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30 Jul 2018 10:23 #1 by Aleister (Aleister)
July 2018 (2023!) Highlights! was created by Aleister (Aleister)
Here's your post.
I'll post when the sun goes down and I can finally come out again!

Lord Admiral Aleister Demirosz, the Phoenix

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-Steve Oros
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30 Jul 2018 11:19 #2 by LoisMaxwell (LoisMaxwell)
Replied by LoisMaxwell (LoisMaxwell) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
DAMMIT, STEVE. I was typing up my post and you started the thread before I could hit "Submit" XD

I'm not sure mere words could ever do this event justice. A plot years in the making, with which everyone could have a connection; an engaging conflict that allowed for player creativity to shine; a solid, satisfying conclusion... Can the Crab People ever be topped? :p

I guess that whole homunculus backdrop wasn't too shabby, either ;-)

For real though: this level of slow build up, willingness to change the flow of the story to account for player actions and desires, and constant dedication to putting out content to keep the story alive over this many events was incredible. These kinds of heights cannot be reached without an entire crew willing to put so much of themselves into this, and give up so much of their personal game time, over the course of years. I cannot thank all of you enough for everything you've put into this.

The forum experiment was really cool, too! I know there were some rough spots, but it was great way to give everyone a personal tie into the plot, even if they hadn't had one before, as well as stirring up interactions between characters who are normally in different crews. My phone battery & work productivity can't handle doing that all time ;-), but I would be happy to see something like that happen again once in a blue moon.

As for the event itself:
GIANT ROBOT DOG! "Everybody in the dog, put your paws up and make silly dog faces." Queue a line of people making barking noises while walking through a mod. And ROCKET SHOES! An entire mod where every mad crafter in town gets to go ham with their science? It was a thing of beauty.

The reunion scenes were great to watch (even if Lois generally eschewed the maudlin sentimentality). It really surprised me who Lois was truly excited to see again, which I didn't think was possible.

Not having to answer to the cries of "Seneschal!" for once XD Sorry not sorry, Ebony :p

Lois has come back from death for love, for duty, for knowledge... But who knew Gabriel would be the one to get to the heart of what she really wanted to come back for?

Speaking of Gabriel, Flawed Homunculus 471, Mender of Pants was great :)

The chainmail flowers. Many thanks to Jenn for putting together the order!

Solitaire. Oh man, that feels train.

Kanas, proving to Lois that she chose her backup plan well :)

Relaxing outside the AG and seeing Belegchand run by in a flash of purple & a red headband. Seeing him run back from the other direction a few minutes later. It was like watching an episode of Scooby Doo :p

A fortune for a fortune. Justice and nobility from the Dark make for an interesting combination. Even though it was all interrupted by CRAB PEOPLE. Seriously, can Lois just not have one moment? XD

"And here we have the progression from high concept philosophy, to psychology, to scientist, to engineer." Mmm, actual brownies. Thanks, Sarah!

Finding out that when Heimdall was out, the first thing he said was "Where is my daughter?" <3

MAIN MOD WAS SO COOL! Poor Hayley, having to stand with your arms out like that the whole time, but man it looked SWEET. And the costume for Eden's final form was AMAZING, I hope there are pictures of the details (because I was too busy being disintegrated to stare properly :p )

I cannot stress enough how happy I am that the final outcome was what was chosen by, essentially, majority vote. We've had an awful lot over the recent years where it's been "do this thing you hate, or the world ends" - here, we had a *real choice*, and that is so, so important. Even if it wasn't the outcome your character personally wanted, I hope everyone can see the value in that kind of ending.

DAMMIT, OTHER DAD. Man, Kroh/Ignus is waaaaaaaay more terrifying than I think anyone expected. I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, THOUGH! Because I will remember my spell list XD

New step-sister Kestral! Matt M. runs off into the woods carrying Jackdaw, and a new family tie is born XD

The reactions to Lois devouring other homunculi as a killing blow were tons of fun.

Fighting with Imrahil for the first time in like ever! It's pretty hard to sell the "calm monk" sort of fighting style at a game where you have to legit shout your damage and tag calls to be heard over the din, but Brendan manages it and looks damn cool while doing it.

The pain finally served its purpose. Lois is free. Thank you for that, Matt.

And finally, to the HomuncuBros: Thank you. You've become wonderful friends, both IG to Lois and OOG to Cassie, over the years. Here's to many more years of plotting, laughing, and supporting each other in the future <3

I am quite sure I forgot more people and moments. This event was a whirlwind from start to finish. I look forward to seeing all of you next month!


