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19 Dec 2011 01:40 #31 by Dante (Dante)
Replied by Dante (Dante) on topic At my first KR Event...
ok lets see if you can keep up with this

august 09
90' 80% Humidity
my first game started the monday before when my nephews called and asked me if i could take them to a knight realms game. they tried to tell me what it was all about. but i thought they were pulling my leg and asked them to put there father on the phone. so there first game was down the street at hickory run and this game was in nj. now some guy name ming na had offered the boys a ride to the game. but there mother say ( i am not letting someone i have not met take them out of state ) ming was more then willing to meet the parents but uncle dante was the better choice. so i was sent to find out who this ming guy was. ps. ming knows about that

reading the rules on line i got more and more confused so i asked the boys for help. just were all black and you will be ok thats all you need was what i was told. remember i was a chaperone and to stay next to the boys all week end. i know now what were all black means but not then.

sign in :the boys;;  no he's npcing all weekend. 
            me;; what dose that mean.
so pc card on the fly and it was not looked at close because i think even the marshal did not believe i would come back i was just a chaperone. things got fixed my 2nd game

i was so out of game but everybody was very patient with me

Wou Tou Shen come buy yelling someone stole all my stuff . first went to get the boys ( thats it pack up were leaving. if there stealing hear thats it. i had to be talked down from leaving the 1st time and the 2nd time. the 3rd time i just went back to who i was talking to.

Wolfgar Silverfangr was the one that helped me out a lot and got me a temp costume from Logistics.
sat afternoon Wolfgar Silverfangr still coaching me and i am starting to understand. and someone walks by ( i still don't know if pc or npc ) holding a sword buy two fingers and a thumb from both hand at chest hight pointing down. so i think to my self this guy don't know how to hold a sword so he has to be the theft that took  Wou Tou Shen stuff. so my first time try to be in game. i start to question him and Wolfgar joins in. as we start to move him to the inn too meet someone that likes swords inside. all the time he is saying stuff like ( to close, get back, i can see the blood, your to close)  step one on the steps there are 12 pc around now close. step 2 hold wild mage serge ( 20 lightning + flee ) 3 2 1 lay on 11 pc fall down but Wolfgar waylay and the wild made goes down. everybody got healed. i think my first attempt at roll play and 11 killed they are going to run me out of town. so began my hatred of wild mage's not knowing that all mage's dislike them.
                          the best way to learn something is in game.

sunday i decide to pay back some of the hospitality and go fore donuts.
come back at 6am with 5 doz and a box of jo. i walk into the back of Kaladonia saying i have just returned from the land of dunken and have confections and elixir of jo.
jumping from bed 2 ps's had two swords at my throat.  and so Kaladonia had a early morning donut party.

oog Dante Fernando Slack

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19 Dec 2011 08:53 #32 by Brunner Von Ritter (Martin Bridge)
Replied by Brunner Von Ritter (Martin Bridge) on topic At my first KR Event...
Phew, my first game was back in July 2009 I believe, after Paul and Suzi (Amizar and Gwenneth), who are basically family to me talked me and Kathryn (My dear wife) into KRing. I got talked into a major mod by Adam, And oh dear, was that awesome fun. Power went out at Hickory run due to a summer storm, and I was playing a board game with Charlie and co, whilst charlie got angrier and angrier as the game went on.

Eventually I turned into a deamon, and didn't even know what my spec was at the time or my hits. So everything was silent. Then I believe it was Cedric came over and tried to hit me. *nothing happens*.

Unfortunately, my wife is allergic to rough conditions, so we had to leave early.

Though the light of day may be a long way off, our wills endure beyond the end.

OOC Name - Martin Bridge

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20 Dec 2011 10:56 #33 by Caelvan (Caelvan)
Replied by Caelvan (Caelvan) on topic At my first KR Event...
A week in the life in June of 2011

I NPCed the whole weekend and had to get my face painted as a ogre on thursday, I then, since the paint stained my skin yellow, RP'd a kid with jaundice on sunday.

Caelvan Renaith
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