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08 Sep 2016 21:58 #1 by Arkelian (TheRevenantHero)
Ride home from September event was created by Arkelian (TheRevenantHero)
So I has a request for everyone here. I need to drive my mom to the doctors on Sunday so I need to be home by 1. So if someone is willing to drive me home either late Saturday some time after main mod or early Sunday, that would be awesome. I don't live very far from camp at all, roughly 20 minutes. If I can't find a ride, I will have to skip the event as me driving my mom to the doctor is rather important. I am full time NPCing the event so I will not have much in the way of cargo. I would rather not skip the event as I am playing a major NPC for Matt. If needed, gas money can be negotiated.

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