((OOG: Cassie Stanley, Marshal Deputy))
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30 Jul 2018 16:51 #3 by Dustiria (mytho2)
Replied by Dustiria (mytho2) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
This event wow! I am actually in boat people withdrawal. The weeks of 24 7 rp was a very good experience. I formed friendships and relationships I never would of expected from Dusty, The first thing i checked and the last thing i typed was to boat people every day. today was lonely. whoever expected that? anyway, I am grateful for the online rp. so much character development combined with actually interacting with people i have never even talked to was a wonderful experience. from arts and crafts, shenanigans, salem love story, and of course more cowbells it was neat to have more than just plot to do. thank you to all who made the online possible

now the event

thank you to duncan and the blood spirits for hiding Alterra from all the homunculus except one all weekend. you guys are great to camp with!

Friday night the reunions what can I say. dusty got teary eyed. learning from the missing what they went through was great! meeting Jumunculous Kane and his perfect inn was fun! finding missing members of alterra inside as homunculus was not. putting out of propaganda flags was fun too.

Saturday now that's an eventful day. kudos to all those mods. I have never seen the like. Matt where did you find the energy?

That feast wow that was incredible. Thanks to all who made that happen.

Dusty's day started early with an early morning visit of Jumunculous Kane to the blood spirit camp. Dusty really should learn to shut up. never expected to be given a perfect job as a chocolatier in the perfect inn and be on the run from james for hrs. so much fun! and when james sat down with dusty for dinner almost had a heart attack. Thankfully Dusty never made it to his dungeon.

Robot dog! never so thankful for a higher up to notice dusty. To go on a mod where my alchemy and engineering was actually needed was wonderful! making grim metal organs wow just wow.

then there was standing side by side with Father Ephrem as he confronted Lazarus. Yes Dusty stood on the front line lol. Was honored to crusade with you father.

of course, there was the mod where it was endless fighting till we lay down our swords. there i fought with kristoff. who knew Dusty can be effective swinging one point of damage combined with a shield fighter. so much fun!

Morki becoming Dusty's first reanimate. that was awesome rp followed by her so angry she slaughtered a homunculus and ordered her friends and the blood spirits out of town.

Main mod having kristoff take care of Dusty by shining a light so she could see then with the light of the full moon fighting front line with him and the rest of oscliff. that was pure joy. I lost track of how many times I counted to 10 and yelled bane!

NPCs shift sunday was a heck of a lot of fun. so many boat people!

special thanks to Chet and ninnyhammer(hope i spelled her name right. you two did fabulous one on one rp with dusty. Jeff you even stayed late for me ty!

thanks also to Duncan and Tsula I know dusty really tried your patience this event. never have i been so thankful for no pvp.

all in all this is my favorite kr event so far. i could go on and on

thank you to everone who was there!

Dustiria the Alchemist/Engineer and something else. Let's just say I make all the bombs.

My friends call me Dusty

Member of the Alterra council

OOG Marcia K Thompson
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30 Jul 2018 20:45 #4 by geezer (geezer)
Replied by geezer (geezer) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
My greatest highlight was Renee/Swyft making Saturday breakfast - the grill was the perfect temperature the entire time!

Edwin Haroldson
Master of the Mages' Guild

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30 Jul 2018 21:27 - 30 Jul 2018 21:37 #5 by Valanye Kennyr'renaith (daniela franceschetti)
Replied by Valanye Kennyr'renaith (daniela franceschetti) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!

my first and foremost highlight:

when valanye was moving through the forrest after walking with Deep Garden for a week and just seeing the sheer amount of people in front of the inn, from stealth. valanye fell to her knees, so overwhelmed by the fact that every single one of you there, who she thought were dead, were alive this entire time. so thanks to everyone at game for making characters that were missed and mourned "for five years" ;)

the tearful and the comic reunions , shoutouts to all of kaladonia for that, she thought her land was all but lost. to everyone else whom she had very peculiar reunions with, like corvus, xD all very memorable

I loved the fight with belberith even though i lost one dynamite physrep xD , thanks to nick culberson for the replacement!

To Tori for being the best Network captain, whom valanye was still proud to serve after we were all reunited.
To Anna for Ninnyhammers wonderful and heartfelt rp about the church and everything that came after!
To Josh H, for being the most amazing general the Underground could've had, and for the amazing ending (new beginning) to that version of the character.
To Justin W, for building up valanye with a feeling heart only to break it at the end of event by forgetting it all!
To Mileof for rising from the dead and being the savior of Deep Garden xD LOL
To Valanye's druidic teachers, she might have lost that when time went back, but she now knows her greatest potential.

