normal September 2016 Event Highlights!!!

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11 Sep 2016 18:59 #1 by Dunn Ironwill (JackDimms)
September 2016 Event Highlights!!! was created by Dunn Ironwill (JackDimms)
So how's everyone feeling? Hearts ripped out? Smiles?!? ALLLLCCHHEEMMYYY!!! Er... I mean feeling good? Yea feeling good! First off let me say that I gave every ounce of myself during main mod this event for you guys. I thank all of you for the hand you had to play in Jack Dimms' life a personality, and I could not have dug that deep if it wasn't for all the amazing people in this community. It was an honor and a pleasure.

Now Friday was great as I finally got my first Occultist lesson! Zelrich is a boss and his lessons and explanation of each tree of the class was spot on! It was amazing to learn from you Nick and I look forward to more lessons from you! As for the rest of Friday, well didn't really do much. I putz around, did some alchemy, armed the town, then got some sleep before the big day.

Soooo!!! Going in I knew right off the bat it was going to be a lot of intense emotion. I knew I was going to cry. What I did not expect is such a response from the pcs. Wulfgar, you made this event for me. We might not have been able to say goodbye the first time around, but I think we more than made up for it this time. Danae, jeez... and all this time I thought ya hated him! ;) Such a great coming full circle moment and a moment I will treasure forever. Lord Silverbow, your skepticism I think hurt the most. I see the logical thought process, but the way it was turned around was amazing. Great roleplay man!

All the people I got to interact with again, catching up with those I missed, having moments with Clytie, Kardin, Yaya, Krom, the list goes on and on. I am truly honored for all of you to be my friends I love you all.

And then there was Main Mod! Oh joy! This was the hardest I have ever worked for a roleplay. I wanted you all to see the struggle between self control and Father's control. I wanted you all to feel the anguish and agony I felt, hopefully you all enjoyed it!

Then the end.. Holding up the pillar, telling you all to leave. It was a powerful moment. Another one I can't forget anytime soon. I loved that so many tried to save me over and over again, only for the ceiling to come down.

As for Sunday, the only thing that was really special is seeing Amizar leave for a little while. Paul you a fantastic friend who I value so very much. You deserve it. Have fun on your leave.

That's all for now.


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11 Sep 2016 19:36 #2 by Silverbow Patriarch (Ardin)
Replied by Silverbow Patriarch (Ardin) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
That was indeed a great scene and one I will always remember. Gained some clout with the Northmen but netted a 1 Northman loss. So much for Barbarian math.

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11 Sep 2016 21:53 #3 by Dethie Blackeby (DethieBlackeby)
Replied by Dethie Blackeby (DethieBlackeby) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
As usual, in no particular order:

-Killer paperwork sesh led by Forest. Thanks for your enthusiasm and humor. It was one of the few times I've enjoyed combat as an NPC.

-Not unrelated, I can't lie, it felt kinda nice to make a big brute of a guy like Wulfgar nervous lol ;) And dammit, Zi, you were supposed to die. You need build and I was trying to do you a favor.

-Getting to invoke my dragon spirit (and actually remembering all the perks/buffs involved)!

-Getting to sit and have dinner (super yum, thanks to everyone who put it together!) with Trent (good to see you!) and to watch Tharivol get squired to Kaladonia <3 Proud of you, baby!

-Discussion at length with Valius on a number of topics, and the subsequent earning of him as an ally in battle. Say what you want about homunculi, our group would have been toast without him!

-Also interacting with Eden and Abel, not because I enjoyed it but because props to Lauren and Aaron for being effectively frightening.

-Saturday night Kaladonia pie mod is always a good time.

I'm a little sad to have to miss October, but hopefully November's weather will be in my favor. See you all (hopefully) soon!

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11 Sep 2016 22:30 #4 by O. Nesterin (kuemanner)
Replied by O. Nesterin (kuemanner) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
Ohhhhhhh boy, what is there to say about this event. I enjoyed getting to NPC so much. The RP was phenomenal and getting to pull the heart strings of a few townsmembers and even another Homunculus was so fun. Shout out to Dani, Jared, Joe (Kyrus), Damian and Daniella for the great RP. (Even if it was only short bits here and there)

The twin's unintentional unison though... That was great.

Most memorable thing will be Sig and Cinnamon going to Gemora and requesting that she consume them.
"Gemora, I don't want to hurt the town. If i turn I want you to consume me. Don't let me kill anyone. Don't let me hurt anyone. I don't want to be a weapon, just please."

Main mod was so fun. I got to seek out a few select town members that tried to help, then dash their hopes. Your guys' reactions were so great and I loved every minute of the RP.

Cassie... Gia trying to save Homunculus Sig was so good. You actually stopped people from attacking... So good

I can't honestly remember everything but you all were so amazing and I loved every minute of this event

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11 Sep 2016 22:46 - 12 Sep 2016 22:20 #5 by Simon (BigZ)
Replied by Simon (BigZ) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
There was so much amazing stuff I can't remember it all.

Biggest highlight was the (temporary) culmination of a lot of RP with Father and the 1v1 with Matt for most of main mod. It was epic and everything I could have wanted. The event was an emotional rollercoaster and had me spinning on my heels.

Justin/Jackdaw, I've never really interacted with you, but after this month I'm looking forward to more in the future.

"Look, he broke the rules!"

JP, I love/d interacting with Belberith and the long chats.

Dane, it was great teaching you Pioneer Occultist and I'm glad you enjoyed the lesson and theory!

There is definitely more that slips my mind, and everybody was awesome.

A++ event.

Edited in stuff that slipped my mind:
Jeff Balla, that one moment with Ludwig was great. "Zelretch are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine." "Truth ear." "Very much a lie."

Renee, you did an awesome job as Swyft and all the shenanigans/intense moments were great.

Jumping recklessly down a hatch in a lab only to run into the Beast. Bartholomew and Jackdaw showing up was the most relieving thing. I'd lost my cool completely until I saw familiar faces.

Hommuncupigs. Thank you Adam for the best/worst idea for the future. And for later making Zelretch realize that some people do seriously worry about him.


OOG: Nick H.
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11 Sep 2016 23:10 #6 by Not An Assassin (Salem)
Replied by Not An Assassin (Salem) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
Three things in life are certain;
And the fact the Matt's Homunculus plots are the greatest KR plots ever.
Someone please get that man a medal.

On to Highlights, yeah?

-Jed's mass was astonishing. I heard things during that mass that put ACTUAL church to shame. Never, have I been so impressed by religion...And this religion is "fake". Holy crap! A++

-Hanging out with Damien, being the servants of the true God that we are.

-Enjoying Kelley's song during feast, even though I got to listen to her practicing, which means that I knew all of the lyrics to that song, too. I knew everything that was going to happen, and I was still greatly impressed by it. Awesome job, Kelley!

-I didn't need to use poisons to annihilate the homunculus this event...In fact, lo and behold! I had absolutely no poisons on me throughout the entire plot portion of the event. I'm awesome :)

-It was hot...

-I called Lore: Sea...Didn't work on anything.

