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23 Oct 2017 08:35 - 23 Oct 2017 08:36 #1 by Aria (Aria)
October highlights was created by Aria (Aria)
I'll kick it off

You guys are absolutely amazing. The amount of rp I saw was beyond compare, I was extremely impressed. I had so much fun playing sorrow and watching everyone's reactions. Even after my death WITH a white headband and walking into ostcliff they all stopped talking and stared till I pointed out the headband...thats how you know you've had an effect. ;)

I received so much support in and oog it was amazing . Thank you to all the people who repeatedly talked down my anxiety, and conor for really helping me with my skills. It was an honor to do this for Chris who has put up with me for months.

Not to many highlights for tari, but one was a highlight that I think was one of my biggest throughout many years. Thank you to Walter and Will. That rp over Winks brought back friendship that I thought was lost and a closeness no player now could ever touch. It meant so much that I was apart of that

Thanks Steve for another amazing field trip with cennius, and on the back end thanks Steve for playing Corsair and bringing much needed laughter to the event.

Watching jun teach a very interesting spy lesson was also hilarious, I really wanted to stay and see it finish but I was so exhausted

Tari Zhafirah Stonebar Deldragon
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Playing with fire is bad for those who burn themselves.  For the rest of us, it is a very great pleasure.

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23 Oct 2017 12:48 - 23 Oct 2017 12:49 #2 by Dustiria (mytho2)
Replied by Dustiria (mytho2) on topic October highlights
Thank you to all who ran this event! We really loved the little mod put to gether for our grumpy dwarf crew. My daughter loved to get the chance to actually use her skills. The newbie mod we went on with the ghost girl and floating weapons was one of the most balanced and fun mods we have gone on to date. wonderfully done. Must say the most fun Clover and I had was at the Black Bird. Such yummy Butter beer and wonderful conversations. Actually food seems to be the best roleplay times all weekend lol Dinner with my crew and Chet was a blast especially when a man sat near us who litterlly was selling the clothes off his back. so much laughter. Sunday breakfast amazing discussion about religion with father Ephram(so hope i spelled that right) and when Chet and tsula joined us the conversation to a funny wonderful turm. much more laughter. It was a weekend of scary things, much emotion, and so much laughter. we even added to our crew. So glad the I can bring my kids and everyone is so nice to them. Clover and I had a wonderful time and can't wait to retum!

Dustiria the Alchemist/Engineer and something else. Let's just say I make all the bombs.

My friends call me Dusty

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23 Oct 2017 18:59 #3 by Selphatos (Selphatos)
Replied by Selphatos (Selphatos) on topic October highlights
Bit of a slow event for Selphatos- more happened involving NPCs I played ,but I more than definitely enjoyed playing said NPCs. That said...

Friday night spent as the infamous Artist, Doctor Thomas Preston for Mr. Balla's mod. Started out about how I expected it to and about 20 minutes in it was taken in ways I was never anticipating. Like getting personal house visits from EACH HARBINGER all within the SAME hour.
All-in-all I deeply enjoyed portraying a character for the culmination of a multi-month storyline and interacting in such interesting ways with so many players. Yay for liberal use of the word "technically" ;)

Had a /very/ unexpected talk with Nalick that was actually quite serious and emotional- hoping my words helped there.

Our little Sylph was getting a tad bored since she is smol so the NPC coordinator on duty managed to whip up a quick little mod for my group that let the Sylph spread her wings a bit, so to speak. SUPER grateful for this and I sadly don't know who was running things Saturday from 2pm on but WE ALL thank you! Everyone had fun.

The newbie mod run by Will Bartlett was one of the best newbie mods I've had the pleasure to be on. Mind you, there were FAR more players involved than were expected, but the balance was there. The threat was real but not overwhelming. The NPCs playing the sentient weapons were aggressive but not brutally so. The plot and answer to the issue was simple but not obvious. So many different skills got to come into use in conventional AND unconventional ways. 10/10 would run again.

Got to spend more time this event conversing with Father Ephrem than probably any before, which I appreciate as I always enjoy interactions with his character. Also they weren't all clergy-based. In fact only one clergy sentence MAY have been spoken. Otherwise it was just good, relaxing conversation and development so thanks for that :D

Enjoying longer periods of time in the Blackbird that ever before and finding it is under new management AND new menu options was a beautiful treat. The entire flight of drinks was superb and the butter beer was out of this realm. So much so after we enjoyed it from the sample we went out, gathered more people and brought THEM in to try it while we got more ourselves. The Dwarf Crew may have found a new favorite haunt.