To all others in Deep Garden, the bonds and roleplay didn't end when the forums did, and i'm so grateful for that. Each and every one of you made this event special for me, and it was a pleasure to meet the new faces i had met online, in person <3 To ALL of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To all of the NPC's from the Perfects to Lawrence trying his best, you all set the tone for an amazing weekend, and people worth saving from tyranny

I loved npc-ing for the lazarus mod, being on the other side of the cult of the blazing sun was hilarious and the ax spinning will be seen again one day I promise. Father Ephrem really shone, and it was a pleasure to witness.

The conversation with marcus about his choice of who wielded hastinggale was amazing, and i hope that rp and the connections our characters have never ends. Lightening sword fam/Dragon sword fam for life!

The conversation with Peoniis about how Valanye has changed, and who she is now, struck something wonderful within me both in and out of game, thank you so much for that Antone

And for the other Correia xD , Soren, the little moments throughout the weekend were excellent and wonderful subtle interactions. The moment when she saw Jack thorn at the bar and knew exactly what he was there for, why she herself was going there, was truly a magical and immersive experience

The little tear Valanye shed for Thalia when Selby gave her the symbol of palindor (sp?) , while everyone was definitely alive after we won against eden, it had only hit her at that moment that Thalia could have been dead that entire time.

Reuniting with her doctor and telling him how bad she fucked up was wonderful and thank you Han for Victors gesture in trying to get Owen to remember <3 It felt good to tell him about Dr. Nigel and Dr. Jackdaw, they took great care of the patient in the meantime

Belegchand breaking the news about Caelvan to Valanye was a wonderful moment in character, and cemented in my oog mind an excitement about how I didnt seem to notice a friendship building before. The scouting mission five years later after the night they did similarly when the age of eden began!

Thanks to Connor for the amazing rp between Caelvan and Valanye this weekend, you broke her heart and mended it like five times in 2 and a half days.

Shoutout to Dani S for the shadow of Keavy hanging over Valanye as Val slowly realized that Keavy wasnt with any of the other survivors... <3

Edit: almost forgot, cant leave without a big F.U. to Homuncu-Sorn for the psychological torture! xD love u Rei

Damn all of you for making her feel her own feelings!!!!

- Valanye Kennyr'renaith, Scout- Network Devision.
- Wayfinder of The Asterism

(OOG: Daniela Franceschetti)
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30 Jul 2018 22:18 #6 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
Tori and I almost didn't make this event, so in spite of that, we both went pretty full ham into the forum RP which set forth such an incredible set of developements with so many other characters.
The inevitable turn into the blind vampire for the weekend was so much fun to play and really helped me get into the mindset of the character in those times!
So everyone who was involved with the boats, I will cherish those interactions till the end of days.
For the time we were at the event, it was a blast getting to talk to everyone!

And deserving of its own nod,
Post main mod conversation with Rudolf was such an important defining moment. I would have never expected to have had that talk, but really, it was well worth every moment. Folks, if you ever get a chance to have a long-standing antagonistic feud with Rudolf, do it. You won't regret it!

Lord Admiral Aleister Demirosz, the Phoenix

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-Steve Oros
Assistant Director
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30 Jul 2018 22:41 #7 by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme)
Replied by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
I don't even know where to start.... beginning the event as angry Khala. Refusing to accept that the people were real and getting some weird looks from old friends. Spending the evening literally poking fun at the Homonculi and taking down propaganda. Working with Dirge and one other to steal the Welcome to Unity sign (which we snuck right past Lilith) as well as taking Brutus' sign while everyone was busy fighting Heimdall... it's definitely a different experience playing Khala when the people who usually keep her impulsiveness in check haven't been around for a while. Keeping just out of reach of the Homonculi that were actively looking for me... it was definitely fun. Joey and Jeremy... you both were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I love you guys so much. 10/10 would RP with again!

I think one of my favorite conversations was the following between Khala and Selby.

S: "Look Khala. If you stop messing with the propaganda and keep yourself together right now, you have my permission to go full ham once we save all the Perfects."
K: "Really? Promise?"
S: "Really. I won't stop you."
K: "Deal."
S: " *to Dirge*... it was that easy?! I would have done this five years ago if I had known!"

