normal Q.regarding Char history.

10 Jun 2016 13:14 #1 by Shaheen Rogers
Shaheen Rogers created the topic: Q.regarding Char history.
I was reading in the rulebook that you should not role play aspects of your character's background in your first game. That you should wait until after its been approved, which I believe, cannot happen until after you have already payed and played. How does one go about doing that without coming off as trying to be unnecessarily mysterious, "Hey, where are you from? , reply, "Elsewhere"! , yeah ok, screw that newbie. I plan on Full npcing my first few games before playing my character, may I enter a background in the interim for approval?

(Shaheen Rogers)

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10 Jun 2016 13:32 #2 by Nalick
Nalick replied the topic: Q.regarding Char history.
Feel free to post in the Rules and RP board for clarification, but when I asked a similar question a while back, I was told not to sweat it too much. So long as you aren't making extraordinary claims about your character's background, such as them being nobility or related to it, don't worry about it. Roleplay where you're from to your heart's content. Either that or roleplay you're from somewhere you're not, if your character might not tell the truth!


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10 Jun 2016 14:56 #3 by Calven Tanwyn
Calven Tanwyn replied the topic: Q.regarding Char history.
Hey there!

If you're NPCing your first few games I wouldn't worry about it too much. I read it more as a warning for newer players that may be unfamiliar with the world around them. Furthermore, from personal experience, it's pretty beneficial to allow room for details in your backstory. Also to go off of what Jeff was saying, there may be aspects of your backstory that you would like to pursue in-game. It's better to wait for it to be approved before you do so. If you've already made a character, there is a section in the card system that allows you to submit your character backstory for approval. If not, you can check out the character builder. If you need any assistance feel free to shoot me a private message and we can get you set up. Hope to see you at game soon!

Tanwyn, Calven

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