied by Not An Assassin (Salem) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
I really enjoyed this event, Bravo to Matt M, and the players for running it!

We'll start off with Sebastien on Friday night, joking about how crappy the guards and nobles do their job. I'm sitting in the BlackBird, drinking whiskey and talking to a Galamachian Priest. They ask me, "How are you today? Anything special?" To which I reply, "Yeah, I'm currently under arrest at the moment."
The Galamachian looks around the room before turning back to me. Their face is absolutely priceless, the word they manage is, "Whut?"
-Raises glass- "Welcome to Travance!"
The rest of that night was spent getting wasted, that I may enjoy my last few hours alive. It also involved me walking side-by-side with my ARRESTING OFFICERS, as a FREE MAN, with my WEAPONS DRAWN, while we search for THE COUNT. Guys, I know I pleaded guilty, and was giving absolutely no resistance...But tie me up a little, hit me around, call me daddy...Do something to your murderer.
I eventually found the Count ON MY OWN, to which I pleaded guilty to my crimes, gave him my axe, and knelt before him. The last thing on his mind before his head began to roll...His beautiful wife.
I'd like to point out Calven Tanwyn for insisting that he show my body to Wilinde. While, I was dead the whole time...It touched me on an OOG level. The Tanwyns may not be the greatest people in the world, but they're still really good men, who try their best, at least.

Coming through the phokus was more of an experience for the healer than it was for me. I apparently put them through some A+ shit that left them reeling on their own life. To whomever my healer was that brought me back, thank you. And to whomever you are OOG, God bless you.

I then wanted to go to bed, but decided to take a few hours to enjoy my new body, and my new life. Those few hours lasted until about 9pm on Saturday. The only other person who stayed awake longer than me, was Argyle.
Speaking of him, God damn....It's about freakin time the two of us interacted, Forest. Like you, I've been waiting for RP that bad-ass for a long, LONG time. If ever I feel like I haven't had any good RP, I'm going straight to you. Lessons back and fourth, drinking in the BB, being absolutely obnoxious...All I have left to do is bleed with you on the field...And that won't be waiting long for us. You are an A+ player, Forest, and Argyle is one damn great man to hang around. He may not be not for everyone, but Sebastien will be seeking his company a lot more in the future.

I'd like to give a shout-out to the gentlemen who volunteered to be rogues for me on my MOD. The interactions I've had with you two IC, OOC, and as my NPCs were all absolutely awesome, and were everything I would expect from who you are, what you do, and what I needed you to do. Thank you guys SO, SO much. You know who you two are.
As for that MOD, I'm sorry, but also not sorry Papa. I hope you, Leo, and Jack had a great time!

Diane, that feast was so good, I'd murder even more people in the barn again for another plate. So if I haven't already told you enough that your cooking is amazing, here it is in writing. Thank you, and thank you to all who helped you this weekend.

I went on a MOD to a homunculi laboratory, and was specifically asked to do what I do best throughout it. I think I've applied a few times for poison writs...I honestly don't think I need one anymore. Nobody seems to care if Sebastien carries them. We all know that he's not an idiot...Expect for the barn murders. Those murders were a message to all of you. "Stop stealing my shit." If my stuff goes missing, and you're to blame, I hope you feel the blood of every innocent person I murder on my path spill all over you. And yes, I'll go straight to the Count with a list of kills I made right afterward. Stop stealing my shit.

Back to that Laboratory MOD, I was asked specifically to use the poisons that everyone knows I have, to kill the homunculi dead. And THEN I was asked, BY A NOBLE, to steal from the pockets of OUR ALLY. OH MY GOD, I freaking love Travance! I stole something really damn cool, too. And that thing is, I assume, going straight into being researched, and massed produced for the town. So from me, and all of Travance's rogues, I'd like to formally say, "YOU'RE WELCOME!" Menaje la Madron, I'm starting to think that the shady ones are protecting the town more than those who are open about it.

I'm going to cap this off with Kaladonia MOD. I had an amazing time NPCing for Zach. It's been an amazing roller coaster ride, and I'm extremely happy with how every MOD, every Sunday, played out. Kaladonia is an amazing group of people. I love interacting with, and fighting against ALL of you. I had a BLAST from start to finish, and I can only hope that you all did as well. So Thank you to Zach, Walt, Kayla, All of Kaladonia, and everyone else who was a part of such an amazing series. 5/7, perfect score!