Also taking Khala's first death on first main mod was just... absolutely fantastic! The worst part is that not only was Khala resurrected after dying (like she told others she would be), but when I did my random roll... I got +2 build... so she came back 'stronger'. And the resurrection RP for it was AMAZING. Peaches made sure it HURT for Khala (used the blood of Darius to help fuel it and cause serious pain for Khala).

Second main mod was just... amazing. Getting to be Khala at her full potential... I actually now know where I want to start building to. It was FANTASTIC. I could actually hold my own on the field for once. I loved it!!!

Sunday I think my big highlight was getting to resurrect Tobias with Meander watching and only getting to hear half of the conversation. Khala going "Huh... that's strange..." while Ergos goes running off to talk to Therion while Meander's going "What's strange? WHAT'S WRONG?!" It was so much fun. But we convinced him to come back and Khala got her first ever resurrection while simultaneously frustrating the spirit she was resurrecting with how inexact the process is. Fantastic RP from everyone. ^_^


I love you all and can't wait for Arrrrrrrgust!!!

Main Character: Khala Stormbringer
Alt: Keladry Aybara

OOG: JymmeAnne Walton
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31 Jul 2018 09:24 #8 by Ephrem (bamore62)
Replied by Ephrem (bamore62) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
The boat people were phenomenal. Some of the best online RP I've been involved with, both on the official chat group and also off on side chats with others here and there. Cowbell drills. Psychological disturbances of being on board at sea. Cats (we had no rat problems). Greenhouses and alchemy labs. Mushrooms and black stones. More cowbell! Shenanigans and arts and crafts. Battle strategies (along with running strategies). Reno's death and comeback. Barak's sacrifice. Dominick kicking Gilgamesh in his homuncu-junk for a distraction to escape. Morning breakfasts with the early birds. Romance on the flotilla. Voting to throw Moostrov overboard, but never getting around to it (maybe because he was right about the fungus). All great stuff. Hats off to Matt and the other moderators, I hope it was as engaging for you as it was for us.

Matt, this whole event was extraordinary. As far as I could see, a full camp with everyone engaged somehow - especially with so many new faces. Even people who could not be here for the full event made sure to get here for some of it.

Feast was extraordinary! The food was perfect ... no, I don't think I could use that word again for awhile.

Battling our way to the Manor. Finding Darius along the way and telling him about his son. First interactions with Midori and Khalid and others at the Manor. Finding the Inn. Chelsea Yeats (you are amazing!), the first person Ephrem met who was made "pallid" doing an incredible RP as the new seneschal. Having to support Angeliana after encountering Kaiva-munculus. Kanas is the leader of the human hunters? Oh, crap! Therion has WHAT stuck in the core of his being?

Briefing by Birgitta - so good to see you there, Leslie! Justin DeVoe - because of character design, I don't get to interact much with Jed too often, but Jed sitting there stoically during Birgitta's briefing saying only one well placed sentence that was my favorite line of the whole event. Ephrem, throwing his hand into the air, "Well, it looks like we have an underground Church." Jed, "[scoff] We know what that's like." I loved it.

Dusty running up to me Saturday morning asking me to hide her from Jumunculus Kane. He wanted to convert her to Eden's perfect world so she could be the chocolatier in the dungeon under the Inn. Dusty running away had to be a chase seen on par with Belechand running away from the bounty on his head for his tactical strikes.

Originally I signed up for first NPC shift on Saturday, but then saw Steven on the next shift and changed it to 2-6. I'm glad I did for two reasons. First and more importantly, Ephrem and Sindarion never get to interact too much, so it's good to see my son at some point during the event. We didn't get to play off each other too much like other events, but it was good anyway. Second, NOT being an NPC for the Lazarus encounter was rather fortuitous. "Come, Dusty, it's time to Crusade." Right there all the time for her buddy, Val. I'm so happy that Ephrem and Dusty are buddies, too. Thanks Will Bartlett as Lazarus for the great initial encounter and tension builder before the battle. That was perfect, not that word again. Every now and then there's a chance to encounter heretics and my Valosian priest was able to step up. I really enjoyed that encounter best of the whole event - and that says a lot given how much I enjoyed each one that I was involved with, both as PC and NPC. I found out later (from Brian T.) that it also was enough time for the rogues to sneak behind the lines - not planned, but it worked. And yes, Christine Rosano, I did have to remind a certain character that a downed heretic does not equal to a snack, although I was really tempted to let her because she looked pretty hungry.

One more time: Feast was extraordinary. Thank you and kudos to all those involved.

