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26 Jun 2016 22:18 - 27 Jun 2016 05:56 #1 by Calven Tanwyn (Jyamp2)
Event Highlights June 2016 was created by Calven Tanwyn (Jyamp2)
- ran a mod that included a dead body (garbed up 70 pound grappling dummy) fun seeing their faces

"You're looking a little spooky this morning"
Hahahah favorite part of my weekend you know who you are.

Ostcliff totally killed it at main mod. potatoes the construct in about 40 seconds, proceeds to wait for everyone else to finish. Thought I picked the wrong land after the food in Kaladonia. I was wrong. Team tater for life

Giving Miranda paladin heart wine while she was sitting next to Fiona was probably the the biggest gamble I've taken as a pc, figured she'd love it or kill me. No in between. Apparently it paid off.

Standing next to josh Labar waiting to go down the hill during main mod and coming to the sad realization that Damien Is calvens best friend, and the laugh we both had over it.

Forest and Sarah (Lilith)you guys are the best

Josh L, I truly enjoy every interaction that I have with you, be it IG or OOG. As long as we're both at an event, you will forever be in my highlights.

Tanwyn, Calven

OOG: Jared Yampolsky
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26 Jun 2016 22:41 #2 by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt)
Replied by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Greatest Larp high I've ever had. Deeply, one of the best events of I can recall. The staff has been through an awfully lot lately, trying new things, seeing what works, and stepping up some of thinks we face. This event, I feel was the fruit of their labors, thusly, some of the sweetest! So much work went into this event, from some so many of the community, it was all worth it to me. Some of my highlights are as follows;

Speaking with the Baron, always on point, clear, meaningful role play I hope to aspire to. I was nervous, scenes like are not easy to plan for, and off the cuff. Thanks for ques, and followed as best I could.

O. Nesterin, great work. I love role playing with you, when we actually can. Emotional stuff, I always want more than want we get.

Magnus, and all the funky stuff he pulls. Matt I can't thank you enough.
Watching Higgins fight, hearing about, and not joining in on the fun. Hey, always next time right? It's an honor to have you back.

Meeting with the former Baron, that man lives up to the hype.

Haroldson blowing my mind, that wasn't what I thought it was.

FEAST! Great job. I loved it.

Rook, and the rabbit holes we fall into. Role Playing with you, IS an adventure. I can't wait to see what happens next, or maybe we should?

No Witch Hunting! I seriously needed the break, oog. I was told, and I listened finally. It was refreshing, next challenge is to see if I can sleep before dawn. Thank you to everyone who helped with that. It was great for my character development and was 100% Organic. (SARA YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!)

Steve and Tori, if I can even help you two I will! Easiest Contract Ever! I really can't say enough positive things about running about with you. I had the time of my life this weekend.

Seeing a man that changed my life, I'll never forget that. Nuff Said.

Brother Damien, Lawful Evil Softy

Peaches, your one of the best scouts who ever scouted. Good Work.

Jackdaw and Co, I love you people. I needed a laugh. I lost that bet y'all, thank you.

The hunt for Mistress Jade, and people say I'm hard to find.

Great times in the Blackbird.

Singing in the Inn Saturday morning! Thank you everyone who clapped. I haven't preformed in front of people since my brother passed away. It gave me the confidence to finish the song for the RP. You all rock!

Blood Spirits doing alot! You all are great, I'm proud of each and every one of you!!! You all do so much for us, and others! I hope we can keep up the pace.

Meeting the Bentons. Great times. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Miranda and all that was. I'm proud to have been welcomed to role play with you all. It was some of the best ones of my time with you all at KR. The small pub crawl, everything else that happened. I don't even know how long we were all out there.

Sara, you've become a great friend and truly inspiring role player. I hope can continue to do this with our friends and family for years to come. You killed it out there this event, not just as the Queen of Freaking Darkness.

I'll end this with my FIRST time EVER quote of the event this year: "OF COURSE MIRANDA SMOKES!" - Squire Annora

Ven, Caldor, Karkat, Cy, and Magnus. Thanks for having my back, it meant more than you know. Argyle would have been done if not for each and every one of you.

There so many details of this event I can't delve into here, remember, or put to words with ease; which is sort of sad and amazing. We made life long memories this weekend folks. I am enlightened for it.

Tanwyns, being...Well, the Tanwyns

Connor, you know what's up.

No Brainer here, but Sara your my NPC of the Event!

I hope see you all on the next, epic adventure in July. Until then, PLEASE DO EVENT RECAPS!

Del Dragon, Argyle
(OOC: Forest Dougan)
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26 Jun 2016 23:19 #3 by Dunn Ironwill (JackDimms)
Replied by Dunn Ironwill (JackDimms) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Another event come and gone. It was wonderful to see everyone again, really wonderful without the beard. Gave me time to really focus on character stuff.

First things first! I was a Boss for main mod!! It was my first time and I was pretty nervous, kinda wish I picked up a second weapon, but meh it's all good. Thank you guys for having fun!!

Swimming in the lake was awesome! Things are always hilarious down at the lake.

Talking to different people about different things, getting to really explore Dunn's motivation was very nice, feeling like I'm finally getting some more direction with him.

The Miranda reveal was frickin' swwwwwwweeeeetttt!!! The conversation afterwards in the Inn also awesome. Edmund trying to quietly smith was hilarious.


Til next time. Peace.

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26 Jun 2016 23:44 - 26 Jun 2016 23:48 #4 by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle)
Replied by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Okay, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING IRL OBSTACLE CHALLENGES FOR MAIN MOD. my absolute favorite experience in main mod ever. I absolutely adored that the tag skills didn't let you get through the challenge, they only supplemented you if you messed up IRL. 15/10, would do again. Please do again.

THANK YOU to all of the storytellers, marshals and staff for this FANTASTIC event.

Okay, now that that is said. This was a super super weird weekend for Rook. Absolutely NOT how I expected to be spending this event. At all.

After two small issues of not being able to go on mods I wanted to do, ending up on a totally not expected mod was just..... Weird. Rook is still super confused about what that was about, why she was there, and more importantly.... Why her brain didn't let her leave when they offered her an out. But she's also super super curious about where this is going to take her. But 100% fantastic RP, super cool to see another side of Travance that I never have before. Thank you Argyle for dragging my sorry ass in there. Both love you and hate you right now. Also, Steve- I'm so sorry I keep accidentally your character. I swear I'm not trying to.

Team Soul Gauntlet- it was fantastic being able to work with you. You're all amazing people and rpers. My feet are numb after running that course over and over and over, but it was absolutely worth it.

Amazing RP with Lorelai. My top RP of the game. All which started because rook was standing in the wrong (or maybe right) place at the right time to hear Lorelai ask jackdaw if he's ever killed a child or watched a child die. Rook went to a super weird place and somehow ended up bonding slightly with Lorelai over it. Congrats, onca, you now know more of rook's backstory ig than 99.5% of Travance, and you got her to agree to do something I Oog had sworn to myself Rook wouldn't do. Probably the most emotionally raw RP I've had to do yet. Rook's mannerisms slowly regressing to be slightly more childlike as she had to remember things she tried to block out, sitting there just picking blades of grass and staring at them hollowly as she talked and listened. I'm so looking forward to future RP.

Puppet count!! The Count meeting Puppet Count. So amazing. I was dying laughing. "Make sure you use the guilty side more. Cut off people's heads!"

Winged victory as usual, I love you guys. Thank you all for making feast service run, especially once I had to leave to go NPC.

