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21 Feb 2016 04:04 #1 by Kaz (vortre127)
Clarification On How Crafting Works was created by Kaz (vortre127)
So I have now been to one event and had quite a bit of fun and I learned a little more of what I like and don't like in-game. I have since gone through and looked again at the different classes and skills and I would like a little help understanding how the crafting skills and career points work (still a little confused as to what exactly a career point is). Specifically I am looking at the Scholar profession. Here are my questions:
1. When you get a profession with crafting skills, do you automatically get 1 crafting point?
2. With the create tome skill it costs 10 crafting points to use. Does that mean that you would need to spend 10 build points on the skill and then get at least 10 total crafting points (1 from the start of profession + 9 that have been received through build points) in order to use it?
3. If you have already created a tome, does it cost 10 crafting points for each chapter (skill, lore, ect) that you would like to add to it?
4. The create scroll skill requires that you have some way of knowing the spell (able to cast, tome, other player, ect) and costs crafting points to make. Does it also cost magic points (arcane, druidics, spiritual, ect) to create and are they the same crafting points that you would use for create tome?
5. If you have 2 professions with crafting points or magic points, are they separate or are they completely interchangeable (smith to scholar or druid to druidic scholar)?

Thanks for any clarification that you guys can help me with. Also I forgot to post about my player card possible being missing from last event. I looked and couldn't find where I would post that or who I would message about it. During the cleanup on Sunday at the last event I had placed my card in the bin with all of the others and when I went to go retrieve it because I forgot to get is signed off that I helped clean, it wasn't in the stack. I was told that a player marshal or someone may have taken it when they left in order to update player cards. The last thing is, when my card would be entered into the system and I get the email to setup my account, will I be able to make changes to my character (reroll some of his skills)?

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21 Feb 2016 10:41 - 21 Feb 2016 10:45 #2 by Caelvan (Caelvan)
Replied by Caelvan (Caelvan) on topic Clarification On How Crafting Works
Hey Trevor, as a new player marshal, let me see if I can help.

1: Yes. Any profession with Career points you get 1 automatically of all types associated with it.

2: Yes. You spend 10 build once to buy the skill, then 10CP(which refresh at the period change) to craft a chapter in a tome.

3: Yes.

4: No just Crafting points equal to the spells cost. i.e. A scroll of shield of nature costs 2CP because it takes 2 DP to cast.

5: As long as they are the same type of career point, they are interchangeable. As well as if you are a Scholar /Mage, you get 1 free MP per list opened since they both use MP.

Card Questions:

1: A Card Marshal probably grabbed it and they can help with this.

2: To rewrite your character, talk to a New Player Marshal during check in at your next event, or send me, or another NPM a message and we'll see what we can do when it's in the system.

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