Although I missed main mod 1, I was able to get to experience main mod 2. Shooting stars! When all the PCs first walked into the encounter area you could just hear the initial "oh" of being amazed by the area. All those Perfects who have been playing and developing their NPCs for years getting a chance to be part of the finale. The battle made interesting by the 1000 build as all the PC saw a glimpse of their potential. Fighting side by side with Nicolae, given the task of Dusty making sure Ephrem was safe. Nicolae getting downed reviving Ephrem and then Ephrem in turn reviving Nicolae seemed to be the order of the night. "Watch out for that planet!" Oops, I stepped on a planet. Wow, those wings! Lauren - the ultimate RP bad villain dude for such a long time. I'm going to miss Eden, the villain everyone loved (or loved to hate, because you played her so well). The costume was - scarily enough - believable. All the people involved with the climax and denouement of such a rich plot deserve so much accolade. The agency of the player base deciding the outcome was icing on the cake.

Bar Mass, again. The Crusade officially called to an end. Sunday encounters were just what we needed. Low key but interesting, if you wanted to participate.

A superb event.

Father Ephrem
Primus of the Church of Light in Travance

OOG: Bryan Amore
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31 Jul 2018 13:41 - 31 Jul 2018 13:42 #9 by Damien Marcain (Mike P.)
Replied by Damien Marcain (Mike P.) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
This was my first event with KR, and my first experience LARPing ever, so here's the perspective of a newbie! Sorry that I won't remember many names, but I look forward to getting to know you all better in the future, IG and OOG!

Watching everything come to life at my first lay on was incredible. Seeing the campsite transform, slowly watching as people showing up with late dinners in hand turned into characters from every walk of life was enthralling. I was worried about not getting into the RPing very well, but it was harder not to with how amazing everyone was in immersing the new players.

Tark was about ten feet away when some brave soul decided to take the fall for whoever had flown the rebel flag around the Inn. He was just sitting around between mods, trying to keep his nose clean. He was so terrified, just trying to smile and not cause problems, I physically couldn't make myself do anything but nervously, nervously laugh. It was a huge moment for me feeling really involved in the conflict I had just joined up during.

Playing liars dice with the new friends I made, I just started inviting anyone walking through the Inn to sit down and play. One of those people, apparently, was blind and couldn't see the dice, but could also read everyone's minds... the game ended pretty quick after that. We were laughing for a solid few minutes about the whole situation.

Tark's cleric lesson with Marcus. Wow, that was a way to get introduced to how people around here RP. I was just curious about the lore of the land, the gods and all, and ended up essentially getting Tark baptized in the lake by Marcus after basically feeling called on by Andorra.

As far as the event itself went, despite that I was told this was kind of a weird one to start on, I was SOLD. HARD. I didn't even know anyone and I still felt the gravity of the situation. I wanted to help the Perfects. I wanted to take down Eden. I was terrified of laser pointers. I will certainly be returning, and am wanting nothing more than to fully throw myself into this community, in game and out. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone better as I continue to return and write a story of my own for myself!

-Lance Tark
(OOG: Mike Packi)

~Pvt. Damien Marcain, Baronial Guard
Acting Warlord of Pendarvin in the Demon Burrows

(OOG: Mike Packi)
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31 Jul 2018 18:21 #10 by Joseph Siegel (Bengarion)
Replied by Joseph Siegel (Bengarion) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
Hey, another newbie I NPC'd the full event off the street. The Friday night rain made getting settled a challenge but get started I did. It was great to get to play with some new people in a new place. I'll get the system figured out soon I am sure. Onto a few favorites from the dark side then...

1) Meeting new people across blades in the dark.

2) Duncan (?) coming into camp and giving me a handshake for a good time.

3) Showing some other new NPC's a trick or two

4) Seeing the effects and staging efforts put into the big mod Saturday night

5) Learning some new rules and getting a clearer idea of what I want to do

6) Meeting other Marylanders who work really near me, and flattering offers.

7) Long talks with staff members, from the Tech guy, to rules personnel, to even James himself who was supremely pleasant when I was in a bad mood.

Thanks for a chance to play with you all. Hope to see you all again soon.

Bengarion Mortimer (tentatively)
(OOG: Joseph Siegel)

RN: Joseph Siegel
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31 Jul 2018 19:10 #11 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
Replied by JTinney (Swordsaint) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
Well shit.

Far too much to put into words, between the Forum RP of the Boats and the otehr private interactions coming into this months.

Matt- that you still have a measure of sanity (and hair!) left is astounding.

Camp Set Up- once allowed on Camp, set up went super fast and our guests this month really awesome with encampment rules. Thank you greatly and muchly. Be our Guests anytime.