Sisters reunion is what I've been looking forward to the most in the last few months, and I was not disappointed. Absolutely amazing RP with Sara, in case anyone was wondering that was 100% improvised. And so perfect. Sara you are absolutely phenomenal as Miranda, every mannerism and action and word was just 200% on point.

Walking over to the obelisk and taking Miranda's hand and after everything happened, having her just squeeze it in the most sister like way. It was beautiful.

All the people who asked us questions, thank you!

"You do not disrespect my sister that way, I'm the biggest bitch at this table. Now leave". Phenomenal.

Talking with the Paladins. Answering their questions and trying to assuage their worries about what happens next.

Breaking Annora!!! Karen, you're so freaking cute. It made me smile today every time you walked by me wearing that flower. XD

My evening was literally main mod, leave main mod halfway through to change, fiona for 3 hours, then RUNNING back to change to get to a mod at 3am as Rook. Learned my freaking lesson- no more Damian mods without a lantern because this is the second freaking time we've fumbled around in the dark looking for something, which caused the mod to run for a few extra hours, and none of us got to bed before 6am. So exhausted.

More later because my brain is broken, but seriously. Fantastic weekend. Now, to sleep.

OOG: Rachael L
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27 Jun 2016 00:17 - 27 Jun 2016 00:17 #5 by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle)
Replied by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Oh also, sleeping for only two hours from Friday to Saturday and having a completely in character dream about Lord Gideon loudly and angrilly scolding rook about dark Paladins. It was completely relevant to the events of the weekend and im 100% considering that an In Game dream.

OOG: Rachael L
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27 Jun 2016 00:29 #6 by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings)
Replied by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
There were a lot of rad highlights this event.

Grim and Caldor being super annoying to Miranda, and being unable to say much beyond "You're tall!" like a bunch of sad high school children with the dokis. Answering at the same time with the same mischievous child smiles as poor Trisana was lecturing us. Proof the heargen boys are A: brothers and B: really 12 year olds.

Seeing Mordra smile during battle during main mod. Grim remarked on it since she's almost as scowly as him normally.

Feast was excellent, and Luis did a great job under difficult circumstances given the situation of the ovens.

The Null Prison ritual was excellent. I tried to play up grim's absolute contempt for magic, everyone was rad and it was great to see newer players playing big roles. Top notch stuff, guys, and thanks so much to Joe Hines and James for really working with us on that.

NPCing as usual was a joy first shift, running around as miranda cultists and just going all fighty fights on Alisandria and elsewhere. Rather sorry to see that Brunner died after I dropped him, but he thanked me for it later so I guess it added a lot to his character story.

Tim Ponjican is an excellent Mod Boss, and did the cult of Miranda leader super well. He got incredible emotional reactions from grim after he murderd the half-redeemed vanguard. It was some wonderful heel heat, and I had a great time with that series of encounters. Karen did a great job too as his crazed protector, who we almost saved. The added tragedy of her fate made that last battle in the mod very satisfying, but also very bitter. Grim running to tobias afterwards was a crushing moment for them both.

Kestrel, Aiki, Wander, and Magnus' gang of retainers have changed Grim's emotional and story arc, and given him something he can concentrate his sometimes burdened mind on.

Miranda was amazing. Karkat and Cyfihi were super cool too. I loved fighting the golems in a certain order of timing, it was very much like fighting the Robot Masters ;)

Grim was suprirsed by some kind comments from Duncan and Birgitta and was generally pretty busy the whole event and didn't have much time to brood.

We need to give the fireflies a pay increase and Rp points for lighting up the magic city like that.

Grim realizing who his best friend was, after an emotional moment at the end of the Miranda cult battle. And Grim telling that friend later, after the long Lord of Tears ritual, as he comforted him on a battle won, but a war that continued.

Justis was a bang up good red Golem fightman, I was so worried when he went down with a medical, I'm glad he seemed okay.

Matt was a champ limping around and riding his chariot as he ran various scenes and mods. Sending the new guards out to arrest Magnus was deeply amusing.

Grim getting questioned about him gripping his sword by the edge, and answering it. I love that.

Being told some truths about the guard by Allyce. Grim getting her name wrong again. An amusing moment of "We took all the Miranda cultists alive!" Grim: "Um, no we didn't." *he had hit his with a Slay*

A Broment with Bob as they fist bumped before going into the magical city.

Seeing Imrahil again. Had a nice fun little RP moment with Faust.

NPCING a special little mod sunday morning for my friends, got to make someone'se day unexpectedly with an on the spot nod from a Storyteller and the marshal running the scene. Good times were had by all, including my NPC ;).

For a given value of good, I suppose.

Was nice to see the Elves and Orcs back again, Grim loved playing that dice game. I heard a Waaaaaugh at one point and was very happy. Don't think I didn't notice ;)

Grim and Seamus having a very civil disagreement about a matter of souls. Grim and Therion also having some disagreements. Talking with August about similar things during her meditation. Teaching Therion some fun stuff and things.

Teaching arradir during main mod. Protecting Kestrel, then being reminded that once again, Grim is -not- worthy or special (In his mind). It was a fun moment, and Grim's conclusions afterwards were surprisingly positive.

Lots of other great moments I'll remember later.

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27 Jun 2016 01:32 - 28 Jun 2016 01:17 #7 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
One of my favorite things is a short scene that encapsulates who your character is at their core and that happened to Nalick on Saturday night. When the setup for Tobias' ritual was mostly done, there was a scream from halfway across the Camp and I took off running. Like, I've never run so fast before. Then to hear more screams, growing louder. It actually felt scary.

Thankfully I bumped into Ludwig and Edmund on the way, but regardless, coming up on not one but three bodies lying on the ground and not knowing at first whether they were still breathing... that's something. My lungs hated me on the long walk back to Kaladonia, though, but I'd do it all over again.

Friday night, there was."Tom-foolery" in the Dragon's Claw. Chet was in the midst of silly conversation with a small group of newcomers when talk turned to drinks--only there wasn't a bartender!

So Chet hops(!) behind the bar to be a heroic commoner for a little while. It's a thrill playing him, because sometimes I'm not sure what's going to fall out of his mouth (mostly words but also food at times).

Thalia: "I am such a bitch!"
Clytie: "Hi, I'm Clytie."

When Magnus, Bob, and Oren agree on something...

The Hobo Guild demonstrating the power of chanting something passionately in a large group.

My bored yet musically-inclined friends at our feast table.

The look on Steve Oros' face on Friday when he walked over with a white headband and asked to see my card.

The dirty spoon that the Baron handed to Chet wordlessly while Chet was behind the bar.

Kestrel's baptism! Yay!

Gust making and handing out dozens upon dozens of sandwiches on behalf of the Church. That's some tasty RP!

Caldor's ritual. It was neat to hear all of the philosophical views from everyone and I'm happy at how much work got put into it.

Tobias' detailed description of the machinery before the ritual, even if it went way over Nalick's head at times.

Lying in the grass with Lois and stargazing at the last remaining star while we chat about things. It was relaxing and a lot of fun.

In general, feeling like I'm making big steps in thinking on my feet and not having to stammer while coming up with things to say. It's a good feeling.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
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27 Jun 2016 08:15 #8 by Ketryn Shiverthorn (Ketryn)
Replied by Ketryn Shiverthorn (Ketryn) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
I have too much to even begin to go into but to briefly touch on a few things:

-Baronial Guard team is best team and continues to fulfill my expectations of being in Hot Fuzz for both good and bad

-Thanks once again to the players, STs and marshals who are willing to humor The Shenanigans and then adjust things on the fly to build on them or send things sideways in ways completely unexpected. When the answer to "can we do this thoroughly stupid and ridiculous thing?" is "yes" I can't even describe the feeling

-a "thank you" to everyone who participated in The Shenanigans

-special callout to the Tobias player. Man, you brought your A-Game

Out of Context, for your enjoyment:
"If I had to put a ballpark figure on it I'd say we deal with roughly 5 cults a month."
"Seems about right but maybe a little low."

