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14 Nov 2016 16:55 #1 by Thomthulhu (Aoire)
Barony Vest was created by Thomthulhu (Aoire)
When I was playing Aoire, I picked up a leather vest in the barony colors. As he's moved on to other pastures, I won't be needing that vest any longer. I'm looking to offload it to someone that's keen on a black and gold vest.

As a note, the vest itself was stored in the home of a smoker for a few years. It was in a bag and I've worked to get rid of the remainder of the cigarette odor but it's still a bit present.

The vest will fit anyone that's comfortable in a Men's Large hoodie. I've got a 42" chest and it fits me splendidly.

If you're interested shoot me a PM to discuss price.

Kuni Seiko
Shugenja of the Turtle Clan
Warrior of the Wall of Bone

OOG: Tom Wilson

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14 Nov 2016 17:28 #2 by Arradir Go-Dringol (DaPhysicist)
Replied by Arradir Go-Dringol (DaPhysicist) on topic Barony Vest
Quite interested in the vest, but I can't seem to get the darn PM system working on my commute home. Let me know if you are still looking for a buyer.

- Joe G.

Lieutenant of the Baronial Guard
Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Barony of Travance
OOG: Joe Glaser | Marshal & Land Staff

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16 Nov 2016 22:08 #3 by Daggerfist (prawnbait)
Replied by Daggerfist (prawnbait) on topic Barony Vest
To remove the smoke smell try these:

I've used them in my car and they def help cut down on the smell.

Salvatore "Razorback" Daggerfist
Vassal of Pendarvin

OOG Greg P.
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30 Nov 2016 18:55 #4 by Cyrik (rez413)
Replied by Cyrik (rez413) on topic Barony Vest
Also very interested; Joe's got dibs but if he changes his mind, eeeeyyy

Cyrik Hale
Corporal of the Baronial Guard

OOG: Will Alvarez

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