Meeting and recruiting our first member to the Crew that isn't an already known mundane life friend was exciting. Air of Horn ;) is a welcome addition and I enjoyed teaching him some new skills as well. Welcome aboard.

Relaxing in the inn 'round stupid o'clock when the undead came- decided I should try and help when I saw one coming in to flank the primary block of fighters. Got him down to the ground and he began blasting me with trips. When I informed him it didn't work he paused, confused, and asked "" then, without missing a beat, Grim walks up, points to me with a smile and says "Earth guy." Then slams down a slay. Many laughs were shared.

Sunday... oooh Sunday. my NPC shift. Always enjoy the amount of thought and depth Justin puts into his NPCs.

I played a wild mage, on the run from zealots known as the Purifiers who seek to eradicate chaos and evil in all its forms. I had with me a little girl who was also a wild mage. We had both been tortured pretty badly and we also stole what we thought was the source of the Purifiers power to try and stem the tide of their terror.
Basically a soft main mod for Sunday- the RP I got to perform and react to was powerful and satisfying for me, at the least. I hope the PCs I interacted with felt similarly.
Always nice to see a resolution that is peaceful and uplifting rather than the usual massacre that COULD have been. And boy did it come close to an all-out slaughter.
Except the Purifiers..they got wiped.

Heres looking forward to next event and the upcoming ball!

Rob Davis
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23 Oct 2017 20:19 #4 by Sean Williams (IanEmerson)
Replied by Sean Williams (IanEmerson) on topic October highlights
First time player here who was extremely nervous going in, but wanted to put down my thoughts because it was quite a weekend!

First and foremost, the entire game is incredibly impressive. The dedication to costuming and ambiance and immersion is amazing. It took me until Saturday morning after the trauma of the Harbingers terrorizing everyone to even notice that the Inn had normal building exit signs (like a building should), and that was after spending probably sixish hours in and around the building.

I didn't engage anywhere near as much as I should have or wanted to (I got more nervous than I expected) but I still ended up involved in plenty of things.

- After spending most of my first night fleeing in terror from the Harbingers, I encountered the Bloody Queen on the way up the stairs of the Inn to the attic to go to the bathroom/bed. Oops. In retrospect it was probably the best thing to happen to be because it gave me something to talk about and motivated Ian to actually go on the Sorrow mod which he probably wouldn't have otherwise.

- The Sorrow mod was a ton of fun. Very chaotic, very creepy, and lots of being mind controlled into attacking friends. It was a good introduction to combat, which is more than a little intimidating, but seems very fun and worth learning further. Storyteller Chris did an amazing job of making ambiance and generally making for a very creepy, unsettling feel. It wasn't difficult to roleplay that given that fear was also somewhat legitimate.

- I only managed to get on one new player mod. The whirling weapons were a nice touch; going in, I expected something significantly simpler in scope, but it was a good way to show off what can happen in game, and was more interesting than a battle against bandits would have been. I was also impressed with how many different roles there were for people in the battle - there were chances for people with certain abilities to shine, and I saw several different people stepping up to play major roles as they realized that what they could do was vital. I also got to roleplay being stitched up by a physician with no anaesthesia which was a fun (and throat-hoarsening) experience.

- NPCing for Justin was a lot of fun, and also an education as to just how powerful characters in this game can get. Getting to see high level players throw down was pretty cool. Alas, the Purifiers didn't have such a good day, but perhaps one day they shall return in their glorious quest to rid the world of wild mages, chaos warriors, and necromancers (and likely get sent packing).

In the future, I hope to engage with more players. I had a ton of questions about a ton of people, but was too shy to ask them. I didn't get to explore the Lands as much as I would have liked either, but that's all the more to do next time. I very much felt like a new adventurer to a new land - I learned just enough to scratch the surface but there are oceans of depth beneath to explore.

Kudos for a great weekend, and I'll definitely be back in the future.

OOG: Sean Williams
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23 Oct 2017 20:55 #5 by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme)
Replied by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme) on topic October highlights
Friday night NPCing was fantastic. Especially when Julia and Ashley and I wound up being a wandering trio of sadness, anger, and fear. Walking by some players fighting things and hearing "30 body, 30 body!" followed by Ashley going "I don't even have that much body!" (We were out of earshot of the players and just erupted into giggles). We really had such a great time walking around interacting with people. Calling the drinks at the Blackbird swill (which was met with lots of outrage from the guests). It was a blast!