"You can't just surprise someone with cosmetic surgery."

"Are you really arresting me for murdering a rat?
Yes. Yes we are. It was a talky rat."

"Don't do the dismemberment IN the inn. People eat in there. Have some manners. At least go to an outside table."

"I'm proud to say that we all performed expertly as a unit in perfect unison. Except for....Seriously?! Is Nalick all the way over there again?!?!"

"Quick! Someone disarm her!"
"No! I meant take her weapons, not her arms! Oh well..."

Huntress Ketryn Shiverthorn
Private of the Baronial Guard

OOG- Kat B.
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27 Jun 2016 09:24 #9 by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
Replied by Caldor Eirson (Caldor) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Hoo Boy, this might take a while.

Lets start with the negative. I had to leave at 4 am, and missed Sunday entirely.
That's the entirety of my negative.

On to the good:

I’ll just start off with the big one. Thank you everyone who was involved in the Null Trap prison ritual. It took a lot of planning, and design. Many months of research and planning. Thanks to Emily for helping me set it up. I would love to list everyone who came out and helped but it was so many of you it was awesome. I will call out those who spoke as part of the ritual: Gene, Bill H., Adam, Jeff B., John T., Onca, Charlie, Lauren, Aaron and Justin (though you only spoke the truth), and of course Cassie, Jason F., Tom and Abby. A special nod to Stacey and Matt who have put so much into this, but sadly couldn’t be there. Everyone else who spoke, supported, burned things or even defended us from the undead hoards, I thank you. I had so much stress about whether it would happen or how it would go, or whether it would be fun for people, and each and every one of you blew my expectations out of the water. Absolutely one of my favorite moments in all of my time at KR.

Strange highlight? Burning the Andorran Scrolls/Shard of Mercy in the bowl designated for an Andorran or Pacifist, and the item cards/scroll papers burned themselves into the shape of a rose. It was so cool. I think someone got a picture.

In a strange way, I’d also like to thank those who came to Caldor with their objections and concerns. I must have spent about ¼ of my event going over it and explaining and discussing. Even if you couldn’t tell, each and every one of you, and your words, have an impact on Caldor, and how he has proceeded with the ritual, and how he will proceed going forward. Its very awkward to have Arabeth and Marik (I know I spell it wrong) devoutly agreeing on something being bad… especially when you are on the receiving end of it. So great to RP with you guys. Liz – Mae is a powerful personality, and it was so much fun playing with you on these matters as well.

Thank you also to Joe for all the pre-event work, and James for running it for us.

I can’t wait until July to put this all into practice.

Ok. Back to everything else. In no particular order.

Food. Food was good.
Diane – that potato soup has to be my favorite thing you’ve made on a Friday night. It was really, really good.

Luis – I know there were some speedbumps, but man, you put out a tasty feast.

Felix – yum. Thanks.

Nutmeg – I wish I had more money for coffee crisps.

Charlie – thank you for a perfect sammich.

Back to feast: Tip of the hat to our service crew. Thank you for once again pulling this off and for all you guys do for us.

To my Clean up crew: You guys were really spot on this month. I don’t remember everyone’s names, but you were an efficient machine. I really, really thank you for your dedication, hard work, and efficiency. Please feel free to come back for post-feast clean up any time.

Main Mod:
While the advance was a bit slow for those of us not in a group, the pay off at each point, and final battle and reveal were all well worth it. I have never felt so effective and useful at a main mod as I did this time. I got to use Revealing Lights, arch caster abilities I don’t rely on normally, my Spell cages, ignore magics and shields of nature to excessive levels. The land/household based fighting style was a lot of fun, as was the ‘do it in order’ element. I got to bump around a bunch to support other teams with spell cage, since mine went first, and it really looked like every group was doing amazing and having fun. Special tip of the hat, of course, to Team Potato.

To the Baron – I can’t tell you how much your simple statement of thanks meant to Caldor. It refueled his passion, and warmed his heart. I was legitimately stunned for a moment, and then had to get back to Caldor’s more huble mindset before continuing.

To the Count – so glad I’m never, ever, ever going one on one in a fight with you. That fight with Barak was AMAZING to watch. I didn’t even hear the skill calls, but you two were so much fun to watch fight from a purely stage combat perspective.

Midnight mass had a lower attendance than I’ve had in a long time… but the attendees were all lower seasoned, and I think it went well. I was also very happy to be able to use the sanctuary of the altar space to protect some stonebars who had been attacked by cultists.

Main Mass – Awesome. Ambush mass is the best. Sean you did fantastic. Dave – I think your sermon was wonderful, and timely. I absolute love doing Ordinations with everyone, btw, and I’m so happy to have Matt’s new character in the fold.

Bar Mass – Kitchen kept me from it, but I’ve heard it was wonderful. Seemed pretty packed too.

Gust… you were awesome for handing out sammiches as charity for the church. Truly a nice religious RP that added a world of flavor (pun and not pun) to the game.

Huh, I still have sooo much more. I’m gonna type this in word and then cut and past it here so I don’t break my head if I loose it.

Ancient Dryad – HOLY COOL THAT THING LOOKED AWESOME. Thank you Namit and the Blood Spirits for sending for me when you found him. I would have been kicking myself for months if my Dryad loving flora elder missed this. The challenges of speaking with him, the RP of his portrayal and the message he was delivering were all fantastic. Things got even better when Nesterin, Tris, Kyras and… (can’t remember Liz’s Dryad name) showed up with the others, and we all started talking. I forsee great RP and story for a long time based on this mod. I hope we will get to see the NPC again. My only regret is that he refused RP points when we tried to hand them, because he had nowhere to put them.

I’m a bit sad I missed Eodra piece mod in the swamps, but I was soo busy. Glad it was found. Look forward to the rituals and finding more.

Light/Dark negotiations. I didn’t sit in on them, but I had some wonderful RP based on it. I talked to both Aldric and Cyfihi about them on the side, and was very happy that while their words were different, their summation of the negotiations were the same. I look forward to the RP this opens up for all of us going forward as well.

Miranda – Sara you were brilliant. Everything about your portrayal was great, from your appearance, to your physicality to the method of speaking to the words you chose. Caldor was going to stay away, but then you were standing there by the door with only Karkat and Cyfihi, who were more body guards than companions… I think my favorite spoken moment of this event had to be:
“Hi, I’m Caldor. Welcome to Travance”
“Why are you nice?”

This continued to devolve more into a fun and interesting RP, especially once Grim came along.

Jen C- you are awesome as Tris as always. If the Dryad scenes weren’t enough to tell me how great you are, your moments with Grim and Caldor after they were school boy-ing it up with Miranda were great. Always so awesome to have you there and get to play with you.

I’m this far in, and I still haven’t gotten to Lord of Tears mod, so here we go.

Lord of Tears mod was a thing of beauty. Firstly, Jason F – your props and physical set up put me to shame. The glow sticks, revolving lights, copper wires, etc etc. etc. All amazing. I wish it hadn’t been at the same time as Kyle was busy with Fiona and Miranda, as I would have loved some professional shots of it.
The ritual was amazing. So well thought out. Excellent RP by all involved, especially Michaela and the others who were affected by the nightmares/fears.
Matt/Kate/Ben – great job with the marshaling. Ben – you play that bastard so well.