Salem Noire, Lieutenant Commander of the Blood Spirits

Lieutenant Leon Drekken of House Zezima

OOG-Reece Belmont
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11 May 2016 14:14 #36 by LoisMaxwell (LoisMaxwell)
Replied by LoisMaxwell (LoisMaxwell) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Whatever you guys play in game, y'all are Andorrans in real life <3 I can't thank the community enough for the outpouring of support and checking-in and hugs on Saturday night to make sure I was okay. Sarah, Reece, Liz, just everyone. And thanks to Leslie & Tinney for the hot dogs to tide me over on my drive home Saturday night. Thank you <3

Other highlights:
Grim's panic when he found out there was a Heargen with the northman tribes. "If it's Big Bear, everyone tell her that I married Shade!"

Reanimating Starling. I both love and hate doing reanimations, for what I think are obvious reasons. I always love seeing how each individual character reacts once they've been awoken. P.S. Lois reanimates people completely differently based on who they are. Starling got the nice version of reanimate :p

Bob's job interview. Interactions with Bob are always A+. It's all the little details Ben puts into his performance. Looking forward to more!

The Anchor of the First Age :-D

Lois's first assist with a sorcery ritual that didn't involve the risk of death :-D Thank you to Clytie for allowing her to assist!

Oren to Lois: "So do you intentionally try to ditch Grim or something? Because you've been really easy for all the rest of us to guard."
Lois: "Oh, I don't go anywhere. It's Grim that wanders off."
Sorry Bill :p

Dr. Lois Maxwell
Seneschal of Travance

Alt: Sister Liadann McKraegar of Galladel

((OOG: Cassie Stanley, Logistics Deputy, Land System Marshal))
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12 May 2016 09:34 - 13 May 2016 16:03 #37 by Thalia Burdorn (abbyl)
Replied by Thalia Burdorn (abbyl) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
It took me a few days to digest everything that happened this weekend! Because holy crap did a lot happen this weekend! I honestly think this was one of the best events I remember. This event, last event, everything’s been really solid and I am LOVING IT! A big thank you to Matt Magnus who did a fantastic job running this event!!!!


Quinaria mod and the loss of Starling. This was the first mod that Thalia and Rivani had a chance to pal around and do healer stuff on. But to find out that Starling was killed on the mod, when they’d left her protected, that was a blow. Massive props to Dustin and Jeff for putting up with the over protective Healer Mom who started freaking out when she found out something cut through a healer’s sustaining ability. Finding out Starling was okay, and basically hugging the life out of her. Doesn’t matter if we don’t know them well, she’s one of ours!

The return of Allander! Thalia realizing she hasn’t seen another dwarf in six months! FINALLY being able to share what she discovered about the splitting of the Dwarves and Dark Dwarves with someone who understood what the information meant and how significant it was! It was a weight off her shoulders to share it and to talk with another dwarf who just got it and everything else. Renny hats off to you man.

Preparing for the Dwarven delegation arrival! Borrowing Seamus’ ring and having a LONGGGGGGGGGG discussion with Dimitri about the Dark Dwarven Leader’s legacy document from two Marches ago. Finding out IG who took it and finding OOG where it wound up. Damien that was a fantastic! I always love getting that in depth roleplay with you! Matt Magnus: Sorry if I confused you as to why I wanted it :)

DARK DWARVEN LORE LESSONS WITH THE COUNT! “Hmmm I think I have a tome of their culture here somewhere,” the Count said leading the rushed bar manager and part-time assigned diplomat to the scholar’s table. Managing to figure out EXACTLY what the Dwarven delegations would need in order to get them to listen to Travance’s proposal and having exactly 20 minutes to get the items! Thank you to everyone who helped with that. Matt C, could not have pulled any of that off without your help!

The Dwarves are here! Duncan’s mass to Brazen was the first one that Thalia had been to in seven years. She was moved. The words were exactly what we needed when we needed it! A plus. Would (and definitely will) attend again! Brazen, the god of getting shit done! :)

Getting to shoot the hay with the two generals after the negotiations were over was fun. A lot of bull shitting. Massive kudos for them going along with my use of German and Hebrew hard sounding words for Dwarven to punctuate some sentences. And of course, getting to relax afterwards.

Card tricks and drinks in the Blackbird with Tsoli!

Gideon offering to act as a rock for Thalia when she needs to find a center again. Alice, Angeliana hit it out of the park with that stone. Until this month, I don’t think Thalia realized just how homesick she really was, and now she has a physical piece of it which will be made into her archcasting focus!

Diane feast was delicious! I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE WHO HELPED WITH SERVICE AND SET UP! It’s been said before, but Forest and I discussed it and we could not remember the last time we were able to sit in for Feast. I can legitimately say that me and Rachelle/Rook have the best service staff! Thank you all so much for your continued help in making service and set up move like a well-oiled machine! And if you didn’t get paid for it, COME FIND ME!

Swift presenting Thalia with Maelstrom. Renee, I hope you’re ready for a lot of roleplay as she gets used to the sword! Is she very nervous about this! Cannot wait!

