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07 Mar 2015 23:44 #1 by Rowan (Rowan)
new larper here :) was created by Rowan (Rowan)
Hey everyone!! Im quite new to larping, ive been looking into it for quite a while but im finally ready to go to an event. Im still reading up on rules and characters so bare with me please lol if anyone has any starter tips or advice id appreciate it, im hoping to attend an event later this year. I still dont have my character fully planned yet, so its nice to meet you all :) oh and im Rowan yeah i didnt get to wild with my username lol

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08 Mar 2015 00:12 #2 by Bladesworn (Bladesworn)
Replied by Bladesworn (Bladesworn) on topic new larper here :)

There's an event going on right now, this weekend, so a majority of the people are at game now. Feel free to take your time, peruse the site, look over everything. It's a lot, but we try to cover everything people may need to know. There's a great section for new people called New Players! It pretty much covers everything for starters.

Again, welcome to the site, I hope you join us soon, & the best advice you'll hear a lot is have fun, & bring plenty of socks.

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08 Mar 2015 00:16 #3 by Mirwen Silverbow (Mirwen)
Replied by Mirwen Silverbow (Mirwen) on topic new larper here :)
Hi Rowan!

My name is Christine, and I'm a New Player Marshal here at Knight Realms! There's a bunch of us, and I'm sure they'll introduce themselves soon, but most of them are at the game this weekend.
I'd be happy to answer any questions you have or help you decide on and build a character, you can send me a PM anytime. As for general tips, here's what I've picked up over the years:
--You can never have enough socks and underwear. Never.
--Better to have more layers and not need them than be freezing cold/soaked to the bone.
--We do run on a campsite, so sturdy, waterproof shoes! (Or as close to waterproof as you can get.) Walmart carries workboots that are pretty affordable, and a plain black would work just fine. It gets very muddy when it rains, and none of the paths are paved, so it also gets very slippery and the ground isn't always flat.
--Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Nothing is worse than waking up with that groggy, dry-mouth, headache feeling because you didn't have a glass of water after those goblins attacked.
--Be prepared for anything, and if you feel silly or out of place, look around and realize we're all here, most of us are adults, and we're all playing dress-up and make believe in the woods in the middle of New Jersey. No one is here to judge, we all just want to have a good time. :)

That's what comes to mind right now, and I'm sure plenty of others will start chiming in as soon as the event's over. I can't wait to see you at game, and again-feel free to message me with any questions.

Welcome to Knight Realms!

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08 Mar 2015 23:09 - 09 Mar 2015 01:33 #4 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic new larper here :)
Good evening, Rowan!

I'm Jeff. Like Christine, I'm also a New Player Marshal. In her post, she hit all the important points and in my opinion, the last is the most important. It's okay to feel silly, to feel like you're doing it wrong, to think that you blew an opportunity. As Christine said, it's make-believe, and the consequences are as well. If you screw up, go have a drink of water and then get back out there. We'll be here for you.

While you're considering your character, you may have questions about how specific skills or spells work. If you do, feel free to post in the "Realizing the Character / Rules Questions" section of the Forums.

Also, a starter tip I can offer is that you shouldn't fret too much over your costume for your first event. You will likely continue to alter your outfit as time goes on. For my first event, I didn't even bring a costume. Thankfully a friend of mine brought a spare and trust me, people will be focusing more on your roleplay than how you're dressed.

Hope to see you soon!

OOG -- Jeff Balla
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09 Mar 2015 01:26 #5 by Croínamara (Jen)
Replied by Croínamara (Jen) on topic new larper here :)
Hi Rowan!

I'm one of the many Jens! I'm not a New Player marshal, but I thought I'd say hi anyway!


~Socks. Bring so many.

~Bringing Snacks is the absolute best. We usually have food available at game, but when it's 3am it is so so so so awesome to have a zip lock of pretzels and granola bars stashed somewhere. Sharing food is also a sweet way to meet people and make new friends.

~More than so many socks.

~The beds are all girlscout camp bunks, so make sure to bring sleep gear: Pillow, sheets, blanket, sleeping bag, whatever makes you comfy and stuff.

~There are showers, so if you want to pack toiletries, you totally can.

~More many than the amount of socks you think you need.

~Good boots are 100% worth it.

~If you're looking for quick and easy garb, hit up your local thrift store or consignment shop. There are some GEMS there, lemme tell you.

And yea, we're a bunch of really easy going people, if you need anything or have any questions, post 'em or Private Message any of the officers or Marhsals.

Welcome to the game! :D

Croínamara Ull Uidhir of Clan Uidhir
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Jen F.
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