Another highlight was the nightmare I was given – Grim, riddled with arrows over Aella’s dead body. I used a Mass Courage (even though no skill was called against me), and turned that vision it strength for the ritual…. But I had more fun with it after the fact, when our closest IG friends and family all came to the same realization. “The vision was clearly bullshit – Cookie Tree wouldn’t lose”. Even Grim said it, which was hilarious.

Thanks for post mod cake. I should have had post mod snacks.

I’m sure I’m forgetting things. I will probably have to type up more later, because everything was so good.

Caldor Eirson,

Gothi and High Priest of Gaia
Wedding Planner, Match Maker,
Spiritual Advisor To Kaladonia

OOG: Jason M.
Deputy Kitchen Marshal
Land System Marshal

Q: How many people does it take to teach a barbarian how to read?
A: 1 knight, 3 squires, and 1 master of the mages guild.
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27 Jun 2016 09:54 #10 by Nadia (ChristineR)
Replied by Nadia (ChristineR) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
My highlight?
Entertaining as many people as possible by helping Tim wrap up that plot line!
Hope you all had fun!

Can't wait until next event :)

OOG:Christine R.
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27 Jun 2016 10:42 #11 by Faila (Faila)
Replied by Faila (Faila) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Working with Burk, Edmund and Rudy to smith the box for the dragon eggs out of Wychwood. Everyone's PCs approached it exactly as one would expect for their character. Edmund is screaming at the wood and Rudy and his assistant sound like true barbarians as they wrestle with it (some great and hilarious physical RP). Faila with Quinarian cleverness hit her Wychwood with a stunning blow which kept it calm - don't those male smiths know that yelling at things only tend to aggravate them more.

IG: Faila Stormshard Steelson
Owner of Steelson Smithing and Culpepper Drumworks
"May your heart be brave, your mind fierce, and your spirit strong."

Alt: "Gigi"
Dealer in rare books and librarian

OOG: Crystal G.
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27 Jun 2016 11:08 - 27 Jun 2016 13:43 #12 by Arken (Arken)
Replied by Arken (Arken) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Enaxian mass. Discipline! What fantastic words! Kept me pumped the whole day!

Caldor spontaneously producing ice wine for our gambling group and mentoring us both in and out of game. You're a big help even in the parking lot at 4am! Thanks Jason.

Orcish gambling games being a big hit!

Skazbag learning how to put the parts back in WITHOUT killing someone. Phew!

While unarmed getting a cultist to back down with only my eyes and voice. Yeah thats right pesky cultist! Go find someone else to ambush. :P

Trio of NPC goblin traders said so many hilarious things I can't even recount them all.
Goblins being enamored with Orcish Emergency rations AKA the biggest flask anyone has ever seen and actually trading some great stuff for it!
The trade savvy satyr trading pets on her leg fur for sips from said flask. I could not stay in character at all I was giggling so hard. WELL DONE!

On Main Mod

"Red team is best team." "Shhhhh you'll make the other colors jealous."

"This place is very magicy." "How magicy?" "Do you think it'll make my feet stop hurting." "It's not that magicy..." "...Oh"

"Did they just Waaah?" "Yeah." <Quietly whispered>"Awesome."

Out of game everyone being super helpful when our stuff went missing. Quickly getting us the right information and letting us know who to talk to. Sam, Josh, Jared, and others! And of course James organizing all the other marshals who's names I don't know to help us out. Thanks again! Hopefully it all turns up.

Getting ambushed by a horde of undead and somehow waking up in another camp getting saved by Mordra! Thanks!

Nick G
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27 Jun 2016 12:49 #13 by Selphatos (Selphatos)
Replied by Selphatos (Selphatos) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Gilgok thanks Arken, friend of fellow green skins with big shining boom juice bottle, for his kind words.
Gilgok also request Arken stop spreading such foul rumors about Gilgok and his companions, as we are not nice, hilarious, or savvy- I don't even like potatoes...

-But seriously, thanks for the kind words and thanks to everyone. I was Selphatos the Barbarian Ronin, along with Gaius Gravelsmither the Dwarf Smith, and Dustiria, the Human Alchemist. All three of us had a resoundingly fun time and are eager to go again whenever funding allows.

Special thanks to the marshals for being so understanding and outgoing to help all of us newbies this weekend!

Rob Davis
Builder for Grumpy Dwarf Forge
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27 Jun 2016 13:13 - 27 Jun 2016 13:14 #14 by Jack Webb (MichaelCantor)
Replied by Jack Webb (MichaelCantor) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Oh man, using all of my escape skills to somehow not die when a group of shadowy figures surrounded me and my friend Alene and put a sword through my back. Staggering into the inn and rousing a huge search party to go to Perndarvin to help find her only to run into her own (smaller) search party looking for me!

Finally completing a very important mission from Allesandria and delivering Ludwig his frog!

Rescuing a traumatized halfling from a troll sack and learning a harsh lesson about eating reward cheese before checking it for disease.

Enjoying the shenanigans of the mock-trials as a member of the jury.

Watching my friend Tobias enact a very glowy and sciency ritual and being alternately horrified and then relieved as it was completed.

Continuing to meet awesome people and slowly slowly starting to remember some names (apologies to those of you who I have to keep re-introducing myself to; I'll get your names right someday)!

OOG: Michael C.
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27 Jun 2016 14:23 - 27 Jun 2016 21:59 #15 by Brunner Von Ritter (Martin Bridge)
Replied by Brunner Von Ritter (Martin Bridge) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Friday- the counts introduction and secret witch hunting stuff, seeing a whole bunch of physreps drop. Then hearing about hostages in pendarvin and running down, then getting ganked and almost passing up near kaladonia, then dying in Alexandria and having Aldrich pass me thru the phocus. Still annoyed that I didn't get the full experience. going to bed after seeing the dawn.

Saturday - breakfast was delicious, and then went on npc shift, first as a bunch of undead and made three new players flee for their lives. Then the bodies mod, rped as a mutilated body and had a bunch of players cringing, then changed to cultists to get caught and arrested.

Came off npc shift to mortal hunter new player mod, and then high level witch hunter true warlock fun. Feast and so on was fun, main mod was excellent, and Sara, you shone as Miranda. The confrontation between the count and Barak was terrifying, as was the Rp that came out of it.

Sunday, got a discount bottle from the blackbird, and a very evil thing which I disposed of. Then, getting attacked, paralysed and abducted. Sorry for those who didn't witness it. Tried to make my exit as cinematic as possible

Also, retroactively getting a hunter name. Very moving moment for Brunner, and something I will treasure.

Onca - I love interacting with you, and your experiences are very poignant to Brunner. I'm Going to miss rping with you, and if you do pass when I'm gone, I would try to see your shade.
Marcus - woooow, I hop you become a better hunter, and learn well. You are an excellent brother and I will miss you.
Peaches - loved the Rp after the true warlock.
Everyone- thank you veeeeery much for the game. I love you all, and I am going to miss you for the time I am gone.
Forest - you are the best, literally one of the reasons I love coming to kr, your Rp, your methods and your hilarity both in and out of game.
James - thank you so much for helping me out with Brunner, and having such an open end to him. We've got a lot to do when I come back.

Though the light of day may be a long way off, our wills endure beyond the end.

OOC Name - Martin Bridge
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27 Jun 2016 14:23 #16 by Corson Vrill (Corson)
Replied by Corson Vrill (Corson) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
To start this was the first LARP event I have ever attended. I had no idea what to expect as I drove to rural NJ Friday afternoon. I love fantasy, I love costumes and practical effects so. . . why the hell not right? All I can say is i am literally amazed by how amazed I am by the weekend I just had. My spirit, no jest, feels lifted.