Friday Night Entry... Fighting on the roads. Been a long time since I had to do a fighting retreat and of course I get separated from the Boats.... only to find part of the City Group.

"Good to see you..."
"Likewise..." WE both turn and engage a Homoculi together...

Reunions Part 1: Finding other Spirits and the back slapping... Along with allies missed. But one in particular was not seen.
Reunions Part 2: BIRGITTA!!! Ye alive!
Reunions Part 3: Ravyn. Ye nae real! Ye an Apparition!!"
me: *takes beret and throws it at a disbelieving Ravyn, hitting square in chest* "Feel that? If I was nae real, it wouldnae hit ye in the chest and just gone right through ye... I'm quite real..."
Ravyn:"Oh by the gods..." She sobbed and a near tackle happened..... along with some RP'd tears.

Propaganda Wars begin.... with a bang.

Solitare-culi. "Father Duncan? Have you seen this?" (holds up a pic with a spirits cross) "It would appear someone is attempting to besmirch the Blood Spirits Name."
me: "I see it now... and I dinnae what to tell ye other than there are those who dinnae like us."
Solitare-culi "I will be sure to inform the others it wasn't you. Thank you..."
Me. "Thank you..." After he goes.... look over to Ravyn then back at the retreating Solitare, I said under my breath... "Considering we made it, he can go right on ahead and tell her that..

Saturday Morning...
Jomoculus Kane? Oh no...
Dusty's fauxpaux. part I. Dropped propaganda in front of Jomoculus Kane and his reading it as he picked it up... Mitigated with some REALLY FAST thinking by Ravyn and then meself... Disaster Averted. For now.
Dusty's fauxpaux part II: If you are gonna try to escape a fate, it helps to not run infront of the window Kane is standing in!!!

Finding Jed... Finding Ephram and bringing them both to Birgitta for a briefing on what was going on... and what needed to happen that we knew at that time... Light, Neutral, Dark.... all in one place getting the same brief from the Old Sword. Times have changed.... and in more than one way.

Multiple Mods...
Dragoon Cairn stuff....
Multiple shenanigans planting Propaganda in Eden's Throne Chair.

Gilgamesh Mod... and The Old Sword taking the lead with an idea. That EVERY PLAYER on that mod within eyesight followed her lead. Wow.

Mad respect for a legendary figure's idea by old and new players of the Game... you guys almost made ME cry.

Stepping Up. Taking a Killing Blow on a gamble over the condition of a flawed... and being proven right. Then finding out that the one I was gambling on... had already been turned.

Feast... and the crowd up on the hill was great to eat with and conversations were fun.

Main Part One
Action Hero Duncan.... Slip on the hill and slide down it... and fighting NPCs as I slid by them.
"Duncan Help Me".... Goddamnit Rebekah! You broke me when Fadeith pleaded for help in being released. Glad someone caught you and stopped ya so I could free you from being Turned.

Main Mod Part Two I missed as I hit my physicality limits...

Sunday Morning Coffee and Donuts.... along with breakfast sausages.

Chats and talks at the Inn... and then it was time to pack up and go.

Alot of fun this month... and there will be more I'm sure.

See everyone next month for ArrrrrrrrrrrrGust!!!

Father Duncan MacKenzie

Templar-High Priest of Brazen
Chaplain, Bloodspirits Mercenary Company

Janos Beecham (alt)
Dragoon of No Importance

John Tinney
Safety Marshal/ EMT
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31 Jul 2018 22:30 #12 by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme)
Replied by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
I realized I completely forgot one very important thing! The formation of the Khala Squad!!!! Leading a handful of players (mostly newer with a couple old faces thrown in) into the first main mod with the following instructions: Trust your instincts. Go where you need to. Don't die. It really was a lot of fun and I made a few new friends because of it. ^_^

Main Character: Khala Stormbringer
Alt: Keladry Aybara

OOG: JymmeAnne Walton
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31 Jul 2018 22:44 - 01 Aug 2018 00:01 #13 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
Saturday afternoon outside Logistics, I joked to Brian Hahn that because KR weekends blur together, all I would remember from this weekend would be him slapping Vallius' mug out of Dustin's hand on Friday night.

It didn't dawn on me how much that little moment said.

There was the relationship between two incredibly well-developed characters throughout years of role-play, the non-verbal role-play of knocking the mug clear across the room, and how each character reacted to it. With the blindfold on, I could hardly see the reaction on Gilgamesh's face, but still.

It really is all in the little moments.