My NPC shift was followed by the rescue mod for my character. Rachel did fantastic as the demon Skyler, and getting to scream and beg for my life as the players tried to reassure me while they fought off her demon minions was fantastic. They finally broke my chains and got me down and Althea was right there, turned to Mars in her white headband who was marshalling and went "I use my portal rune to get her out". So we just dipped while everyone else was still fighting to appear in front of the inn and see Belechand come running down ready to help, only to turn around when he realized that all my wounds were healed and it was just my mind that was broken to which his response was "I can't fix that."

My interactions the rest of the weekend were interesting. People kept coming to check on Khala, except for Dimetri and Peaches, who both reamed her out for her stupidity. It was great and I have some fun things role-play wise for the future now!

Unfortunately this is yet another event where I was severely injured (had my ankle stepped on during the suffering mod), but the way everyone is so quick to help is amazing. People are STILL checking in on me and I am so appreciative and in love with this community. You guys are amazing and awesome and thank you all for being such fabulous people. <3

Main Character: Khala Stormbringer
Alt: Keladry Aybara

OOG: JymmeAnne Walton
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23 Oct 2017 22:28 - 23 Oct 2017 23:05 #6 by Tsula Stormcrow (Tsula_Stormcrow)
Replied by Tsula Stormcrow (Tsula_Stormcrow) on topic October highlights

Friday ....NPC much fun playing a rager... screaming at poor Rena (hope I spelled that right) and stopping her in her tracks, I hear a timid little voice "but-but I'm trying to help him" I stayed in character was beyond me....second favorite was getting consent from another player to drag him (fear affected npc) with the help of another rager towards a group of PC....his reaction....oh, god this is going to be awesome! Yes!.....and it was

Saturday.... Tsula was totally not avoiding harbingers....sold a few things at market YAY!!
Dusty decided to go shopping....not at the market, because that makes too much sense...went on a long walk to find that store, saw places I didn't know were there, so that was cool.... finally found the store, aaand its bandits hehe..of course....lots of fun, Clover got to learn how to use some of her skills and we STILL managed to keep Dustiria in the dark...muahahahaha....

Wonderful feast! So much laughter, good food, good company, made friends with the barkeeps after....then off to the blackbird, those butterbeers should be SO fantastic!! drinking, and making potions, no, did not drink potions....looking forward to going again. Thank you to the marshal for sending out an NPC to help Tsula up her tradeskill!! Having the NPC use actual science to explain about gemstones was beautiful and greatly appreciated! Having a PC (I am so sorry I forgot your name, told you I am bad with names) help me with my other tradeskill was awesome as well! We had a great discussion on garb and material since we both make our own.

Sunday.... started wonderfully! Breakfast with Chet, Dusty and Father Ephram...... "Chocolate cake and dignity go straight to your thighs" - Chet after being asked about the large dents in the cushions at the high table.

Sunday ended with a small side quest for Tsula.....being asked by a frenemy for healing, which led to being temp. deputized into the baronial guard, also getting yelled at and finally getting to actually use a clarity bomb effectively!

Had so much fun! I can hardly wait for the next one!

Tsula Stormcrow
Member of the Alterran Council

OOG: Lorna Long
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24 Oct 2017 03:00 #7 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic October highlights

Sean Williams wrote: In the future, I hope to engage with more players. I had a ton of questions about a ton of people, but was too shy to ask them. I didn't get to explore the Lands as much as I would have liked either, but that's all the more to do next time. I very much felt like a new adventurer to a new land - I learned just enough to scratch the surface but there are oceans of depth beneath to explore.

Shoot me a message any time, man. I can get you the answers you want, even for the silliest of questions.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
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24 Oct 2017 09:22 #8 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
Replied by JTinney (Swordsaint) on topic October highlights

4 things…. All which can build character in small doses and break them in large amounts.

Kudos to Chris Zipeto for an unusual Event Weekend and one that seemed to work fairly well- and very appropriate for a October Event. Perhaps I’ll manage to portray a Big Bad for you some day… (still on the checklist of KR Accompliment/achievements I’d like to manage.)

That said, despite events leading into game (dude- Friday afternoon was one thing after another!!) I recovered and had some serious fun. It’s a short list right now as I had a long weekend followed by a superlong day of work yesterday.

Friday Night Highlights-
Father Brazen and the Confirmation. Gene, I love it when you bring out Brazen and its great to interact with you as him. All the work done to better rep the faith has paid off with the interest of many a player in the faith and teachings… The Revelations about the two types of light crafting as well as confirmation about the Crucible’s role… Thank you very much for portraying him and bringing him out on occasion. It makes THIS Priest player as well as the rest of the Faith super happy.