My first compliment goes to all the people I met who run this game, sadly Matt and James are the only names I can recall. I do not know how all of you pull off managing a camp containing 150+ players, conduct a story, weave yourselves into the game, yet still care about my friends missing staff, but I am very thankful.

Obviously Friday night involved a lot of rushing about between finding, and setting up my camp, rallying my friends, who all arrived different times, and attempting to arrive at new player training in a timely fashion.

In game my comrades and I had a rough start. Our low level did not deter our desire to see the campsite so we decided to explore. This was despite the fact that it was dark out, and against this better advice of the guards we passed. At first all we passed were fellow travelers. This provided me with a false sense of security. I learned this the hard way when I said 'hello' to an approaching group that did not respond. "Inferno! 200+ damage" Next thing I know is I am being carried off, and in the end was tortured, altered, and left out in the road with a brand on my shoulder.

I loved every second of it.

Having more clarity Saturday went a bit more swimmingly. The mods I encountered were well above my expectations. One that sticks out specifically was when I joined up with a pack that was off to slay something called a "mortal hunter". The line was led by a limping man who asked for my help in getting revenge against the being who injured him. "High risk, yet high reward" He said. The battle itself was fantastic. I absolutely loved the strategy involved. Setting the healers aside, the shield wall, it was all very exciting. I cannot compliment the npcs enough. The demon's grin was sinister, the skeletons attacked without fear; good show guys. I was especially impressed with the sword abilities of the mortal hunter himself. I must say you were a real boss battle. We succeeded and I received some gold for my contribution, this delighted me being my coin pouch had been raided earlier.

The main mod was very exciting, being new and unfamiliar with the lore added a "fear of the unknown" element that amplified it all. Who, or what is Miranda? Why is everyone so afraid? So divided? These were my questions as I marched alongside my comrades in the dark. The heavily armored soldier ahead of me panicked at everyone sound; while the elven women to my side offered me a sip of her water. All of it amplified my feelings of tension and comradery. I loved how all of the built tension led to a somewhat ironic outcome in that Miranda only wanted to speak to her sister. It all exceeded any of my expectations by miles.

After the main mod I joined my friends in the inn before we decided to head back to our camp. I had one foot in the tent when I heard someone running, and a women screaming "Vampire!". I turned to my best friend (brother in game) and despite our lack of sleep and extreme fatigue we set out into the night to join the hunt. Who could resist that 2 am on a foggy night?

I'm going to stop, I could write pages about the fun I had this weekend. I truly appreciate what all of you have come together to create, and cannot wait until the next event I can attend.

(Salvatore G.) "It's the beauty, not the ugly, that hurts the most."
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27 Jun 2016 14:59 - 27 Jun 2016 15:13 #17 by Thalia Burdorn (abbyl)
Replied by Thalia Burdorn (abbyl) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Another month and there are so many highlights!

Friday night being called upon as part of the research teams was a lot of fun. I never really had the chance to RP with Raxas before and I am SO GLAD that I did. Seriously man, that was a lot of fun! Spending time with Ben, Geoff, Chris L. and the others formulating questions and working out next steps was fantastic. Drew, thank you for running! Between that and the tomb where we figured out the order of things, this was great!

Kitchen shift and falling asleep in the inn after making the determination that if I went back to Winterdark I’d never get up in time for Caldor’s ritual. I had various PCs check in with Thalia both when she was asleep in the kitchen and when she was asleep in a chair in the dining room to make sure she was okay. It was appreciated.

Gus and the NPC Mortal Hunters, thank you for letting me sleep an extra hour before attempting to kill me. I needed the sleep! And really, what’s another hour if you’re the only one in the inn anyway, right?

Early morning (7am) Seneschal’s Office meetings, and actually getting a LOT of stuff done. Lois and her 43 item to-do list and the peanut gallery who commented the entire time. You know who you are!

CALDOR’S RITUAL! Over the last few months, the Jasons Marin and Feldman have but an enormous amount of time and energy into this plot. This was phase 2 and wound up involving upwards of 20 people! I know that this plan is very controversial in game, but from an OOG perspective, this mod was one of the best I’ve been on in recent months. Everyone gathered to teach the Warden Stone what power, knowledge, life, death, etc really were so it would be able to use this knowledge to imprison the nulls. Thank you to everyone who participated! Jason, Feldman, Cassie, Tom, Stacey, can’t wait for phase 3!

The Tomb of Glastamore. Elric may have a new role model. We had a great group with us including Voo who is a FANTASTIC artist. (Thankfully my book was found by Chase which means I’ll be able to scan that sketch in to share with the site later!) Figuring out the order we needed to take down the sigils in. Being the scholarly-est of scholars.

I got sick halfway through Saturday and was so out of it when I woke up from my nap I didn’t know where I was. Because of this, I didn’t do feast coordination and I want to give a HUGE thank you to Rachell/Rook for taking over in my absence. I cannot tell you what a comfort it is to know that if something happens you are there to help and take over if necessary. So thank you! Another HUGE thank you to the Jackdaw crew and all the servers. If any of you didn’t get paid for your work, please come see me in July!

Thalia’s day off! Or as Jackdaw put it: “We’re not going to listen to you, so you might as well not even try.” Honestly, she didn’t know what to do with herself, she’s so not used to not working on Feast. However, the Warlord made it special, asking her to sit at the head table with the nobles for Feast. Which was weird but very much appreciated. Because for once, she actually got to take part instead of working. Everyone needs a day off every now and again.

Helping coordinate the Sigil Room. Didn’t raise a sword intentionally, but did what she had to to make sure that we weren’t trapped in there… which unfortunately meant helping free Miranda. (Sara I hear you did a phenomenal job, sorry I couldn’t be there but I had to set up another mod!) All the NPCs were fantastic! Got there a bit early with permission for medical reasons and it honestly looked like "Main Mod the Rave"

Talking with Anora and Gust on the way back. Wait did I say talking? I meant arguing. Didn’t really get to finish it because Thalia kinda had a mini-crash bc the town has been so divided lately. Karen, you’ll be getting a missive in the next few days.

Talking with Marika right after the meltdown. I always adore talking with her. Sam, you are a pleasure to RP against!

And of course splitting off and missing Miranda (Sad that I missed it OOG) to set up… TOBIAS’ RITUAL! Second ritual of the event for me and the one that me and Feldman and Alicia spent upwards of 10 hours working on props for! And it looked really good! Thanks to Ben and Matt and Katie for marshaling. Thalia proves once again that without her emotions she’s a bitch. Rudy, Swift, Kyras and Tobias get brought down to Serious and can’t be healed until they get to crit.

Thalia: Just slit their throats. It’ll make it go faster.

Cue horror and “NO”s from everyone gathered. I think I heard someone say “Well the empath just told us to slit their throats… so….” Walking around with Caldor and literally backtalking the Lord of Tears! Feldman, you are to be commended, every bit of that was brilliant.

Shoutout to Ben for the Lord of Tears making the heads of the Nosferatu literally blow up like balloons and explode.

Sadly I had to leave early Sunday so I didn’t really have the chance to say bye to anyone. Cannot wait for next month!

Thalia Stonebar Burdorn
Vassal of Kaladonia
Warden of the Phocus
Manager, Dragon's Claw Inn;

OOG: Abby Leib
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27 Jun 2016 18:38 #18 by Ergos (arieslink)
Replied by Ergos (arieslink) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
This event, as per usual, was amazing. Thank you to everyone who made this event as wonderful as ever.