-I miss Jack Dimms. Rest in Peace Dimms...Or, more appropriately, under pieces...Of Rubble...

-...And debris.

-I was a Main MOD...Jerk. Wasn't a boss...Just a jerk. I would kill some homunculi, and the person they were fighting would be all like, "Thanks, dude!" ... And then I'd kill them. Such mean. Many wow.

-That feast though.

-Had an old guy teach me about mummies.

-If I ever become a bard, I think I'll play the goblin.

Uhh...Yeah. That's...That's good enough, I'll just end the highlights he-

Salem Noire, Lieutenant Commander of the Blood Spirits

Lieutenant Leon Drekken of House Zezima

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11 Sep 2016 23:15 #7 by Wili ()
Replied by Wili () on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
One of my very first events at KR was a homunculus plot. I was a full time NPC, and I had such a wonderful time playing a regenerative killing machine, that I kept coming back to Travance. Matt M. writes the most amazing, totally PC action-driven, creative, and just plain FUN plots. It was such a pleasure to return to my favorite story line as a plot NPC. I had a blast, and after a few not-so-great events, I remembered why I loved this game so much. Thanks Matt!

Greer Morgan was in such denial the entire time. I feel fine, I know what's in my head, I am not a monster!

Lord Silverbow: "Can I talk to you for a moment?
Greer: *walks over like 'yeah sure bro, what's up?'
Lord Silverbow: "Do the words 'You CAN undo the damage you've caused' mean anything to you?"
Kelley: *heart beating a million miles a minute* 'oh fudge oh fudge oh fudge that was so close one more word and I would have been screwed'

Guilt tripping Lord Silverbow for killing Cinnamon was fun :)

Singing my bomb ass song. I was supposed to be having a shaking mental breakdown while singing, realizing I'm a sleeper... it was super easy because I was OOG shaking of nervousness. Sorry for McMurdering you, Caelvan, but you were the only one that was close enough to eat my five slays.

MURDER HOBO TIME MUAHAHAHHAH Thanks for not killing me, Travance. I get to come back now :)

A++ would NPC for Matt again. You need me, I'm yours.

Wilindé Aläciel
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11 Sep 2016 23:30 #8 by Wili ()
Replied by Wili () on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!


you're welcome.

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12 Sep 2016 00:34 #9 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
Well hello there neighbors!

Had a pretty exciting time playing Fletcher for once, finally getting into the swing of hobbitting around!

I greatly enjoyed spending time with everyone I could and I can't wait to get back into wonderful adventures with all of you!

Lord Admiral Aleister Demirosz, the Phoenix

* * * * * * * *
-Steve Oros
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12 Sep 2016 00:37 #10 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
"Change. My. Story."

OOG -- Jeff Balla
Card Team
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12 Sep 2016 02:02 #11 by Chesta (Kevin)
Replied by Chesta (Kevin) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!

:Guitar riff from the afterlife:

Chesta Hartwick
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12 Sep 2016 10:37 #12 by Cara Easton (Raeelle)
Replied by Cara Easton (Raeelle) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!

This event was so much fun. I'm sad I had to green headband and miss main mod, but it was such a great event.


All the pre-game RPing with the Conspirabros

Flinging myself between Jed and the brothers to stop him from attacking them. I Oog was certain I was about to lose a tag.

Getting to spend so much time right in plot. Everywhere I looked there was something going on relating to the plot and so many people were able to get involved which was wonderful.

Spending a lot of time with Annora and the Winged Victory Crew. Love you guys.

Spying on grim and lilliths date accidentally. Lillith's "it wasn't a date? There was no calendar..." comment to me when I asked about it later

Sunday morning shenanigans

Teaching Fenri to fight with a dagger. Sorry that was a bit of a harsh lesson.

Chilling in the AG during main mod with friends.

Getting to play SO MANY FUN GAMES with all the new towns members. Thank you SO MUCH for visiting my home. :)

Bouncing around logistics in clown makeup, bouncing right up behind Matt who hadn't seen me yet. The terror on his face when he turned around was amazing.

There were so many other things that happened but I'm still half asleep, so I will say - thank you Matt for writing an amazing event. Thank you James for everything.

Alt : Laurel Astraeus

OOG: Rae L
Card Staff
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12 Sep 2016 10:41 #13 by LoisMaxwell (LoisMaxwell)
Replied by LoisMaxwell (LoisMaxwell) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
*deep breath*

I really had no idea what to expect this event - but even if I'd been forced to take a guess, it wouldn't have come close to what actually happened.

Massive props the Matt Magnus for rolling with every single weird thing the PCs tried to do! It is so, so hard to do improve/reactive GM'ing for 150+ people, and I think a lot of people forget or don't realize that. You may have some idea that would "solve the plot" if it worked - but that would leave the other 149 people un-entertained for the rest of the weekend. To be able to roll with whatever bizarre crap we all come up with and *still* have enough content to keep everyone else entertained is a rare skill, and as someone at the diner afterwards pointed out, "Matt never says no, he just says 'give me 5 minutes'". I am in awe and so, so grateful <3

Speaking of bizarre crap we come up with... My big highlight for the weekend was the whole HomuncuLois thing. I super enjoyed every spot of RP around that, from Pluvious's reluctant acceptance of the plan, to Cain/Abel's creepiness, to watching Seth interacting with the Father, to the way the other homunculi started subtly treating Lois differently the next day. My favorite bit, though, was the actual dying: I never thought Lois would ever have to narrate her own death. Thank you to Aaron for some of those prompting questions - you definitely made it a lot easier to RP that! Let your characters be vulnerable to possible bad consequences (and there are definite MAJOR downsides to being what Lois is) - the value of the RP you gain far outweighs any of the bad.

There was a lot of leadup conversations with several PCs before this event, and watching the results of all those plans unfold was beautiful.

Matt: How are you going to do this [brain surgery on a sleeper] fast enough?
Pile of Heroic Nerds, in unison: MEANDER'S SECRET RECIPE!

Archcasting lesson with Aleister. Everything he said made such perfect sense to Lois - I don't know if that was Aleister intentionally mathing it up so the Londwyn could understand, or they actually have a very similar way of viewing magic, but either way it was really cool to find some common ground between these two characters who have never interacted in this way before.

And speaking of finding common ground... STOP THE PRESSES LOIS & BRIGITTA AGREED ON SOMETHING. Gods help anyone who gets in their way now!

Jack Dimms <3 "Lois, do you believe in me?" Dane really sold the heartache, and sorry for the pause in the answer because she wanted to say yes immediately, but this is what was going through her head: Wait he's a homunculus so this is Jack's personality but not Jack's soul but if he's not really Jack then am I still really me? I feel real but I know I'm not entirely human so can I believe in both of us? *looks at Dane's face* "Yes, Jack, I believe in you." Jack Dimms saved Lois from an existential crisis of identity!

Annora, Jun, Winged Victory, I love you all!

Nick as Zelretch was amazing this whole event. I can't single anything he did out because everything he did was top-notch RP.