Avoiding Sorrow- Rudy, Duncan and Mercer in the grand scamper avoiding getting got. Must remember 15 feet from path of advance….

The Music Box Marauders… Getting taken down by a bunch of toy dolls and the resolution of said capture and the awesome Stepping Up of two Blood Spirits… John Higgins, you and Forest ran an excellent Mod and mad props to the Doll Patrol for being spooky to face and smart.

John, your crazy Evil Jester Construct and the keystone cops chase at the end- gave me some laughs and a bit of closure/satisfaction. I don’t like clowns… and Duncan HATES jesters… Dropping your NPC was cathartic.

Saturday Morning…

JOINT FAITHS MASS!!!! The VERY FIRST one ever in the history of the Game that had ALL PANTHEONS represented…. And almost every deity had a rep there. Super Awesome RP and excellent jobs by both new players getting up for the first time in front of a crowd AND for the nervous Veteran Priests who don’t normally speak. Embrace the Role and have fun with it.

Sorrow. Well… This summed up the first half of it.

(don’t remember who said this)“Look…. There’s Rage; he’s lurking behind Sorrow and her minions”
(me) “He’s hiding…. because the Git be a coward at his core…”
(Rage comes walking up with a purpose at this point through Sorrow’s troops)
(Aldric in a wry tone) “I Think he heard you…”
(Me) That’s fine…

Reece…. Damnit son, use the Mental Defenses once in a while, wouldya?
Chris G- connected to the above statement, awesome save bro. Thank you a lot.

Sat Volunteering Psion Mod- Guys, you just don’t know what you are faced with… and it will be a blast for the next part. Steve, I look forward to this….

The Passing of Radiziel. I don’t think it could have a better home.

Feast- I think I could have eaten enough of it to have to be rolled out of the Inn had there been enough food to do that. That good.

Fear Mod.
The most Epic Intercept I have ever done with this Character. Ever. Much like Dave not knowing how Aldric kicked him to the rear of the Brain Bus, something similar to me happened as Duncan took over and just *reacted*.

Come the Rules change, it looks like a class dropped might be picked back up. Was SOooooooooooo not planning on that but sometimes RP (and the part of the psyche that is your Character) just plain says otherwise.

Post fear…. The coming down from the mod and the warm fire down at winterdark afterward. I too will have a story to post on FB. I’m just not sure how I am gonna write it.

Sunday highlight was taking two young Rangers on a hike to show them a different part of Travance and The Way of the Ranger. Awesome educational RP and a good way to stretch legs in the morning.

I know there is more but some is a bit fuzzy and some not at liberty to reveal.

See you guys at the Ball and Next Event!

Father Duncan MacKenzie

Templar-High Priest of Brazen
Chaplain, Bloodspirits Mercenary Company

Janos Beecham (alt)
Dragoon of No Importance

John Tinney
Safety Marshal/ EMT
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24 Oct 2017 13:41 - 24 Oct 2017 13:44 #9 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic October highlights
Cracking up with Nicholas L. and some other newer players in the barn before lay-on, made all the more hilarious by the fact that we were trying to stay quiet. Happy Halloween, buddy!

Chris Zipeto's lay-on speech--entertaining, funny, and sweet (reminds me of someone) and introducing everyone to the OK check-in system. It was the first opening announcement I've seen in a couple months, so it was even more of a treat.

What was exciting to no end, was seeing a character that existed only in writing, appear in the flesh--and not one vest, but two. Rob Davis, take a bow, sir. There was admittedly little background information that I gave you and not much time to prepare, but it was a sight being a fly on the wall for those encounters.

Allanna B. and Ashley-Lynn, good lord, the fireworks in the Barracks. It's been a while since I've seen RP that passionate.

You two, Sam, Evan, Isaiah, it's been a fun ride watching your characters grow and develop over the last couple months, especially in relation to the plot.

Andrew and Trevor--and yeah, I couldn't even type your names without snorting--you guys were awesome. Thanks for being chill(!) about having the you-know-what somewhere else. Quite the interesting use of First Aid at 3:00 a.m. by the way, on the heels of using a skill I hadn't used before... twice. It felt like a moment out of Chet's DnD campaign.

Tristan, and the ever-eccentric characters Ben sends you out as. How I was concerned and in-stitches (in-game) at the same time, was an interesting combo.

All of my volunteers who threw on cloaks and wandered through the woods, thank you. It was a treat to hear your stories afterward. Dan H., that scene could not have been more comical. "Wait!? What did you say!?" And the RP in the Barracks and you literally crawling underneath the table. Thanks again, man.