Looking around at the cast at main mod while we were setting up, I had that feeling of "This is it" and you all are making me choke up writing this. You're all actually amazing and I loved every minute of it. The dumb moments with Dustin between on-stage and off, Alex helping all of us understand our skills--especially recently, Ricky's role-play especially in July. Logistics is a place where magic can happen.


See you in August.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
Card Team
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03 Aug 2018 18:39 #14 by Imrahil (Brendan Barrett)
Replied by Imrahil (Brendan Barrett) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
It's hard for me to think where to begin, but here goes.

- I've experienced my first full Majchrzak powered event, and it stands up to hype scrutiny! Matt: your story lived up to every reasonable expectation, and your dedication to giving players a hands-on story to mold in as many ways as possible is truly inspiring. Cheryl: Your feast was magnificent, but I think it was surpassed by your attitude. I speak for at least myself in saying there is definitely more than a little personality trait inheritance, and that you are both wonderful people I feel privileged to know.

- This story has gripped so many, and this event had me ready to go weeks before thanks to the work of so many I couldn't possibly name, but don't think I don't see you. This is a shout-out to the ensemble of both long and short term plot npc's, the incredible costumers and prop makers, generous benefactors, every database and land system operator, and each player to touch a life to this story. Every one of you helped see this through.

- I'm so glad for a chance to get to know so many players through the forum rp in the lead up. There are still a few boat realms folks I expect to ambush with ig rp in the future from it. Consider yourselves warned! :)

- High emotions from the start on this one. 5 years worth of reunions and unfinished business made for deep immersion right out of the gate. Only one person to call Imrahil on his stonefaced reunion. And here I was thinking nobody noticed that quirk!

- Rp with the brothers; You guys are so talented and dedicated. Was already a bit bent with the "there's no poverty, hunger, infirmity, etc; except THESE FOUR GUYS!" Tried to steel it to keep IC, but then Brian as Gil swatted the cup out of Dustin/Valius' hand and the following mockery. Hot damn. That had Brendan choking back tears.

- Our converted peeps; y'all turned the creep factor to 11. It's one more than ten (for a reference too old for probably 80% of our player base.) I'll bet "perfect" is a word you all want struck from the lexicon for the foreseeable future. :P

- Got to fight alongside two people I'd been hoping to for a long time. Cinnamon repping as basically my profession homuncu-twinsie. Her patience and opportunism I can't be sure is related to some rp we have had in the past, but certainly was representative of it! Deer and Elephant 5ever. Similarly, I have been wanting to step into battle alongside Lois for a long time. It did not disappoint! Every bit of her combat matches her disposition. Propriety just this side of haughty, does not mince words (or swings), decisive, deliberate. Terrifying. Effectively a Victorian space assassin on the field. I couldn't get enough!

- Gemora/Ineyedia fight with the shack crew. Hot damn, do I know where I'm going when I need some muscle.

- Getting to witness the combat skill development of Joey and Max, remembering them as just wee babbs, and now blowing half of my defenses. :D Keep killing it guys!

- The dedication to watching out for each other and making sure everyone was having a good time was evident pretty much everywhere. Combats were more theatrical, people's willingness to let someone out of breath take a minute. Waters being doled out after a hard push. Warms me to my very cochlea!

- New disciples! A converted newbie, and a transitioning existing friend and colleague helping Imrahil bridge the gap to the mentor he (I) know he's supposed to be. Great rp and looking very much forward to the rp that will come from all of that!

- Taking a first death and giving Imrahil a momentary glance of Nirvana; thanks Homoncudolf! :P Would have liked to take the play on that a bit further, but our players are fast and I was resurrected while the fight was still raging.

- Never got his name, but that *one* guy, full time NPC I believe, whomping away. Making me think on my feet. Made me work to find a gap. I've needed that for a while!

- That finale! I could put down a thousand words, and do no justice. Y'all know what I mean.

There's certainly more; maybe I'll make an addendum later, but no promises. Made me wish I didn't have so many RL responsibles to handle... Maybe I'll see you all sooner, but if not, till 1219 nerds!


-Lieutenant of the Baronial Guard

(Amos Oberjonois - Trapper and Spirit Speaker)

OOG - Brendan Barrett
Kitchen marshal
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04 Aug 2018 09:46 - 04 Aug 2018 09:49 #15 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
Replied by JTinney (Swordsaint) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!

Imrahil (Brendan Barrett) wrote: - Never got his name, but that *one* guy, full time NPC I believe, whomping away. Making me think on my feet. Made me work to find a gap. I've needed that for a while!