Angler fish Belegchand :3 Really, I think the biggest lesson to take away from this weekend is that Lois should never be allowed on vacation again, because when she has free time she just goes full mad scientist :p

Casual Bob!

Kardin's book hit me in the feels. It's such a small touch, but it's so powerful.

Also, praise Andorra for the lovely Sunday weather, and Boo Aguara for Saturday's muggy torment :p

Probably forgot a bunch of stuff, as usual. Just know that I loved each and every interaction I had all weekend, and I can't wait for the next one!


((OOG: Cassie Stanley, Marshal Deputy))
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12 Sep 2016 11:21 - 12 Sep 2016 11:21 #14 by Seth (Kurteth)
Replied by Seth (Kurteth) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
Getting my tongue cut out by Able by order of Father.

Then flipping him off as Able teleported me away.

Good times.


OOG:Ben Carlson
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12 Sep 2016 11:40 #15 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
Replied by JTinney (Swordsaint) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!

LoisMaxwell wrote:
And speaking of finding common ground... STOP THE PRESSES LOIS & BRIGITTA AGREED ON SOMETHING. Gods help anyone who gets in their way now!

By Brazen's Forge.... I'm not so certain everyone understands how momentous an event this is.

I look forward to where *this* goes....

*goes looking for popcorn*

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12 Sep 2016 11:56 #16 by Magnus (hippy g0th)
Replied by Magnus (hippy g0th) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
Dear lord now I'm scared

Matthew Majchrzak


Lord General Magnus

"Not Dead Yet!"
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12 Sep 2016 14:22 - 12 Sep 2016 14:23 #17 by Grashügel (HAZMAT221)
Replied by Grashügel (HAZMAT221) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
All in all, it was an incredible weekend. I am rather sad that it is over for now. The plot, the Roleplaying, and the combat were fantastic! It was also incredible to have the story be so amorphous at the hands of players. It truly became our own story; this to me is the true spirit of the game. A huge thank you to Matt, Forest, and Ben for making this all possible. I look forward to what is in store!

So this weekend was interesting to say the least for Gras. With the absence of the Baron, he and Pluvious tasked themselves to a number of different tasks amongst the proper.
Thankfully, there was plenty to do and man y things to fight.
Things however took an interesting turn when Seth and Lois proposed a plan to possibly find Father and see if we can do anything to prevent what he was planning. Pluvious and I were of course dubious of such actions as it carried a great amount of risk, but we eventually agreed. It was eerie following Lois and Seth while invisible and having to listen to Lois describes the throes of her own death. It was very difficult to hold back while the one we were sworn to protect was dying.
The utter moment terror when the three of them were recalled and disappeared from our watchful eyes.

Thankfully, we were able to Scry and get a view of the conversation between Father, Lois, and Seth.

Holy Crap Matt, you were great as the father. The character itself has so much depth. It was great to see such a pivotal moment play out and see the first hand effects of the actions taken by players.

We eventually reunited with Lois, however, we were not happy to discover what became of her. Gras and Pluvious knew what happened to Dominick earlier in the night and we were horrified to discover that Lois shared a similar fate. It was interesting to see how we reacted and how we proceeded knowing that one of the most influential people in the Barony and the one we were sworn to protect may have been compromised or corrupted. Definitely a interesting situation to play out.

Finally going to bed and having to wake up for an NPC shift three hours later. That was interesting, but I quickly adapted and had a blast on the many combat mods that we were sent out on. I had so much fun that I volunteered for another shift after that one. I have to say, I loved playing a psycho hunter. The were so many moments where a player was just like NOPE and went in a different direction. A huge thank you to Matt and Forest for running with the MODs and making them all the more enjoyable. You are part of the reason why I had such a blast!

Come the end of my shift, I was exhausted. However, there was still much to be done.
Cleaning up and arriving at feast only to have things pick up again after I start eating haha. No rest for the weary!

Main mod was a very enjoyable experience. It was fascinating to see the conflict of interest in some of the players as they chose between following orders and doing what they felt was right. These choices really add an extra level of depth to not only the characters but the story as a whole. The consequences of these actions also generated a very complex situation in which Gras was able to see the reactions of those involved and those in power. It was time like this that Gras was grateful he did not have to directly involve himself in the politics of Travance.

Fast forward to the early hours of Sunday Morning and I am only agent of the barony in or around the Inn. I basically did all the things and made all the arrests. It’s actually funny because every time I would leave to go to bed, something else would pop up. However, I stumbled upon something rather disturbing and terrible while making one of my arrests. It consisted of demented and blood covered 14 year old girl who possessed the strength of 4 men and crackled like a hyena. To say she was still human would have been a compliment. It took all my strength (plus a few abilities) to get her to jail. It was my hope to get her a healer and physician come the morning so that they may try to help her, but it was of no use. The girl bashed her own skull in against the inside of her cell. She was dead. This moment will probably haunt Gras for the rest of his life.

…Inside the girl’s throat, we found a note that said, “ Pretty bird coming soon”
Upon further investigation we discovered another far more sinister name. “ The Dark One”
The Dark One is coming soon. This was an amazing piece of Role play that not only scared the shit out of me but also allowed Gras to really experience emotions of despair and failure. Also he’s scared shitless about may soon make its way into the proper.

Also, learned more about Moon Elves :P Perhaps I will meet one soon :woohoo:

Wow that was a lot, but there was so much that happened. Thank you again for the great event, I had a blast!


Sir Grashügel
Knight of Winterdark
Observer of the Moon and Stars

OOG Taylor Meise
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12 Sep 2016 14:34 #18 by Fenri Kantaris (Miked)
Replied by Fenri Kantaris (Miked) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
Fenri had an AMAZING time this event, wielding Maelstrom made me change the direction of Fenri a little bit, FOIG.

Had the best lesson out of any I have ever gotten with one of my new skills, loved the RP on that.

Feast was so amazing, I ate until I was full and then ate some more...although, having a hook like that near the end of feast kinda made everyone leave and cleanup was a very long process.

I didn't get to interact with any of the Homuncli during the event, because High Elf arrogance reasons.

The difficulty of every mod I went on was fantastic.

Main mod put more of a sense of "oh shit" in me (and damn near everyone else I talk to about it) than most of the ones I have attended, there was an actual sense of fear and dread as I started to realize "I am probably going to die" and, being Travance, I don't get that feeling very often....maybe it's because I can heal myself during combat (assuming I can get somewhere safe and uninterrupted).

Fenri Kantaris

OOG: Mike Daly
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12 Sep 2016 15:23 #19 by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt)
Replied by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
End of Chapter One.

There are some events that get talked about, some that stories are told about, and then there some events that people say," Where were YOU when,"...this was one of those events.

There was a lot of firsts for me this weekend, and I learned a lot from them and you all as well. Matt sure can write can't he?(24ish mods?)

Everyone was great this weekend, but a few moments I remember are worth sharing and why I'm writing a Highlights, because they are worth sharing.(fun fact idk if I can do these this month, but I always go on about event recaps and highlights so I'll practice what I preach.)