Divine providence when I was about to start a mod and realized I left a weapon and garb for a late-night mod back at Logistics. When I got there, two floodlights with colored film had returned from another mod. Thank you to all my NPCs for helping set up and putting on a good show; thank you Dani S. for literally hopping in at the last second because you just wanted something to do. I really appreciate it. When we got those lights set up, I finally saw Rachel M. fully prepped with make-up and garb. You looked terrifying and amazing. Mars, thank you for your patience, and for stalling the town long enough for us to make last-minute preparations.

Reed, thanks for being a good sport, bud, and for diving into the role-play.

Feast with some Grumpy Dwarves, Zelretch, and Mad Mac Molansey. That and continuing Chet's semi-proud tradition of eating with his hands. Chicken Cacciatore be damned. Tasty meal, Damian. Poor Zelretch.

Forest, bro, Sunday was definitely fun day. That went in several unexpected directions and I'm glad you were part of it. Everyone involved in trying to tackle (at some points literally) Jacob's wolf on Sunday morning, props. Jenn C., thanks for letting me conjure up some results. Jacob, you rolled with everything and the mod was all the better for it. Thanks, brother.

Calan and the shenanigans down at Ostcliff. Such enthusiasm, IG and OOG. I love it.

The Argenti wedding. Actually tearing up a bit in-character and having a couple inner monologues as a result.

It's only getting better from here.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
New Player Representative
Card Staff Member
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24 Oct 2017 16:08 #10 by Victor Wainwright (HanSalva)
Replied by Victor Wainwright (HanSalva) on topic October highlights
A great first event. Thanks to Ostcliff for kidnapping my young man. Victor very much enjoyed his first time in Travance, well except for the harbingers bit.

I loved all of the rp and being able to be a physician and that work was wonderful. I was tired on a OOG level from all that RP.

It's wonderful to see the entire camp being used, it's great. Though I am going to need to get a wool coat....

Thank you for a fun first event.

Dr. Victor Wainwright
Baronial Clerk
OOG: Han/Hana Salvacion (They/them)
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24 Oct 2017 22:56 #11 by Templar Aldric (Selrik)
Replied by Templar Aldric (Selrik) on topic October highlights
John T. wrote in his highlight that I got "Kicked back to the back of the Brain Bus", by Aldric. To explain that, some players have had that moment when their character has its own opinion and reaction to things, independent of you. In fact, you are not needed at that moment, and take a seat, buster, I got this! That was what happened on Friday night to me. Aldric went ape on Rage, after watching it engage in combat against his friends. I blew my card on him, literally everything went into a random npc encounter on an early Friday night....

Saturday we did the All Faith Mass. This is the first Mass in the game's long history in which all faiths came in peace, listened to each other's sermons and united to provide the lay worshippers present, boons from the Dieties. If that was not enough, I was asked to teach Mass, for both a Valosian Priest and a Priest of Malyc. So naturally I threw them to the wolves, together, and made them share a sermon. (They did great by the way)

The plan was to roll up to the morning Main Mod for Sorrow with all of the Clergy and potentially we had some heavy hitters. That did not come to pass, so I wound up going into the mod with Duncan and Ephrem and a few others. Little did we know that Rage showed up, on the chance that we did come in force. He was going to hang back and then Duncan had to taunt him... Aldric kicked me to the back again and I wound up engaged in a half hour battle with Rage, ignoring minions, Sorrow and pretty much all else. The mod ended before I could dent Rage, and then I had to go looking for refreshment potions, (thank you Rudolf) so I could actually fight him again in his Mod. Before I could I stumbled over to Ostcliff where they were having a feast of their own. That was a lifesaver as I need to strip out of my armor and get hydrated as I was overheating badly. I dont break character as Aldric if I can help it, so if you see me in a t-shirt without any armor or tabards, something is wrong. I spent a couple hours there before moving on. Thank you to Ostcliff for hospitality!

The Rage mod was a battlefield...and Aldric didnt even bother kicking me back, he was already driving when I hit the field. I had some skill refreshed, but still was hurting for that mod, but I did my best. The rest of the town was pretty focused on Rage too, so I just followed along and kept up. Matt was a trooper through all of this, as he took a beating for almost an hour, had to break for water twice and dump clothing due to the warm weather. Seeing him regenerate from eating his animated puppets gave me the idea, but he needed to find a way to wrap it up anyway. So Aldric used a Seal of Vengeance to end it. Mind you I had no idea what he had left, and I had very little left by then. But, luckily, after a breif duel, he fell. Cue the RP for the United Church to banish the Harbringer and I was left sore, and very tired.