Yeah.... That Guy.

I'm good, he's better.

And never have I found a more definitive reason to get off my duff and up my own fight game... because he took me apart quick the first three times I faced him. Embarrassing as hell to be sure but it was much needed kick in the ego.

I fared better later but still got taken apart.... but in being taken apart, it was some valuable lessons learned on where I've been lax. And a wise man learns from it and makes a point to improve. :)
I made a point to thank him for the butt-kicking and told him to not sweat some of the complaints he was getting; folks just need to Get Up and Do Work on their skills because there was NOTHING wrong with his ability and nothing unsafe in his style. He's just that good and someone you DO NOT WANT TO SOLO. Its the best example of why you should always bring friends to a swordfight. :)

The complaints were likely from those who didn't like their egos punctured (my opinion here folks). :)

Time to Get Gud. :) :)

Father Duncan MacKenzie

Templar-High Priest of Brazen
Chaplain, Bloodspirits Mercenary Company

Janos Beecham (alt)
Dragoon of No Importance

John Tinney
Safety Marshal/ EMT
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04 Aug 2018 21:34 #16 by Alex Tauber (Artalon)
Replied by Alex Tauber (Artalon) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
yeah i know who you're talking about. ive fought with and against him for over 4 dont know the pain LOL

IC: Artalon Dragonflow
Ardrum Tribe
Emerald Dragoon
Baronial smith
Pendarvin Quarter master and smith
OOG: Alex Tauber

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05 Aug 2018 20:03 #17 by Solitaire (nobody2357)
Replied by Solitaire (nobody2357) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!

Eden's family dinner with all the perfects and archons while waiting for the pcs, sharing all our stories about the failings of the humans.

The reactions from the few who didn't know didn't know Solitaire was turned, specially sam/laric I know you knew oog bit you played it great

Elias and Vulpes reactions to hearing what Templar Reynolds had done, and James M specifically you continued to kill all weekend with the fallout of that.

Solitaire's first killing blow since coming to Travance and it's against an ally of the town

Adertha being a terrible liar <3


I was out of character far more than I would have liked between medical stuff and coffee run for Matt and Lauren so most of the day didn't have too much happen for me untill....

Npcing the first ever homunculus main mod before feast was brilliant, I'm a sucker for some good time shenanigans

Baby's first benediction - even if I forgot to glitch, I was hoping anxiety would take care of that for me so I hadn't planned one

Clarity hour holy shit, I think that was the best rp I've ever had, too many people to list but thank you everyone I interacted with, specially Nick and Justin those scenes in particular are going to have a pretty big effect on solitaire going forward

The hexer ritual to protect solitaire's soul, and then solitaire's first resurrection. 4 order lists and a perm order aligned soul made that even better


Lois's lessons are great even if Solitaire tends to get off topic, I'm happy to be her student again

Dealing with the fallout of everything from the Edenverse and all the new connections, the strengthened bonds, and the strained relationships to come out of it. Can't wait to see how this continues to play out.

Rayvn Solitaire
Bearer of the Word

Alt: Zìrras Amadán
OOG: KC Callahan
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06 Aug 2018 19:29 #18 by Joseph Siegel (Bengarion)
Replied by Joseph Siegel (Bengarion) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!

JTinney (Swordsaint) wrote:

Imrahil (Brendan Barrett) wrote: - Never got his name, but that *one* guy, full time NPC I believe, whomping away. Making me think on my feet. Made me work to find a gap. I've needed that for a while!

Yeah.... That Guy.

I'm good, he's better.

Hey there. Peek-a-boo, I remember you too. Never met you in the day light, but I'll be back and in touch. Thanks for the kind words and the fun on the field. The hobby is no fun without the comraderie after a hard contest.

Joe Siegel

RN: Joseph Siegel
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14 Aug 2018 18:20 #19 by Dame Laurent-Belmont (amalthea)
Replied by Dame Laurent-Belmont (amalthea) on topic July 2018 (2023!) Highlights!
To Matt, James, my fellow NPCs, and to all the players, I want to say thank you. Getting under your skin and inside your heads as Eden has been one of the biggest highlights I have had in more than nineteen years of LARPing. I am grateful to you all. Can't wait to see you again as Amalthea!!

Dame Amalthea Laurent-Belmont
The Heart of Kaladonia
Steward of Auralion
Master Emeritus of House Laurent-Belmont
Paladin of the White Fox

Alts: Eden Heimdell

Lauren F.
I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend
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