Set Up: Muscles, thanks again. Dave I think you got it.

Friday Night was insane, but I hope everyone loved some of the crazy stuff on those mods. Thanks for.the stretching drills, staying pumped up to the NPCs that was a demanding shift, you killed it.

The Death of Dominic: The man owned it, took it like a champ, he fought so many NPCs getting folks back to the Inn. Kevin, you earned more than my respect this event. I'm proud of you, how well you took it, and way to go out brother, a great end to a PC!

Matt and Ben out there ALL NIGHT!!!

Saturday morning, I was awoken by some friends with coffee asking,"Dude you okay?"'I respond with,"thanks for the cofee, I'm going eat a bit, smoke, and then try to kill y'all." "Wait, we brought you cofee!" I dryly say,"that's why I'm eating and smoking first." Flash forward, a bit, as I'm counting one of their death counts, I whispered,"thanks for the coffee." He lived, but what a wake up squad!

Speaking of Saturday Morning Shift," GREAT JOB!!!" Each and everyone of you went above and beyond that morning. That was my first real time l lead a group of NPCs on THAT level. I couldn't have asked for a better team. Some of you volunteering to stay on, THAT warmed my heart, you have no idea! I'd run with any of you anytime. Matt and Ben are proud of you too I'm sure. ( Aka, thanks for making me look good too, but in all seriousness your a wonderful group of players, and if I can ever lend a hand, please ask. )

Okay, the HELP Mod, it was so wild, I all but begged Matt if I could NPC up for it, folks I wanted a piece of that sweet, sweet, Combat Role Play Action. I dropped a few played, Bill Hannings as Grim beat me up, or as I call,"Good Fight!" I've already been given a ton of positive feedback from that mod, so PLEASE get those recaps in!

Puppy Mod, y'all owe Steve for that one! Matt taught me an important lesson on that Mod, folks I'm still learning, but I am learning right? That was a sweet Mod to watch too.

Okay, okay... the Mod Everyone has been messaging me about, Yoyo;

Folks, that was all Matt and Rachael, I didn't know she could get THAT Creepy. The (NOPE) from some of the new players had me laughing like crazy. When we saw her in costume, Most of the NPCs white head banded up for it, and took water to the Mod site just to see what was gunna happen. We all ninja secret squirreled to the Mod Site too. The Bentons even came along for some laughs and photos, please thank them for me, they are great people.

Ben: thanks brother, I was hurting, and you got me through it.

Ree, that was a wonderful feast, thank you. Kelley that song was great, loved that scene. Mike and Stephanie, I hoped that was what you wanted.

Main Mod, where do I began with this?
May Leonard, that death was epic, emotional, and metal.
Thanks Alex for running from The Field to Ron's garage and back.
Every npc was great. Labar, the water was a fantastic idea!!!
Whoever stocked that bathroom, thanks. We had a few hiccups, but it was ready when the PCs got there.

Erik as Wulfgar, your my PC of the Month. Nick,you killed out there as Zel, you know that. Erik had a scene that made folks cry, myself included. Here is that scene from my view;

Toward the end of Main Mod, Jack Dimms is holding up this mess or pillar, pan angled off toward the gates there is Wulfgar, he is fighting, crawling, getting stepped on, dropped a bit, moving forward with everything in him, red faced, crying, sweating, snot streaming off his face, he mustered out this screaming battle howl to rival Mel Gibson's Braveheart," THAT'S MY SON!!!" While he is being pushed back, pulled on, and dragged away...hoping with everything in him Dimms can fight it off! I thought that Wulfgar wasn't gunna get out alive, but as I'm watching this play out, hoping he'd make it to Dimms after fighting so hard to get to him. (As I was writing this I had to take a break, it was a very deep and emotional scene to watch, I couldn't imagine role playing through that. I can't say enough good things about this weekend, and I will remember that scene for the rest of my life.)

I'll only describe the Mod Post Main as,"intensely well role played."
(Wedding Photos to come shortly.)

Katie thank you so much again!

Jason, your a damn good friend, an amazing player, and a great Dad.

Diane, I loved your role, and I'll message you soon.

That's it for me, thanks everyone again for a great weekend, please get those recaps in!

Del Dragon, Argyle
(OOC: Forest Dougan)
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12 Sep 2016 15:47 #20 by Reyna Del Dragon (reynadeldragon)
Replied by Reyna Del Dragon (reynadeldragon) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
Reyna had a fantastic event! (And so did I!!) I got to bring my best friend to play Reyna's brother, and that gave me one of the best roleplay opportunities I've ever had.

SATURDAY MORNING NPC SHIFT!!!!! Forest, you did an amazing job leading all of us around trying to fight people early Saturday morning to wake them all up. And that fight by Pendarvin was one of the best battles I have ever been in!!

Also, Matt, thank you for making me one of your juggernauts in that lab! It made me realize just how terrifying calling "30 overwhelm" is!

The battle Saturday where Darius almost died was intense. I said this to you in person, Forest, but I will say it again. Thank you for almost killing him! The role play that came out of that was intense, and the tears of fear, sadness, and relief were all real. That was WAY TOO GOOD of a scene for Reyna and Darius.

And finally, some decisions made by Reyna that will take her down a far different path than I ever would have expected. Thank you to everyone who interacted with her this weekend on any level for keeping her from destroying her entire life.

Reyna Del Dragon Reign
Squire to Lady Lois Heimdell of Albriar
Master Witch Hunter
Robin of the Winged Victory
Daughter to the late Argyle Del Dragon Reign

OOG: Hannah Sneeringer
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12 Sep 2016 16:02 #21 by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt)
Replied by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
Hannah, way to learn quick that you can say things in Highlights without giving up too much information. I'm sure some will get it, and thank you. Great job to you both!

Cassie, In It To Win Role Play was GREAT! I am sitting there, as I over hear you, and I'm like,"Wait, WHAT???!!!" That was epic!

Romeo: once again, you bailed out more folks than some will ever know...people are watching I assure you.

Del Dragon, Argyle
(OOC: Forest Dougan)
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12 Sep 2016 17:16 - 14 Sep 2016 21:33 #22 by Kardin (Ben)
Replied by Kardin (Ben) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
Congratulations Travance, you tried REALLY hard to emotionally break the Guard Pup, and you've managed it. I'm just gonna nix the negative stuff at this point in favor of the happy bits though.

HAPPINESS DRIVE, ENGAGE! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

-Kardin played with a Yo-Yo. :P

-He met Maer's sister Gliwen who is a strong independent elf who would take guff from anybody and is in agreement that sad elf must received constant hugs and support.

-Opened up to Danae about his deepest fears and removed a weight from his chest. Michaela you da best and thanks for helping Kardin find his courage.

-Making better friends with Blue Kestrel and both her and Kardin bonding over the desire to make better plans that actually HELP PEOPLE! The lovely crew of New Coast Haven just found a group of folks who want to help them because somehow they have the same problems. Good ideas to protect everyone but too few smart people to carry it out on a large scale.

