normal Worbla armor?

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17 Dec 2017 17:14 #1 by Emelia Heist (Starsies)
Worbla armor? was created by Emelia Heist (Starsies)
Hey guys. Random question I've been asking around. Is worbla (the paper when apply to heat gun and it hardens) an okay substitute for certain armor? Maybe a breast plate or greaves. I wouldn't use it for bracers. I just need a really good looking breast plate xD and worbla is the only medium I can think I can use to make it look the way I want it..

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20 Dec 2017 15:27 #2 by Nicoletta (tori)
Replied by Nicoletta (tori) on topic Worbla armor?
It should be fine to hold up to boffer combat as long as there aren't small/spindly pieces coming off of it that could snap. Especially as a breastplate or bracers, it should work. I recommend backing it with EVA foam for stability; probably 1/2" to 1" thick, depending on the location, how flush it is against your body, and how much damage you think it will sustain.

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22 Dec 2017 03:14 #3 by O. Nesterin (kuemanner)
Replied by O. Nesterin (kuemanner) on topic Worbla armor?
I agree with Tori. Worbla itself is a really great medium for a substitute for armor. But it definitely needs a foam backing for more stability and comfort. Without it, its literally just plastic over-top your clothes and you will feel every single hit you take. Also agreeing that keep the pieces that you are using worbla on to big broad pieces, its tinier details should remain flush to the piece itself.

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