Friday night was interesting. Not all too much happened except for some fun roleplay, including the Blood Hexing of Chet by Haz so that he would make whale noises whenever he tried talking to a girl. It got even funnier when two other players went out of game to demonstrate what whale noises actually sounded like. (Don't hate me Jeff XD)

Saturday started off with delicious breakfast and an amazing ritual with Ergos. Seriously, one of the greatest RP moments ever for me. Idk how you guys did it, but thank you all so much for how great that was. I can't believe that I got to be a part of it, and it amazes me even more that I was picked to switch from Life to Pacifism last minute and still pulled it off. I apologize to everyone for my rambling and repeating myself and whatnot, I was much more prepared to talk about life than to talk about pacifism, but it was still a great experience for me and I was getting goosebumps at a couple points. Not to mention that the contents in the bowl behind me BURNED INTO THE SHAPE OF A ROSE! I can't even describe those feels.

It only gets better during the main new player mod, where I was sprinting around the outskirts of the fight healing everything I could. Tapping into my Storage Rite and being on my last 7 Healing Points was definitely nerve wracking but awesome.

Main Mod was worth the wait, and sticking by Aryia and disappointing the NPCs because we were in a Divine Sanctuary was humorous. It was a pretty great time being able to heal for Pendarvin.

Sunday was pretty great as well, it was slow but the RP was fun, including (but not limited to): Marcus putting on a socketed False Mustache and changing into a Nyad, Magnus and the Hobo's Guild, Intimidate lesson from Kanas, and talks with Jackdaw. Beach time after the event was super fun as well.

Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful event, I can't wait for July!

Ergos, Warden of the Phokus

[OOG: Adam Grimes]
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27 Jun 2016 20:25 #19 by William Defessa Silverfang (VonWolf)
Replied by William Defessa Silverfang (VonWolf) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Let me just start this off by saying thank you to everyone at KR. I have been dealing with alot of bad things in my life as of late, even if I dont appear that way when you see me. I thought that these things were going to ruin my mood entirely and downcast my spirits about heading towards this event, but you all helped me in some kind of way even if you hadn't realized it, so thank you so much~ Despite the rare troubles that may occur, I love you all so much and am proud to be a member of KR.

Anywhozzle, this event has by far been the most exhilarating one that I have ever attended! I know that I have only gone to about 4-5 events in total so that may not mean much but like holy cow!

Within this one event, I managed to fight off various monstrosities, learn things that helped build my personality both as a character for KR and as a person IRL, made plenty of new friends and experiences, and had managed to bring a friend so that they could enjoy all of this wonderfulness as well~

Last event, I had felt as though I had been a bad Witch Hunter and that I was going to let everyone down sooner or later, but this event had changed that for me. With the aid of other Travancians, both Witch Hunters and the others alike, I had managed to fight against a Mortal Hunter and a True Warlock along with their lackeys and managed to come out on top. These were feats that I feel as though had honestly built William's confidence.

I had also met people from various lands that would help out with Ostcliff and the other lands at the end of the mod when we had been sent into the portal to release Miranda from Myrinod. Best thing about Main Mod was that Ostcliff had simply potatoed our golem and got to basically sit on it for the remainder of the mod xD

I know that I am leaving out alot but time is short for me right now so im just going to say this last thing. One of the most enjoyable times for me was when I was able to just have some down time at the lake and spend time with Forrest and Sarah (Lilith) and a couple of others. It helped show me that I can still enjoy myself despite the troubled times that seem to occur lately. Sooo yeah ... Thanks for everything KR and I can't wait to see yall at the July event!~ (=w=)7

~Friar William "Defessa" Silverfang
Saffron Dragoon
Vassal of Ostcliff & Wandering Scholar
"The future is always blank. Only your willpower can leave footsteps there."

OOG: Marcus A. Serrano
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27 Jun 2016 21:06 #20 by Wili ()
Replied by Wili () on topic Event Highlights June 2016
SERIOUSLY THOUGH, MORE IRL OBSTACLES!!! That was the most fun mod EVER because I actually got to BE Wili. KR needs a ropes course. OR Travancian ninja warrior.

Really sad I missed Miranda's bar crawl for NPC duty :( Y'all come back now, y'hear?

NPCing spider monkey acrobat assassin ninja for Damian... a glimpse into Wili's future, and I like it.

LAKE!!!! OH so refreshing after practicing the gauntlet a million times and getting all sweaty and gross. Remind me to bring my floaties in August.

Wilindé Aläciel
AKA Wili
Blackbird Manager Extraordinaire

OOG-Kelley Commeford
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27 Jun 2016 21:43 #21 by Dustiria (mytho2)
Replied by Dustiria (mytho2) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
This was our first time coming. I was Dustiria the alchemist part of the trio that included Gauis the smith and Selphatos the north man. I have to say thank you to all the kind marshals and players who were so very kind to us from the moment we arrived and helped us find a great place to sleep with power for my husbands cpap, didn't mind all of our many questions, and checked on us so often. To all who ran this amazing even thank you for all your hard work!

As to highlights. It was nice having a new player mod so we could get our feet wet. NPCing was a blast! Especially our goblins. Loved the look on our Marshall's face when we said look we even brought back a human. Best thing all the nice people who made us welcome. It's been a while since we have been able to role play so in depth. So much fun!

Dustiria the Alchemist/Engineer and something else. Let's just say I make all the bombs.

My friends call me Dusty

Member of the Alterra council

OOG Marcia K Thompson
Grumpy Dwarf Forge Artist
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27 Jun 2016 23:23 #22 by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta)
Replied by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
My first highlight isnt going to sound like the usual but it needs to be here.

This is the first time in recent memory i can recall Travance ALL of Travance working like a team and even if not in total agreement doing the plans still doing the plans and...really coming across as heros even to Birgitta.

Thats not a game highing but a Game highlight.

Now for a few others...

A Blood Spirit clling out Commander running at high speed coming around the corner of the Inn. NPC in hot pursuit. ITurn look up and say what as he comes to a sliding stop beside me. NPC coming around comes to a stop as he points and I bring up Dragon Fang... NPC immediately turns tail and runs away. I look at him. You ok? Yes he replies. Now. Good problem solved.

Mirrormere in the Encampment prowling around. Hey theres the Count. I turn take one look. Nope... Your Grace are you ok? I get the expected no response . I started to circle him as hes looking around in through everything. Your Grace?

Duncan calls out. I think you might need to spirit to talk to him. Yes Duncan I know i need to catch his... James finally focuses on me. Spirit of the Dragon. I call and immediately growl out low who are you looking for?

Ummm yeah... New Contract. Make sure no one interferes. This MUST be done. When the Dragon and His Grace agree and you find yourself sadly nodding... Its gonna be an emotional upheaval.

Berak and the Count. Sitting at the table knowing the signs moving while having to tell a one stops this. Trust me it needs to go like this. Please do nothing no matter what happens. We got this. Dunns smelling salts coming asap for use.

It was.

Making a net with hyper speed assist to a master smith for 2500 Jack. Yeah spells alchemy and otger and six hours becomes 10 grueling minutes of arm agonizing pain OOG.

Getting to watch everything in your plan shape and reshap then go off as planned down to the make a hole and slide left and rights the entire town pulled off. Gods i was impressed! Travance might actually be able to fight with Full Military Precision some day.

Birgitta is thrilled!!!!

Ancient Dryad watching the Encampment and the game of Charades. This was shortly after the Counts visit too... Not our Mod but...yes we can be plot hooks... Thanking Mirallas and Caldor for teaching the old sword how to open hands but stay defensive while doing so.