-Making friends with Valius and speaking about what it means to be a hero and a defender. Valius gave him a nickname and taught him more about the Path of Protection. Then they spoke at great length about stories and also a bit about what Valius would do if he knew the possession of his soul was taken from him. Kardin hopes they will meet again someday when he's become a more complete person. Valius may be made of many different heroes, but now Valius will always be a part of Kardin. Dustin you have really gotten my vote for NPC of the Month.

-All of the RP interaction with Fenri and Leona. From the OOG complex logic of Khitanese writing for the Advanced Literacy lesson to the talk about saving the homunculi, you both were there to help Kardin. Steph and Mike you are both just wonderful <3

-Annora and Kardin may have finally found something in common. An appreciation of "good treason" that was inspired by Magnus. Maybe they'll become fwends!

-Kardin Quest 1216
--Had nothing on him when the Barracks were invaded by bandits but he gave Sally Knifehands some gems and a hug because he was sad at how hard it must be to hug people with knife hands.
--Invented the concept of insurance fraud and realized that checking credentials is important.

--"Oh hey, some people are at the door."
--"Kardin... take their coats."
--*opens door*
--*slams door*
--"Okay, so they're vampires."
--"Kardin... don't take their coats."
--*curls up on the floor and rocks back and forth*
--*gets up and opens door*
--*Vampires lunge at him*
--*slams door again in their face*
--*grabs gear and opens door*
--"Ok I'll fight them off, I'm ready to--why is that one not attacking? Awww it's smiling."
--*Vampire uses subdue*
--*calls defense*
--*Kardin uses spring shield*
--*Vampire uses Alacrity*
--*Angrin gets Sanctuary up*
--"GO TO SLEEP!" *turns over and goes back to sleep*
--"I almost had them on the ropes."
--*Vampire hisses in Kardin's face*
--"Ugh, Spirits of Nature that's foul"
--*Strength +6 grabs Vampire*
--"Let's get you some of my mouthwash"
--*Vampire uses Alacrity*
--"Alright fine then, just leave."
--*all three of them start vandalizing the building*
--"Hey, knock that off!"
--*Vampires continue vandalizing building*
--"Alright, you've asked for it."
--*grabs umbrella*
--*goes toot-toot while opening and closing the umbrella and advancing on them*
--*frightens off Vampires*
--"Huh, I guess Nosferatus are related to birds..."
--"Damn, I'd make a great Witch Hunter."

--Kardin Quest 1216 took place entirely in boxers and an undershirt.

While most of the event was emotionally harrowing, there's always some sunny spots and I appreciate each and every one of them. I'll add to this when I remember more.

-Basically all the invisible RP on Sunday and the shenanigans that will ensue from that. Ketryn, Kroh, Rook, and Allyce have no idea exactly how much stuff he knows, but neither does he and almost all of it is entirely incorrect anyways. ;)

-NPCing Evil Mod was the most fun! I've never played a mod boss before then, so I hope people had a fun time dealing with Quilby the Blazing Sun Butler/Hamilton reject. It's always great to share Slays and lovely cheese platters.

Kardin Armister of the Hiolangorn || Shield of the North
Vassal to Lord Aleister Tartaros of Drega'mire
Iron Centurion of Palindor

Ben F.
"Never get discouraged. People may punish you for every good thing you'll ever do, but you only fail if they get you to stop. Your actions can mend a heart, save a Light, or topple the mightiest foe."
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12 Sep 2016 18:55 - 13 Sep 2016 17:47 #23 by Swyft (agentswift)
Replied by Swyft (agentswift) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
First off, Matt... I don't know how you do it. You're like the Energizer Bunny. Somehow you keep going and going and going... so much so that you wake up in the middle of your sleep when you here a noise, look around, say "Am I running an event?" and then pass back out.
LOL you poor thing. Your work was not unnoticed. You brought lots of entertaning instances to lots of people and we all thank-you for it.

Ben, oh my god. You almost gave me a coronary the first time I saw Lawrence. Back in Travance. LIKE HE SAID HE WOULDN'T DO.

Oh it was so much fun being a panicked mess, trying to hide him from the wrong eyes and figure out a way to make him less... KoS...
Great job, dude. You're a riot as always. And Swyft would love to see your boats. <3

An interesting and kind of horrifying conversation with both Jed and Zelretch in the dead of night about our fate's path and the dangers of its denial.

Finishing a path in Master Warrior that I never in a million years expected to...

Swinging +10 bane against constructs as a reward for Matt's raffle was pretty helpful for overall scuffles this weekend. That was a very pleasant surprise. Though I'm terribly curious about the third option I had... Guess I'll never know!

Swyft delivered her first killing blow on an NPC humanoid. That made for some pretty intense feels.

I rather enjoyed my morning chat with Samantha. And Jade has some strange ideas about the Stonefall Health Center and has shared this with too many people. Everyone's a comedian!

Jed's diation attracted a fairly large crowd and was artfully delivered. Caldor's distaste was palpable, but he handled himself so well. Props to Judge for providing an outlet not only for Jed to do what he is best at, but to put other people in the limelight as well. Quite a few people spoke-- it made the immersion level over 9000...
Vinny, your altar was a beautiful addition to the scene.
Also, now everyone in the world knows that Mistress Jade either follows or IS the god of money. Was it reiterated four times or five? ;)

The visitation of the perfect homunculus who emulated Galamachians (played by Aaron) to Jed's diation was a treasure. His demands of knowledge were so candidly explained that it was rather hilarious.
I'm sorry Indigo is an arse and wouldn't stop about there being something in your teeth. That's how he started the goblin wars, as he likes to remind us...

Marley, thank-you for the tiny dreamcatcher gift! I love it!

Many much fun traipsing all over the field during main mod for my NPC shift as a slayer homunculus. I mean, the heat exhaustion wasn't fun... but that was a pretty cool site setup.

Sweet Lord, that um... secret... mod. I am both flattered and horrified at the steps taken to make that mod as intense as it was. Jeeeeeeeepers. Did anyone else have nightmares?

P.S. It rained RP points that night. Y'all are something else for actually pulling that off. Kudos!

Tessa... WTF, girl? You twisted!

Took out some of that frustration on a poor, feral teenager and her controller. Weeeeird night.

Ilana, thank-you your kind words and insanity removal Sunday morning. <3 Swyft is very interested in your ritual idea for what a certain god might have to say about these shenanigans...

Oh my goodness, Jeff Balla. Your indignant and puffed up Chet when Rupert was ... being Rupert... was an absolute treasure to watch. I'm sorry for breaking character and having to hide giggles.. You were just simply amazing, even in the face of Rupert's inane responses.

The look of accidental shock and then regret on Damien's face at my reaction to his sassy question. Yeah, take that, Josh! Right in the feels!

I enjoyed hearing about all of the internal conflicts within Travance and all of the people who got into trouble on questions of morality and ethics. That always adds a fantastic element to a game, especially when it's en masse. Well done, everyone! And thank-you all for a lovely and excitement filled event!

Dame Swyft T. Glitterfang-Johnson-Ludwig
-Knight of Drega'Mire
- Carnifex of Aguara
- Designer of Stonefall Couture: "Because you're never too bad to look good!"

