normal Marketplace Faire in August

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07 Aug 2015 20:57 #1 by Amilia Tolunda (AmyTenchi)
Marketplace Faire in August was created by Amilia Tolunda (AmyTenchi)
I'm a curious nosey thing, wondering who else is going to be at Market Faire this August. I like to talk to and/or harass my neighbors, as well as buy food and have a good time. I'll be working on chain mail most of the day instead of playing a character (Feel free to ask about my Romani Caravan curse that must exist...) I should be there from 10am until they kick us out (or about 5-6) in the Dragon's Claw Inn.

Who else is coming in, buying, selling, or trading this month? It'll be fun to see you there!

Amilia Tolunda - Romani - Healer
Aimee "Whisper" Whisperleaf - Dryad - Druid - Bard
Maive Lusterwryn - Londwyn - Alchemist

OOG: Julie Anne B

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07 Aug 2015 22:22 #2 by Kadin D (Katie D)
Replied by Kadin D (Katie D) on topic Marketplace Faire in August
My son will be selling his rock candy again.

Dr Marlena Ashby


Proprietor of the Ashby Family General Store

OOG - Katie DeFranza

New Player Marshal, Safety Marshal

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10 Aug 2015 21:00 #3 by Dimetri Yhatzi (DMvanhart)
Replied by Dimetri Yhatzi (DMvanhart) on topic Marketplace Faire in August
I should be around as normal...Purple Thistle opens shop at the Faire!

Dimetri Yhatzi
Viceroy of Ostcliff
Druid of the Conclave.
Master Merchant and Locksmith, The Purple Thistle
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Damian VanHart - OOG

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11 Aug 2015 13:43 #4 by Edmund Patterson (Edmund)
Replied by Edmund Patterson (Edmund) on topic Marketplace Faire in August
Anvils and Alchemy will be there.

We have a number of sockets available including a handful of Rank 4 Sockets available.
Runes of Sharpness, Defense & Skills Upon Request.
Consultations regarding double and triple stuffing .

Along with an assortment of Weapons, Armor and Adventuring Items.

PM me privately if you have any questions / requests.

Edmund Patterson
Master of Arms
Master Smith / Artificer
Co-Owner of Anvils and Alchemy

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13 Aug 2015 18:25 - 13 Aug 2015 18:31 #5 by Angeliana (Angeliana)
Replied by Angeliana (Angeliana) on topic Marketplace Faire in August
Angel's soaps will be there. I will also have 20, 4oz bottles of Don't Bug Me sprays made of all natural tea tree, lavender, lemon and eucalyptus essential oils available for sale for 5 baronial notes each.

Please see ad poster here!

((OOG: Soaps can be purchased here: Angeliana's Atelier ))

IG: Angeliana ~ High Priestess of Andorra ~ ~ Healer of Count Sebastien Everest of Winterdark ~
IG Alt: D ~ Artist ~ Captain of The Crimson Trident ~
OOG: Alice Anderson ~ Marshal ~
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