Tellinghast Group Battle Cry Spirit of the Dragon Call of the Blood Spirits.... Angiliana Birgitta why is Atrus' eyes glowing blue. Grin.

And getting to RP use a Breath Weapon... Freeze the box please...indeed.

Knowing where the eggs were going how they were going and being a part of their gathering.

Finding out the meeting with His Excellency that didnt happen didn't need to happen because we somehow naturally know hat he needs us to do. I kid you not. Truth.

Caldors ritual and knowing we would have to defend it. Yes kiddies I said both ends of the they come as not all of you they will try here too...8 on 2! Gods damn it.

Others filter back. Better. Lets do this.

Enter at end of ritual behind accertain beloved Enaxian Priest.

Angry Dragoon.... Walk past Karkat. The first step to her is anger! My reply. Its also very Dragon! I heard Miranda giggle. Oh shit and its nice to meet you Maam. Lol

Good lord tgeres more but soeep calls after the 10+ hour shift.

Birgitta Drexel (Primary)
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"Amateurs Practice Until They Get It Right; Professionals Practice Until They Can’t Get It Wrong"

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27 Jun 2016 23:53 #23 by Starling (starling)
Replied by Starling (starling) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Loved this weekend. Massive thanks to everyone for consistently raising the bar in my KR expectations, each and every event I attend.

- Friday night I ended up spending a lot more time in the Inn than I expected, but I had a few really interesting conversations that pushed character for Starling - a really interesting talk with Coran Tanwyn, watching Jackdaw interact with (and nearly get stabbed by) the Baron, Starling's continued horror at the idea that Magnus just sleeps on the side of the road. After heading out of the Inn during one of the attacks on Friday night (and mostly hanging back healing a few people, waiting to see how seriously she was needed), having Therion tell Starling she's not one of the lazy healers? THAT spurred a moment of self-reflection for the character, and it was great.

- I had an absolute blast doing a quick role as an NPC up at the caravans, and getting to surprise the PCs with a maniacal laugh out of the darkness. (Apparently, nobody was paying attention to me up on the top of one of the wagons. I am very, very proud of doing that role in 6" heels, and making up an evil monologue mostly on the spot.)

- Waking up Saturday morning some time around 7:30 to strangers walking into our camp, which was alarming. Poked my head out of my tent long enough to see them start to share a drink with Jun, think, "Okay, things are fine, going to crawl back into bed for another hour or so," and then I hear someone shout "Mortal Hunters!" Nope. Not fine. Not bed. Lots of gunfire. That was certainly a frightening way to begin Saturday!

- Morning camping down in Drega was really exceptionally fun - everyone who we camped with, or who turned up for coffee and breakfast, thank you, you were all great!

- I knew there were more puppets coming. I did not expect Count Sebastian Puppetdark. (Or that Puppet Cade and Real Cade would accidentally be wearing the same shirt.) Lark is a genius at puppetmaking and I can't wait to see what she makes next!

- Everyone who took part in or came to watch the Mock Trials: AMAZING. A+. It was really hard not to laugh the whole time ("That testimony was true! Thus it is wholly inadmissible!" and Clytie using some seriously convoluted logic to get the information she wanted recognized by the puppet judge. Loon The Completely Unpredictable. Kardin brought himself up on charges. Osprey was convicted of being a giant spiderperson. Magnus v Jackdaw was glorious. This mock trial was good times.)

- Also, you are all on notice re: swearing during unofficial "official" functions. Starling will be bringing the swear jar back if needed.

- I LOVED the Hobbit Cheese mod. It was an incredible way to engage both combat-oriented and less combat-oriented PCs, thank you everyone involved in coming up with and executing that! The extended chase sequence with the .... trolls, I guess? and the small, screaming bag of "cheese" was actually a bit suspenseful, and then going from feeling pleasantly heroic and successful to "oh crap the cheese is poison" in about two minutes was great whiplash.

- Saturday saw some really interesting conversation with blue Kestrel, which put both of us onto a path I'm really excited to follow in the long term! Starling rarely expresses her actual feelings about the crew, and this was a really touching opportunity.

- The new player Mortal Hunter mod was also great - I dove into the fight more than usual to try and get people up off the ground, (which sadly meant I couldn't just stand back with Zinnia's parasol, much as I wanted to), and at one point screamed at one of the monsters who was attacking a crew member. That is not, strategically, sound practice when one is an unarmed Healer whose only defense is to run the hell away.

- I went onto NPC shift for Main Mod, and ended up with something really unexpected: playing the statue for the Statue and the Waterfall Riddle, and the ghost for the obstacle course part of the rooms. Both teams seriously rocked their parts, so kudos y'all. (And I really loved the number of townspeople that walked past the statue and had to stop and stare at me. I less loved the waiting around alone in the woods before/after, but I was not, in fact, eaten by a bear, so that is a plus.)

- Post-NPC: Whoops we accidentally got chased by the vampire. Because everyone in Winged Victory/Drega Camp except five of us were up at the Inn/doing paperwork/had to leave after Main Mod, and we decided to stick around camp. .... So smart. I discovered I can apparently project screams all the way from Drega to Alisandria, and then I ran face first into dead tree branches. Ow. Thanks to Nalick and Seiko and all the folks who I didn't see/identify in the dark for coming to our rescue when we couldn't effectively run away, and thanks to the NPCs and the Nosferatu for creating a rad situation to run with! And causing us to actually lose Crane in the woods for a while.

- Sunday morning's wakeup was best NPCs. Rat people running around with a watermelon (where did you guys even get the watermelon?) Props to Osprey for solving the problem by cutting it open for them, it earned us half a watermelon. Yummm.

- Had a lesson with Hazel that turned into a much longer, very interesting conversation about healing and Travancian tactics. Which was interrupted as I turned to see Oren across the field, lifting up a picnic table while teaching Jackdaw things. "Jackdaw, if you try to pick up a table, and you hurt yourself, you are on your own..."

Squire to Lady Angelica Tartaros

OOG: Alice Bryson
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28 Jun 2016 01:42 #24 by Shinoski (Sageoflight)
Replied by Shinoski (Sageoflight) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
I'm not sure where to start In no particular order:

To the other Katinese man. (Sorry that I can't remember your name). I loved the interaction that our two characters shared. You made me and Shino feel truly welcome when I felt rather out of place and wondering what I should do or where to go.

Was in Travance for two seconds before Shino's sword was taken without any warning and broken down and reforged. Freaked out, and was told by two to three other players ICily that 'this happens to new people all the time. Don't worry about it..'

Being surprised near the tavern. Was trying to catch where the shooting stars were and then was attacked by a drow. I could only see the black face, white hair, and the gleeming white teeth as I was layed out flat. Someone came over and then healed me before I died. Had a couple characters come up to shino, including Ardin Silverbow to remind him politely yet firmly remind him that she was just as new and trying to find her place in the world as he was.

The unnamed perfect warlock our group ran into in the woods near Alisandra. I was near the back and heard "enough of this.. take them!" Or something along the lines in a large booming voice. And then the screaming began. Being only a level five, and knowing a perfect warlock was way way above my level, had a moment of real panic and ran. (Brave sir robin ran away away, sir robin ran away.) Ended up being lost in the woods and winding up in the parking lot before figuring out where I was, and then making it back to the tavern where I panted out what had happened.

Was shocked to find out that people already knew about it, and really didn't give a shit at first.

Saturday was spent inquiring on what others did, where they went.

Thank you so much to the two girls who helped me by getting me a bunch of water/Gatorade and a brownie to snack on. I am grateful both IC/OOC.