(OOG: Renée Day)
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12 Sep 2016 19:26 - 12 Sep 2016 19:29 #24 by Captain Jackdaw (Captain Jackdaw)
Replied by Captain Jackdaw (Captain Jackdaw) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
One year ago, I came to Knight Realms for the first time, and I was lucky enough to have had my first game be one run by Matt. I was able to, on my first night in game, as a level five player, be one of many people who had a hand in changing the entire story, getting people invested and shape the story going forward.

This time around for In Game character reasons, and because I wanted to go big, I said to myself "I'm gonna save everyone." The four brothers, the perfects, all the sleepers, even the Father.

The thing is, despite spending 100% of this weekend non-stop engaged with the plot. I absolutely didn't. I can't point to anything *I* did that saved anyone specifically but as I keep hearing stories of the event, I am so happy cause I can't say "I did that." I get to say "We did that."

I spent most of the weekend talking to the Perfects who knocked it out of the park. Lauren, Aaron, Jared, Dani, JP, Cameron, Brian, and Alice (who despite living with me, I talked to maybe second least because so many players loved her.) You guys brought so many layers, talking to you never felt like it was simply a matter of "mission objective." I was always so much more interested in who these people were and what did they want.

Dustin, Ricky, Jeff, and Alex, I loved having my four friends back. You guys effortlessly slipped back into those characters, they were just like we left them, and it made the world feel more real. Dustin, arguing with Vallius about whether or not we can stand to lose people on Friday night, but then having him still catch me in my weak moments, Alex, diving in a hole to save Bartholomew and then trying to escape the Beast. Ricky, I adored Brutus' tough love for Jackdaw doing stupid things, and Jeff even psychically sending me to bed was days later hilarious.

The sleeper plot I barely touched I met a few on Friday and tried to engage them throughout the weekend, but it's clear I missed so many, I don't even know how many there were. Props to you guys who decided to play random commoners this weekend instead of your PC's. I know you made it a point to connect with people and then crush their hearts, and since I saw people crying after main mod, you did a great job.

There are a bunch of people I ended up talking to about the Homunculi and the Father, Annora, I felt like was more on top of things than I was, Tobias was always trying to solve the problem of the sleepers, and I know several other players were working on it too. Not only that but the loading me up with help when I told you I wanted to go talk to the Father. Lois I loved making plans with and Jackdaw respects you so much more for many of the comments you've made. Caldor and Grim were always on board with almost every crazy idea. Nick, like you said, I had only a few passing interactions with Zelretch, but I asked you to help me get to the Father and I had just gone to bed on Friday when you showed up with him in tow. And I know twice this event I would have been dead without your help, so I am very much looking forward to further interactions.

And to the crew, Crystal, David, Joe, Rachael (and Michaela) I didn't get to hang out with you much this event, but every time something came up that needed my attention while I was doing something one of you jumped on it so I could stay engaged. I don't know where I would be without you guys, I don't think KR would be nearly as fun or as amazing.

I'm even gonna throw a shout out to the Warlord, Jackdaw disagreed and debated with Emmaline repeatedly through out the event (probably not as much as others) but conflict makes for great role play and there's a part of him that believed what she wanted to do was a valid choice.

Okay shout outs done, actual highlights;

Again, trapped in the basement with Bartholomew, Zelretch facing off against the Beast. And then running back in with Rook, Red Kestrel, Faust and Lorelei because blue Kestrel went in to save me.

The conversation with the Father, and blue Kestrel slowly "dying" as the timer for how long I had to talk to him.

The conversation with Jared, Dani and Cameron in the A/C, I told Matt about some of the stuff you guys said and gave an excited fist pump.

Saturday morning, running up to Kaladonia to the sounds of fighting, get told that they were okay but the mob might head to Drega'mire next, run down to Drega'mire to find one crew member and one night on the ground bleeding out. Was able to stabilize them while the mob cleared out.

Having "save Winged Victory from once again getting murdered on Friday night" be the second half of good mod was unexpected and amazing, even if it confused the hell out of the crew.

Sunday morning NPC shift first time I've ever done it, and it was a lot of fun, brief RP encounters. Everyone on that shift had great ideas and great energy, I don't know how you did because by that point I was exhausted.

Final goes to Matt who runs such a tight and amazing game. Also Forest, and Ben. Like I said, when I was awake, I was engaged with plot, and I still missed like half of it. I don't know how you guys managed to stay on top of it all, but the event was amazing, and fun, and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Captain of the Winged Victory
Baronial Ambassador to Coast Haven
Champion of Homunculus City

OOG: Justin M. Whitmore,
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12 Sep 2016 20:15 - 13 Sep 2016 20:18 #25 by Ezequiel Cantor (hectorwatts03)
Replied by Ezequiel Cantor (hectorwatts03) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
Oh boy. This weekend. Where do I begin?

The difficulty part about me going to KR is that unfortunately, due to restrictions like transport, lodging, and in this weekend's case, an event that was happening in Queens, I can only attend during the day on Saturday, and in most cases, never get to main mod as a result. Therefore, for me, I feel that this time around, I was able to get a lot down this weekend in such a short amount of time, and what I thought was going to be my weakest session every ended up being my favorite out of all of them, and I want to make some notes as to what I thought really made this weekend one of the better ones. There may be a few more highlights I may add later, but this is the ones that stand out.

  • To start off, for someone that had an interest in the main plot, I had a bad start, and felt stalled for time in the morning while I started to immediate only to get caught in the middle of a hommocuill raid. It was interesting in that I was in-character throughout that time, in that I was left with a decision that internally I could not do, for that that no matter how many times I try, I can never killing blow a target. I don't care what it is, I won't take the life of another. It's too much.
  • Speaking with the Enaxian group, and discovering the many styles of the fist, which I was surprised for a number of reasons, but that's all because of how people IG perceive things. Probably just me.
  • Helping out with the kitchen group in an irregular basis. I was concerned for the crew being short staffed, but it looks like that worry was not necessary after all, which I was happy about.
  • The one great thing about me is that I feel that, despite some people knowing me in character, I can still blend in and have an aura of anonymity sometimes. It's also great for when I need to confuse people to pretend I am not there. Case in point, Swift not recognizing me on first glance.
  • The discovery of who Lilith is, and the realization that she is possibly savable if I could only get a way to relate to her potential, as it made me have a roleplaying purpose in getting more involved now with the main plot. (And I don't know what happened in the end so... maybe.)
  • The meeting with Eden. I really wanted to speak to you more to decipher you, but I was starting to get my answers about what your purpose was anyway. While we did meet up earlier in the day, I was surprised to hear that she thought I was with another player that was dressed in purple. Still worked out.
  • The second lab raid. I am more surprised how many medics were there. Still made me useful though. To which I must add. To the individual that stole my knives during said raid. Well done sir. (claps in sequence) That was the first time that ever happened to me, and I have to commend you, because during the escape sequence, you made my character do a “screw it. I can get more elsewhere” and ditch them, because this had an effect with the next minute in which I saw a killing blow right in front of me. My character was utterly taken out without any way to attack and interrupt it. (I lived, but after the theft scene, I decided to RP as if I carted myself out of the wreckage back into town in a mangled mess, with two broken daggers that I can't tell are mine, or something I took at random during the escape.)
  • The lake scene.... I am saving this one for last for a very good reason.
  • The last lab raid before main mod, and when I decided to Psychoanalyze Lilith. It felt so glorious to counter that all in one go. (Sorry Matt, but my character has walked down the road of madness before. You can't break what is already broken!)
  • Meetings with Dr. Maxwell and Sir Pluvious. It looks like I will not be able to get what I really want for now, but at least what I did get I can work with as a start. Alas, it looks like my natural anonymity is starting to fade away a bit. I feel concerned, but not to the extent I should.
  • Also, I have BAD timing when I want to learn something. The one time I need teaching always happens to be the WORST TIME EVER! Which is probably just as bad as most players finding James IG, to which I still have the opposite (read:stupidly good) luck in that.
  • The feast. I was concerned that I was not going to be able to settle all that good stuff internally, but it turns out I did. (Except I missed out on the ravioli. Cannot believe that.)
  • Lastly, the emergency surgery during the singing, and my character's response after that. (Ladies and gentlemen, this is WHY my character hates singing, because stuff like this happens. Do you want bad things happening, because this is how bad things happen!)