Feast. Damian that was a good damn feast man! Hot at the table, filling and enough for seconds. Thumbs up!!

The night I was on NPC duty for the two last main mods, did what I could, but mostly just messed with Wren as he was in an Eye of the Storm. That was fun. Tried to mess with Edmund, but Rudy shattering forced my arse off. For the last bit with the Lord of Fear, I fought a bit more. Had fun with that too.

Sunday I did a quiet Bar Mass with a few new players, then got roped into dealing with the Wild Mages and the Lantern from hell. Purifiers? Ok, got to do more intel on Radical Fringe groups of the Church. Anyways, its always nice to have prayers that provide a niche role that is needed. Priest of Law, meet Chaos Curse, zap it with Negate Chaos many many times.

Overall, thank you to Chris Z. whose demented mind set all this in motion over two years ago, and set characters against their own fears. Thanks to all the STs and Marshalls who helped bring this to a resolution. SO much character development happened due to this plot line, and still will, as I need to talk to Aldric and calm his butt down about that Rage fella.... no idea that he was going to wind up reacting that strongly. Things might change a little with him, we shall see. See you all at the Ball!

Primus Aldric
Baronial Chaplain
Prophet of the Holy Light
Templar of Valos

"The sacred writings are quite specific on the subject of killing, but are a bit fuzzier on the topic of kneecaps."

OOG - David McCormick.
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25 Oct 2017 01:00 #12 by Sergei Petsho (Bran MacInnes)
Replied by Sergei Petsho (Bran MacInnes) on topic October highlights
Hiya, folks! Friendly, neighborhood ST here!

As most of you know, I ran the event, and helped get people hyped for a spooky, psychological horror-themed October event.

What some of you might not know is the particular way I try to approach horror. I like horror that has a point. That makes you think, makes you face things about yourself or your character. I LOVE the levels of immersion and roleplay that people reach when in horror situations. Case in point, this event. I saw so much amazing roleplay this event, and I lost count of the number of people who came up to me excitedly telling me how this plot had created character development for them, whether they had encountered a Harbinger themselves or just helped their friends who had. I heard great stories from all kinds of people, from people I've been playing alongside of for years, to new players who were excited to jump right in.

I have to give a shout out to each of my Harbinger NPCs.

Matt, you're an absolute madman. Wearing all that costuming and that absolutely SICK mask made by Yamaira, and still managing to fight everyone and mess with their heads.

Stacey, you came into this so apprehensive and worried you'd mess it up. But then you got into costume and you knocked it out of the park. I never had anything less than complete faith in you.

Shane. I can always count on you to instantly get exactly what I'm going for when I just throw 20 half-formed mad ideas at you and bring it to larger than life. No matter the role, you take the framework I give and run with it.

Ben. 2 years ago, I asked you if you'd be interested in playing a very different role than what you were used to. And together we utterly wrecked some peoples' characters emotionally. And now, 25 months later, you helped serve as the cap to the event that has caused so much significant character development and rp between people. All while barely able to breathe in that horse skull mask. As soon as you put on the costume for the Lord of Tears, I immediately saw that we were on to something. Your presence haunted people. People just seeing your silhouette in the distance turned and ran. You were a magnificent combination of eerie creep factor and sinister mind manipulator. You helped me run a very different kind of story at this game. Thank you.

No lie, I was a bit apprehensive about this event. Psychological horror can be a bit of a gamble for a game that doesn't often use it as a story device. There's a lot that can go wrong with it, but it seems that by and large, the focus on character interaction and overcoming a character's personal demons helped make this event an overall success.


-The looks on peoples' faces when the opening cutscene of the event started.

-The amazing costuming jobs done by the Harbinger NPCs

-The whole seance scene Friday night. From the circle of salt, to the look on Bill Hannings' face when Jason Feldman's voice came out of the speaker to seem as if it was coming from Robin's mouth. It was eerie, poignant, and started the event off with high atmosphere.

-The Warden's personal session with Marcus. Dude, you take everything thrown at you, roll with it, and see everything as an opportunity to enhance your rp. It's a great attitude.

-Trying to go to bed at 5am while wearing a mask turning into leading Belegchand, Cara, and Starling on a merry chase for almost an hour culminating in some super touching and heavy rp. Alice, don't think I didn't catch what you did there.

-Watching people come together to flip the bird to the Harbingers metaphorically on each main mod. Not only in terms of teamwork, but in actually making emotional connections with each other. Warms my black little heart.

-The AMAZING scene that was the hangman's tree that served as Suffering's anchor point. With all the bones, chains, and rope, bathed in that red light. It was damned spooky and so freaking cool. Sadface that the light died before it could be used at Fear's mod.