I had a hard time trying to figure out what was IC and what was ooc as I felt that I was being talked to by two seprate people by one person at once. That's confusing, but I hope you guys know what I mean.

Being part of the short lived search party! Happy ending as both groups found each other.

Random woman who tapped out 'shave and a hair cut' on the breast of Shino's armor. It was sudden and unexpected. 'Huh?' Was the only thing he was able to get out. Loved the huge beaming smile that you gave my character but inside I just couldn't say anything, was rather surprised and taken off guard. And before I had a chance to ask your name and talk (and gather my wits), you were gone.

To the guard allowing Shino to shadow them for the afternoon on one of their patrols around Travance. Laughed at the antics of the rat people looking for food and shinies, and the gathered guards slight annoyance, before Ketryn volunteered to help the rats learn how to hunt. That didn't end up so well, and they ended up chasing the rats off after they all jumped her.

The feast and the speech afterwords. The warning that if anyone tried to go where they shouldn't be, or try to stop the town from releasing the ultimate evil, they'd be cut down instantly. That sent chills down my spine.

Being asked what I could do, and truthfully responding with 'I can fight' and getting some laughter from the rest of the group. At the moment, that's all my character knows in terms of skill. Now that I think of it.. I should of added that I was well educated and could read,write,do math,ect. But that's all in hindsight. Not really sure if that was a statue or a ghost we passed on the way to the battle. Was a bit afraid that it would come to life and attack us.

A shout out to Fyodor for taking me under his wing during main mod. His constant reassurance and praise that we were doing such a good job made the tension of standing there waiting bearable because-

Totally thought that we were going to be jumped by a huge mob from behind and to the sides waiting to go through the gate.

The mass chaos that was the golem fight, and fighting the lesser elemental golems that attacked us from time to time. Forming a large ring of protection of blades, axes and shields around the healers.

From pure chaos to stunned silence in seconds with everyone else as the prison walls tumbled down. The sudden flood of relief as I realized that I made it through without dying.

I was part of the NPC crew that caused Starling to run into the tree. Went over to check if she was okay before going back with the skele-bros and vampires. We hit everywhere, (My shock as the lord of tears turn around and imploded one vampires head and told the rest of us to scram.) possessed two people, and hit the tavern. Which brings me to my next post.

Being killed as a NPC and then looking over to see Fiona- like a calm in the middle of a ranging storm. That movie effect when shits flying everywhere and the person is just walking through everything unfazed? That was what I saw play out.

PS. Thank you for those who asked if I was okay after I tripped going up the side tavern entrance twice.

"maybe someday they'll see a Hero is just a man who knows he is free."

Vincent Wahl
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28 Jun 2016 03:36 - 28 Jun 2016 03:36 #25 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic Event Highlights June 2016

Ergos wrote: It got even funnier when two other players went out of game to demonstrate what whale noises actually sounded like. (Don't hate me Jeff XD)

We're good, bro. :)

Starling wrote: I discovered I can apparently project screams all the way from Drega to Alisandria

I heard you clear as day at Kaladonia! Damn!

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28 Jun 2016 08:26 #26 by Gabriel Chance (Kiellor)
Replied by Gabriel Chance (Kiellor) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
Thank you Matt M. for an awesome Friday night mod.

Thank you to everyone who went on the tomb crawl Saturday I hope you guys had a blast working through it!

Thank you Bill F. for an awesome Sunday morning mod and I'm super excited for how that's going to play out.

Finally, thank you everyone I saw in the few hours I was on site for indulging my parents and giving them awesome photos and being extremely helpful in making sure they had a blast.

Gabriel Chance
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28 Jun 2016 09:11 #27 by Mordecai Ashfields (ambrose_leonidas)
Replied by Mordecai Ashfields (ambrose_leonidas) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
so much good RP and talks with new faces this game. So many highs. Very little sleep. Haven't had a good rush like that in a long time. Very big thank you to the staff running plot for us that don't get it often. Your hard work is noticed and appreciated! Keep up the good work!

Rupert the adventurer

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28 Jun 2016 11:02 #28 by Arken (Arken)
Replied by Arken (Arken) on topic Event Highlights June 2016

Starling wrote: I discovered I can apparently project screams all the way from Drega to Alisandria

My group had just sat down to de-mask and get water in the Romani camp when that happened. Made me jump right out of my skin! (I'm pretty sure all of Sparta heard that scream.) Was trying to get into my clean costuming to come help and by the time I got ready there were 6 vampires waiting for me outside the tent! Woke up in Alessandria after my possession and healing. Then stumbled back to camp alone.

Nick G
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28 Jun 2016 18:14 #29 by Dame Laurent-Belmont (amalthea)
Replied by Dame Laurent-Belmont (amalthea) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
To sum up this Saturday, the only day of the event I made it out to:
Travancian- "Did we win?"
Amalthea- "We achieved our objective."

This is going to have an impact for a good time to come. I arrived just in the nick of time to help Caldor with his ritual, which was some fantastic RP. After, it was a pleasure to watch Utgard give his mass with his god present from the comfort of Kaladonia's hammock. Towards the end, I was wondering why Utgard kept hitting himself yelling "subjugate," but soon it all made sense. A long time coming, love. While he spent some time all afternoon at the lake, I got to parlay with a Pentir Knight, practice a gauntlet, and murder a true warlock. Not a bad day's work. It's also always fun sassing the Templar at Bar Mass. Dave, you're a good sport, and I like to think Amalthea helped give you clarity regarding Caldor. Main mod was intense, and I know the repercussions will be felt for a while. Team Gauntlet was on point! Can't wait until the conclusion. Bonus: New student! She's in safe hands, Jackdaw, don't worry. Bonus shout out to Jinx, who I met by healing her critical wounds. Asking Cy what did that to her, and the answer: Paladins. Awkward. See you all next time.

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Lauren F.
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28 Jun 2016 20:20 - 28 Jun 2016 20:21 #30 by Swyft (agentswift)
Replied by Swyft (agentswift) on topic Event Highlights June 2016
First shift, I really liked playing the Spirit Reaver and giving folks a hard time running around and being saucy. ;)

The run-in with Sir Hurgar on the road where he tried to proclaim Karkat under arrest in front of the Magistrate. It's not often I get to see Bob as anything but stoic. Damn but he was mad. What a scene!

Dr. Kroh's empowering backstory and Cyfi's encouragement.

Good times helping Indigo give a Master Warrior lesson and "squaring up" with VInce.

Shocking revelations!

The charming sassiness of Miranda and the adorableness of the two sisters together. :) I think we can all agree that Sarah as Miranda was phenomenal. I couldn't even take it when she said "Can you hurry up? I'm getting bored." as the walls of her cell were crumbling. That was so damn perfect. I think in that moment, Karkat may have fallen in love...

Also props to Rachael for coming up with sisterly things on the fly. It was a great moment to watch them hold hands together-- the captain of the cheerleaders and the goth kid. ;)

Annorra almost starting a fight with Miranda-- now that was something else. I really thought it was going to go down right there on the path.

Lord of Tears mod... not exactly what I expected, but glad it's gone. Thank-you for all your hard work, Jason! Maybe I can be less crazy now. ;)

Watching Amalthea's reaction with Utguard while Miranda was out and about.

Drega'room looked great this month! Props to Laura!!!

All the shade I got for wearing a little more black, sheesh! :p

As usual, it was great to see everyone and never a dull moment! Thank-you for running all the cool mods you did, staff! <3

Dame Swyft T. Glitterfang-Johnson-Ludwig
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- Designer of Stonefall Couture: "Because you're never too bad to look good!"

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