And now, one very special mention comes to the team that deal with that scene I referenced earlier. I won't mention specifically what happened since I want part of that to be a bit FOIG related, but for a number of reasons, there has been one scene in KR that I have been wanting to get in since I started playing around two years ago. (Four if you count my NPC days.) and I have struggled all summer to see if I would get the chance to finally interact with it. Thanks to one good timing, I finally got it, and I intend to get involved with it fully in the future. To that, I thank you so very much for helping me complete that personal objective of mine, and allowing me to interact accordingly. To add to this, I was concerned originally if I was going to create a problem since I was both IG and OOG acting out my feelings, but after speaking to the NPCs, I finally got the handle of things, and made it work, and I apologize to anyone involved (PC/NPC/Marshal or otherwise) if I acted weird or made you uncomfortable as a result. It was not my intention, but I always feel that I exhibit it regardless. Thanks again.

"Once upon a time there was a man who died. The less said the better."

IC: Ezequiel Cantor - A "Physician." Nothing more. Nothing less
OOC: Jason C.
Last edit: 13 Sep 2016 20:18 by Ezequiel Cantor (hectorwatts03).
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12 Sep 2016 21:34 #26 by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
Replied by Caldor Eirson (Caldor) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
This event was amazing. I didn't get to do as much as I would have liked because of Kitchen obligations, but every time I was involved, it was great.

First and foremost - thank you to Matt. You are amazing. Great work. I have extreme respect for GMs who know how to roll with player ideas and make them have effect, even if they can't 'solve' the plot. You do so at a very high level sir.

Secondly - Ree. I know i'm biased, but DAAAAMN that was a good feast. You are phenomenal.

Some Quick Highlights

All the NPCs were amazing. As I told Matt, the best NPCs are ones who could just as easily be PCs. So damn good.

I wish there was a reenactment of good mod on film. It just left a powerful impression on me.

Midnight Mass and Jed's mass were so much fun.

Fenri saved my life with Maelstrom.

Brutus' Benediction.

Absolutely EVERY moment with Lazarus was amazing. Divine plot hidden in Alchemist plot.

Grim + Lilith = plan Hommuncularians.

Walking out of a 'mandatory' meeting within minutes out of frustration. Long term ramifications of things are going to be interesting.

Lessons, given and received were so good. It is always hilarious when people find out certain prayers, druidics and skills Caldor does NOT have.

Team Treason go!!!

Man on man. Great event. I'll have more highlights when my brain kicks in.

Caldor Eirson,

Gothi and High Priest of Gaia
Wedding Planner, Match Maker,
Spiritual Advisor To Kaladonia

OOG: Jason M.
Deputy Kitchen Marshal
Land System Marshal

Q: How many people does it take to teach a barbarian how to read?
A: 1 knight, 3 squires, and 1 master of the mages guild.
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13 Sep 2016 01:22 #27 by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings)
Replied by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
Like Jason, huge respect to Matt for adjusting on the fly to all our Shenanigans. I know Grimkjell isn't the type of character to change the game in the traditional sense of out there RP which throws a loop, but you were ready for my idea, and while I didn't get a chance to execute maybe someday we will. What I saw you doing for creative players was incredible.

The NPCs, both returning townsfolk and homonculi were top-notch. Lilith, Eden, and Gilgamesh have changed Grimkjell's roleplay arc considerably, and Abel and the twins are also going to be a huge thing too in the future. The dynamics of the perfects are a sort of mirror to the Heargens in a way, and I'm going to be exploring that in grim's RP. It hugely challenges his spirituality, and his philosophical side, and it's the most emotionally affecting and thoughtful plot I've played with in some time. Because of how it's written, the NPCs work like PCs, and as such interact as fully as that.

Ree's feast was incredibly good, and on such short notice too.

Brutus has the best Yolo benediction.

The brothers are generally a joy to play with, even if Grim only really talked to Valius and Brutus at any length, all of them were incredibly helpful.

The realization of just how important Dr. Tobias is to everyone when he was trapped, and not only did Grimkjell charge, so did everyone else.

Justice is and remains an incredible combat roleplayer. He's such a challenge to fight no matter what his role.

Forest was such a hugely helpful and positive person and helper for this plot, i was so proud of you. You've grown so much and as one guy who loves to help out here to another, huge respect.

Every interaction with Lilith was... hugely emotional and rewarding for me. The similarities are there, the song was there, even if my voice was wrecked and I got the verses out of order.

The lake shore generally as a place for grim to spend time with not one but three of the perfects was incredible. When Grim and Gilgamesh inevitably go blade to blade, I hope it will be down there, if only for the perfect thematic closure it would provide.

Matt, once again it was great, and with your love of music and mine colliding, know I've collected a soundtrack/rock opera style playlist that will be grim's point of view for the entire event. Look forward to it once I complete it.

Steve's new Hobbit alt is such a wonderful change and joy, 10/10 would play with him again.

Seth is one of the people that caught grim's eye, along with the two new barbarians. Strong warriors with good morals are deeply admirable to him.

My entire NPC was a joy, being the undead swordmaster looking for a place to die, and finally finding it was wonderful. Props to Red Birb, burk, and Matt's cousin for amazing combat roleplay as they each dueled me in succession, and everyone else for smart roleplay in realizing they were honor fights.

Andy did a great job as Hurgar, even if he and Grim and Annora were hugely butting heads. Likewise, Emeline was amazing at being a ruthless warlord, and playing her character in some pretty intense roleplay. Kirsten is wonderful, and the ambassador she played from the counsel of the new dawn was incredibly impressive too, I loved recounting stories to her and wish I had time for more.