-Watching Swyft, Rudy, and Kyras finally get closure in killing the Lord of Tears after 2 years of torment. I'm so happy to have seen you three grow and get that richly deserved revenge.

-Everyone who put up with Aengus and his shenanigans. Especially Maeve. Sorry, not sorry.

See y'all in November!

"What do you take me for? Some kind of big damn hero?"
Sergei Petsho, Voivode and Steward of Inovar, Owner and Masseur Extraordinaire of Magic Hands Massage.

"What, it's for my research, I swear!"
Nigel Whitworth, Gentleman Apothecary

"Here, kid, suck on this and shut up for a while."
Aengus MacAengus Hesperus, Professional Old Person

OOG: Chris Zipeto
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27 Oct 2017 11:02 #13 by Arradir Go-Dringol (DaPhysicist)
Replied by Arradir Go-Dringol (DaPhysicist) on topic October highlights
Man, I haven't formally done one of these in a long while.

Friday Night
As Kroh, I got asked to interrogate the Artist while having to juggle the arrival of the small Veiner warrior band. Steve, you and your NPCs killed it with some really fun roleplay and further confirmation that some of the Northman are even holier than Bob. I eventually got to the Barracks for one hell of a scene (everyone there fucking killed it) that ended up with Kroh getting destroyed by Fear and nearly bleed out before Sorrow dropped by. I finally get the fuck out of there and ends up running into Suffering just as I am talking shit about him. Called him a heritic to his face, made a funny (but terrified) Aguaran quip and then proceeded to start off a 2 hour long crazy spiritual torture scene. Hats off to Liz and Sean for one of the BEST RPs I have had as Kroh. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the night going absolutely nuts with 5 major insanities and nearly getting murdered by a certain elf in war paint.

As Arradir, I hosted the tournament at the Harvest Festival and enjoyed the fantastic amount of combat and RP that surrounded it. A big shout out to everyone who fought and an even larger one to the wonderful people who put the Festival together. I can't wait to help do this crazy thing again come December! Following the Festival, I went on the Rage mod, completing my personal goal of "Meet the Harbingers." That mod was absolutely fantastic and opened some amazing RP doors that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. That moment where Arradir called out Rage from like 20 feet away and blew a Courage just for the RP of it felt amazing. Shout out to Dave and Matt for that hell of a final fight!

As Kroh, I spent the night as a gibbering mess on the final two mods. While I wasn't able to nab the noose as a keep sake, I did get to have a fantastic final scene with Sean as he went down next to a psychotic and broken foxy grandpa. A bit of that Harbinger might be with Aguara now, but who knows! ;D After the mods finished, I was super surprised that so many people came together to fix the utter mess that Kroh was. From amazing drugs from a Lord, a huge spiritual cleansing ritual, and a therapy session on a very comfy couch. He's only got one major insanity left and a bunch of drugs stockpiled for the Ball, so let's see how that goes.

PS: The old man antics that Chris Z's new satyr and Kroh got to have made my fucking night. I swear to Aguara I'm gunna get some rocking chairs for us so we can yell at the young wipper snappers to get those monsters off of our lawns. ;D

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27 Oct 2017 15:59 #14 by Samantha Stormwind (Stormwind)
Replied by Samantha Stormwind (Stormwind) on topic October highlights
Ahoy all!

New player here. This was only my second event, and my first event playing my character as a physician (in September I was a buccaneer, but didn't feel terribly useful; oh boy was I useful as a physician).

Friday highlights:
Getting attacked by the Harbinger of Fear and given nightmares for the entire event made me really think about what my character feared the most. This also took my character in a completely new direction, because until the attack she'd been trying to conceal her gender by hiding her hair in her hat, but her hat was knocked askew during the attack, and thus her hair was down through the subsequent rescue. So not only did she have to face her fears every time she fell asleep or was knocked unconscious, she had to face her fears while awake, and found the people of Travance to be much more accepting and welcoming than expected.
Last event, I went to bed early Friday and got plenty of sleep. This event, I felt my services as physician were too necessary to abandon my friends, and only got about an hour of sleep, after all the excitement was over.