Jack Thorn, Tris, Cookie Tree, Sindarion and Thalia’s 45 minute discussion about Thalia’s lack of a love/sex life since she came to Travance… and then undead!

Caldor: “You see Thalia? Some benevolent necromancer tried to send you some suitors and the town murdered them all.”

Heading to Kaladonia for pie mod right before planning to go to bed and wandering onto Renee’s npc and her necrophage son. That mod was fantastic and I know that it went a whole lot longer than it was supposed to. Me and Rudy/Chris went to logistics to ask Ben Herman the MM if the necrophage had a soul which led to Ben stroking his chin with this wild grin and going “Hmm…. That is a good question. LET’S ROLL PERCENTILE DICE!” Attempting to bring Roland through the phocus, having it fail, then everyone realizing what had to be done! Thalia pleading with Pluvious not to have the mother arrested because she legitimately did this for her son and could be brought back to the light. The description of where Magnus lives. Walking Renee’s npc through the process of letting go of the connection with her son. Finding out from Aldric that Roland the son came back Sunday ! Ben, Renee, Forest, Chris, Romeo, Matt, everyone involved on this! You were all amazing!


Sunday morning:
KALAMOD! For the first time ever leaving Thalia’s staff behind (intentionally) and wielding Maelstrom as primary wielder. This was only my second time being an active combat PC. I usually stand and run to heal people and pretend I know what I’m doing with my staff, but this time everything was different. With the blessings of the Thorn Strike and Blade of Victory gods, we were kicking ass! Starting to realize what the appeal of this combat thing is guys! :P Getting turned evil for 2 seconds by Utgard who was altered. Hey, if you’re going to go evil, best to be altered to attack your friends with someone you consider family right? The family that slays together and all that :P

Rudy: *rushing at a hex blight that was attacking Thalia*: “Don't you dare touch my fucking sister." <3 Chris.

The defeat of the Plague Drinker. Bill, you did a FANTASTIC job with this NPC, I’m almost sad to see him go. Almost. Thanks to Zach, Kayla (that tapestry is gorgeous), Sam, Walter, Reese, Alex (Sorry I hit you so low >.< ), Matt D. Matt C. and everyone who made this plot so special.

Discussions with Ergos about attunement to the phocus with Paeoneis. Seriously the fact that Paeonis was there period! :D You’ve been missed man, glad you’re back! :D

I know I’ve forgotten some stuff, but this list literally just broke three pages. LOL! Can’t wait for WitL. Will be there for the weekend and cannot wait to see you all! <3

Thalia Stonebar Burdorn
Vassal of Kaladonia
Warden of the Phocus
Manager, Dragon's Claw Inn;

OOG: Abby Leib
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12 May 2016 14:33 - 12 May 2016 14:36 #38 by Thalia Burdorn (abbyl)
Replied by Thalia Burdorn (abbyl) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Oh right. Because I Forgot:

Thalia: Argyle, there's something red in your hair...
Argyle: *nonchallantly* Oh that's just blood.
Thalia: >.<

Thalia Stonebar Burdorn
Vassal of Kaladonia
Warden of the Phocus
Manager, Dragon's Claw Inn;

OOG: Abby Leib
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18 May 2016 19:30 #39 by Amilia Tolunda (AmyTenchi)
Replied by Amilia Tolunda (AmyTenchi) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
Sadly, there were a lot of OOG issues going on, so I had to leave Saturday morning, and since I did LM from lay on till 2am, there wasn't much game time for me. But the game time that wasn't stressful was great!

Campfire at 2am that was infested with fire elementals. 10/10, would light a fire again to bring back more creatures. It lead me to learn that I can scream loud enough to attract attention from both Pendarvin and the Inn while standing at the Adventurer's Guild.

Also all the thumbs up for the awesome players who did the right thing and paused the game to find a pair of missing glasses (they flew off into the night during combat). They were found unharmed and completely intact thanks to quick thinking.

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18 May 2016 20:21 #40 by geezer (geezer)
Replied by geezer (geezer) on topic May 2016 Highlights !!!
I have limited time on line this week, so I will give my favorite highlight now and hopefully will be able to post others in a couple of days/

I was asked to fight at main mod in conjunction with (among others) Steve's Karkat, Tori's Tersai, Tim, Christine, Gannon's Ib, and Renee's Swyft, among others. In essence, I was going into battle for Travance in the company of the New Team Evil (hey, Renee, you know its funny) :cool:

After, over cake, Steve opined that it was good to work with me, that I fought well. Hmm - more recognition from Team Evil than the rest of the barony.

Will have to post something about the shenanigans with Grier, her brother, and the marriage of Aster and Marcus (I keep thinking of "The Marriage of Figuro).

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