Every interaction with Caldor and the rest of the clan, particularly when they started trolling him about Lilith was hilarious. Especially once it spread to other people like Lord Silverbow and Jackdaw.

Now Jackdaw, and the crew of the Winged Victory in general were just so very much on this event. Though we interacted marginally and mostly between big scenes of action, there's a huge level of respect there on Grim's side now. I love the dynamic of Grimkjell being permanently annoyed by Jackdaw while also liking him, it's a very fun one to play out.

The political explosion and aftermath of main mod is going to be hugely interesting going forward, and plays a lot with the moral ambiguity of father and his homonculi as well.

The homonculi have become Grim's quest. No. They've become his crusade.

Cassie was top-notch as lois, even though i didn't see her much, I was witness to an excellent scene with her and Emeline, as well as some fabulous roleplay when she explained her new "condition" to Grim.

Ketryn and kardin were enormous pains in grim's brain. <3 to you both, even if you give my character a huge headache.

Some fun little talks with Gideon and Rudolf, like always.

Oh my goodness, ben as Lawrence was hilarious. Especially with how terrible a liar he was, and his odd addled version of heroism, which oddly enough led to one of the most serious and painful moments of the game. "The dream knight is one of the 3 heroes of travance. True heroes."

"And he's dead." -Grimkjell

Ben Herman also gave me a great compliment during cleanup, but I'll keep it to myself.

IG: Sir Grimkjell Eirson
Knight of Pendarvin
Guardian of Mercy

OOG: William Hannings
Land system Marshal
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13 Sep 2016 01:30 #28 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
After no longer smelling like a garbage truck and having a full night's sleep, my favorite highlight of the event was before the thing even started. "Change my story." It was so refreshing to hear the guy running the show, perfectly encapsulate what KR is all about. One giant, collaborative story with several hundred writers.

I knew there were almost two dozen people helping Logistics full-time, but it never hit me until Matt held a meeting with all of us and I did a double-take. The backstage camaraderie and silliness was amazing and I'd work with you guy again any time. Alice and Lauren, thank you so much for helping us put our faces on; Lauren, I'm sorry I immediately cried off the eyeliner!

Brian H., thank you for the makeup tips!

The perfects, you guys looked great. You know, from a safe viewing distance.

Walking shoulder to shoulder with the brothers in an Inertial Barrier through a swarm of homunculi and a slayer only to walk--apparently menacingly--toward Jed as he bursts the barrier in one shot. Rook jumping in between us with her arms outstretched and telling him not to kill us. My hero. ;)

Rachael dancing out of Logistics as Yo-Yo and half of the crew deciding to white headband that mod. So good. Kestrel flipping the table on its head. My inner Nalick was so proud.

Ludwig and Brutus bonding. Rounding the corner to Logistics and falling over laughing because Dustin is a comic genius and like he said, we should never be allowed to NPC together.

A late-night philosophical talk with Meander about the so-called "Perfects" and how perfection impedes progress. It was a nice little moment of getting into character.

Sitting in Logistics Saturday night and seeing nothing but brand new faces all around.

Lastly, finally being able to relate to the wonders of the post-larp shower.

'Til next time, guys.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
Card Team
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13 Sep 2016 07:20 #29 by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
Replied by Caldor Eirson (Caldor) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
I have to jump back to mention Dominic. His farewell and how much Caldor tried everything from begging him to keep the fuzzy vest (I swear if you wear it forever, your love of it will keep you from dissolving) to asking Arawyn, Galladel and indirectly galmachis if he could be saved. Finally having to let him go in the most honorable but painful way. And then peaches just stepping it up and making it even more painful and awesome.

Special nods to Josh and Connor for everything about how they handled that.

Caldor Eirson,

Gothi and High Priest of Gaia
Wedding Planner, Match Maker,
Spiritual Advisor To Kaladonia

OOG: Jason M.
Deputy Kitchen Marshal
Land System Marshal

Q: How many people does it take to teach a barbarian how to read?
A: 1 knight, 3 squires, and 1 master of the mages guild.
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13 Sep 2016 09:58 #30 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
Replied by JTinney (Swordsaint) on topic September 2016 Event Highlights!!!
Going into this month’s game, I can honestly say I had more than a few questions about how it was going to go. Matt has some wild ideas and the previous one with all the allies to be collected was a wild ride then. This one? Well I can decidedly say this much-

This was Some Event… Well Done, my friend!

-Watching the interactions between the brothers and the town… helping to shield them from the Perfects at one point while wondering about the story of the Perfects. Knowing this was going to get ugly, just didn’t know when. I needed to speak to the perfects to see where their thoughts really were… and if they were capable of true independent thought.

-Talk with Gilgamesh Part One. Excellent discussion about combat, fighting style and no one style is “perfect” for everyone. A resolve and agreement to spar at some point is made… then there is the-
-Lillith talk and challenge. Can a spoiled child persona Perfect learn how to bake? We will see….
- the return of Teska. Good to see you, my friend.
-A talk with Gideon on matters of Brazen… and interrupted yet again (as all our talks seem to be). I have come to expect there will never be a completed conversation between us. Ever.

-Morning Coffee Mod with (redacted)
- The Mass that Wasn’t. Brazen Mass was not well attended this month… and of course, it was set upon by the imperfects and a Hunter. Excellent running battle both by kaladonia and then near Pendarven. All fights were a blast… Would fight again.
- The Lab raid and an example of why physical barriers are not a worry for a skilled Priest of Brazen. Matt, the smile on your face when I did what I did after all the science attempts to bust the barrier…. About eclipsed your head. All I can say is “Brazen Provides.”
- Jed Mass. I admit I was curious how this was gonna go as an invite was decidedly unexpected... And I was impressed with what was seen and said. Well Done, Judge and everyone who spoke.... well done. :)
- Talking with the First Brazenite of Travance…. And learning that as far as Templar Tancil Greyfist is concerned, Brazen tells him that he accepts me as worthy of the title and role, as I have proved myself as a defender of the Faith.
- Gilgamesh Talk Part Two with Birgitta. A long and varied conversation with the Perfect yielded an agreement and a willingness to look at something from a different angle. Too bad it wasn’t used… but decision to ignore the idea came from above this merc’s paygrade.
-The Birgitta and Lois Agreement. Y’all just don’t know….
- Post Main counseling of a heartbroken and depressed Wulfgar. “Lad… Jack became the hero he always wished to be… and died as epic a death as any legend in the tales told by Wise-men in the North. Be happy for him and be proud.”
- Shenanigans in the Encampment

- Counseling a young adventurer on a life path…
- Breakfast meats off a campfire for the Win.
- The easiest pack out from the encampment EVER.

This event was excellent. The RP opportunities, the interactions and seeing old friends… and meeting legendary ones (Dame Dar’Hanna of Winterdark, anyone?)

Next month will be very interesting… on sooooo many levels.

Father Duncan MacKenzie

Templar-High Priest of Brazen
Chaplain, Bloodspirits Mercenary Company

Janos Beecham (alt)
Dragoon of No Importance

John Tinney
Safety Marshal/ EMT
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