Saturday highlights:
NPC shift. Those who saw me last event know that my NPC shift experience wasn't ideal. This game, though, it was amazing. It started with a role-play heavy mod (at least for me) where I got to play a bard who controlled undead coming back for revenge after being jailed for trying to help the town. I love to sing, and the costume I got to wear was awesome.
Main mod was great as well. I was on the first main mod, as one of the Mirror Children of the Harbinger of Sorrow. At least three people were wearing costumes that I'd donated, and having character cards short enough to memorize rather than actually being handed cards made everything so much simpler. It was warm, and bright out, so I felt like I knew what was going on, and wasn't miserably trying not to freeze. I feel that dealing base damage just made the experience better. The players weren't too worried about how much damage we could deal, so they weren't being overly aggressive. I actually only died twice. With the mod being out in a field, where there was plenty of room for fighting, I was able to get in several hits. Having Chaotic Alteration was great; it let me feel like I was actually accomplishing something, especially when I got through to players who either didn't have defenses or had run out of defenses.
The nighttime main mods were great as well. Last event I was on NPC shift main mod and didn't get to participate--not that I would have done much good as a buccaneer. As a physician, I was immensely useful. I patched up so many broken limbs, often with the battle raging nearby, and healed so many people of insanity afterwards. OOG my dad is a psychologist, so I got to put the knowledge I've learned from him to good use playing therapist. I got dropped to Serious once, got OOG trampled, and then got rescued into a sticker bush. I was picking those stickers out of my clothes for the rest of the event. Luckily I was uninjured, and it makes an amusing anecdote. After going on two main mods--and running on only two hours of sleep (I got a short nap after my NPC shift)--I was OOG exhausted.

Sunday highlights:
Sleep. I got about eight hours of it, which was extremely necessary. I then participated in a follow-up mod from last month's event involving alchemical lycanthropes. Myself and my fellow physician Victor were essential to the success of the mod, since together we were able to drain the lycanthrope of blood and then heal it back to full health, restoring its humanity. Once it transformed back into a human, we got to role-play talking this poor human out of shock and re-teaching him how to speak.

All in all, it was a great event. I had a lot of fun, and felt like I was contributing to the story, both as a PC and as an NPC. I can't wait to see what the November event brings!

Ash Stormwind
OOG: Kali R.

Kali Rainwater
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27 Oct 2017 20:01 #15 by Liz (Liz)
Replied by Liz (Liz) on topic October highlights
I really just want to make a call out to everyone for doing such an awesome job RPing this event. To Chris Z for running such an amazing event and to all of his NPCs for tormenting us without making it a "YOU ALL DIE" circumstance. It actually seems to let the fear, rage, pain, and sorrow sink in that much more.

Joey- I loved that scene- I would have never thought it would happen, but it did and it was fantastic. Brian T, our RP is always on point and I love our interactions as either character. Shane- you were the perfect adversary and I loved our encounters!

This event made Mae into the person she has been becoming for years and as her player, I couldn't be happier! There are far too many people to thank- like the people who saw me come at them and be like "HELP ME FIX SOULS!" and the other people who saw me crying in front of the inn and really everyone.

See you next time!

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02 Nov 2017 08:13 - 02 Nov 2017 09:00 #16 by Swyft (agentswift)
Replied by Swyft (agentswift) on topic October highlights
I had such a fantastic time this event. Thank-you so much, Chris Z, for running spooptober!

Ah, sweet, sweet catharsis. I cannot tell you how much it meant to Swyft to finally, FINALLY, help destroy something that had hurt her for so long. It was almost two years ago to the day that the Lord of Tears attached itself to her and heralded the downward spiral of misfortune. This event helped my character (and me too, quite frankly) to gain a sense of much needed confidence. After spending so long getting bullied by circumstance and sentients, it was a wonderful change of pace to turn the tables and feel empowered instead of afraid. An extra thank-you to Ben Oakley, for allowing a cat to pounce and tear at his face. <3

A shoutout to Matt for playing Rage and being the madman he is with (somehow) boundless energy. I know when I engage Matt in any role, I better bring my A game. Learned the hard way two months ago not to try running from him. :P

Loved the seance scene. Such intensity! And a few of us who didn't really know each other too well got to hear some deep secrets...

I'm sorry I didn't get to engage much with the other Harbingers, but Swyft was pretty focused on the Lord of Tears. (It was fun being so growly and snarly!) I heard nothing but good things about y'all, though!

The scene late Saturday night with Tristan's really poorly executed "Spy" and the table of weirdos that he got glued at... (Thanks, Zelretch, you bully.) What a good sport. Was extra fun chasing him out of the inn and, uh... making sure he wasn't lying... about stuff... NOBODY DIED, IT'S FINE.
(Ben's mods are always so good.)

Watching Chet harass Zelretch at Feast... totally beautiful.

Dame Swyft T. Glitterfang-Johnson-Ludwig
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- Designer of Stonefall Couture: "Because you're never too bad to look good!"

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